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Couples Therapy Homework Planner - 2829585823

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Couples Therapy Homework Planner Wiley

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Fully revised and updated, `Brief Couples Therapy Homework Planner, Second Edition` provides an array of new and updated exercises to help couples quickly develop the psychosocial skills they need to achieve or maintain healthier relationships. The book includes 70 ready-to-copy homework assignments covering the most common issues encountered by clients suffering from chemical and nonchemical addictions. The book is a valuable tool for marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health professionals.


Couples Therapy Homework Planner - 2849519722

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Couples Therapy Homework Planner

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Features New And Updated Assignments And Exercises To Meet The Changing Needs Of Mental Health Professionals The Couples Therapy Homework Planner, Second Edition Provides You With An Array Of Ready-to-use, Between-session Assignments Designed To Fit Virtually Every Therapeutic Mode.


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