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Credit risk management in a Russian banking system - 2834702269

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Credit risk management in a Russian banking system LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The current situation of the financial sector clearly shows us that the ways of predicting the future losses, along with their monitoring and management, are rather underdeveloped or being taken as separate mathematical models, thus using only quantitative analysis without the qualitative one. The role of the risk-management system cannot be underestimated, especially after (and during) the world economy crisis. The current problem of the Russian risk-management system is the low power given to the risk-management personnel. That s why one of the key points to the better risk evaluation is the possibility of the risk-management department to report directly to the board of directors, not to the management of the bank, as it is the shareholders money to lose. The goal is to find the proper balance between the risk and the profit while presenting the transparency of the business. It should be done in a clear way, better an algorythm, which can be applied in many organisations by the starting employees. This book presents a sample of such an algorythm.


Credit Risk Management - 2827052198

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Credit Risk Management Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Credit Risk Management" will enable general bankers, staff, and credit analyst trainees to understand the basic information and principles underlying credit risk evaluation, and to use those underlying principles to undertake an analysis of non financial and financial risks when preparing a credit proposal. Since the best loans are the ones that do not present problems during the repayment phase, the authors also focus on elements relating to the proactive management of those loans during their inception. This book introduces: credit analysis, approval and management processes; concepts of financial and non-financial risk; financial statement analysis, including the use of ratio analysis; cash flow analysis and forecasting; and, security enhancement & management procedures designed to legally & financially manage credit risk. Inspired by the basic entry level training courses that have been developed by major international banks worldwide, the book will enable students and those already in the finance profession to gain an understanding of the basic information and principles of credit risk. It includes questions with answers, study topics, practical 'real world' examples and text with an extensive bibliography.


Consumer Credit Risk Management - 2212843542

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Consumer Credit Risk Management Global Professional Publishing


The book explores the history of credit scoring and analytics and the rationale behind the reliance on them. It also deals with the UK legal and regulatory regimes within which users must operate, including The Banking Code, The Business Banking Code, Treating Customers Fairly, Responsible Lending, The Competition Act 1998, the Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998 and the Consumer Credit Act 1974.Also covered are key features of scorecard management and maintenance. This book will give the reader an insight into the legal and regulatory constraints, such as Basel, and methods used to detect and prevent fraud and bad debt using techniques such as CIFAS. It also deals with referral and appeal systems and the benefits of credit scoring compared to judgmental lending.


Credit Risk Management System in Bangladesh - 2841240887

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Credit Risk Management System in Bangladesh



Credit Risk Management In and Out of the Financial Crisis - 2826838617

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Credit Risk Management In and Out of the Financial Crisis Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A classic book on credit risk management is updated to reflect the current economic crisis§Credit Risk Management In and Out of the Financial Crisis dissects the 2007-2008 credit crisis and provides solutions for professionals looking to better manage risk through modeling and new technology. This book is a complete update to Credit Risk Measurement: New Approaches to Value at Risk and Other Paradigms, reflecting events stemming from the recent credit crisis.§Authors Anthony Saunders and Linda Allen address everything from the implications of new regulations to how the new rules will change everyday activity in the finance industry. They also provide techniques for modeling-credit scoring, structural, and reduced form models-while offering sound advice for stress testing credit risk models and when to accept or reject loans.§Breaks down the latest credit risk measurement and modeling techniques and simplifies many of the technical and analytical details surrounding them§Concentrates on the underlying economics to objectively evaluate new models§Includes new chapters on how to prevent another crisis from occurring§Understanding credit risk measurement is now more important than ever. Credit Risk Management In and Out of the Financial Crisis will solidify your knowledge of this dynamic discipline.


The Influence of Top-Management Characteristics on Corporate Credit Risk Measures - 2837621928

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The Influence of Top-Management Characteristics on Corporate Credit Risk Measures



Counterparty Credit Risk - 2834160980

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Counterparty Credit Risk Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The first decade of the 21st Century has been disastrous for financial institutions, derivatives and risk management. Counterparty credit risk has become the key element of financial risk management, highlighted by the bankruptcy of the investment bank Lehman Brothers and failure of other high profile institutions such as Bear Sterns, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The sudden realisation of extensive counterparty risks has severely compromised the health of global financial markets. Counterparty risk is now a key problem for all financial institutions. This book explains the emergence of counterparty risk during the recent credit crisis. The quantification of firm-wide credit exposure for trading desks and businesses is discussed alongside risk mitigation methods such as netting and collateral management (margining). Banks and other financial institutions have been recently developing their capabilities for pricing counterparty risk and these elements are considered in detail via a characterisation of credit value adjustment (CVA). The implications of an institution valuing their own default via debt value adjustment (DVA) are also considered at length. Hedging aspects, together with the associated instruments such as credit defaults swaps (CDSs) and contingent CDS (CCDS) are described in full. A key feature of the credit crisis has been the realisation of wrong-way risks illustrated by the failure of monoline insurance companies. Wrong-way counterparty risks are addressed in detail in relation to interest rate, foreign exchange, commodity and, in particular, credit derivative products. Portfolio counterparty risk is covered, together with the regulatory aspects as defined by the Basel II capital requirements. The management of counterparty risk within an institution is also discussed in detail. Finally, the design and benefits of central clearing, a recent development to attempt to control the rapid growth of counterparty risk, is considered. This book is unique in being practically focused but also covering the more technical aspects. It is an invaluable complete reference guide for any market practitioner with any responsibility or interest within the area of counterparty credit risk.


Credit Risk - 2826683562

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this book, two of America's leading economists provide the first integrated treatment of the conceptual, practical, and empirical foundations for credit risk pricing and risk measurement. Masterfully applying theory to practice, Darrell Duffie and Kenneth Singleton model credit risk for the purpose of measuring portfolio risk and pricing defaultable bonds, credit derivatives, and other securities exposed to credit risk. The methodological rigor, scope, and sophistication of their state-of-the-art account is unparalleled, and its singularly in-depth treatment of pricing and credit derivatives further illuminates a problem that has drawn much attention in an era when financial institutions the world over are revising their credit management strategies. Duffie and Singleton offer critical assessments of alternative approaches to credit-risk modeling, while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of current practice. Their approach blends in-depth discussions of the conceptual foundations of modeling with extensive analyses of the empirical properties of such credit-related time series as default probabilities, recoveries, ratings transitions, and yield spreads. Both the 'structura' and 'reduced-form' approaches to pricing defaultable securities are presented, and their comparative fits to historical data are assessed. The authors also provide a comprehensive treatment of the pricing of credit derivatives, including credit swaps, collateralized debt obligations, credit guarantees, lines of credit, and spread options. Not least, they describe certain enhancements to current pricing and management practices that, they argue, will better position financial institutions for future changes in the financial markets. "Credit Risk" is an indispensable resource for risk managers, traders or regulators dealing with financial products with a significant credit risk component, as well as for academic researchers and students.


Credit Risk - 2840077572

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Credit Risk

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Investment & securities

Building Upon The Seminal Work Established In The First Best Selling Edition, This Fully Revised Multi-author Reference Collection Brings You Up-to Date With A Complete And Cohesive Examination On The Latest Techniques For Credit Risk Assessment And Management.


Managing Portfolio Credit Risk In Banks: An Indian Perspective - 2840428191

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Managing Portfolio Credit Risk In Banks: An Indian Perspective

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Banking

This Book Explains How A Proper Credit Risk Management Framework Enables Banks To Identify, Assess And Manage The Risk Proactively.


Managing Credit Risk - 2840041566

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Managing Credit Risk

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Credit & credit institutions

A Timely Follow-up To The Widely Successful Managing Credit Risk , Which Is Regarded As Essential Reading For Anyone Involved Within The Field Of Credit. Everything Is Expanding Enormously, And Managing Credit Risk, Second Edition Will Provide Practitioners With The Resources They Need To Keep Up With Such Changes To The Field Of Credit.


Introduction To Credit Risk Modeling - 2839973375

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Introduction To Credit Risk Modeling

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Credit & credit institutions

Illustrating Mathematical Models For Structured Credit With Practical Examples, This Book Presents An Introduction To The Foundations Of Structured Credit Portfolio Modeling. It Features Material On Estimation Of Asset Correlations, And Benchmark Correlat


The Xva Challenge Counterparty Credit Risk, Funding, Collateral, And Capital - 2840162336

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The Xva Challenge Counterparty Credit Risk, Funding, Collateral, And Capital

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting

A Detailed, Expert-driven Guide To Today's Major Financial Point Of Interest The XVA Challenge: Counterparty Credit Risk, Funding, Collateral, And Capital Is A Practical Guide From One Of The Leading And Most Influential Credit Practitioners, Jon Gregory.


Credit Risk - 2826670114

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Credit Risk Taylor & Francis Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Illustrates how a risk management system can be implemented through an understanding of portfolio credit risks, a set of suitable models, and the derivation of reliable empirical results. This volume focuses on the application of products in the financial services industry and the market of credit derivatives.


Concentration Risk in Credit Portfolio - 2827089989

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Concentration Risk in Credit Portfolio Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Modeling and management of credit risk are the main topics within banks and other lending institutions. Historical experience shows that, in particular, concentration of risk in credit portfolios has been one of the major causes of bank distress. Therefore, concentration risk is highly relevant to anyone who wants to go beyond the very basic portfolio credit risk models.§The book gives an introduction to credit risk modeling with the aim to measure concentration risks in credit portfolios. Taking the basic principles of credit risk in general as a starting point, several industry models are studied. These allow banks to compute a probability distribution of credit losses at the portfolio level. Besides these industry models the Internal Ratings Based model, on which Basel II is based, is treated.§On the basis of these models various methods for the quantification of name and sector concentration risk and the treatment of default contagion are discussed. The book reflects current research in these areas from both an academic and a supervisory perspective


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