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Critical International Political Economy - 2849525174

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Critical International Political Economy

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Political science & theoryKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielsk...

This Book Gives Provocative Responses To Recent Debates In International Political Economy. It Provides A Much Needed And Timely Intervention To The Current Anodyne Discussions About The Evolution Of The Discipline And Prompts Wider Reflection On The Natu


Critical International Political Economy: Dialogue, Debate and Dissensus - 2851825790

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Critical International Political Economy: Dialogue, Debate and Dissensus



Critical Perspectives on International Political Economy - 2851828704

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Critical Perspectives on International Political Economy



Why the World Economy Needs a Financial Crash and Other Critical Essays on Finance and Financial Economics - 2826763417

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Why the World Economy Needs a Financial Crash and Other Critical Essays on Finance and Financial Economics Wimbledon Publishing Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The essays in this volume explain how financial inflation shifts banking and financial markets towards more speculative activity, changing the financial structure of the economy and corroding the social and political values that underlie welfare state capitalism. The essays begin with an article that was published in the Financial Times that highlights the problems of excess debt, which emerges when financial inflation exceeds the rate at which prices and incomes are rising. Subsequent essays examine the consequences of this for money and international financial, and for financial and accounting techniques such as financial innovation, goodwill and leverage. Among them are critical essays on the role that finance theory has played in covering up the problems caused by finance. These include a portrait of the pioneer of modern finance theorist Fischer Black. Further essays discuss the role of finance in economic inequality, fostering a new political, social and economic divide between the asset-rich and the asset-poor as the housing market (and asset markets in general) become the new 'welfare state of the middle classes'. A final group of essays looks at how financial inflation finally broke down and financial crisis broke out. A previously unpublished essay examines the limitations of central banks in securing financial stability, while two concluding essays discuss the role of international business in transmitting the crisis around the world, and how developing countries become affected by the crisis.


Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators - 2212842241

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Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators Palgrave Macmillan


This edited volume seeks to provide a critical and technical look at international political economy indices (PEIs). It examines measurement issues, relates PEIs to economic theory, and suggests better measures than those currently used.


Comparative Political Economy Of Work - 2849508429

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Comparative Political Economy Of Work

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics>Political economyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>...

An Edited Book In The Critical Perspectives On Work And Employment Series Associated With The Annual International Labour Process Conference. The Book Focuses On Comparative Work And Employment Relations Research Conducted Within A Broader Political Economy Framework. Written By Leading Academics, It Contains Cutting-edge Research.


"Democracy Deficit" in the Global Economy - 2852638868

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"Democracy Deficit" in the Global Economy Trilateral Commission,The,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We need to think harder about the norms and procedures for the governance of globalization." writes Joseph Nye in setting out the goals of this report. Focusing on the roles of the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank, Professor Nye poses six questions to contributors Jessica Einhorn, Bela Kadar, Hisashi Owada, Luis Rubio, and Soogil Young. 1.Protesters assert that institutions like the WTO, the World Bank and the IMF are effectively accountable to no one. Is there any validity to their claims? 2. Does it make any sense to speak of democracy at the global level in the absence of a strong sense of political community? 3. Within the European Union it is often suggested that a stronger European Parliament will reduce the sense of a "democratic deficit" as the regional community evolves. Does the analogy make sense on a global scale? 4. What roles can and should NGOs play in accountability at the global level? 5. Representativeness is a critical dimension of legitimacy. How should we think about the representativeness of the governance of the Fund, Bank, and WTO? What changes should be made? 6. Defenders of international institutions could experiment to improve accountability. What experiments in processes and procedures would you recommend? Nye suggests "There is no single answer...But the need to develop answers is absolutely essential...We need changes in processes that allow politics more play and that take advantage of the multiple forms of accountability that exist in modern democracies."


Critical Theories Ir & the Anti-globalisation Movement - 2212833171

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Critical Theories Ir & the Anti-globalisation Movement Routledge

Inne 1

This book provides a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the 'anti-globalisation' struggles taking place around the world. It shows the complexity and diversity of these movements and illustrates this with detailed empirical studies of local, national and transnational resistance in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. The authors introduce a variety of competing theoretical perspectives from international political economy, social movement theory, globalisation studies, feminism, and postmodernism, explaining how activism has influenced theory and how theory can help activists to modify their tactics.


Perspectives on International Relations - 2844396571

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Perspectives on International Relations CQ Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This package includes "Perspectives on International Relations, 2nd Edition" with "International Relations in Perspective". "Perspectives on International Relations, 2nd Edition": Lauded for its outstanding balance of accessibility and substance, Henry Nau's "Perspectives on International Relations" lays a real foundation for further study in IR while delivering the critical thinking skills students need to grasp the events unfolding on the world stage. Adopters consistently report that the book's even-handed application of three major viewpoints - realism, liberalism, and constructivism - is a singularly effective and engaging tool for getting students to understand how the seemingly abstract theories of IR make sense of global events and issues. While maintaining its brevity and focus, the second edition's revision features the latest in world affairs, advancements in the scholarship, and refined pedagogical features throughout. New to this edition, in response to user reviews: Expanded coverage of Marxism, feminism, soft power, and other perspectives throughout the book and also in 'Critical Theories' sections in each chapter; Expanded coverage of key issues in IR: terrorism, ethnic conflict, foreign policy, civil society, global governance, the democratic peace, environmental issues, NGOs, and human security; New 'Spotlight' feature highlights the coverage of key ideas and concepts - e.g., alliances, balance of power, anarchy - so that students digest this information more readily; and, a new, friendlier interior design, including more learning tools, such as a marginal glossary, maps, photos, tables, and figures. "International Relations in Perspective: A Reader": "International Relations in Perspective" brings together a set of 43 classic and contemporary selections designed to introduce students to the most influential scholarship and key issues in the field. As balanced in its approach as Nau's introductory text, this distinctive reader gives equal space to realism, liberalism, constructivism and the work of critical theorists, more effectively reflecting the current state of scholarly debate. Organized to complement "Perspectives on International Relations" but flexible enough to use with any text or on its own, the collection covers a host of topics including terrorism, human security, development, civil society, global governance, political economy, and more. The book features substantive chapter introductions that situate the readings and help students understand how selections speak to one another.


International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa - 2826652127

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International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa CONTINUUM

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This title examines Sub-Saharan Africa's relations with states such as the US, India, China, the EU, and Britain as well as with non-state actors. "The International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa" is an in-depth examination Africa's place in global politics. The book provides a comprehensive and critical appraisal of the ways in which peace, prosperity, and democracy are being advanced (or restricted) by the activities of the great powers in Africa, including non-state actors, as well as who benefits from these policies and who does not. The book is a needed comparative study of the role of great powers and 'new' actors such as China and India in Africa within the wider context of neo-liberal hegemony. It fills a gap in the literature and will be of interest to any student of the continent. Its focus on external actors contributes to providing a fuller picture of Africa's place in the global political economy and how the continent interacts with the rest of the world. This is an essential work for anyone researching issues in international relations, comparative foreign policies, and African politics.


Governing International Labour Migration - 2834140801

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Governing International Labour Migration Taylor & Francis Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Offers a critical examination of the way in which the nature and governance of international labour migration is changing within a globalizing environment. This book examines how labour mobility and the governance of labour migration are changing by exploring the links between political economy and differentiated forms of labour migration.


International Relations in Perspective - 2844164010

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International Relations in Perspective CQ Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"International Relations in Perspective" brings together a set of 43 classic and contemporary selections designed to introduce students to the most influential scholarship and key issues in the field. As balanced in its approach as Nau's introductory text, this distinctive reader gives equal space to realism, liberalism, constructivism and the work of critical theorists, more effectively reflecting the current state of scholarly debate. Organized to complement "Perspectives on International Relations" but flexible enough to use with any text or on its own, the collection covers a host of topics including terrorism, human security, development, civil society, global governance, political economy, and more. The book features substantive chapter introductions that situate the readings and help students understand how selections speak to one another.


Electing to Fight Why Emerging Democracies Go to War - 2212824790

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Electing to Fight Why Emerging Democracies Go to War MIT Press Massachusets Institute of Tech nology

Inne 1

Does the spread of democracy really contribute to international peace? Successive U. S. administrations have justified various policies intended to promote democracy not only by arguing that democracy is intrinsically good but by pointing to a wide range of research concluding that democracies rarely, if ever, go to war with one another. To promote democracy, the United States has provided economic assistance, political support, and technical advice to emerging democracies in Eastern and Central Europe, and it has attempted to remove undemocratic regimes through political pressure, economic sanctions, and military force. In Electing to Fight, Edward Mansfield and Jack Snyder challenge the widely accepted basis of these policies by arguing that states in the early phases of transitions to democracy are more likely than other states to become involved in war. Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, Mansfield and Snyder show that emerging democracies with weak political institutions are especially likely to go to war. Leaders of these countries attempt to rally support by invoking external threats and resorting to belligerent, nationalist rhetoric. Mansfield and Snyder point to this pattern in cases ranging from revolutionary France to contemporary Russia. Because the risk of a state's being involved in violent conflict is high until democracy is fully consolidated, Mansfield and Snyder argue, the best way to promote democracy is to begin by building the institutions that democracy requires -- such as the rule of law -- and only then encouraging mass political participation and elections. Readers will find this argument particularly relevant to prevailing concerns about the transitional government in Iraq. Electing to Fight also calls into question the wisdom of urging early elections elsewhere in the Islamic world and in China. Edward D. Mansfield is Hum Rosen Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of Power, Trade, and War and International Conflict and the Global Economy. Jack Snyder is the Robert and Renée Belfer Professor of International Relations at Columbia University. He is the author of From Voting to Violence: Democratization and Nationalist Conflict; Myths of Empire: Domestic Politics and International Ambition; and The Ideology of the Offensive: Military Decision Making and the Disasters of 1914."American foreign policy has been based on the premise that democracy promotes peace. Electing to Fight conclusively shows, however, that democratization, when mishandled, leads to war. Its challenge to the conventional beliefs of scholars and politicians makes it one of the most important books on international affairs in recent decades." --Samuel P. Huntington, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor, Harvard University "Everyone agrees that democracies make peace not war. But is that true? Jack Snyder and Edward Mansfield have posed the question and answered it with great rigor and sophistication. The result is an important book that describes a far more complicated relationship between democratization and peace than simple-minded rhetoric would suggest." --Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International "With notable analytic agility and rigorous empiricism Mansfield and Snyder dissect the popular policy nostrum that promoting democracy abroad promotes peace in the world. Their incisive work will help policymakers steer clear of misleading, facile assumptions and impel scholars to dig deeper and think harder on a subject of critical contemporary importance." --Thomas Carothers, Director, Democracy and Rule of Law Project, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace View All Endorsements


Stosunki Międzynarodowe nr 2 Tom 51 - 2851068358

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Stosunki Międzynarodowe nr 2 Tom 51 Scholar


T U D I A [S T U D I E S]Edward Haliżak: Obszar badawczy nauki o stosunkach międzynarodowych [The Scope of the Discipline of International Relations], doi: 10.7366/020909612201501, s. 9?36;Jakub Zajączkowski: Strategie morskie Indii, Chin i USA w regionie Oceanu Indyjskiego: analiza w kategoriach realizmu ofensywnego [ Maritime Strategies of India, China and the United States in the Indian Ocean Region: An Analysis Based on Offesive Realism], doi: 10.7366/020909612201502, s. 37?70;Marcin Florian Gawrycki: Latynoamerykańska ekonomia polityczna stosunków międzynarodowych ? studium endemicznej myśli [Latin American Political Economy of International Relations ? a Study of Endemic Thought], doi: 10.7366/020909612201503, s. 71?92;Charles F. Doran: Imperatives of European Security at Russia?s Critical Point on its Power Cycle, doi: 10.7366/020909612201504, s. 93?106;Mat thew McCartney: From Problems to Policy: Sustaining Growth and Public Services after the Global Financial Crisis in India and Pakistan, doi: 10.7366/020909612201505, s. 107?136;Marek Madej: Spóźniony (i krótkotrwały) entuzjazm. Polska wobec Wspólnej Polityki Bezpieczeństwa i Obrony w latach 2008?2014 [ Belated (and Short-Lived) Enthusiasm. Poland vis-a-vis the Common (European) Security and Defence Policy in 2008?2014], doi: 10.7366/020909612201506, s. 137?152;Paula Marcinkowska: The European Union as a Regional Power and Its Potential to Become an Effective Global Player, doi: 10.7366/020909612201507, s. 153?166;Maria Dunin-Wąsowicz: Kwestia walutowa a TTIP w perspektywie międzynarodowej ekonomii politycznej. Rok 2015 [The Monetary Issue and TTIP in International Political Economy Perspective. Year 2015], doi: 10.7366/020909612201508, s. 167?188;Anna Wróbel: Uwarunkowania negocjacji rolnych TTIP [Determinants of TTIP Negotiations on Agriculture], doi: 10.7366/020909612201509, s. 189?214;Rafał Ulatowski: Znaczenie czynnika energetycznego w stosunkach międzynarodowych: studium przypadku w negocjacjach TTIP [Cooperation in the Energy Sector in TTIP Negotiations], doi: 10.7366/020909612201510, s. 215?230;Małgorzata Grącik-Zajaczkowski: Kwestie społeczne w negocjacjach nad utworzeniem Transatlantyckiego Partnerstwa w dziedzinie Handlu i Inwestycji [Social Issues in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations], doi: 10.7366/020909612201511, s. 231?254;Jarosław Adamowski: Instytucje oceny skutków regulacji w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Unii Europejskiej w kontekście negocjacji nad TTIP [Regulatory Impact Assessment Institutions in the United States and the European Union in the Context of TTIP Negotiations], doi: 10.7366/020909612201512, s. 255?280;Aleksandra Jarczewska: Wspólnota Transatlantycka w systemie międzynarodowym [The Transatlantic Community in the International System], doi: 10.7366/020909612201513, s. 281?304;Jacek Kosiarski: Deutschland, Mitteleuropa und die Revolutionierung Russlands [Germany, Mitteleuropa and the Revolutionising of Russia], doi: 10.7366/020909612201514, s. 305?352;Maria Pasztor, Dariusz Jarosz: Stosunki polsko-francuskie 1986?1989 [Polish-French relations in the years 1986?1989], doi: 10.7366/020909612201515, s. 353?366.


Brazil's Modern Architecture_Andreolli Elisabetta, Forty Adrian - 2822175548

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Brazil's Modern Architecture_Andreolli Elisabetta, Forty Adrian Wydawnictwo: Phaidon

WYDAWNICTWA ALBUMOWE > Architektura > Ogólne

Brazil's Modern Architecture ISBN: 9780714842929 Autor: Andreolli Elisabetta, Forty Adrian Rok wydania: 2004-11-15 Ilość stron: 240 Oprawa: twarda Format: 294 x 260 mm This is the most comprehensive survey and analysis of twentieth-century Brazilian Architecture, written by Brazilian architects and writers for an international audience. Its key events and buildings appear not in a conventional chronological account but within a series of thematic chapters (critical reception, construction issues, urbanism, typological description of the modern house, affordable housing and new fields of practice, survey of recent works). It is a history of Brazilian modern architecture retold with a Brazilian voice by the new generation of critics and historians. This book offers a fresh reading of the well-known era of high-modernism of the 1930s-1960s placing it within both the context of architecture before and since and the broader changes taking place in Brazilian culture at the time. It also charts post-Brasilia developments, including contemporary projects, showing how architects have adapted to the contradictions of an increasingly polarised society and the relevance of Brazilian architecture for current debates around issues such as large-scale urban growth and the tension between local identities and global civilisation. Covering around 200 projects, it is extensively illustrated with both historical black and white photographs and new colour photographs and drawings In cultural terms, Brazil is famous for its music and its architecture. As the largest and richest country in Latin America, Brazil is set apart from the others by its language, and by the ethnic diversity of its population, all of which contribute to its cultural distinctiveness. Yet, the architecture of twentieth-century Brazil is all too often represented by the work of one man (Oscar Niemeyer) or by two cities (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo). This book is a study of Brazilian architecture in the twentieth-century, from the first modern houses of the 1920s and Le Corbusier's seminal visits to the country, through the well-known 'heroic' period of the 1940s-1950s and its crisis post-1964 up to contemporary developments. The high-modernist era coincided with the period of Brazil's most rapid economic growth around the middle of the century, when the country was transformed from a predominantly agricultural economy with coffee as its principal export, into an urbanised society with an industrial economy that saw the creation of Brasilia, one of the most utopian projects of the Modern Movement. Towards the end of this period, as society became increasingly polarised between a prosperous middle class and a very poor underclass, architects also became more pre-occupied with the nature of public buildings and the problems linked to accelerated urban growth. What has usually been seen as a period of creative experimentation in architecture underwent a crisis with the advent of the military dictatorship in 1964, while the rapid growth of the economy was sustained and even increased, with the consequent rise in activity of the building industry until the 1980s, one of the inherent contradictions of Brazil that this book seeks to address. While conventional accounts treat 1964 as the end of Brazilian architecture, this was not the case. Brazilian architects adapted to the changed circumstances, and developed new strategies that were no less creative, but sometimes less demonstrative. This has been particularly so since the restoration of democracy in the early 1980s, and again, a major theme of the book is to show continuities between the more recent work and that of the high-modernist era of the mid-century. The book will be edited by Elisabetta Andreoli and Adrian Forty, who will frame the main chapters with the introduction and a foreword to the survey of recent works. Five Brazilian writers will contribute essays to the body of the book that, together, provide a thorough study of modernist architecture and beyond in Brazil, and examine the works from the 'inside', explaining the social, cultural and political context that is so crucial to understanding the architecture.


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