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Critical Thinking and Reflection for Mental Health Nursing Students - 2869671880

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Critical Thinking and Reflection for Mental Health Nursing Students Sage Publications

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The ability to reflect critically is a vital nursing skill. It will help your students to make better decisions, avoid errors, identify good and bad forms of practice and become better at learning from their experiences. The challenges they will face as a mental health nurse are complex so this book breaks things down to the foundations helping them to build critical thinking and reflection skills from the ground up. Key features: * Covers the theory and principles behind critical thinking and reflection * Explores the specific mental health context and unique challenges students are liekly to face as a mental health nurse * Applies critical thinking to practice but also to academic study, showing how to demonstrate these skills in assignments


Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Nursing Students - 2860410645

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Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Nursing Students

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A Complete Guide To Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Students


Textbook of Basic Nursing - 2854529049

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Provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to practice nursing safely as LPN/LVNs.   Fully updated to reflect current medical and nursing practice, this Eleventh Edition of Textbook of Basic Nursing covers all areas of the curriculum, including Anatomy & Physiology, Fundamentals, Skills, Adult Health, Growth and Development, Mental Health, Maternity and Pediatrics, and Geriatric Considerations. Based on the NCLEX-PN framework, this engaging and comprehensive text provides everything students need to succeed, including short chapters with easy-to-understand content, striking photos and illustrations that bring the content to life, and a wide range of practice-oriented, mastery-focused learning tools both in the book and online, and an available hands-on workbook. *Concept Mastery Alerts use data from prepU quizzing to highlight common misconceptions and difficult-to-understand material.*Nursing Alerts ensure that students obtain the critical information they need to safely practice nursing as LPN/LVNs and succeed on the NCLEX-PN.*NCLEX Alerts highlight critical NCLEX-relevant content in each key area.*In Practice: Nursing Care Plans present a case study using NANDA terminology and the Nursing Process to illustrate how to develop a care plan.*Special Considerations highlight key culture, lifespan, homecare, or nutrition information.*In Practice: Nursing Procedures present step-by-step instructions with full-color illustrations and rationales.*In Practice: Nursing Care Guidelines contain summaries of important concepts, teaching, skills performance, or nursing considerations.*In Practice: Educating the Client boxes highlight important teaching concepts.*In Practice: Data Gathering in Nursing summarizes the key information needed in gathering data for nursing observations.*In Practice: Nursing Process boxes use the steps of the nursing process to guide the LPN/LVN in effective data collection.*In Practice: Important Medications boxes summarize common medications used in treating specific conditions, diseases, and disorders.This leading content is also incorporated into Lippincott CoursePoint, a dynamic learning solution that integrates this book's curriculum, adaptive learning tools, real-time data reporting, and the latest evidence-based practice content together into one powerful student learning solution. Lippincott CoursePoint improves the nursing students' critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills to prepare them for practice. Learn more at


Essentials of Nursing Practice - 2869725080

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Essentials of Nursing Practice Sage Publications

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A Unique Blend of Digital and Print Learning Resources! Essentials of Nursing Practice is a ground-breaking new resource which introduces nursing students to the core topics they need to master during their first year and beyond. It brings the study of nursing to life across all four fields of nursing, in all settings, focussing on what it takes to be the best nurse you can be through person-centred compassionate care. Unlike any other book it uniquely blends digital and print learning resources to engage all styles of learners and to provide lecturers with helpful resources to use in their teaching. More than just a book! An accompanying interactive eBook links to extra resources including videos, case studies, interactive revision quizzes, flashcards, study plans and more. Students can use the eBook to study where and when they want, and read, annotate and search the book on a tablet, laptop or PC. All these resources are also available through SAGE edge - visit to find out more. Key features of the print and eBook help students to: * Understand: Colourful easy-to-navigate design, chapter topic lists, study plans and knowledge links help students to quickly grasp what they need to know and how topics are interrelated. * Apply: Real voices from students, patients and nurses, case studies with questions, clinical skills videos, and anatomy and physiology revision help students apply knowledge in placements or practical assessments. * Go further: 'What's the Evidence' summaries of research, critical thinking activities, links to SAGE journal articles, useful websites and further reading help students prepare for essays or for the next stage of their course. * Revise: Chapter summaries, test-yourself interactive questions and key term flashcards help students do their best at assessments and exams. Advisory Editors Learning Disabilities: Robert Jenkins and Ruth Northway, University of South Wales Child Nursing: Carol Hall, The University of Nottingham Mental Health: Steven Trenoweth, University of Bournemouth Adult Nursing: Karen Elcock, Kingston University London Clinical Skills: Fiona Everett and Wendy Wright, University of the West of Scotland


Patient Assessment and Care Planning in Nursing - 2869702035

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Patient Assessment and Care Planning in Nursing LEARNING MATTERS

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Nurses of the future need to accurately assess people of all ages, with varying mental and physical problems, across different settings and with changing health needs. This book introduces student nurses and novice practitioners to the assessment process enabling them to identify patient problems in order for solutions to be planned and implemented. The book introduces the different stages of the assessment process and takes a holistic approach and person centred approach throughout. It encourages critical thinking and urges students to consider the social, cultural, psychological and environmental factors as well as the physical symptoms that may be present when making assessments. Key features * A new chapter on person-centred assessment and practice * Detailed case studies and scenarios demonstrating practical application of key theory * Introduces clinical decision-making within assessment * Activities help build critical thinking, independent learning and other transferable graduate skills * Linked to the NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters for degree-level education


Developing Reflective Practice - 2869711627

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Developing Reflective Practice SCION PUBLISHING

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From Reviews: "...In this book the clinical psychologist Natius Oelofsen describes the processes of learning and the three-step reflective cycle, explaining how keeping a reflective journal offers insights into self and behaviour, and using critical analysis to reflect on even ordinary, everyday incidents. He shows how the insights of understanding help our interactions with patients and colleagues. Reflection helps us work together, offer support and see where we are able to fit in as team members. The chapter 'All for one and one for all: building supportive teams' is particularly illuminating. There is so much in this book, including getting the most from supervision, ethical issues and dealing with work-based stress, as well as exercises, activities and case examples." Nursing Standard, Vol. 26, No. 48, August 2012 "Developing Reflective Practice is a thorough and concise book enabling students, qualified nurses and any other health professional to become confident reflective practitioners within their own field...A well-written and educational tool particularly for a nursing student and even a social work student." Nursing Times, 11 October 2012 Developing Reflective Practice is suitable for students and practitioners in a variety of fields, including nursing, psychology, social work, therapeutic child care, and education. What all of these fields have in common is that practitioners deal with fundamental human needs such as physical and mental health, housing, and education. Students on placement as well as qualified and experienced practitioners can benefit from reading this book and working through the reflective exercises that accompany the text. The goal of the book is to help the reader feel confident and competent when confronted with complex and emotionally demanding situations in the workplace. By working through the numerous and varied activities and exercises detailed in this book, the reader will acquire the skills needed to make sense of their experiences in a professional context.


Psychopharmacology: Practice and Contexts - 2865401818

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Psychopharmacology: Practice and Contexts Oxford University Press

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Psychopharmacology: Practice and Contexts is a practical and accessible text to assist nursing and allied health students in their understanding of psychotropic medications. It covers treatment monitoring through a range of care plans and interventions and provides strategies for minimising risk. The text is designed to allow readers to develop insight into the great variability in the ways in which individuals experience mental health disorders, and the equally variable fashion in which each person has the potential to experience both benefit and harm as a result of drug treatment. Key features: Oriented around the various groups of mental disorders, allowing students to assimilate information related to medication in the context of the mental health disorders that people experience. Each chapter begins with the information needed to build knowledge that can be applied later in thoughtful analysis of the numerous case vignettes throughout the book. Critical thinking exercises related to a particular disorder assist the student reader to consider a range of pharmacologic care contexts, challenges and practices. Psychopharmacology: Practice and Contexts is also available as an e-book.


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