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Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Nursing Students - 2849515996

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Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Nursing Students

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A Complete Guide To Critical Thinking And Reflection For Mental Health Students


Study Skills for Master's Level Students - 2826754737

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Study Skills for Master's Level Students Reflect Press

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From reviews: "...There are good sections on writing academically at master's level, how to get published and the benefits for postgraduates and the profession of sharing work. The authors conclude with a useful chapter on applying postgraduate skills in the workplace. This excellent guide will also be an invaluable resource in areas of study other than the intended health and social care field." Nursing Standard, Nov 13-19, 2013 This revised and updated edition of Study Skills for Master's Level Students adopts a reflective approach using exercises that are related to the development of the skills required to make the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate thinking and writing. Questions and activities encourage students to identify the skills that the postgraduate student should possess and to demonstrate an understanding of how those skills are developed. Topics covered include: * Critical thinking * Developing independent study skills * Finding and using literature * Applying postgraduate skills in the workplace * Writing at Master's level * How to get published. The book is easy to use and jargon-free with clearly defined learning goals. Reflection points are included in order to support independent learning and enquiry, and there are also suggestions for additional reading throughout the book. Study Skills for Master's Level Students can therefore be used as an independent student study tool or by lecturers in workshop settings. Here's what lecturers thought of the first edition: "A very comprehensive and accessible guide which is contemporary and related to application within the workplace." "Easy to read and well presented." " Very useful; activities excellent." "I thought the complete book is a must for all postgraduate students." "This book is excellent and I wish I had had a chance to read [it] pre my MSc course."


Developing Reflective Practice - 2826789935

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Developing Reflective Practice SCION PUBLISHING

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From Reviews: "...In this book the clinical psychologist Natius Oelofsen describes the processes of learning and the three-step reflective cycle, explaining how keeping a reflective journal offers insights into self and behaviour, and using critical analysis to reflect on even ordinary, everyday incidents. He shows how the insights of understanding help our interactions with patients and colleagues. Reflection helps us work together, offer support and see where we are able to fit in as team members. The chapter 'All for one and one for all: building supportive teams' is particularly illuminating. There is so much in this book, including getting the most from supervision, ethical issues and dealing with work-based stress, as well as exercises, activities and case examples." Nursing Standard, Vol. 26, No. 48, August 2012 "Developing Reflective Practice is a thorough and concise book enabling students, qualified nurses and any other health professional to become confident reflective practitioners within their own field...A well-written and educational tool particularly for a nursing student and even a social work student." Nursing Times, 11 October 2012 Developing Reflective Practice is suitable for students and practitioners in a variety of fields, including nursing, psychology, social work, therapeutic child care, and education. What all of these fields have in common is that practitioners deal with fundamental human needs such as physical and mental health, housing, and education. Students on placement as well as qualified and experienced practitioners can benefit from reading this book and working through the reflective exercises that accompany the text. The goal of the book is to help the reader feel confident and competent when confronted with complex and emotionally demanding situations in the workplace. By working through the numerous and varied activities and exercises detailed in this book, the reader will acquire the skills needed to make sense of their experiences in a professional context.


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