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New Media, Old Regimes - 2853287263

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New Media, Old Regimes Lexington Books

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New Media, Old Regimes: Case Studies in Comparative Communication Law and Policy, by Lyombe S. Eko, is a collection of novel theoretical perspectives and case studies which illustrate how different communication law regimes conceptualize and apply universal ideals of human rights and freedom of expression to media controversies in real space and cyberspace. Eko's investigation includes such controversial communication policy topics as North African regimes' failed use of telecommunications to suppress the social change of the Arab Spring, the Mohammad cartoon controversy in Denmark and France, French and American policy of development and diffusion of the Minitel and the Internet, American and Russian regulation of internet surveillance, the problem of managing pedopornography in cyberspace and real space, and other current communication policy cases. This study will aid readers not only to understand different national and cultural perspectives of thorny communication issues, but also show that though freedom of expression is a pluralistic concept, the actions of all political regimes at the national, transnational, and international levels must be held up to the universal standards of freedom of expression set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New Media, Old Regimes provides essential scholarship on comparative communication law and policy in a world of new media.


Leveling the Playing Field - 2844162819

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Leveling the Playing Field Oxford University Press

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Emerging market countries are currently facing a dual challenge. How to incorporate transnational regulations into their societies, while building their own versions of regulatory capitalism. This raises a multitude questions and challenges. Will the diffusion of international public and private regulations of developed countries, benefit a few and marginalize less developed countries? Or, can these regulations foster transnational public-private experiments to improve local regulatory capacities and social conditions? What kinds of strategies might facilitate or impede both transnational regulatory integration and local institutional upgrading? This book offers a fresh perspective in reconciling the seemingly incompatible goals of transnational integration and development. It offers a new analytical framework and a set of case studies that help forge a comparative analysis of integration and development. It offers both the identification of the mechanisms that can foster lasting transnational integration settlements and broad based domestic institutional and economic upgrading. This multidisciplinary study draws on current research from many leading scholars. They analyse issues in a variety of regions around the world and in industries and domains ranging from food safety, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, as well as labour and environmental rights. The chapters reveal concrete lessons for scholars and practitioners alike, around the different roles and strategies that governments, the multilaterals, firms, and NGOs can take, to facilitate the integration of international standards, improve domestic institutions, and expand the benefits to a great variety of local groups.


Reference Models - 2853400389

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Reference Models BERTRAMS

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 84. Chapters: Agent systems reference model, Business reference model, CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model, Core Architecture Data Model, Data Reference Model, Dublin Core, FRSAD, Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, Internet protocol suite, N-entity, National Information Exchange Model, NIST Enterprise Architecture Model, OASIS SOA Reference Model, OGC Reference Model, Open-system environment reference model, Open Archival Information System, OSI model, POLDAT, RM-ODP, Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework, Treasury Information System Architecture Framework, Von Neumann architecture, Workflow Reference Model. Excerpt: 179 article summaries including: CIDOC conceptual reference model (CRM) . Building semantic bridges between museums, libraries and archives: The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model . Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) . 0253 Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) . DEFINING DIGITAL PRESERVATION WORK: A CASE STUDY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REFERENCE MODEL FOR AN OPEN ARCHIVAL INFORMATION SYSTEM . Slovenian cataloguing practice and Functional requirements for bibliographic records : a comparative analysis . The IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: International Standards for Universal Bibliographic Control . A new direction for bibliographic records: the development of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (part 1) . Intuitiveness of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: a study in a broader context . Functional requirements for bibliographic records (FRBR): an analysis of usability of control model of the bibliographic universe . DSpace as an Open Archival Information System: Current Status and Future Directions . A preservaçăo digital e o modelo de referęncia Open Archival Information System (OAIS) . DSpace as an Open Archival Information System: Current Status and Future Directions . Open Archival Information System (OAIS) as a data curation standard in the World Data Centre . Reference Models of Organisational Behavior: A new category of Process Reference Model . The way to recovery and terminology after the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records; La forma de recuperación y la terminología después de los requisitos . 26 Implementing the Quantum von Neumann Architecture with Superconducting Circuits . 27 Von Neumann Quantum Logic vs Classical von Neumann Architecture . Using Dublin Core . Dublin Core Metadata Initiative . Arbitrary Code Injection through Self-propagating Worms in Von Neumann Architecture Devices . Relating Folksonomies with Dublin Core . Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic Journals . Dublin Core Metadata Harvested Through OAI-PMH . Crosswalking IPL Metadata to Dublin Core . L'information indexée : Métadonnées et Dublin Core . Dublin Core and Electronic Information Retrieval . Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 11 . Interoperability levels for Dublin Core metadata . Guidelines for Dublin Core application profiles . Dublin Core: the standard for networking libraries . Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic Journals . Dublin Core Metadata Harvested Through OAI-PMH . Industrial Services Reference Model . The DELOS Reference Model . MPEG-7 Harmonization with Dublin Core: Current Status and Concerns . Mapping between Dublin Core and JPX (JPEG 2000) Metadata . International Conference on Dublin Core ...


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