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Three Cats Tales iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Take your young ones to the make-believe world of Yellowcat, Alleycat and Tomcat! Each of the sixty stories in this collection are perfect for a bedtime or anytime story. Children will have fun coloring the lively illustrations too! Enjoy the happy and surprising lives of Centerville's most curious citizens- The Three Cats! Fun reading and life lessons along the way such as... "A mama cat is sort of like us humans. She can kill a bird for supper with her powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Likewise, we can use our mouths to help and comfort others, or we can use them to hurt and gossip about others. Just as the mama cat would never harm her kittens, we should be very careful that we don't harm our family, or friends, or neighbors with careless words or actions."


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