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Customer Satisfaction For Banking Services - A Comparative Analysis - 2853024514

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Customer Satisfaction For Banking Services - A Comparative Analysis

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A study of customer's attitudes to cross selling by banks with particularly reference to the practice in Libya - 2826937335

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A study of customer's attitudes to cross selling by banks with particularly reference to the practice in Libya GRIN Verlag

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Examination Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, grade: passed, University of Sheffield (Business School), course: MA Marketing , language: English, abstract: Cross selling is the key value-add to the banking industry globally. This industry hasseen major reforms and developments over the years. Particularly in the Libyan market,ever since it started in 1951, the banking industry has flourished and now matches theinternational competitors in terms of providing at par services. Cross selling activities havealso developed to similar extent. This research work studies the cross selling function ofthe Libyan banks from the customers point of view. The Literature section of the researchfocuses on the core theories of marketing that focus on the cross selling or the salesaspect. The author focuses the discussion on the services marketing concepts andhighlights difference in services marketing as compared to marketing of tangible products.The theory of Ansoff highlights how can the banks in Libya focus on expansion strategiesand look to acquire new markets or customers. The customer behaviour analysis and thebuyer behaviour theories discuss the importance of the study to the customer within anymarket.Secondary Research focuses on the current marketing practices in the Libyan bankingmarket. It highlights the competitive environment of the Libyan banks. The services offeredby the Libyan banks are at par with the international competitors. This section also focuseson cultural impact on the banking industry and explains how the products or services needto be altered to meet the need of the cultural changes. Primary research focuses onjudging the customer satisfaction level of the Libyan banks. This satisfaction is measuredin light of the cross selling activities of the banks and it serves as a good feedbackmechanism for the Libyan banking industry.In the final section of the research the author has concluded with the key highlights of thework. In the discussion of how the research meets the objectives that were set, the authorbrings out the key theories that can be focussed on while planning a cross selling activity.The recommendations for this work encourages a further study which can be much moredetailed and look at customer behaviour and segmentation more closely. This work can bereferred by the banking industry as a feedback on their performance and help furtherimprove their cross sell programs and customer attitudes towards these programs.


E-banking in India-Progress & Prospects - 2841667363

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E-banking in India-Progress & Prospects LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Banking is the lifeline of an economy. The present and future of any country depends upon the success and development of banking. The objective can t be achieved with the traditional banking as now is the age of technology. Indian banking industry, today, is in the midst of an IT revolution. The competition among the banks has led to the increasing total banking automation in the Indian banking industry.This book presents an overview of E-Banking in India through a comparative study of public sector banks,private sector banks and foreign banks. It analysis the progress of E-Banking in the country by emphasizing on four major components i.e. ATM, Credit cards, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. These components of E-Banking are studied individually to know the customer satisfaction and the problems associated with each. Book also highlights the various E-banking services provided by these banks and also the prospects and problems associated with E-Banking. Risk management strategies used by these banks have also been studied.


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