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The Complete Columbia Collection - 2839298616

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The Complete Columbia Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. Run Softly, Blue River 2. Frankie's Man, Johnny 3. That's All Over 4. The Troubadour 5. One More Ride 6. That's Enough 7. I Still Miss Someone 8. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 9. I'd Rather Die Young 10. Pickin' Time 11. Shepherd Of My Heart 12. Suppertime 101. It Was Jesus 102. I Saw A Man 103. Are All The Children In 104. The Old Account 105. Lead Me Gently Home 106. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 107. Snow In His Hair 108. Lead Me Father 109. I Call Him 110. These Things Shall Pass 111. He'll Be A Friend 112. God Will 201. Drink To Me 202. Five Feet High And Rising 203. The Man On The Hill 204. Hank And Joe And Me 205. Clementine 206. The Great Speckle Bird 207. I Want To Go Home 208. The Caretaker 209. Old Apache Squaw 210. Don't Step On Mother's Roses 211. My Grandfather's Clock 212. It Could Be You (Instead Of Him) 301. Seasons Of My Heart 302. I Feel Better All Over 303. I Couldn't Keep From Crying 304. Time Changes Everything 305. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 306. I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall) 307. Transfusion Blues 308. Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You) 309. I Will Miss You When You Go 310. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 311. Just One More 312. Honky-tonk Girl 401. Loading Coal 402. Slow Rider 403. Lumberjack 404. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain 405. Going To Memphis 406. When Papa Played The Dobro 407. Boss Jack 408. Old Doc Brown 501. He'll Understand And Say Well Done 502. God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away 503. When I've Learned 504. I Got Shoes 505. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning 506. If We Never Meet Again 507. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven 508. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me 509. Taller Than Trees 510. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 511. My God Is Real 512. These Hands 601. Lost On The Desert 602. Accidentally On Purpose 603. In The Jailhouse 604. Mr. Lonesome 605. You Won't Have Far To Go 606. Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) 607. Delia's Gone 608. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 609. You Remembered Me 610. I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now 611. Let Me Down Easy 612. Sing It Pretty, Sue 701. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer 702. Tell Him I'm Gone 703. Another Man Done Gone 704. Busted 705. Casey Jones 706. Nine Pound Hammer 707. Chain Gang 708. Waiting For A Train 709. Roughneck 801. Ring Of Fire 802. I'd Still Be There 803. What Do I Care 804. I Still Miss Someone 805. Forty Shades Of Green 806. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 807. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 808. Bonanza! 809. The Big Battle 810. Remember The Alamo 811. Tennessee Flat-top Box 812. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 901. The Christmas Spirit 902. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 903. Blue Christmas 904. The Gifts They Gave 905. Here Was A Man 906. Christmas As I Knew It 907. Silent Night 908. The Little Drummer Boy 909. Ringing The Bells For Jim 910. We Are The Shepherds 911. Who Kept The Sheep 912. The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver 1001. Keep On The Sunny Side 1002. The Banks Of The Ohio 1003. My Clinch Mountain Home 1004. Lonesome Valley 1005. Worried Man Blues 1006. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 1007. The Wabash Cannonball 1008. Broken-hearted Lover 1009. Brown Eyes 1010. I'm Working On A Building 1011. Gathering Flowers From The Hillside 1012. When The Roses Bloom Again 1101. I Walk The Line 1102. Bad News 1103. Folsom Prison Blues 1104. Give My Love To Rose 1105. Hey Porter 1106. I Still Miss Someone 1107. Understand Your Man 1108. Wreck Of The Old 97 1109. Still In Town 1110. Big River 1111. Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye 1112. Troublesome Waters 1201. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 1202. Apache Tears 1203. Custer 1204. The Talking Leaves 1205. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 1206. Drums 1207. White Girl 1208. The Vanishing Race 1301. Orange Blossom Special 1302. The Long Black Veil 1303. It Ain't Me Babe 1304. The Wall 1305. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 1306. You Wild Colorado 1307. Mama, You Been On My Mind 1308. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below 1309. All Of God's Children Ain't Free 1310. Danny Boy 1311. Wildwood Flower 1312. Amen 1401. Hiawatha's Vision 1402. The Road To Kaintuck 1403. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part I 1404. Narration 1405. The Ballad Of Boot Hill 1406. I Ride An Old Paint 1407. Narration 1408. Hardin Wouldn't Run 1409. Narration 1410. Mister Garfield 1411. The Streets Of Laredo 1412. Narration 1413. Johnny Reb 1414. A Letter From Home 1415. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie 1416. Mean As Hell 1417. Sam Hall 1418. 25 Minutes To Go 1419. The Blizzard 1420. Narration 1421. Sweet Betsy From Pike 1422. Green Grow The Lilacs 1423. Narration 1424. Stampede 1425. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part II 1426. Reflections 1501. Everybody Loves A Nut 1502. The One On The Right Is On The Left 1503. Cup Of Coffee 1504. The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World 1505. The Singing Star's Queen 1506. Austin Prison 1507. Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog 1508. Take Me Home 1509. Please Don't Play Red River Valley 1510. Boa Constrictor 1511. Joe Bean 1601. Happiness Is You 1602. Guess Things Happen That Way 1603. Ancient History 1604. You Comb Her Hair 1605. She Came From The Mountains 1606. For Lovin' Me 1607. No One Will Ever Know 1608. Is This My Destiny 1609. A Wound Time Can't Erase 1610. Happy To Be With You 1611. Wabash Cannonball 1701. Long-legged Guitar Pickin' Man 1702. Shantytown 1703. It Ain't Me Babe 1704. Fast Boat To Sydney 1705. Pack Up Your Sorrows 1706. I Got A Woman (With June Carter) 1707. Jackson 1708. Oh, What A Good Thing We Had 1709. You'll Be All Right 1710. No, No, No 1711. What'd I Say 1801. From Sea To Shining Sea 1802. The Whirl And The Suck 1803. Call Daddy From The Mine 1804. The Frozen Four-hundred-pound Fair-to-middlin' C 1805. The Walls Of A Prison 1806. The Masterpiece 1807. You And Tennessee 1808. Another Song To Sing 1809. The Flint Arrowhead 1810. Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station 1811. Shrimpin' Sailin' 1812. From Sea To Shining Sea (Finale) 1901. Folsom Prison Blues 1902. Dark As The Dungeon 1903. I Still Miss Someone 1904. Cocaine Blues 1905. 25 Minutes To Go 1906. Orange Blossom Special 1907. The Long Black Veil 1908. Send A Picture Of Mother 1909. The Wall 1910. Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog 1911. Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart 1912. Jackson 1913. Give My Love To Rose 1914. I Got Stripes 1915. Green, Green Grass Of Home 1916. Greystone Chapel 2001. Prologue 2002. Land Of Israel 2003. A Mother's Love (Narrative) 2004. This Is Nazareth 2005. Nazarene 2006. Town Of Cana (Narrative) 2007. He Turned The Water Into Wine 2008. My Wife June At Sea Of Galilee (Narrative) 2009. Beautiful Words (Narrative) 2010. Our Guide Jacob At Mount Tabor 2011. The Ten Commandments 2012. Daddy Sang Bass 2013. At The Wailing Wall (Narrative) 2014. Come To The Wailing Wall (Narrative) 2015. In Bethlehem (Narrative) 2016. In Garden Of Gethsemane (Narrative) 2017. The Fourth Man 2018. On The Via Dolorosa (Narrative) 2019. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre (Narrative) 2020. At Calvary (Narrative) 2021. God Is Not Dead 2101. Wanted Man 2102. Wreck Of The Old 97 2103. I Walk The Line 2104. Darlin' Companion 2105. Starkville City Jail 2106. San Quentin 2107. San Quentin 2108. A Boy Named Sue 2109. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley 2110. Folsom Prison Blues 2201. Southwind 2202. The Devil To Pay 2203. 'Cause I Love You 2204. See Ruby Fall 2205. Route 1, Box 144 2206. Sing A Travelin' Song 2207. If I Were A Carpenter 2208. To Beat The Devil 2209. Blistered 2210. Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill 2211. I've Got A Thing About Trains 2212. Jesus Was A Carpenter 2301. Sunday Morning Coming Down 2302. Come Along And Ride This Train (Six Days On The 2303. Six Days On The Road 2304. There Ain't No Easy Run 2305. The Sailor On A Concrete Sea 2306. These Hands 2307. I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way 2308. Come Along And Ride This Train (Mississippi Delt 2309. Mississippi Delta Land 2310. Detroit City 2311. Uncloudy Day 2312. No Setting Sun 2313. Mississippi Delta Land 2314. Here Was A Man 2401. Flesh And Blood 2402. I Walk The Line 2403. Hungry 2404. This Town 2405. This Side Of The Law 2406. Flesh And Blood 2407. 'Cause I Love You 2408. Cause I Love You 2409. The World's Gonna Fall On You 2410. Face Of Despair 2411. Standing On The Promises/amazing Grace 2501. Rollin' Free 2502. Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy 2503. Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy 2504. 706 Union 2505. The Little Man 2506. The Little Man 2507. Wanted Man 2508. Rollin' Free 2509. True Love Is Greater Than Friendship 2510. Movin' 2601. The Preacher Said, Jesus Said 2602. Orphan Of The Road 2603. You've Got A New Light Shining In Your Eyes 2604. If Not For Love 2605. Man In Black 2606. Singin' In Viet Nam Talkin' Blues 2607. Ned Kelly 2608. Look For Me 2609. Dear Mrs. 2610. I Talk To Jesus Every Day 2701. Kate 2702. Melva's Wine 2703. A Thing Called Love 2704. I Promise You 2705. Papa Was A Good Man 2706. Tear Stained Letter 2707. Mississippi Sand 2708. Daddy 2709. Arkansas Lovin' Man 2710. The Miracle Man 2801. Opening Dialogue 2802. Paul Revere 2803. Begin West Movement 2804. The Road To Kaintuck 2805. To The Shining Mountains 2806. The Battle Of New Orleans 2807. Southwestward 2808. Remember The Alamo 2809. Opening The West 2810. Lorena 2811. The Gettysburg Address 2812. The West 2813. Big Foot 2814. Like A Young Colt 2815. Mister Garfield 2816. A Proud Land 2817. The Big Battle 2818. On Wheels And Wings 2819. Come Take A Trip In My Airship 2820. Reaching For The Stars 2821. These Are My People 2901. Opening Dialogue 2902. King Of Love 2903. Dialogue 2904. Jingle Bells 2905. Dialogue 2906. That Christmas Feeling 2907. Dialogue 2908. My Merry Christmas Song 2909. Dialogue 2910. Merry Christmas Mary 2911. Dialogue 2912. Christmas Time's A-comin' 2913. Dialogue 2914. Christmas With You 2915. Dialogue 2916. Christmas As I Knew It 2917. Dialogue 2918. When You're Twenty-one 2919. Dialogue 2920. An Old Fashioned Tree 2921. Dialogue 2922. Silent Night 3001. Any Old Wind That Blows 3002. Kentucky Straight 3003. The Loving Gift 3004. The Good Earth 3005. Best Friend 3006. Oney 3007. The Ballad Of Annie Palmer 3008. Too Little, Too Late 3009. If I Had A Hammer 3010. Country Trash 3011. Welcome Back Jesus 3101. Praise The Lord 3102. Introduction 3103. Gospel Road ( Part 1) 3104. Jesus' Early Years 3105. Gospel Road (Part 2) 3106. John The Baptist 3107. Baptism Of Jesus 3108. Wilderness Temptation 3109. Follow Me, Jesus 3110. Gospel Road ( Part 3) 3111. Jesus Announces His Divinity 3112. Jesus' Opposition Is Established 3113. Jesus' First Miracle 3114. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 1) 3115. State Of The Nation 3116. I See Men As Trees Walking 3117. Jesus Was A Carpenter (Part 1) 3118. Choosing Of Twelve Disciples 3119. Jesus' Teachings 3120. Parable Of The Good Shepherd 3121. The Two Greatest Commandments 3122. Greater Love Hath No Man 3123. John The Baptist's Imprisonment And Death 3124. Jesus Cleanses Temple 3125. Jesus Upbraids Scribes And Pharisees 3126. Jesus In The Temple 3127. Come Unto Me 3128. The Adulterous Woman 3129. Help (Part 1) 3130. Jesus And Nicodemus 3131. Help (Part 2) 3132. Sermon On The Mount 3133. Blessed Are 3134. The Lord's Prayer, Amen Chorus 3135. Introducing Mary Magdelene 3136. Mary Magdalene Speaks 3137. Follow Me 3138. Magdalene Speaks Again 3201. Crossing The Sea Of Galilee 3202. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 2) 3203. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 3) 3204. Feeding The Multitude 3205. The Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 4) 3206. More Jesus Teaching 3207. The Living Water And The Bread Of Life 3208. Gospel Road (Part 4) 3209. Jesus And Children 3210. Children 3211. Four Months To Live 3212. Help (Part 3) 3213. Help (Part 4) 3214. Raising Of Lazarus 3215. Jesus' Second Coming 3216. Jesus' Entry Into Jerusalem 3217. Burden Of Freedom (Chorus) 3218. Jesus Wept 3219. Burden Of Freedom (Chorus) 3220. Jesus Cleanses Temple Again 3221. Feast Of The Passover 3222. Lord Is It I? 3223. The Last Supper 3224. John 14:1-3 3225. And Now He's Alone 3226. Agony In Gethsemane 3227. Jesus Before Caiaphas, Pilate And Herod 3228. Burden Of Freedom 3229. Crucifixion 3230. Jesus' Last Words 3231. Jesus' Death 3232. Earthquake And Darkness 3233. He Is Risen 3234. Mary Magdalene Returns To Galilee 3235. Jesus Appears To Disciples 3236. The Great Commission 3237. Ascension, Amen Chorus 3238. Jesus Was A Carpenter (Part 2) 3301. The Color Of Love 3302. Saturday Night In Hickman County 3303. Allegheny 3304. Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs 3305. Matthew 24 (Is Knocking At The Door) 3306. The City Of New Orleans 3307. Tony 3308. The Pine Tree 3309. We're For Love 3310. Godshine 3401. Orleans Parish Prison 3402. Jacob Green 3403. Me And Bobby Mcgee 3404. The Prisoners Song 3405. The Invertebraes 3406. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 3407. City Jail 3408. Life Of A Prisoner 3409. Lookin' Back In Anger 3410. Nobody Cared 3411. Help Me Make It Through The Night 3412. I Saw A Man 3501. Ragged Old Flag 3502. Don't Go Near The Water 3503. All I Do Is Drive 3504. Southern Comfort 3505. King Of The Hill 3506. Pie In The Sky 3507. Lonesome To The Bone 3508. While I've Got It On My Mind 3509. Good Morning Friend 3510. I'm A Worried Man 3511. Please Don't Let Me Out 3512. What On Earth Will You Do (For Heaven's Sake) 3601. The Junkie And The Juicehead (Minus Me) 3602. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 3603. Broken Freedom Song 3604. I Do Believe 3605. Ole Slewfoot 3606. Keep On The Sunny Side 3607. Father And Daughter (Father And Son) 3608. Crystal Chaneliers And Burgundy 3609. Friendly Gates 3610. Billy & Rex & Oral & Bob 3611. Jesus 3612. Lay Back With My Woman 3701. Nasty Dan 3702. One And One Makes Two 3703. I Got A Boy And His Name Is John 3704. Little Magic Glasses 3705. Miss Tara 3706. Dinosaur Song 3707. Tiger Whitehead 3708. Call Of The Wild 3709. Little Green Fountain 3710. Old Shep 3711. (The) Timber Man 3801. Precious Memories 3802. Rock Of Ages 3803. The Old Rugged Cross 3804. Softly And Tenderly 3805. In The Sweet By And By 3806. Just As I Am 3807. Farther Along 3808. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 3809. Amazing Grace 3810. At The Cross 3811. Have Thine Own Way Lord 3901. My Old Kentucky Home 3902. Hard Times Comin' 3903. The Lady Came From Baltimore 3904. Lonesome To The Bone 3905. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 3906. Clean Your Own Tables 3907. Jesus Was Our Saviour (Cotton Was Our King) 3908. Reason To Believe 3909. Cocaine Carolina 3910. Smokey Factory Blues 4001. Texas-1947 4002. What Have You Got Planned Tonight, Diana 4003. Look At Them Beans 4004. No Charge 4005. I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs 4006. Down The Road I Go 4007. I Never Met A Man Like You Before 4008. All Around Cowboy 4009. Gone 4010. Down At Drippin' Springs 4101. Big River 4102. Dialogue 1 4103. Doin' My Time 4104. Dialogue 2 4105. I Still Miss Someone 4106. Dialogue 3 4107. Another Man Done Gone 4108. I Got Stripes 4109. Introduction Of June Carter Cash (Dialogue 4) 4110. Church In The Wildwood 4111. Medley: Church In The Wildwood/lonesome Valley ( 4112. Church In The Wildwood 4113. Lonesome Valley 4114. Dialogue 5 4115. Strawberry Cake 4116. Dialogue 6 4117. Rock Island Line 4118. Navajo 4119. Dialogue 7 4120. Destination Victoria Station (With The Carter Fa 4121. The Fourth Man 4201. Let There Be Country 4202. One Piece At A Time 4203. In A Young Girl's Mind 4204. Mountain Lady 4205. Michigan City Howdy Do 4206. Sold Out Of Flagpoles 4207. Committed To Parkview 4208. Daughter Of A Railroad Man 4209. Love Has Lost Again 4210. Go On Blues 4301. I Will Dance With You 4302. The Last Gunfighter Ballad 4303. Far Side Banks Of Jordan 4304. Ridin' On The Cotton Belt 4305. Give It Away 4306. You're So Close To Me 4307. City Jail 4308. Cindy, I Love You 4309. Ballad Of Barbara 4310. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 4401. Hit The Road And Go 4402. Dialogue 1 4403. If It Wasn't For The Wabash River 4404. Dialogue 2 4405. Lady 4406. Dialogue 3 4407. After The Ball 4408. Dialogue 4 4409. No Earthly Good 4410. Dialogue 5 4411. A Wednesday Car 4412. Dialogue 6 4413. My Cowboy's Last Ride 4414. Dialogue 7 4415. Calilou 4416. Dialogue 8 4501. I Would Like To See You Again 4502. Lately 4503. I Wish I Was Crazy Again 4504. Who's Gene Autry? 4505. Hurt So Bad 4506. I Don't Think I Could Take You Back Again 4507. Abner Brown 4508. After Taxes 4509. There Ain't No Good Chain Gang (With Waylon Jenn 4510. That's The Way It Is 4511. I'm Alright Now 4601. Gone Girl 4602. I Will Rock And Roll With You 4603. The Diplomat 4604. No Expectations 4605. It Comes And Goes 4606. It'll Be Her 4607. The Gambler 4608. Cajun Born 4609. You And Me 4610. A Song For The Life 4701. The L&n Don't Stop Here Anymore 4702. Lonesome To The Bone 4703. Bull Rider 4704. I'll Say It's True 4705. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky 4706. Cocaine Blues 4707. Muddy Waters 4708. West Canterbury Subdivision Blues 4709. Lately I Been Leanin' Toward The Blues 4710. I'm Gonna Sit On The Porch And Pick On My Old Gu 4801. Cold Lonesome Morning 4802. Without Love 4803. W-o-m-a-n 4804. The Cowboy Who Started The Fight 4805. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over 4806. Rockabilly Blues (Texas 1955) 4807. The Last Time 4808. She's A Go-er 4809. It Ain't Nothing New Babe 4810. One Way Rider 4901. Joy To The World 4902. Away In A Manger 4903. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 4904. Silent Night, Holy Night 4905. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 4906. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 4907. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 4908. O Come All Ye Faithful 4909. Little Gray Donkey 4910. The Christmas Guest 5001. The Baron 5002. Mobile Bay 5003. The Hard Way 5004. A Ceiling, Four Walls, And A Floor 5005. Hey, Hey Train 5006. The Reverend Mr. Black 5007. The Blues Keep Gettin' Bluer 5008. Chattanooga City Limit Sign 5009. Thanks To You 5010. The Greatest Love Affair 5101. Get Rhythm 5102. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 5103. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad 5104. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 5105. Matchbox 5106. I'll Fly Away 5107. Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On 5108. Rockin' My Life Away 5109. Blue Suede Shoes 5110. There Will Be Peace In The Valley For Me 5111. Can The Circle Be Unbroken 5112. I Saw The Light 5201. Georgia On A Fast Train 5202. John's 5203. Fair Weather Friends 5204. Paradise 5205. We Must Believe In Magic 5206. Only Love 5207. Good Old Amerian Guest 5208. I'll Cross Over Jordon Someday 5209. Sing A Song 5210. Ain't Gonna Hobo No More 5301. Highway Patrolman 5302. That's The Truth 5303. God Bless Robert E. Lee 5304. New Cut Road 5305. Johnny 99 5306. Ballad Of The Ark 5307. Joshua Gone Barbados 5308. Girl From The Canyon 5309. Brand New Dance 5310. I'm Ragged But I'm Right 5401. Ring Of Fire 5402. Folsom Prison Blues 5403. I Still Miss Someone 5404. Big River 5405. Cowboy Medley: I Ride An Old Paint/the Streets O 5406. I Ride An Old Paint 5407. The Streets Of Laredo 5408. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down 5409. I Walk The Line 5410. Last Date 5411. City Of New Orleans 5412. Railroad Medley: Hey Porter/wreck Of The Old '97 5413. Hey Porter 5414. Wreck Of The Old '97 5415. Casey Jones 5416. Orange Blossom Special 5417. Wabash Cannonball 5418. Wabash Cannonball (Conclusion) 5501. I'm Leaving Now 5502. Here Comes That Rainbow Again 5503. They're All The Same 5504. Easy Street 5505. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 5506. You Beat All I Ever Saw 5507. Unwed Fathers 5508. Love Me Like You Used To 5509. Casey's Last Ride 5510. Borderline (A Musical Whodunit) 5601. Highwayman 5602. The Last Cowboy Song 5603. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today 5604. Big River 5605. Committed To Parkview 5606. Desperados Waiting For A Train 5607. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) 5608. Welfare Line 5609. Against The Wind 5610. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over 5701. Folks Out On The Road 5702. I'm Never Gonna Roam Again 5703. American By Birth 5704. Field Of Diamonds 5705. Heroes 5706. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 5707. Love Is The Way 5708. The Ballad Of Forty Dollars 5709. I'll Always Love You (In My Own Crazy Way) 5710. One Too Many Mornings 5801. Silver Stallion 5802. Born And Raised In Black And White 5803. Two Stories Wide 5804. We're All In Your Corner 5805. American Remains 5806. Anthem '84 5807. Angels Love Bad Men 5808. Songs That Make A Difference 5809. Living Legend 5810. Texas 5901. Big River 5902. I Still Miss Someone 5903. Five Feet High And Rising 5904. Pickin' Time 5905. Remember The Alamo 5906. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 5907. Wreck Of The Old 97 5908. The Long Black Veil 5909. The Wall 5910. Send A Picture Of Mother 5911. Folsom Prison Blues 5912. Blue Suede Shoes 5913. Flowers On The Wall 5914. Wildwood Flower 5915. Worried Man Blues 5916. A Boy Named Sue 5917. Cocaine Blues 5918. Jesus Was A Carpenter 5919. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 5920. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 5921. Sing A Travelin' Song 5922. He Turned The Water Into Wine 5923. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 5924. Daddy Sang Bass 5925. Finale Medley 5926. Do What You Do, Do Well 5927. I Walk The Line 5928. Ring Of Fire 5929. Folsom Prison Blues 5930. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 5931. Folsom Prison Blues 5932. Suppertime 6001. Rock Island Line 6002. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 6003. Country Boy 6004. If The Good Lord's Willing 6005. Cry Cry Cry 6006. Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You) 6007. So Doggone Lonesome 6008. I Was There When It Happened 6009. I Walk The Line 6010. The Wreck Of The Old 97 6011. Folsom Prison Blues 6012. Doin' My Time 6013. Luther Played The Boogie 6014. Hey Porter 6015. Get Rhythm 6016. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 6017. There You Go 6018. Come In Stranger 6019. Don't Make Me Go 6020. Train Of Love 6021. Guess Things Happen That Way 6022. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 6023. Next In Line 6024. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 6025. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) 6026. Home Of The Blues 6027. Big River 6028. Give My Love To Rose 6101. All Over Again 6102. You Dreamer You 6103. I Got Stripes 6104. I'll Remember You 6105. Lorena 6106. Smiling Bill Mccall 6107. Second Honeymoon 6108. Girl In Saskatoon 6109. Locomotive Man 6110. Tall Men 6111. A Little At A Time 6112. Pick A Bale O' Cotton 6113. Send A Picture Of Mother 6114. The Matador 6115. Dark As A Dungeon 6116. Hammers And Nails 6117. Time And Time Again 6118. The Sons Of Katie Elder 6119. A Certain Kinda Hurtin' 6120. Cotton Pickin' Hands 6121. Bottom Of A Mountain 6122. You Beat All I Ever Saw 6123. Put The Sugar To Bed 6124. The Wind Changes 6125. Red Velvet 6126. Rosanna's Going Wild 6127. Roll Call 6128. The Folk Singer 6129. Girl From The North Country 6130. What Is Truth 6131. Little Bit Of Yesterday 6132. A Song To Mama 6201. No Need To Worry 6202. I'll Be Loving You 6203. A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing 6204. The World Needs A Melody 6205. Help Me Make It Through The Night 6206. Praise The Lord And Pass The Soup 6207. The Ballad Of Barbara 6208. Pick The Wildwood Flower 6209. Diamonds In The Rough 6210. Song To Woody 6211. Hey Porter 6212. I Still Miss Someone 6213. My Ship Will Sail 6214. It's All Over 6215. Old Time Feeling 6216. Song Of The Patriot 6217. I Will Dance With You 6218. The General Lee 6219. Crazy Old Soldier 6220. The Chicken In Black 6221. Battle Of Nashville 6222. They Killed Him 6223. The Three Bells 6224. The Human Condition


If You're Not the One - 2826712882

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If You're Not the One Mira Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sparky writing, true-to-life characters and a rollercoaster of a plot that will get you thinking about the 'What Ifs' in your own life - all make for an unmissable read.' Abby Clements Ever wondered what life would be like if you'd made different decisions? Chosen another career? Said yes to that date? Or married someone else? Jennifer Wright is full of 'what if' questions. If she'd stayed with unconventional, carefree Aidan, would she be enjoying life in sun-kissed Australia? Should she have married fabulously wealthy, workaholic Tim? Could she have found happiness after all with kind, gentle Steve? Jennifer's about to find out. After a terrible row with her husband, she runs out of the house and straight into the path of a car. Whilst in a coma she's given the gift of seeing exactly how each choice she's made has dramatically altered her life. But maybe those answers leave her with even more life-changing decisions to make...


The Melody Ranch Girl - 2839417134

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The Melody Ranch Girl Bear Family Records


1. Twice The Lovin' 2. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz 3. Keep It A Secret 4. Nobody Else Can Love You Like I Do 5. I'd Rather Die Young 6. A Dear John Letter 7. My Wedding Ring 8. With All These Memories 9. Forgive Me, John 10. Why Did You Wait 11. Why Did You Wait 1954 12. You'll Come Crawlin' 13. The Mysteries Of Life 14. Let's Kiss And Try Again 15. The Class That Stands Beside You 16. Two Whoops And A Holler 17. Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man 18. What'll You Have 19. It Tickles 20. Please Don't Divorce Me 21. Did You Tell Her About Me 22. Don T Rush Me 23. You Sent Her An Orchid 24. Take Possession 25. A Satisfied Mind 26. Beautiful Lies 27. I Thought Of You 28. Cd2 You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again 29. He Loved Me Once And He'll Loved Me Again 30. Girls In Disgrace 31. This Has Been Your Life 32. Just Give Me Love 33. Thank You Just The Same 34. Over And Over 35. Tell Me What I Want To Hear 36. Shadows On The Wall 37. I'll Thank You All My Life 38. I Learned It All My Life 39. Hello Old Broken Heart 40. Sad Singin' And Slow Ridin' 41. It's Hard To Tell The Married From The Free 42. Did I Turn Down A Better Deal 43. A Passing Love Affair 44. I Married You For Love 45. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes 46. Be Honest With Me 47. Under Suspicion 48. I Want To Go Where No One Knows Me 49. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone 50. If You Can Walk Away 51. Go On, Go On 52. I Lost You After All 53. It Scares Me Half To Death 54. You're Just The Kind Of Guy 55. Too Late With The Roses 56. The Other Woman 57. Act Lka A Married Man 58. I Used To Love You 59. Cd3 60. You'd Better Go 61. A Thief In The Night 62. Memory 63. I Love You Because 64. You Win Again 65. You Can't Break The Chains Of Love 66. Secret Of Life 67. Jealous Heart 68. Sweet Temptation 69. I'll Take The Blame 70. I'll Never Be Free 71. I'll Hold You In My Heart 72. I Hate Myself 73. You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again 74. He's My Baby 75. Just Another Girl 76. Jeopardy 77. Are You Certain 78. Better Love Next Time 79. Have Heart, Will Love 80. Heartaches, Teardrops And Sorrow 81. I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry 82. Sweetheart Don't Come Back 83. How Do I Tell It To A Child 84. The One You Slip Around With 85. The Mysteries Of Life 86. Did I Turn Down A Better Deal 87. The Root Of All Evil 88. I'd Like To Know 89. Lonley Little World 90. Cd4 I Don't Apologize For Loving You 91. Mockin' Bird Hill 92. Another 93. Blues Stat Away From Me 94. If You Haven't, You Can't Feel The Way I Do 95. Uner Your Spell Again 96. The Waltz Of The Angels 97. One White Rose 98. Big Midnight Special


5 Classic Albums Plus - 2840101226

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5 Classic Albums Plus


1. A Passing Love Affair 2. Shadows On The Wall 3. Girls In Disgrace 4. Over And Over 5. Hello Old Broken Heart 6. Tell Me What I Want To Hear 7. The Mysteries Of Life 8. I'll Thank You All My Life 9. Sad Singin' And Slow Ridin' 10. Did I Turn Down A Better Deal 11. I Married You For Love 12. It's Hard To Tell The Married From The Free 13. A Thief In The Night 14. I'll Hold You In My Heart 15. The Weak And The Strong 16. You'd Better Go 17. Sweet Temptation 18. I'll Never Be Free 19. You Win Again 20. I Hate Myself 21. You're Telling Me Sweet Lies Again 22. Memory 23. You Can't Break The Chains Of Love 24. I Love You Because 25. Twice The Loving (In Half The Time) 26. A Dear John Letter (With Ferlin Husky) 101. A Satisfied Mind 102. Two Whoops And A Holler 103. I'd Rather Die Young 104. Why Did You Wait 105. The Other Woman 106. Act Like A Married Man 107. Beautiful Lies 108. You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again 109. Under Suspicion 110. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz 111. My Wedding Ring 112. I Learned It All From You 113. Big Midnight Special 114. Blues Stay Away From Me 115. The Waltz Of The Angels 116. Another (Just Like Me) 117. One White Rose 118. I Don't Apologize For Loving You 119. Under Your Spell Again 120. You're The Only Good Thing 121. Got You On My Mind 122. If You Haven't, You Can't Feel The Way I Do 123. Mockin' Bird Hill 124. The Color Song (I Lost My Love) 125. Forgive Me, John (With Ferlin Husky) 126. The Glass That Stands Beside You 127. Let's Kiss And Try Again (With Ferlin Husky) 201. How Long Does It Hurt (When A Heart Breaks) 202. Leave Me Alone 203. Go On With Your Dancing 204. I Don't Remember 205. Are You Certain 206. Would You Be Satisfied 207. So Wrong, So Fast 208. Second Best 209. I Lost You After All 210. I'd Like To Know (Where People Go) 211. If You Were Losing Him To Me 212. Jealous Heart 213. You'll Come Crawlin' 214. Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man 215. Don't Rush Me 216. Please Don't Divorce Me 217. Did You Tell Her About Me 218. You Sent Her An Orchid (You Sent Me A Rose) 219. Take Possession 220. I Thought Of You 221. This Has Been Your Life 222. He Loved Me Once And He'll Love Me Again 223. Thank You Just The Same 224. Just Give Me Love 225. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone 226. If You Can Walk Away 301. It Scares Me Half To Death 302. I Used To Love You 303. You're Just The Kind Of Guy 304. He's My Baby 305. Secret Of Life 306. I Want To Go Where Nobody Knows Me 307. Just Another Girl 308. Have Heart Will Love 309. I'll Take The Blame 310. Jeopardy 311. Better Love Next Time 312. Heartaches, Teardrops And Sorrow 313. Sweetheart Don't Come Back 314. The Mysteries Of Life 315. The One You Slip Around With 316. How Do I Tell It To A Child 317. For The Children's Sake 318. Lonely Little World 319. The Root Of All Evil (Is A Man) 320. No One Knows 321. I've Got To Talk To Mary 322. The Biggest Cry 323. Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces 324. Your Conscience Or Your Heart 325. It's Never Too Late 326. One Less Heartache


Fall from India Place - 2826820986

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Fall from India Place Sphere Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Scotland's answer to E.L. James' - Sunday Post When Hannah Nichols last saw Marco D'Alessandro five long years ago, he broke her heart. The bad boy with a hidden sweet side was the only guy Hannah ever loved-and the only man she's ever been with. After one intense night of giving in to temptation, Marco took off, leaving Scotland and Hannah behind. Shattered by the consequences of their night together, Hannah has never truly moved on. Leaving Hannah was the biggest mistake of Marco's life - something he has deeply regretted for years. So when fate reunites them, he refuses to let her go without a fight. Determined to make her his, Marco pursues Hannah, reminding her of all the reasons they're meant to be together ...But just when Marco thinks they're committed to a future together, Hannah makes a discovery that unearths the secret pain she's been hiding from him-a secret that could tear them apart before they have a real chance to start over again ...Praise for Samantha Young: 'This steamy romance is mysterious, all-consuming and pretty damn good' Closer 'A true gift for storytelling with a liberal dose of racy encounters. But what really sets it apart is exquisite characterisation, so vivid that the cast seeps into the reader's psyche' - Daily Record "Ridiculously incendiary chemistry." -Dear Author ..."Heartwarming, sizzling and captivating...[Young's characters] are complex, a little flawed, and at their core good people struggling to make it in this crazy world...Young creates steamy scenes that sizzle with just the right amount of details." -Caffeinated Book Reviewer "Ms. Young dives deep into the psyche of what makes a person tick emotionally, what stirs their vulnerability, and ultimately provides them the courage to be better individuals as well as partners...The one thing you can count on from Ms. Young is some of the best steamy, sexual chemistry." -Fiction Vixen Book Reviews "A deceptively complex romantic contemporary romance that will have you laughing, crying, and swooning with delight." -Smexy Books "Just as hot and sexy as the first book...Smart and sexy, Young writes stories that stay with you long after you flip that last page." -Under the Covers "Passion, romance, angst, LUST, major heat, mistakes, personal growth, and the power of love all combine perfectly in Down London Road." -Bookish Temptations "Down London Road delivers on all fronts-charismatic characters, witty dialogue, blazing-hot sex scenes and real-life issues make this book an easy one to devour. Samantha Young is not an author you should miss out on!" -Fresh Fiction "Another flirty, modern, and sexy story...Thanks to the characters' special connection and snappy dialogue, readers will feel the pull of Young's story from the get-go and root for a happy ending." -RT Book Reviews


Reckless - 2826913969

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Contemporary Romance Novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Priscilla West "I'm gonna enjoy it. Making you sexually frustrated. All that tension. No release." Everything about him warned me to stay away. I'd seen bad boys before, but he had it all and more. The rippling muscles covered in tatts, the piercing eyes hiding dark secrets, the silky voice that could make a girl come with just a whisper . . . He was exactly the type of guy that would get me in trouble, but when he jumped off the stage, inked skin glistening with sweat and breathed his seductive words into my ear, I couldn't resist the temptation. It was supposed to be the best one-night stand of my life, but fate didn't let it play out that way. Things happened. I got upset. I got hasty. And worst of all, I got reckless. After that disaster, I thought it was the last I'd see of him. But what I didn't know was that I'd started something. Something that could shatter the very thing I had worked so hard to protect. I should have known back then that the most seductive things in life are also the most dangerous. *This is not a standalone book, the story continues in: Reckless Book Two (The Forever Series) -> Available Fall 2014


Man and His Mountain - 2844864275

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Man and His Mountain PublicAffairs,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The story of self-made billionaire Jess Jackson, who put Chardonnay on America's tables as he built the Kendall--Jackson wine empire from a few mountainous acres of grapes, and raced the Horse of the Year three years in a row, is a remarkable tale of romance, risk, and reinvention--perhaps the greatest second act in the history of American business. Jess Stonestreet Jackson was one of a small band of pioneering entrepreneurs who put California's Wine Country on the map. His life story is a compelling slice of history, daring, innovation, feuds, intrigue, talent, mystique, and luck. Admirers and detractors alike have called him the Steve Jobs of wine--a brilliant, infuriating, contrarian gambler who seemed to win more than his share by anticipating consumers' desires with uncanny skill. Time after time his decisions would be ignored and derided, then envied and imitated as competitors struggled to catch up. He founded Kendall--Jackson with a single, tiny vineyard and a belief that there could be more to California Wine Country than jugs of bottom-shelf screw-top. Today, Kendall--Jackson and its 14,000 acres of coastal and mountain vineyards produce a host of award-winning wines, including the most popular Chardonnay in the world, which was born out of a catastrophe that nearly broke Jackson. The empire Jackson built endures and thrives as a family-run leader of the American wine industry. Jess Jackson entered the horseracing game just as dramatically. He brought con men to justice, exposed industry-wide corruption in court and Congress, then exacted the best revenge of all: race after race, he defied conventional wisdom with one high-stakes winner after another, capped by the epic season of Rachel Alexandra, the first filly to win the Preakness in nearly a century, cementing Jackson's reputation as America's king of wine and horses.


Mosnters Of Metal Vol4 - 2839232764

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Mosnters Of Metal Vol4 Warner Music / Nuclear Blast

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Hammerfall / Judas Priest / Nile - Dvd 1 2. Hammerfall - Blood Bound 3. Judas Priest - Revolution 4. Nile - Execration Text 5. Candlemass - Black Dwarf 6. In Flames - My Sweet Shadow 7. Meshuggah - Shed 8. Soilwork - Nerve 9. Darkane - Secondary Effects 10. Minemic - Door 2.12 11. Dew - Scented - Turn To Ash 12. Kreator - Impossible Brutality 13. Anthrax - Deathrider 14. Legion Of The Damned - Bleed For Me 15. Haunted, The - All Against All 16. Edtomorf - Show Your Fist 17. Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy 18. Omnium Gatherum - The Fall Went Right Through Here 19. Napalm Death - Low Life 20. Suffocation - Surgery Of Impalement 21. Graveworm - I, The Machine 22. Enslaved - Isa 23. Dimmu Borgir - Vredesbyrd 24. Strapping Young Lad - Love? 25. Mastodon - Iron Tusk 26. Disbelief - Sick 27. Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire To Sleeping G 28. Agnostic Front - So Pure To Me 29. Bleed The Sky - Minion 30. M. O. D. - Wigga 31. Duskfall, The / Primal Fear / Hypocrisy - Audiopar 32. Duskfall, The - The Shallow End 33. Primal Fear - Seven Seals 34. Hypocrisy - Scrutinzed 35. Crystal Ball - Digital World 36. Subway To Sally - Raetsel II 37. Exadus - Taze 38. Cathedral - Upon Azrael's Wings 39. Garefest - Fear 101. Gotthard / Subway To Sally / Apocalyptica - Dvd 2 102. Gotthard - Lift U Up 103. Subway To Sally - Sieben 104. Apocalyptica - Bittersweet 105. Within Temptation - Ice Queen 106. Accept - Balls To The Walls 107. Grave Digger - The Last Supper 108. Saxon - Beyound The Grave 109. Motorhead - Life's A Bitch 110. Rage - Straight To Hell 111. Edguy - All The Clowns 112. Eced Earth - Declaration Day 113. Thunderstone - Tool Of The Devil 114. Masterplan - Back For My Life 115. Beyond Twilight - Shadow Les 116. Evidence One - Virus In My Veins 117. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score 118. Primal Fear - Suicide & Mania 119. Annihilator - All For You 120. Communic - Conspiracy In Mind 121. Paradise Lost - Forever After 122. Tristania - Eyuilibrium 123. Pain - Same Old Song 124. Crematory - Tick Tack 125. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die - Die Sonne Scheint 126. J. B. O. - Gaenselbluemchen 127. All Shall Perish / Misery Index / Pungent Stenc - 128. All Shall Perish - Deconstruction 129. Misery Index - Pulling Out The Nails 130. Pungent Stench - Klyster Boogie 131. Duskfall, The - The Light 132. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die - We Will Never Die 133. Omnium Gatherum - The Nolan's Fati 134. Anthrax - Refused To Be Denied 135. Destruction - The Butches Strikes Back 136. Dummu Borgir - Puritania 137. Hypocrisy - The Final Chapter 138. Kataklysm - Laments Of Fear 139. Rise Hell - Soulcollector 140. Various - Menue Background Music 141. Duskfall, The - Dvd 1: Shoot It In 142. Bleed The Sky - Dvd 2: The Martyr


Monsters Of Metal Vol. 4 Ltd - 2839232763

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Monsters Of Metal Vol. 4 Ltd Warner Music / Nuclear Blast

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Hammerfall - Blood Round 2. Priest, Judas - Revolution 3. Nile - Execration Text 4. Candlemass - Black Dwarf 5. In Flames - My Sweet Shadow 6. Meshuggah - Shed 7. Soilwork - Nerve 8. Darkane - Secondary Effects 9. Mnemic - Door 2.12 10. Dew-scented - Turn To Ash 11. Kreator - Impossible Brutality 12. Anthrax - Deathrider 13. Legion Of The Damned - Bleed For Me 14. Haunted, The - All Against All 15. Ektomorf - Show Your Fist 16. Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy 17. Omnium Gatherum - The Fall Went Right Through Here 18. Napalm Death - Low Life 19. Suffocation - Surgery Of Impalement 20. Graveworm - I, The Machine 21. Enslaved - Isa 22. Borgir, Dimmu - Vredsbyrd 23. Strapping Young Lad - Love? 24. Mastodon - Iron Tusk 25. Disbelief - Sick 26. Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire To Sleeping G 27. Agnostic Front - So Pure To Me 28. Bleed The Sky - Minion 29. M.o.d. - Wigga 101. Gotthard - Lift U Up 102. Subway To Sally - Sieben 103. Apocalyptica - Bittersweet 104. Within Temptation - Ice Queen 105. Accept - Balls On The Walls 106. Grave Digger - The Last Supper 107. Saxon - Beyond The Grave 108. Motorhead - Life's A Bitch 109. Rage - Straight To Hell 110. Edguy - All The Clowns 111. Iced Earth - Declaration Day 112. Thunderstone - Tool Of The Devil 113. Masterplan - Back For My Life 114. Beyond Twilight - Shadow Self 115. Evidence One - Virus In My Veins 116. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score 117. Primal Fear - Suicide & Mania 118. Annihilator - All For You 119. Communic - Conspiracy In Mind 120. Paradise Lost - Forever After 121. Tristania - Equilibrium 122. Pain - Same Old Song 123. Crematory - Tick Tack 124. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die - Die Sonne Scheint 125. J.b.o. - Gaensebluemchen 126. Livechapter 127. All Shall Perish - Deconstruction 128. Misery Index - Pulling Out The Nails 129. Pungent Stench - Klyster Boogie 130. Duskfall, The - The Light 131. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die - We Will Never Die 132. Omnium Gatherum - The Nolan's Fati 133. Anthrax - Refused To Be Denied 134. Destruction - The Butcher Strikes Back 135. Borgir, Dimmu - Puritani 136. Hypocrisy - The Final Chapter 137. Kataklysm - Laments Of Fear 138. Raise Hell - Soulcollector


Aaron's Leap - 2826949090

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Aaron's Leap Bellevue Literary Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Told in clear and beautiful prose, "Aaron's Leap" is a deeply moving portrait of love, sacrifice, and the transformative power of art in a time of brutal uncertainty." --SIMON VAN BOOY, author of "The Illusion of Separateness" Based on the real-life story of Bauhaus artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, "Aaron's Leap" is framed by the lens of a twenty first-century Israeli film crew delving into the extraordinary life of a woman who taught art to children in the Nazi transport camp of Terezin and died in Auschwitz. Aided by the granddaughter of one of the artist's pupils, the filmmakers begin to uncover buried secrets from a time when personal and artistic decisions became matters of life-and-death. Spanning a century of Central European history, the novel evokes the founding impulses, theories, and personalities of the European Modernist movement (with characters modeled after Oskar Kokoschka, Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel) and shows what it takes to grapple with a troubled history, "leap" into the unknown, and dare to be oneself. Magdalena Platzova was raised in Prague and has lived in Washington, DC and New York City, where she taught literature at NYU, and now lives in Lyon, France. She is the author of a children's book, two collections of short stories, and three novels, including "Aaron's Leap, " a Lidove Noviny Book of the Year Award finalist, hailed by the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" as a novel that "must be counted among the best written by contemporary Czech writers." It is her first book to be published in English.


If You Desire - 2836339826

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If You Desire Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Hugh MacCarrick was a young man he did something very reckless with Jane Weyland, the daughter of his superior. While she merely used him as a summer flirtation to practise her wiles on, he fell in love. This was ill-advised because Hugh's family harboured dangerous secrets and was shadowed by a deadly curse. Even if these obstacles were absent, Hugh knew a woman like Jane - heart-breakingly beautiful, rich, and from a prominent English family - would never marry a Scot with no title or prospects. So, to avoid the impossible temptation to kiss her and the misery of seeing her marry another, he left the country. Now ten years later, Hugh is wealthy, an assassin in Her Majesty's Service, and still secretly in love with Jane. When he receives a missive that her life is in danger and rushes to protect her, will he be able to resist the overwhelming need to make her his? Jane Weyland is furious when her father summons Hugh to London to protect her. Clearly her father has lost his mind, even with his assurances of a speedy annulment when things die down, but why would Hugh agree to this insanity after she all but begged him to say no? How dare he do this to her?Her fury stoked, she decides to torment him just as she had all those years ago with soft touches, whispers and seductive play - that he can do nothing about it without risking marriage to her, a consequence he'd made clear he didn't want. But she soon discovers that Hugh is not the gentle young man he used to be and that toying with the fever-pitched desires of a hardened warrior might get her burned.


Full Rock & Metal Box - 2840347278

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Full Rock & Metal Box


1. Machine Head - Imperium 2. Unearth - Sanctity Of Brothers 3. The Haunted - The Flood 4. Killswitch Engage - Reject Yourself 5. Caliban - Nothing Is Forever 6. Ektomorf - Outcast 7. Kataklysm - As I Slither 8. Illdisposed - Our Heroin Recess 9. Disbelief - Navigator 10. One Man Army & The Undead Qu - When Hatered Comes 11. Fear My Thoughts - Blankness 12. Mendeed - The Dead Live By Love 13. Soulfly - Babylon 14. Hypocrisy - Let The Knife Do The Talking 15. Born From Pain - Stop At Nothing 16. The Sorrow - Her Ghost Never Fades 17. Scar Symmetry - Dreaming 24-7 18. By Night - The Truth Is Sold 101. Cradle Of Filth - Temptation 102. In Flames - Only For The Weak 103. Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence 104. Amorphis - Brother Moon 105. Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory 106. Dimmu Borgir - Alt Lys Har Svunnet Hen 107. Legion Of The Damned - Sepulchral Ghoul 108. Trivium - Anthem (We Are The Fire) 109. Mnemic - Meaningless 110. Heaven Shall Burn - Stay The Course 111. Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama 112. Napalm Death - When All Is Said & Done 113. Betzefer - Fuckin Rock N Roll 114. Gorilla Monsoon - Death Revolution 115. Burning Skies - Rkd 116. Sinking - Stay 117. Satyricon - K.i.n.g. 118. All Shall Perish - Eradication 119. Darkane - Layers Of Lies 201. Pain - Zombie Slam 202. Down Below - From The Highest Point 203. The 69 Eyes - Perfect Skin 204. D Espairsray - Squall 205. Dark Tranquillity - Misery S Crown 206. After Forever - Energize Me 207. Waltari - Helsinki 208. Therion - The Wand Of Abaris 209. Samael - Slavocracy 210. Sirenia - The Other Side 211. Battlelore - House Of Heroes 212. In This Moment - Prayers 213. Visions Of Atlantis - The Secret 214. Atrocity - Cold Black Days 215. Tristania - Mercyside 216. Dreadful Shadows - Chains 217. Imperia - Norway 218. Trail Of Tears - Deceptive Mirrors 301. Eisbrecher - Vergissmeinnicht 302. Steinkind - Deutschland Brennt 303. Treibhaus - Maschinen 304. Samsas Traum - Endstation Eden 305. Metallspuerhunde - Obszone Neue Welt 306. Splinterx - Loneliness 307. Suicide Commando - Hellraiser 308. Seelenzorn - Stumme Worte 309. Melotron - Das Herz 310. Diorama - Synthesize Me 311. Northern Lite - Enemy 312. Zyklus N - In Meinem Schmerz 313. Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat 314. Emilie Autumn - Opheliac 315. Assemblage 23 - Binary 316. Pride & Fall - The Violence In Me 317. Rozencrantz - Her Walk Gets Slower 318. Mono Inc. - Temple Of The Torn 401. Amorphis - The White Swan 402. Paradise Lost - The Enemy 403. Nightwish - Eva 404. Xandria - Save My Life 405. Subway To Sally - Meine Seele Brennt 406. Sonic Syndicate - Enclave 407. Type O Negative - My Girlfriend S Girlfriend 408. Giruaemesh - Owari To Mirai 409. Epica - Never Enough 410. Beloved Enemy - Enemy Mine 411. Delain - Frozen 412. Rentrer En Soi - The Abyss Of Despair 413. After Forever - Discord 414. Eyes Of Eden - Winter Night 415. Saltatio Mortis - Choix Des Dames 416. Coppelius - Operation 417. Seelenlicht - Demian 501. De-vision - Flavour Of The Week 502. 32crash - Dust & Drought 503. Accessory - Holy Machine 504. Hocico - Bizarre Words 505. Implant - The Creature 506. Lola Angst - Ziggy Z Lullaby 507. Silence Feat. Anne Clark - Hall Of Mirrors 508. Sieben - River Sheaf 509. All Gone Dead - Newspeak (Room 101) 510. Tragic Black - Bodies On The Avenue 511. Spiritual Front - Bastard Angel 512. Skywriter - For Heaven S Sake 513. Eisheilig - Kein Land In Sicht 514. Sepia - Keine Worte 515. Milu - Orchidee 516. Madeleine Le Roy - Wuthering Heights


Contemporary Advertising - 2212828774

187,20 zł

Contemporary Advertising McGraw-Hill

Inne 1

Contemporary Advertising, 10/e, is one of the best-selling advertising texts in this field. Known as the Ĺźcoffee table bookĹź for Advertising, it is known for its current examples, the authorĹźs ability to pull from real-world experiences, and the clear writing style. Taking a comprehensive view of the industry, this text presents advertising from the creative stand-point and Arens draws from his own industry experience to lend life to the examples. Author Bill Arens continues to address the importance of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the field of Advertising and how it impacts advertising strategy through featured examples of IMC campaigns. Excellent IMC coverage: an increased focus on Integrated Marketing Communications. IMC is introduced early in the text and numerous examples illustrate and reinforce its importance throughout showing students how various marketing and promotional elements must be coordinated to communicate effectively.|The Advertising Experience. These new end-of-chapter exercises are hands-on in application and place the student in the advertisersĹź shoes. Effective as outside assignments or in-class discussion starters, The Advertising Experience allows students to effectively apply their knowledge of each chapter. |New Teaching Video: The International Advertising Festival at Cannes, France, is the largest and most prestigious advertising competition in the world. For one week, thousands of advertising executives from around the world descend on the French Riviera to network, party, show their best work, and take home the gold. Held every year right after the famous Cannes Film Festival, the Ĺźfestival de film publicitaireĹź features thousands of entries in every medium and every language Ĺź all competing for the coveted Gold Lion statues. This video features over 100 award-winning commercials and ads hand-picked by the author to illustrate various topics from the text. The video segments are aligned with each part of the text to easily facilitate in-class discussions.|Campaign Video Series: With the tenth edition, Contemporary Advertising introduces a new campaign video. Each video in this series focuses on a campaign and gives insights into both the agency and client roles in its development. Each video follows the step-by-step development of a complete advertising campaign and are ideal for compare and contrast discussions of each campaign.|Excellent Website: Includes more resources for students and instructors. Student resources include student quizzing. the Advertising Reference Library, Career Planning in Advertising, Industry Resources, Advertising and IMC Plan outlines, and clips from the video package. The InstructorĹźs side includes the InstructorĹźs Manual, PowerPoint, Video Clips and Video InstructorĹźs Manual, link to industry resources and link to PageOut for access to test materials. |Chapter-opening vignettes: capture and hold students' interest. The vignettes are closely tied to chapter content and provide real world examples that show advertising in action. Opening vignettes feature companies like Altoids, Kodak, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gateway, and Dell.|Award-winning graphic design: an important feature for a book that teaches students about the importance of quality in advertising art and production.|Full-color advertising portfolios: These portfolios bring students real-life examples of the best advertising example in the field. These examples provide unique insight into the world of advertising and how it weaves relevance to the world we live inĹźfrom the groundbreaking historical ads of Kodak and Coca-Cola to modern images from Target and Motorola.|The Evolution of Advertising: Chapter 2 examines the socio-economic impact of advertising over the years. An interesting historical portrait is created that gives students a more objective view of why advertising has moved in the direction that it has, how and why it has evolved, and where the future of advertising is headed. |Creative Department: this feature shows how print and television ads are produced. Transvision mylar inserts effectively illustrate the production process by featuring the many phases in the creation of a print ad.|Ethical Issues: these boxed readings introduce students to current topics and controversies in advertising, showing them the thought processes and decisions advertisers make each day.|Checklists: located throughout the text, this feature stimulates memory, organize thinking, and reinforce important chapter topics, tools, and skills.|Internet Exercises: each chapter features exercises that require students to access the World Wide Web and research the answers to questions relevant to the chapter topic.


Fall From India Place. India Place - Wilde Träume, englische Ausgabe - 2826808349

70,52 zł

Fall From India Place. India Place - Wilde Träume, englische Ausgabe Penguin USA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street , Down London Road , and Before Jamaica Lane returns with a story about letting go of the past and learning to trust in the future.... §When Hannah Nichols last saw Marco D'Alessandro five long years ago, he broke her heart. The bad boy with a hidden sweet side was the only guy Hannah ever loved - and the only man she's ever been with. After one intense night of giving in to temptation, Marco took off, leaving Scotland and Hannah behind. Shattered by the consequences of their night together, Hannah has never truly moved on.§Leaving Hannah was the biggest mistake of Marco's life - something he has deeply regretted for years. So when fate reunites them, he refuses to let her go without a fight. Determined to make her his, Marco pursues Hannah, reminding her of all the reasons they're meant to be together....§But just when Marco thinks they're committed to a future together, Hannah makes a discovery that unearths the secret pain she's been hiding from him - a secret that could tear them apart before they have a real chance to start over again....


Ballets - Limited - 2839291493

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Ballets - Limited Warner Music


1. London Symphony Orchestra - Romeo Und Julia Op. 64 2. Introduction (1. Akt) 3. Romeo 4. The Street Awakens 5. Morning Dance 6. The Quarrel 7. The Fight 8. The Prince Gives His Order 9. Interlude 10. Preparing For The Ball 11. Juliet As A Young Girl 12. Arrival Of The Guests 13. Masks 14. Dance Of The Knights 15. Juliet's Variation 16. Mercutio 17. Madrigal 18. Tybalt Recognises Romeo 19. Departure Of The Guests 20. Balcony Scene 21. Romeo's Variation 22. Love Dance 23. Folk Dance (2. Akt) 24. Romeo & Mercutio 25. Dance Of The Five Couples 26. Dance With The Mandolins 27. The Nurse 101. The Nurse Gives Romeo The Note From Juliet 102. Romeo With Friar Laurence 103. Juliet With Friar Laurence 104. The People Continue To Make Merry 105. Folk Dance 106. Tybalt Meets Mercutio 107. Tybalt & Mercutio Fight 108. Mercutio Dies 109. Romeo Decides To Avenge Mercutio's Death 110. Finale 111. Introduction (3. Akt) 112. Romeo & Juliet 113. The Last Farewell 114. The Nurse 115. Juliet Refuses To Marry Paris 116. Juliet Alone 117. Interlude 118. At Friar Laurence's 119. Interlude 120. Juliet's Bedroom 121. Juliet Alone 122. Morning Serenade 123. Dance Of The Girls With The Lilies 124. At Juliet's Bedside: Epilogue 125. Juliet's Funeral 126. Death Of Juliet 201. London Symphony Orchestra - Aschenbrodel Op. 87 (C 202. Introduction (1. Akt) 203. Pas De Chale 204. Cinderella 205. The Father 206. The Beggar-woman Fairy 207. The Sisters' New Clothes 208. The Dancing Lesson 209. Departure For The Ball 210. Cinderella Dreams Of The Ball 211. Gavotte 212. The Beggar-woman Returns 213. The Sleeping Fairy 214. The Summer Fairy 215. Grasshoppers & Dragonflies 216. The Autumn Fairy 217. The Winter Fairy 218. Interrupted Departure 219. Clock Scene 220. Cinderellas's Departure 221. Court Dance (2. Akt) 222. Passepied 223. Cavaliers' Dance 224. Skinny's Variation 225. Dumpy's Variation 226. Court Dance 227. Mazurka & Entry Of The Prince 228. Dance Of The Prince 229. Mazurka 230. Cinderella's Arrival At The Ball 231. Grand Waltz 301. Promenade 302. Cinderella's Variation 303. The Prince's Variation 304. The Guests Take Refreshment 305. Duet Of The Sisters With Their Oranges 306. Pas De Deux: The Prince & Cinderella 307. Waltz-coda 308. Midnight 309. The Prince & The Shoemakers (3. Akt) 310. First Galop 311. Temptation 312. Second Galop 313. Orientalia 314. Third Galop 315. Cinderella Awakes 316. The Morning After The Ball 317. The Prince's Visit 318. The Prince Finds Cinderella 319. Slow Waltz 320. Amoroso 321. London Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 1 D-dur O 322. 1. Allegro 323. 2. Larghetto 324. 3. Gavotta: Non Troppo Allegro 325. 4. Finale: Molto Vivace 401. London Symphony Orchestra - Alexander Newski Op. 7 402. Russia Under The Mongolian Yoke 403. Song About Alexander Nevsky 404. The Crusaders In Pskov 405. Arise, Ye Russian People 406. The Battle On The Ice 407. The Field Of The Dead 408. Alexander's Entry Into Pskov 409. London Symphony Orchestra - Leutnant Kije Op. 60 ( 410. Kije's Birth 411. Romance 412. Kije's Wedding 413. Troika 414. Kije's Burial 501. Arkhipova, Irina - Iwan Der Schreckliche Op. 116 ( 502. Prologue 503. Ouverture & Chorus 504. March Of Young Ivan 505. Ocean - Sea 506. I Will Be Tsar! 507. God Is Wonderous! 508. Long Life! 509. Ocean - Sea 510. Long Life! 511. The Holy Fool 512. The Swan 513. Celebration Song 514. The Swan 515. On The Bones Of The Enemy 516. The Tartars 517. The Gunners 518. The Storming Of Kazan 519. Ivan's Appeal Of The Boyars 520. Yefrosinia & Anastasia 521. Song About The Beaver 522. Ivan At Anastasia's Bier 523. Chorus Of The Oprichniki 524. The Oprichniki Oath Of Loyalty 525. Feodor Basmanov's Song 526. Dance Of The Oprichniki 527. Finale


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Sklepy zlokalizowane w miastach: Warszawa, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice

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