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The Gift of Changing Yourself - Daily Reflections for Women in Transition: More Than 300 Ways to Work on Yourself, Live a Peaceful Life, and Not Try t - 2851420466

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The Gift of Changing Yourself - Daily Reflections for Women in Transition: More Than 300 Ways to Work on Yourself, Live a Peaceful Life, and Not Try t



Reflections of Hope: A Daily Devotional for Women - 2850598145

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Reflections of Hope: A Daily Devotional for Women



Everyday Matters Bible for Women - 2826706969

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Everyday Matters Bible for Women Alban Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Today's Christian woman is so busy handling the challenges of day-to-day life that spending time in the Word can easily become yet another 'should' buried in that growing list of daily 'musts.' The Everyday Matters Bible for Women is designed to help women develop spiritual practices that will make their lives richer, not harder. It offers practical encouragement and tools to renew, reinvigorate and restore meaning to everyday life. This Bible features twenty-four disciplines - or practices - that position us to receive power and strength to do those things that we cannot possibly do on our own and make everyday life fuller and deeper. Each discipline is represented by a colourful icon whose illustration is a reminder of its meaning. Every discipline is explored in four ways Everyday Matters. Two-page articles introduce major themes and focus on an essential part of understanding and practicing a discipline. Everyday Profiles. Profiles of twenty-five Biblical women highlight a particular discipline. Everyday Q & A's. Short articles delve into a difficult aspect of the spiritual practice and offer practical help on incorporating the discipline into your daily life. Everyday Reflections. Selections illustrate ways to personalise and apply God's Word to your own situation."


Where There is No Midwife - 2854324048

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Where There is No Midwife Berghahn Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

...a fascinating new ethnography on birth and infant death and the ways in which these twin events serve as sites for the construction of political subjectivity in areas of rural North India where multiple development projects and discourses converge, leaving in their wake both excess and provides provocative insights into some of the forces that set our globe offkilter. Medical Anthropological Quarterly Drawing on the theoretical literature of medical anthropology as well as that of psychoanalysis, this is a complex, multilayered work. Pinto is a fine writer, and throughout the book her ethnography...[that] holds together brilliantly...beautifully illuminates her theoretical argument...[and] makes a significant contribution to the literature on reproduction, globalization, and development in India. South East Review of Asian Studies ...[the] ethnography, topical, and thought-provoking. JRAI Pinto masterfully intertwines reproductive health experiences of women in Uttar Pradesh with wider concerns...Pinto's book is a valuable contribution to the anthropology of childbirth in India. The author has produced an insightful work enriched with detailed ethnographic descriptions, intense case studies, and nuanced personal reflections on her fieldwork and the production of ethnographic knowledge. Anthropos In the Sitapurdistrict of Uttar Pradesh, an agricultural region with high rates of infant mortality, maternal health services are poor while family planning efforts are intensive. By following the daily lives of women in this setting, the author considers the women's own experiences of birth and infant death, their ways of making-do, and the hierarchies they create and contend with. This book develops an approach to the care that focuses on emotion, domestic spaces, illicit and extra-institutional biomedicine, and household and neighborly relations that these women are able to access. It shows that, as part of the concatenation of affect and access, globalized moralities about reproduction are dependent on ambiguous ideas about caste. Through the unfolding of birth and death, a new vision of "untouchability" emerges that is integral to visions of progress. Sarah Pinto is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tufts University. She teaches courses on medical anthropology, gender, and feminist and social theory, with particular attention to cultures of biomedicine, kinship, and political, cultural, and epistemological concerns related to the human body. Her geographic area of specialization is India. She is co-editor of Postcolonial Disorders (University of California 2008), and author of numerous articles on medicine and health intervention in South Asia. She is completing an ethnography of psychiatry's treatment of women patients in urban India, asking how kinship and legal processes related to family life shape clinical practice, and how clinical practice informs subjectivities in and of intimacy. This work is particularly interested in the stakes of mental illness for divorced or divorcing women in India, and asks what these circumstances can tell us about the place of gender in framing culturally relevant ethical frameworks. Pinto is currently developing a research project on the transnational history of hysteria, focusing on dialogues on hysteria between India and Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries and their role in shaping contemporary etiologies.


Year with Pope Francis on the Family - 2854369198

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Year with Pope Francis on the Family Paulist Press International,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This pocket-sized volume contains a treasure of reflections and quotations primarily on the family and family life for each day of the year, taken from the writings and talks of Pope Francis. Topics range from Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the sacrament of marriage, suffering and family burdens, women, motherhood, to family values and family as domestic church. Included are an opening prayer and a prayer for the family. These topics for daily prayer and reflection and essential small "beads" of his thoughts are arranged to enlighten, comfort, and guide every family in the world. Take your portion for each day and share it with your family; spend time to savor every word. Every day has its own flavor, its own rhythm. These words from Pope Francis will strengthen you in faith, help you to appreciate your family and the family of God, and inspire you to fulfill with dignity and peace the mission that God has entrusted to you and yours.


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