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On the Shores of the Unknown - 2138985844

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On the Shores of the Unknown Cambridge Univeristy Press

Księgarnia / Cambridge University Press / Kosmologia i teoria względności

On the Shores of the Unknown A Short History of the Universe Autor: Joseph SilkIn this fascinating book, astronomer Joseph Silk explores the Universe from its beginnings to its ultimate fate. He shows how cosmologists study cosmic fossils and relics from the distant past to construct theories of the birth, evolution and future of the Universe. Stars, galaxies, dark matter and dark energy are described, as successive chapters detail the evolution of the Universe from a fraction of a microsecond after the Big Bang. Silk describes how physicists apply theories of subatomic particles to recreate the first moments of the Big Bang, and how astronomers chart the vast depths of space to glimpse how the most distant galaxies formed. He describes the search for dark matter and the dark energy that will determine the ultimate fate of the Universe. This highly readable account will appeal to all those with an interest in the story of the Universe. Spis treści: Prologue 1. Building blocks of the cosmos 2. The expansion of the universe 3. Cosmic microwave background 4. The first 10-43 seconds of the Universe 5. Genesis of baryons and helium 6. Testing the Big Bang 7. Dark matter 8. Baryonic dark matter 9. Intergalactic matter 10. Origin of structure 11. Large-scale structure 12. Galaxy formation 13. What lies ahead.dla: general readers, undergraduate students isbn9780521836272stron254Data publikacji13/01/200516 b/w illus. 18 colour illus.Hardback228 x 152 mm


Is the Universe Open or Closed? - 2138985648

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Is the Universe Open or Closed? Cambridge Univeristy Press

Księgarnia / Cambridge University Press / Kosmologia i teoria względności

Is the Universe Open or Closed? The Density of Matter in the Universe Autor: Peter Coles, George EllisThis controversial book examines one of the most fundamental questions of modern cosmology: how much matter is there in the Universe? This issue affects theories of the origin and evolution of the Universe as well as its geometrical structure and ultimate fate. The authors discuss all the relevant cosmological and astrophysical evidence and come to the conclusion that the balance of arguments presently lies with a density of around twenty per cent of the critical density required for the Universe to ultimately recollapse. Because the arguments presented constitute a 'state-of-the-art' analysis of the observational and theoretical arguments surrounding the existence of dark matter, primordial nucleosynthesis, large-scale structure formation and the cosmic microwave background radiation, this study provides the reader with an indispensable introduction to the most exciting recent developments in modern cosmology. Written by two eminent cosmologists, this topical and provocative book will be essential reading for all cosmologists and astrophysicists. Spis treści: Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical arguments 3. Cosmological observations 4. Element abundances 5. Astrophysical arguments 6. Large-scale structure 7. The cosmic microwave background 8. More realistic universe models 9. What is the verdict? References Index.dla: graduate students isbn9780521566896stron256Data publikacji10/04/199716 b/w illus. 1 tablePaperback228 x 152 mm


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