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R for Marketing Research and Analytics - 2838786054

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R for Marketing Research and Analytics Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is a complete introduction to the power of R for marketing research practitioners. The text describes statistical models from a conceptual point of view with a minimal amount of mathematics, presuming only an introductory knowledge of statistics. Hands-on chapters accelerate the learning curve by asking readers to interact with R from the beginning. Core topics include the R language, basic statistics, linear modeling, and data visualization, which is presented throughout as an integral part of analysis.§§Later chapters cover more advanced topics yet are intended to be approachable for all analysts. These sections examine logistic regression, customer segmentation, hierarchical linear modeling, market basket analysis, structural equation modeling, and conjoint analysis in R. The text uniquely presents Bayesian models with a minimally complex approach, demonstrating and explaining Bayesian methods alongside traditional analyses for analysis of variance, linear models, and metric and choice-based conjoint analysis.§§With its emphasis on data visualization, model assessment, and development of statistical intuition, this book provides guidance for any analyst looking to develop or improve skills in R for marketing applications.§


Data Mining for Business Analytics - 2826717192

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Data Mining for Business Analytics John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Incorporating an innovative focus on data visualization and time series forecasting, "Data Mining for Business Intelligence" supplies insightful, detailed guidance on fundamental data mining techniques. The book guides readers through the use of JMP(R) (now in a newly revised student version) for developing predictive models and techniques in order to describe and find patterns in data. The authors use interesting, real-world examples to build a theoretical and practical understanding of key data mining methods. The book includes free access to the student edition of SAS Institute's JMP(R), allowing readers to work hands-on with the provided data. Throughout the book, applications of the discussed topics focus on the business problem as motivation and avoid unnecessary statistical theory. Each chapter concludes with exercises that allow readers to expand their comprehension of the presented material. Over a dozen cases that require use of the different data mining techniques are introduced, and a related Web site features over two dozen data sets, exercise solutions, PowerPoint slides, and case solutions. Modern topics include text analytics, recommender systems, social network analysis, getting data from a database into the analytics process, and scoring and employing the results of an analysis to a database.


Financial Analytics with R - 2854453462

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Financial Analytics with R Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Are you innately curious about dynamically inter-operating financial markets? Since the crisis of 2008, there is a need for professionals with more understanding about statistics and data analysis, who can discuss the various risk metrics, particularly those involving extreme events. By providing a resource for training students and professionals in basic and sophisticated analytics, this book meets that need. It offers both the intuition and basic vocabulary as a step towards the financial, statistical, and algorithmic knowledge required to resolve the industry problems, and it depicts a systematic way of developing analytical programs for finance in the statistical language R for data science students and professionals. Build a hands-on laboratory and run many simulations. Explore the analytical fringes of investments and risk management. Bennett and Hugen help profit-seeking investors and analytics students sharpen their skills in many areas, including time-series, forecasting, portfolio selection, covariance clustering, prediction, and derivative securities.


Introduction to Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation in Biostatistics with R, 1 - 2854580835

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Introduction to Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation in Biostatistics with R, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Through real-world datasets, this book shows the reader how to work with material in biostatistics using the open source software R. These include tools that are critical to dealing with missing data, which is a pressing scientific issue for those engaged in biostatistics. Readers will be equipped to run analyses and make graphical presentations based on the sample dataset and their own data. The hands-on approach will benefit students and ensure the accessibility of this book for readers with a basic understanding of R. §Topics include: an introduction to Biostatistics and R, data exploration, descriptive statistics and measures of central tendency, t-Test for independent samples, t-Test for matched pairs, ANOVA, correlation and linear regression, and advice for future work.§


Business Data Communications & Networking - 2212824543

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Business Data Communications & Networking Prentice Hall


For undergraduate, graduate , and MBA courses in Business Data Communications, Introduction to Data Communications, Telecommunications, and Introduction to Networking. The most current data communications text on the market, this comprehensive book uses a unique modular approach. Most teachers will want to cover the material in the 12 core chapters. This will leave time for hands-on work or additional conceptual material. The 8 advanced modules have extra material that some teachers will wish to cover depending on their particular course goals. Companion Website offers even more material. This approach allows selective emphasis without requiring the teacher to assemble his or her own additional material. Features and Benefits NEW - Modular approach - Book has 12 core chapters for a well-structured course with some free time plus 8 advanced modules for selective emphasis depending on the teachers course goals, highly regarded, this modular approach allows for selective emphasis enabling full focus upon the professors course goals. NEW - More but smaller core chapters, although there are more core chapters, they are smaller for easier reading. The total material is about the same in the two previous editions.Case studies with discussion questions. Kept at the companion Website to allow recent cases. Up-dates for new information since the book went to press. Downloads- PowerPoint presentations and End-of-Chapter questions, ensures that course material is current and provides an Instructor-only portion of the Website for special material. NEW - End-of-chapter questions and Test Your Knowledge subsections, allow students to review all key points in the chapter. Graded into core review questions, detailed review questions, and thought questions. By assigning particular questions, teachers can direct student learning. Also, at the end of each section in the book, the Test Your Knowledge subsection lists end-of-chapter questions to answer for that section. NEW - Instructor CD - Contains PowerPoint presentations, Transparencies (Word files), Test bank, and Instructor Manual with model syllabus and end-of-chapter answer keys. NEW - 85% Rewrite - Although the topic flow is largely the same as the second edition, the chapters and modules have been rewritten, not simply edited. Many changes are due to new developments in the field and to adopters comments. NEW - Transparencies, for every figure in the book. Some figures have builds. NEW - More open book design, for easier readability. NEW - Vignette at the beginning of each chapter raises issues that must be resolved using information in the chapter, thought question at end of chapter usually asks for student solutions. Begins with the familiar - The book begins with Internet standards (Chapters 1-5) and then small PC networks on simple LANs (Chapters 6-7), allows students to learn abstract concepts in concrete and familiar contexts. Detailed PowerPoint presentations - Full pre-made lecture presentations. Not just a few selected slides, provides instructors and students with a multimedia guide for every chapter and module. Created by the author. Modifiable by the teacher. MORE - Case studies at the companion Website so that they can be kept hot and fresh, now provided for all chapters and some modules. -UP-TO-DATE MATERIAL. Internet and TCP/IP - Heavy emphasis in Chapters 1-3, considerable emphasis throughout book. Module A. MORE - Quality of Service (QoS). Introduced in Chapter 1, strong treatment in Chapter 8. NEW - Telephony - Now integrated into the core chapters. Hierarchical circuit switching (Chapter 1), IP telephony (Chapter 11), cellular service (Chapter 12). MORE - Stronger focus on LAN switching, which now dominates in large LANs. In Ethernet, switches and hubs are introduced equally, and Chapter 8 has a strong section on LAN switching. VLANs, Layer 3 switching. COMPLETELY REVISED - Security now has a full chapter (Chapter 10) and a full module (Module F). Very up-to-date coverage. SSL, IPsec, Kerberos, etc. Even more on Frame Relay - Now dominates WANs. Full chapter on Internet access, including ADSL and cable modems (Chapter 5). NEW - Web-Host Integration, IBM Mainframe Systems, and SNA (Chapter 11). NEW - Analysis of alternative products with Net Present Value (NPV) analysis and multicriteria product selection


Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals - 2826660284

328,50 zł

Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals CISCO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals For many IT organizations, today's greatest challenge is to drive more value, efficiency, and utilization from data centers. Virtualization is the best way to meet this challenge. Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals brings together the comprehensive knowledge Cisco professionals need to apply virtualization throughout their data center environments. Leading data center expert Gustavo A. A. Santana thoroughly explores all components of an end-to-end data center virtualization solution, including networking, storage, servers, operating systems, application optimization, and security. Rather than focusing on a single product or technology, he explores product capabilities as interoperable design tools that can be combined and integrated with other solutions, including VMware vSphere. With the author's guidance, you'll learn how to define and implement highly-efficient architectures for new, expanded, or retrofit data center projects. By doing so, you can deliver agile application provisioning without purchasing unnecessary infrastructure, and establish a strong foundation for new cloud computing and IT-as-a-service initiatives. Throughout, Santana illuminates key theoretical concepts through realistic use cases, real-world designs, illustrative configuration examples, and verification outputs. Appendixes provide valuable reference information, including relevant Cisco data center products and CLI principles for IOS and NX-OS. With this approach, Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals will be an indispensable resource for anyone preparing for the CCNA Data Center, CCNP Data Center, or CCIE Data Center certification exams. Gustavo A. A. Santana, CCIE(R) No. 8806, is a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect working in enterprise and service provider data center projects that require deep integration across technology areas such as networking, application optimization, storage, and servers. He has more than 15 years of data center experience, and has led and coordinated a team of specialized Cisco engineers in Brazil. He holds two CCIE certifications (Routing & Switching and Storage Networking), and is a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert (SCSN-E). A frequent speaker at Cisco and data center industry events, he blogs on data center virtualization at * Learn how virtualization can transform and improve traditional data center network topologies * Understand the key characteristics and value of each data center virtualization technology * Walk through key decisions, and transform choices into architecture * Smoothly migrate existing data centers toward greater virtualization * Burst silos that have traditionally made data centers inefficient * Master foundational technologies such as VLANs, VRF, and virtual contexts * Use virtual PortChannel and FabricPath to overcome the limits of STP * Optimize cabling and network management with fabric extender (FEX) virtualized chassis * Extend Layer 2 domains to distant data center sites using MPLS and Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) * Use VSANs to overcome Fibre Channel fabric challenges * Improve SAN data protection, environment isolation, and scalability * Consolidate I/O through Data Center Bridging and FCoE * Use virtualization to radically simplify server environments * Create server profiles that streamline "bare metal" server provisioning * "Transcend the rack" through virtualized networking based on Nexus 1000V and VM-FEX * Leverage opportunities to deploy virtual network services more efficiently * Evolve data center virtualization toward full-fledged private clouds -Reviews - "The variety of material that Gustavo covers in this work would appeal to anyone responsible for Data Centers today. His grasp of virtualization technologies and ability to relate it in both technical and non-technical terms makes for compelling reading. This is not your ordinary tech manual. Through use of relatable visual cues, Gustavo provides information that is easily recalled on the subject of virtualization, reaching across Subject Matter Expertise domains. Whether you consider yourself well-versed or a novice on the topic, working in large or small environments, this work will provide a clear understanding of the diverse subject of virtualization." -- Bill Dufresne, CCIE 4375, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco (Americas) "..this book is an essential reference and will be valuable asset for potential candi-dates pursuing their Cisco Data Center certifications. I am confident that in reading this book, individuals will inevitably gain extensive knowledge and hands-on experience dur-ing their certification preparations. If you're looking for a truly comprehensive guide to virtualization, this is the one!" -- Yusuf Bhaiji, Senior Manager, Expert Certifications (CCIE, CCDE, CCAr), Learning@Cisco "When one first looks at those classic Cisco Data Center blueprints, it is very common to become distracted with the overwhelming number of pieces and linkages. By creating a solid theoretical foundation and providing rich sets of companion examples to illustrate each concept, Gustavo's book brings hope back to IT Professionals from different areas of expertise. Apparently complex topics are demystified and the insertion of products, mechanisms, protocols and technologies in the overall Data Center Architecture is clearly explained, thus enabling you to achieve robust designs and successful deployments. A must read...Definitely!" -- Alexandre M. S. P. Moraes, Consulting Systems Engineer - Author of "Cisco Firewalls"


Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R - 2854518437

207,78 zł

Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R Taylor & Francis Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As in its first edition, the new edition of Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R demonstrates how to process corpus-linguistic data with the open-source programming language and environment R. Geared in general towards linguists working with observational data, and particularly corpus linguists, it introduces R programming with emphasis on:data processing and manipulation in general;text processing with and without regular expressions of large bodies of textual and/or literary data, and;basic aspects of statistical analysis and visualization.This book is extremely hands-on and leads the reader through dozens of small applications as well as larger case studies. Along with an array of exercise boxes and separate answer keys, the text features a didactic sequential approach in case studies by way of subsections that zoom in to every programming problem. The companion website to the book contains all relevant R code (amounting to approximately 7,000 lines of heavily commented code), most of the data sets as well as pointers to others, and a dedicated Google newsgroup. This new edition is ideal for both researchers in corpus linguistics and instructors who want to promote hands-on approaches to data in corpus linguistics courses.


System Dynamics Modeling with R - 2854444148

575,53 zł

System Dynamics Modeling with R Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This new interdisciplinary work presents system dynamics as a powerful approach to enable analysts build simulation models of social systems, with a view toward enhancing decision making. Grounded in the feedback perspective of complex systems, the book provides a practical introduction to system dynamics, and covers key concepts such as stocks, flows, and feedback. Societal challenges such as predicting the impact of an emerging infectious disease, estimating population growth, and assessing the capacity of health services to cope with demographic change can all benefit from the application of computer simulation. This text explains important building blocks of the system dynamics approach, including material delays, stock management heuristics, and how to model effects between different systemic elements. Models from epidemiology, health systems, and economics are presented to illuminate important ideas, and the R programming language is used to provide an open-source and interoperable way to build system dynamics models. System Dynamics Modeling with R also describes hands-on techniques that can enhance client confidence in system dynamic models, including model testing, model analysis, and calibration. Developed from the author's course in system dynamics, this book is written for undergraduate and postgraduate students of management, operations research, computer science, and applied mathematics. Its focus is on the fundamental building blocks of system dynamics models, and its choice of R as a modeling language make it an ideal reference text for those wishing to integrate system dynamics modeling with related data analytic methods and techniques.


Dashboards for Excel - 2826701952

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Dashboards for Excel COMPUTER BOOKSHOPS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dashboards for Excel is your key to creating informative, actionable, and interactive dashboards that will have your managers singing your praises. The book takes a hands-on approach to developing dashboards, from instructing users on advanced Excel techniques to addressing dashboard pitfalls common in the real world. Throughout the book, the reader is challenged to think about Excel and data analytics differently that is, to think outside the cell. This book will show you how to create dashboards in Excel quickly and effectively. Don t wait get started today.§§Covers advanced Excel techniques mixing formulas and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create interactive dashboards §Shows how dynamic charts and tables can be used to create dashboards that are constantly up-to-date and providing fresh information. §Demonstrates how to display important data summaries, analytics, and visualization all in the same Excel window! §Builds on a firm foundation of industry best practices and the author s hard won real-world experience


Liczenie w pamięci to zabawa 7-9 lat - Praca zbiorowa - 2852564229

8,23 zł

Liczenie w pamięci to zabawa 7-9 lat - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Masz bzika na punkcie zagadek, szyfrów i łamigłowek? Lubisz bawić się liczbami? Otwórz szybko tę książkę, weź do ręki ołówek, wytęż umysł i... baw się wesoło. Gdy przebrniesz przez wszystkie zadania, matematyka nie będzie miała dla Ciebie tajemnic. Powodzenia! Nazwa - Liczenie w pamięci to zabawa 7-9 lat Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Siedmioróg Kod ISBN - 9788377917794 Kod EAN - 9788377917794 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - polski Format - 16.5x23.5cm Ilość stron - 64 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-06-06


Commercial Drafting and Detailing - 2854347238

1381,76 zł

Commercial Drafting and Detailing CENGAGE Learning Custom Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Exploring Marketing Research, 11E, provides a thorough guide to the design, execution, analysis, and reporting of marketing research to support effective business decisions. The text prepares students to approach marketing research from a management perspective rather than as hands-on practitioners, providing valuable business context while introducing both traditional research methods, such as designing questionnaires, and the latest technological advances, including current data collection devices, data analysis tools, practical approaches to data analytics, and the impact of social media and artifactual online data. In addition to updates based on recent trends and technology, the new 11th Edition features an increased emphasis on ethical and international issues, reflecting their growing importance in modern marketing research.


Network Management - 2853791683

351,91 zł

Network Management Cisco Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies The definitive guide to collecting usage information from Cisco networks Benoit Claise, CCIE(R) No. 2868 Ralf Wolter Understanding network performance and effectiveness is now crucial to business success. To ensure user satisfaction, both service providers and enterprise IT teams must provide service-level agreements (SLA) to the users of their networks-and then consistently deliver on those commitments. Now, two of the Cisco(R) leading network performance and accounting experts bring together all the knowledge network professionals need to do so. Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies imparts a deep understanding of Cisco IOS(R) embedded management for monitoring and optimizing performance, together with proven best strategies for both accounting and performance management. Benoit Claise and Ralf Wolter begin by introducing the role of accounting and performance management in today's large-scale data and voice networks. They present widely accepted performance standards and definitions, along with today's best practice methodologies for data collection. Next, they turn to Cisco devices and the Cisco IOS Software, illuminating embedded management and device instrumentation features that enable you to thoroughly characterize performance, plan network enhancements, and anticipate potential problems and prevent them. Network standards, technologies, and Cisco solutions covered in depth include Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Management Information Bases (MIB), Remote Monitoring (RMON), IP accounting, NetFlow, BGP policy accounting, AAA Accounting, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR), and IP SLA (formerly known as SAA). For each, the authors present practical examples and hands-on techniques. The book concludes with chapter-length scenarios that walk you through accounting and performance management for five different applications: data network monitoring, capacity planning, billing, security, and voice network performance. Network Management: Accounting and Performance Strategies will be indispensable to every professional concerned with network performance, effectiveness, or profitability, especially NMS/OSS architects, network and service designers, network administrators, and anyone responsible for network accounting or billing. Benoit Claise, CCIE(R) No. 2868, is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer working as an architect for embedded management and device instrumentation. His area of expertise includes accounting, performance, and fault management. Claise is a contributor to the NetFlow standardization at the IETF in the IPFIX and PSAMP Working Groups. He joined Cisco in 1996 as a customer support engineer in the Technical Assistance Center network management team and became an escalation engineer before joining the engineering team. Ralf Wolter is a senior manager, consulting engineering at Cisco. He leads the Cisco Core and NMS/OSS consulting team for Europe, works closely with corporate engineering, and supports large-scale customer projects. He specializes in device instrumentation related to accounting and performance management. * Compare accounting methods and choose the best approach for you * Apply network performance best practices to your network * Leverage built-in Cisco IOS network management system components to quantify performance * Uncover trends in performance statistics to help avoid service degradation before it occurs * Identify under use of network paths, so you can improve overall network efficiency * Walk through hands-on case studies that address monitoring, capacity planning, billing, security, and voice networks * Understand Cisco network performance, deliver on your SLAs, and improve accounting and billing This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press(R), which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.


Applied Fluid Mechanics: Global Edition - 2854355675

290,90 zł

Applied Fluid Mechanics: Global Edition PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For all fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and related courses in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Chemical, Fluid Power, and Civil Engineering Technology and Engineering programs. The leading applications-oriented approach to engineering fluid mechanics is now in full color, with integrated software, new problems, and extensive new coverage. Now in full color with an engaging new design, Applied Fluid Mechanics, Seventh Edition, is the fully updated edition of the most popular applications-oriented approach to engineering fluid mechanics. It offers a clear and practical presentation of all basic principles of fluid mechanics (both statics and dynamics), tying theory directly to real devices and systems used in mechanical, chemical, civil, and environmental engineering. The 7th edition offers new real-world example problems and integrates the use of world-renowned PIPE-FLO(R) software for piping system analysis and design. It presents new procedures for problem-solving and design; more realistic and higher quality illustrations; and more coverage of many topics, including hose, plastic pipe, tubing, pumps, viscosity measurement devices, and computational fluid mechanics. Full-color images and color highlighting make charts, graphs, and tables easier to interpret organize narrative material into more manageable "chunks," and make all of this text's content easier to study. Teaching and Learning Experience This applications-oriented introduction to fluid mechanics has been redesigned and improved to be more engaging, interactive, and pedagogically effective. *Completely redesigned in full color, with additional pedagogical features, all designed to engage today's students: This edition contains many new full-color images, upgraded to improve realism, consistency, graphic quality, and relevance. New pedagogical features have been added to help students explore ideas more widely and review material more efficiently. *Provides more hands-on practice and real-world applications, including new problems and software: Includes access to the popular PIPE-FLO(R) and Pump-Base(R) software packages, with detailed usage instructions; new real-world example problems; and more supplementary problems *Updated and refined to reflect the latest products, tools, and techniques: Contains updated data and analysis techniques, improved problem solving and design techniques, new content on many topics, and extensive new references.


MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software - 2834135910

374,01 zł

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software Cisco Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A complete configuration manual for MPLS, MPLS VPNs, MPLS TE, QoS, Any Transport over MPLS (AToM), and VPLS * Understand the crucial Cisco commands for various MPLS scenarios * Understand fundamentals of MPLS operation and learn to configure basic MPLS in Frame Relay and ATM-based environments * Master fundamentals of MPLS VPN operation including Multiprotocol BGP (MBGP) operation, VPNv4 route exchange, and basic MPLS VPN configuration in the provider network * Understand and configure various PE-CE routing protocols in MPLS VPN networks * Understand MPLS VPN provisioning in an Inter-provider VPN (Inter-AS) and Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) environment * Learn MPLS TE and its advanced features * Examine AToM with configuration examples for like-to-like and any-to-any L2 VPN implementations and VPLS components and operation, VPLS configuration and verification, and VPLS topologies * Learn about MPLS QoS, including configuration and implementation of uniform and short pipe modes MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software is a complete and detailed resource to the configuration of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks and associated features. Through its practical, hands-on approach, you'll become familiar with MPLS technologies and their configurations using Cisco IOS(R) Software. MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software covers basic-to-advanced MPLS concepts and configuration. Beyond its emphasis on MPLS, you'll learn about applications and deployments associated with MPLS, such as traffic engineering (TE), Layer 2 virtual private networks (VPN), and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). You'll receive practical guidance and deployment scenarios that can be enhanced by re-creation of the setups and configurations demonstrated within this book. You'll move quickly from a brief overview of MPLS technology and basic MPLS configuration on Cisco(R) routers to more advanced topics. Several chapters provide instruction on VPN connectivity options, including implementing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in MPLS VPNs. You'll receive configuration guidelines for advanced MPLS implementations such as MPLS TE, quality of service (QoS), and extranet VPNs. You'll learn about implementation of Layer 2 VPNs versus Layer 3 VPNs with Cisco Any Transport over MPLS (AToM). And you'll see demonstrations of implementing VPLS on Cisco routers complete with the configurations and platform support. "I highly recommend MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software as required reading for those in search of practical guidance of the technology and nuances of configuring MPLS for next-generation networks for voice, video, data, and application service offerings across a wide variety of deployment scenarios." -Carlos Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Service Provider Operations, Cisco Systems(R) This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press(R), which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.


Introductory Biostatistics - 2854350529

561,02 zł

Introductory Biostatistics Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Maintaining the same accessible and hands-on presentation as its predecessor, "Introductory Biostatistics, Second Edition" continues to provide a problem-based approach to basic statistical concepts that are commonly applied in research across the health sciences. The addition of a coauthor, incorporation of R software throughout, and coverage of newly-added topics and examples all ensure that this new edition provides a modern and firm foundation in biostatistics for readers and students in the biomedical and public health fields. The book begins with an overview of statistics in the health sciences and a discussion of rates and proportions. Subsequent chapters present descriptive methods, probability models, and parameter estimation, and hypothesis testing. The second half of the book treats more advanced topics, with coverage of regression analysis, logistic regression, and methods for count data, and analysis of survival data, and designs for clinical trials. Two new chapters feature coverage of the use of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) techniques in experimental design as well as the testing and inference methods for repeatedly measured outcomes, including binary, and count outcomes. Throughout the book, real data sets from the fields of are provided in the form of examples and exercises that illustrate how to apply the discussed statistical procedures. Most chapters conclude with a "Notes on Computations" section that supplies readers with sample SAS and R codes along with insight on the fundamentals for working with these software programs. All chapters conclude with a set of exercises with partial solutions at the end of the book, and a related Web site houses the presented data sets.


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