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Original Album Classics - 2839279164

50,99 zł

Original Album Classics Sony Music Entertainment


1. Watch Your Step - Album Version 2. Lightnin' - Album Version 3. Who Do You Love - Album Version 4. Mudbone - Album Version 5. One With You - Album Version 6. Ecuador - Album Version 7. Tales Of Kilimanjaro - Album Version 8. Havana Moon - Album Version 9. Daughter Of The Night - Album Version 10. They All Went To Mexico - Album Version 11. Vereda Tropical - Album Version 101. Breaking Out 102. Written In Sand 103. Brotherhood 104. Spirit 105. Right Now 106. Who Loves You 107. I'm The One Who Loves You 108. Say It Again - Album Version 109. Two Points Of View - Album Version 110. How Long 111. Tochdown Raiders 201. Let There Be Light/spirits Dancing In The Flesh - 202. Let There Be Light - Album Version 203. Spirits Dancing In The Flesh - Album Version 204. Gypsy Woman - Album Version 205. It's A Jungle Out There - Album Version 206. Soweto (Africa Libre) - Album Version 207. Choose - Album Version 208. Peace On Earth/mother Earth/third Stone From The S 209. Peace On Earth 210. Mother Earth 211. Third Stone From The Sun 212. Full Moon - Album Version 213. Who's That Lady - Album Version 214. Jin-go-lo-ba 215. Goodness & Mercy - Album Version


Migrant Painter of Birds - 2835646306

90,70 zł

Migrant Painter of Birds The Harvill Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The setting of this extraordinary novel is an old farmhouse in Portugal - a house far enough from the Atlantic not to hear the breaking waves during a storm but near enough for the walls to be corroded by the salt in the air. With most members of her large family having left the hardship of life in this landscape of sand and stone for jobs in faraway places, a young woman struggles to piece together her past from the many and differing stories she is told. Left behind by a free-spirited, feckless father, a seducer with a talent for drawing, she is raised by her uncle who has married her mother. The only memories of her father's one brief visit are the echoes of his footsteps on the stairs leading to her room. The only signs of him are letters from the widest reaches of the world- letters accompanied by brilliantly coloured drawings of exotic birds: the cuckoo from India, the ibis from Mozambique, the goose from Labrador, the hummingbird from the West Indies. The daughter longs for her father and, as she grows up, she is determined to find him and uncover the truth. Beautifully written and imagined, this strikingly lyrical novel evokes the atmosphere of a rural community in a changing world and explores the timeless themes of family, independence, and the often painful experience of emigration.


In The Mood - 2839261060

97,49 zł

In The Mood


1. Little Brown Jug 2. Moonlight Serenade 3. Faithful Forever 4. Speaking Of Heaven 5. Indian Summer 6. It Was Written In The Stars 7. Johnson Rag 8. Ciribiribin 9. Careless 10. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh 11. In An Old Dutch Garden 12. This Changing World 13. On A Little Street In Singapore 14. Vagabond Dreams 15. I Beg You Pardon 16. Faithful To You 17. It's A Blue World 18. Ooh! What You Said 19. The Gaucho Serenade 20. The Sky Fell Down 101. In The Mood 102. When You Wish Upon A Star 103. Give A Little Whistle 104. Missouri Waltz 105. Beautiful Ohio 106. What's The Matter With Me 107. Say 'Si Si' 108. The Rumba Jumps 109. Stardust 110. My Melancholy Baby 111. Let's All Sing Together 112. Rug Cutter's Swing 113. The Woodpecker Song 114. Sweet Potatoe Piper 115. Too Romantic 116. Tuxedo Junction 117. Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) 118. Imagination 119. Shake Down The Stars 120. I'll Never Smile Again 121. Starlight And Music 122. Polka Dots And Moonbeams 201. Say It 202. Momnets In The Moonlight 203. Hear My Song, Violetta 204. Sierra Sue 205. Boogi It 206. Yours Is My Heart 207. I'm Stepping Out Iwth My Memory Tonight 208. Alice Blue Gown 209. Wonderful One 210. Devil May Care 211. April Played The Fiddle 212. Fools Rush In 213. I Haven't Time To Be A Millionaire 214. Slow Freight 215. Pennsylvania 6-50, 216. Bugle Call Rag 217. The Nearness Of You 218. Mister Meadowlark 219. My Blue Heaven 220. My! My! 301. When The Swallos Come Back To Capistrano 302. A Million Dreams Ago 303. Blueberry Hill 304. A Cabana In Havana 305. Be Happy 306. Angel Child 307. The Call Of The Canyon 308. Our Love Affair 309. Crosstown 310. What's Your Story Morning Glory 311. Fifth Avenue 312. I Wouldn't Take A Million 313. A Handful Of Stars 314. Old Balck Joe 315. Yesterthoughts 316. Falling Leaves 317. Shadows On The Sand 318. Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye 319. Five O'clock Whistle 320. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar 401. Ring, Telephone, Ring 402. Make Believe Ballroom Time 403. You've Got Me This Way 404. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 405. I'd Know You Anywhere 406. Fresh As A Daisy 407. Isn't That Just Like Love 408. Along The Santa Fee Trail 409. Do You Know Why 410. Somewhere 411. Yes, My Darling Daughter 412. A Stone's Throw Form Heaven 413. Helpless 414. Long Time No See, Baby 415. You Are The One 416. Anvil Chorus Part 1 & 2 417. Frenesi 418. The Mem'ry Of A Rose 419. I Do, Do You? 420. Chapel In The Valley 501. Prairieland Lullaby 502. Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider 503. Song Of The Volga Boatmen 504. The One O Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 505. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 506. I Dreamed I Dwelt In Harlem 507. Sun Valley Jump 508. When That Man Is Dead And Gone 509. The Spirit Is Willing 510. A Little Church In England 511. Perfidia 512. It's Always You 513. Spring Will Be So Said 514. The Airminded Executive] 515. Below The Equator 516. Boulder Buff 517. The Booglie Wooglie Piggy 518. Chattanooga Choo Choo 519. I Don't Know Why 520. Don't Cry Cheria 601. The Cradle Song 602. Sweeter Than The Sweetest 603. I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest 604. Take The 'A' Train 605. Peekaboo To You 606. The Angles Came Thru 607. Under Blue Canadian Skies 608. The Cowboy Serenade 609. You And I 610. Adios 611. It Happend In Sun Valley 612. I'm Thrilled 613. The Kiss Polka 614. Delilah 615. Form One Love Th Another 616. Elmer's Tune 617. Say Who? Says Who? Says You, Says I 618. Orange Blossom Lane 619. Dear Arabella 620. The Man In The Moon 621. Ma-ma-maria 701. This Time The Dream's On Me 702. Dreamsville, Ohio 703. Papa Niccolini (The Happy Coppler) 704. Jingle Bells 705. This Is No Laughing Matter 706. Humpty Dumpty Heart 707. Ev'rything I Love 708. A String Of Pearls 709. Baby Mine 710. Long Tall Mama 711. Day Dreaming 712. Moonlight Sonata 713. Slumber's Song 714. (There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs O 715. We're The Couple In The Castle 716. It Happened In Hawaii 717. Moonlight Cocktail 718. Happy In Love 719. Fooled 720. Keep 'Em Flying 801. Chip Off The Old Block 802. The Story Of A Starry Night 803. At The President's Birthday Ball 804. Angels Of Mercy 805. On The Old Assembly Line 806. Let's Have Another Cup O'coffee 807. Skylark 808. Dear Mom 809. When The Roses Bloom Again 810. Always In My Heart 811. Shhh, It's A Military Secret 812. Don't Sit Under The Aple Tree 813. She'll Always Remember 814. The Lamplighter's Serenade 815. When Johnny Comes Marching Home 816. American Patrol 817. Soldier, Let Me Read Your Letter 818. Sleep Song 819. Sweet Eloise 901. Serenade In Blue 902. At Last 903. Lullaby Of The Rain 904. Knit One, Purl Two 905. That's Sabotage 906. Conchita, Marquita, Lolita, Pepita, Rosita Juani 907. The Humming Bird 908. Yesterday's Gardenias 909. Dearly Beloved 910. Moonlight Mood 911. Caribeean Clipper 912. Here We Go Again 913. That Old Black Magic 914. Moonlight Becomes You 915. Juke Box Saturday Night 916. It Must Be Jelly 917. I'm Old Fashioned 918. A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lday 919. Rainbow Rhapsody 920. Sleepy Town Frain 921. Rhapsody In Blue


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