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Teatru Pentru Prichindei, Mari, Mici Si Mititei - 2826895414

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Teatru Pentru Prichindei, Mari, Mici Si Mititei Mediamorphosis

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Teatru pentru prichindei mari, mici si mititei este o colectie de piese de teatru destinate atât teatrelor profesioniste pentru copii, cât si spectacolelor scolare sau cluburilor de teatru. Volumul este semnat de Sînziana Popescu si include patru piese premiate si produse pe scena (de catre Teatrul National din Târgu Mures, Teatrul Ion Creanga, Teatrul Municipal din Baia Mare si Teatrul "I.D. Sârbu" din Petrosani) sau la Teatrul National Radiofonic. Teatru pentru prichindei, mari, mici si mititei ("Theater for big, small and tiny tots") is a collection of four plays written in Romanian - "Life as a Story", "Slipping into a plum", "Mr. Chocolate Man" and "When toys say bye" - to be performed for young audiences on a professional stage or by children in their own classrooms or children's theatre group. In "Life as a Story" a boy and an actor find out why the characters from the Land of Tales are disappearing and how could they help them. The play was awarded the Prize for Young Drama at "Camil Petrescu" National Contest, organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture in 1996. "Life as a Story" has had the premiere at the National Theatre of Târgu-Mures in 1997, directed by Kincses Elemér. The radio script was produced and broadcast by the National Radio Theatre in 1999, directed by Mihai Lungeanu. "Slipping into a plum" - a little boy learns from a plum stone how to befriend his older brother. "Slipping into a plum" won the 1st Prize at the National Radio Playwriting Competition held by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society in 1999. The radio play "Slipping into a plum" was produced and broadcast by Romanian National Radio Theatre in 2000, directed by Mircea Albulescu. "Mr. Chocolate Man" tells us the story of a gluttonous girl who discovers by her own what happens with the children that take candies from strangers. The play received the Grand Prize at the drama contest of the International Drama Festival for Puppets and Marionettes "Gulliver", Galati, 2006. The radio play based on "Mr. Chocolate Man" was produced and broadcast by National Radio Theatre in 2002, directed by Mihai Lungeanu. The play "Mr. Chocolate Man" was produced on stage at "I. D. Sârbu" Theatre from Petrosani, in 2010, directed by Rodica Baitan, and as well at the Municipal Theatre of Baia Mare, the Puppet Section, directed by Oana Leahu, in 2013. The toys of a spoiled child take their fate in their own little hands, wings or claws and run away in "When toys say bye". In a world full of ugliness and violence, the toys in this play show us the importance of holding on to the childhood in our souls, an oasis of miracles and beauty. "When toys say bye" was awarded with the Grand Prize at the first edition of the drama contest of the International Drama Festival "100, 1000, 1,000,000 stories", organized by the "Ion Creanga" Theatre from Bucharest in 2007, and it was presented in the "Reading performances" section of the festival. The musical comedy "When toys say bye" had the premiere at the "Ion Creanga" in 2008, directed by Attila Vizauer, music by George Marcu.


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