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Death Takes a Holiday - 2845287331

45,37 zł

Death Takes a Holiday Samuel French Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drama / Casting: 7m, 6f / Scenery: Interior Produced with great success on Broadway, this striking drama has established itself among the important plays of our time. It is based on the poetic conception of death suspending all activities for three days during which he falls in love with a beautiful girl and through her realizes why mortals fear him. The mood of the play is established with remarkable skill and while it is charged with exciting moments, it is a perfect background for a love story that is as simple as it is appealing. The character who symbolizes Death is a very human person, with no conventional claptrap dragged in for mere effect. Here is a play that stimulates discussion and presents a novel and optimistic philosophy of the problems of love and death. This is one of the most popular and successful plays for amateurs.


Death Takes a Holiday - 2845286698

70,62 zł

Death Takes a Holiday Midnight Ink

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Death Takes A Holiday - 2848169298

104,99 zł

Death Takes A Holiday PS CLASSICS

Muzyka>Musical / Kabaret


Darin Mickey: Death Takes a Holiday - 2851898896

164,22 zł

Darin Mickey: Death Takes a Holiday



Death Takes No Holiday: A Memoir - 2851435865

43,40 zł

Death Takes No Holiday: A Memoir



Doctor Who: Winner Takes All - 2826643409

40,22 zł

Doctor Who: Winner Takes All BBC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rose and the Doctor return to present-day Earth, and become intrigued by the latest craze - the video game, Death to Mantodeans. Is it as harmless as it seems? And why are so many local people going on holiday and never returning? Meanwhile, on another world, an alien war is raging. The Quevvils need to find a new means of attacking the ruthless Mantodeans. Searching the galaxy for cunning, warlike but gullible allies, they find the ideal soldiers on Earth. Will Rose be able to save her family and friends from the alien threat? And can the Doctor play the game to the end and win? Featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose as played by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in the hit science fiction series from BBC Television First published in 2005.


Doctor Who: Winner Takes All - 2839925655

39,99 zł

Doctor Who: Winner Takes All

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Science fiction

Rose And The Doctor Return To Present-day Earth, And Become Intrigued By The Latest Craze - The Video Game, Death To Mantodeans. Is It As Harmless As It Seems? And Why Are So Many Local People Going On Holiday And Never Returning? Meanwhile, On Another Wo


Complete Master Takes 1 - 2845964356

68,99 zł

Complete Master Takes 1 Blue Moon


1. Your Mother's So In Law 2. Riffin The Scoth 3. I Wished On The Moon 4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do 5. Miss Brown To You 6. Sunbonnet Blue A Yellow E 7. What A Night, What A Moon 8. I'm Painting The Town Red 9. It's Too Hot For Words 10. Twenty Four Hours A Day 11. Yankee Doodle Never Went 12. Eeny Meeny Meiny No 13. If You Were Mine 14. These'n'that'n'those 15. You Let Me Down 16. Spreading Rhythm Around 17. Life Begins 18. It's Like Reaching 19. These Foolish Things 20. I Cried For You 21. Guess Who 22. Did I Remember 23. No Regrets 24. Summertime 25. Billie's Blues


Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime - 2849425912

40,22 zł

Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Frank Derrick is eighty-two. And apparently that makes him old. But he just doesn't feel old. Sure, his limbs ache, he can't sleep more than a few hours a night and it takes him a while to get going in the morning. But he's still Frank. A dad, a granddad, a friend to Bill the cat. So when he receives a phone call from Los Angeles with news that his grown-up daughter's life is falling apart, his natural instinct is to drop everything to be with her. Unfortunately for Frank, that means using his life savings and putting himself in danger of losing his home. But then, Frank's never been one for long-term plans. He can sort out where he and Bill the cat will live when he's back. And so Frank gets on a plane for the first time in his life. He was never much good at helping his daughter through crises when she was growing up. He left all that to his wife Sheila, who died nearly ten years ago. Now it's time to step up to his role of father to Beth. Joining forces with his determined granddaughter Laura, they begin The Reunion Project in an attempt to bring some happiness back into Beth's life and to bring the family back together again for one happy family holiday. Filled with moments of great sadness, joy and humour Frank Derrick's Holiday of A Lifetime reminds us all to make the most of every day and to appreciate those closest to us.


Festive In Death - 2847442010

43,99 zł

Festive In Death

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Murder Never Takes A Holiday. The 39th Eve Dallas And Roarke Thriller, Set At Christmas


Death of a Rebel - 2852642576

297,78 zł

Death of a Rebel Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Death of a Rebel tells the story of Charles Andrews Fenton (1919-1960), a charismatic teacher, scholar, and writer who took his own life by jumping from the top of the Washington Duke Hotel in Durham, North Carolina. At the time he was apparently at the peak of his career. He had written excellent books on Hemingway and Stephen Vincent Benet, had three other books in press, and was working on a new version of his novel about World War II (a 1945 account won the Doubleday Twentieth Century Fox award). He had earned Guggenheim and ACLS grants. Students flocked to his courses. He was widely regarded as the most popular professor at Duke. Charlie Fenton's story is a compelling one, and takes on further meaning in the context of the times. An individualist during the notoriously conformist 1950s, he swam against the current, defying authority and openly inviting controversy. This jaunty refusal to accept received wisdom made him an appealing figure to many of his students and colleagues. But it was a dangerous stance that did not sit well with his superiors, and it cost him when his fortunes took a turn for the worse in the spring and summer of 1960. Love and war had a lot to do with his suicide as well. Charlie Fenton, who had come down to Duke from Yale two years earlier with a promotion to full professor, fell in love with one of his graduate students. His wife, outraged, left and took their son Andy with her. The scandal left him alone and a social pariah around campus. Then he suffered one of his bouts of depression. Usually these periods were triggered by trauma, most of it derived from his service as a tail gunner with the RAF bomber command in the summer and fall of 1942. In the past he'd always been able to shake free of his despondency. This time he was overcome by psychological pain deriving from loss: of wife and family, of public admiration, of companionship, and worst of all, of self-regard. The book recounts Fenton's last days in vivid detail. In writing it, Donaldson had the assistance of family members, of his devoted students, and even - at a painful distance - of the woman he fell in love with fifty years ago. They all share an abiding sense of what might have been, and a deep regret that he could not go on to inspire the uncounted students who would never get to know and admire and learn from him.


All the Things We Never Knew - 2835643266

104,73 zł

All the Things We Never Knew Seal Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Even as a reporter, Sheila Hamilton missed the signs as her husband David's mental illness unfolded before her. By the time she had pieced together the puzzle, it was too late. Her once brilliant, intense, and passionate partner was dead within six weeks of a formal diagnosis of bipolar disorder, leaving his nine-year-old daughter and wife without so much as a note to explain his actions, a plan to help them recover from their profound grief, or a solution for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that they would inherit from him. All the Things We Never Knew takes readers from David and Sheila's romance through the last three months of their life together and into the year after his death. It details their unsettling descent from ordinary life into the world of mental illness, and examines the fragile line between reality and madness. Now, a decade after David's death, Sheila and her daughter, Sophie, have learned the power of choosing life over retreat; let themselves love and trust again; and understand the importance of forgiveness. Their story will resonate with all those who have loved


100 Places You Will Never Visit - 2844914142

72,49 zł

100 Places You Will Never Visit

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Travel & holiday>Travel & holiday guides

This Fascinating Guide Book Takes A Look At 100 Places Around The World That Are Either So Hard To Reach, So Closely Guarded, Or So Secret That They Are Virtually Impossible To Visit Any Other Way.


I Never Knew That About London - 2850520881

119,99 zł

I Never Knew That About London

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Travel & holiday>Travel & holiday guides

Takes You On A Journey Around London. Travelling Through The Villages And Districts That Made Up The World's Most Dynamic Metropolis, This Book Unearths The Hidden Gems Of Legends, Firsts, Inventions, Adventures And Birthplaces That Shape The City's Sometimes Turbulent Past.


Three Days to Never - 2846871979

52,28 zł

Three Days to Never Corvus

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Albert Einstein told Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 that the atomic bomb was possible, he did not tell the president about another discovery he had made, something so extreme and horrific it remained a secret ...until now. This extraordinary new novel from one of the most brilliant talents in contemporary fiction is a standout literary thriller in which one man stumbles upon the discovery Einstein himself tried to keep hidden. When twelve-year-old Daphne Marrity takes a videotape labeled Pee-wee's Big Adventure from her grandmother's house, neither she nor her college-professor father, Frank Marrity, has any idea that the theft has drawn the attention of both the Israeli Secret Service and an ancient European cabal of occultists-or that within hours they'll be visited by her long-lost grandfather, who is also desperate to get that tape. And when Daphne's teddy bear is stolen, a blind assassin nearly kills Frank, and a phantom begins to speak to her from a switched-off television set, Daphne and her father find themselves caught in the middle of a murderous power struggle that originated long ago in Israel and Germany but now crashes through Los Angeles and out to the Mojave Desert. To survive, they must quickly learn the rules of a dangerous magical chess game and use all their cleverness and courage-as well as their love and loyalty to each other-to escape a fate more profound than death."


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