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Crooked House - 2822174862

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Crooked House Wydawnictwo: BBC Radio Collection

KSIĄŻKI > Audiobooki > Dla Dorosłych

ISBN: 9781405678131 Autor: Christie Agatha     With World War II at an end, Charles Hayward is finally free to marry the woman he loves, Sophia Leonides. However, she refuses - the unexplained death of her grandfather, wealthy businessman Aristide Leonides, draws her back to the suffocating environment of her family home. Charles follows, but his arrival coincides with the discovery that Aristide's death was murder. The ensuing investigation drags Charles into the dark heart of the family, and its deadly secrets and dangers. Even if Charles escapes with his life, will he survive the corrosive effect of the family itself?


Over to You - 2854195276

78,00 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Penguin Audiobooks presents a brand new recording of Roald Dahl's "Over to You", a collection of ten terrifying tales of life as a wartime fighter pilot, from the master of the short story. It is complete, unabridged and brought to life by an all-star cast including Cillian Murphy, Julian Rhind-Tutt, and Juliet Stevenson. During the Second World War Roald Dahl served in the RAF and even suffered horrific injuries in an air crash in the Libyan desert. Drawing on his own experiences as a fighter pilot, Dahl crafted these ten spine-tingling stories: of air battles in the sky; of the nightmare of being shot down; the infectious madness of conflict; and the nervy jollity of the Mess and Ops room. Dahl brilliantly conveys the bizarre reality of a wartime pilot's daily existence, where death is a constant companion and life is lived from one heartbeat to the next. It includes: "Death of An Old Man" read by Julian Rhind-Tutt; "An African Story" read by Cillian Murphy; "A Piece Of Cake" read by Julian Rhind-Tutt; "Madame Rosette" read by Julian Rhind-Tutt; "Katina" read by Cillian Murphy; "Yesterday Was Beautiful" read by Juliet Stevenson; "They Shall Not Grow Old" read by Cillian Murphy; "Beware Of The Dog" read by Cillian Murphy; "Only This" read by Sophie Okonedo; and, "Someone Like You" read by Julian Rhind-Tutt. It is published in paperback, CD, ebook, and digital audiobook.


Blair Years - 2835032281

85,75 zł

Blair Years Random House

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The "Blair Years" is the most compelling and revealing account of contemporary politics you will ever hear. Taken from Alastair Campbell's daily diaries, it charts the rise of New Labour and the tumultuous years of Tony Blair's leadership, providing the first important record of a remarkable decade in our national life. Here are the defining events of our time, from Labour's new dawn to the war on terror, from the death of Diana to negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland, from Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, through to the Hutton Inquiry of 2003, the year Campbell resigned his position at No 10. But above all here is Tony Blair up close and personal, taking the decisions that affected the lives of millions, under relentless and often hostile pressure. Often described as the second most powerful figure in Britain, Alastair Campbell is no stranger to controversy. Feared and admired in equal measure, hated by some, he was pivotal to the founding of New Labour and the sensational election victory of 1997. As Blair's press secretary, strategist and trusted confidant, Campbell spent more waking hours alongside the Prime Minister than anyone. His diaires - at times brutally frank, often funny, always compelling - take the listener right to the heart of government. "The Blair Years" is a story of politics in the raw, of progress and setback, of reputations made and destroyed, under the relentless scrutiny of a 24-hour media. Unflinchingly told, it covers the crises and scandals, the rows and resignations, the ups and downs of Britain's hothouse politics. But amid the big events are insights and observations that make this a remarkably human portrayal of some of the most powerful people in the world. There has never been so riveting an audiobook about life at the very top, nor a more human account of politics, told by a man who saw it all.


Strangers on a Train (CD audio) - 1059547188

35,99 zł

Strangers on a Train (CD audio) Longman

Audiobooki -> Literatura obcojęzyczna

Contemporary / American English (Available May 2008)Guy Haines is travelling through Texas on a train when a stranger invites him to share a meal. But the stranger has a terrible plan. 'You murder my father, and I'll murder your wife,' he suggests. So begins Guy's journey into a world of madness, lies and death. Poziom 4 (średnio zaawansowany B1) Pozycja ta jest serią do nauki języka angielskiego z książką w zestawie. W książce znajdą Państwo ten sam tekst co na płycie. W niniejszej pozycji zamieszczono skróconą wersję książki w oryginale. Lektorzy: Słuchowisko


Romeo and Juliet (CD audio) - 1059547155

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Romeo and Juliet (CD audio) Longman

Audiobooki -> Literatura obcojęzyczna

Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous love stories in the world. But it is more than a great love story. It is also about life and death, happiness and sadness, and the terrible hate between two great families. Shakespeare's beautiful tale is still as popular today as it was more than 400 years ago. Level 3 Pozycja ta jest serią do nauki języka angielskiego z książką w zestawie. W książce znajdą Państwo ten sam tekst co na płycie. W niniejszej pozycji zamieszczono skróconą wersję książki w oryginale. Lektorzy: Słuchowisko


It's Not over Until You Win! - 2856490496

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It's Not over Until You Win! Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Les Brown is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world today. In "It's Not Over Until You Win!, " Brown offers a powerful and inspirational plan to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives. Les Brown has been through countless ups and downs, suffering through personal and career crises including the cancellation of his television show and the death of his beloved mother. In this unique audio program, Brown tells you how he rose from those depths and how you can, too. "It's Not Over Until You Win!" demonstrates: - How to cope with the loss of a loved one - How to recover self-esteem when you lose your job - How to keep away from self-destructive behavior "It's Not Over Until You Win!" captures the amazing spirit of Brown's electric speaking style in a sure-fire empowerment audiobook that will help you take your life to a higher level of satisfaction and fulfillment.


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