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Dental Benefits & Practice Management - 2854441295

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Dental Benefits & Practice Management Wiley-Blackwell

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Dental Benefits and Practice Management: A Guide for Successful Practices is a practical tool that helps you manage your office in tune with the realities of modern dental practice.


Agile Development in the Real World - 2854442878

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Agile Development in the Real World Springer, Berlin

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This book is a practice guide to new agile practitioners and contains§everything a new project manager needs to know to get up to speed with§agile practices quickly and sort out the hype and dogma of pseudo-agile§practices.The author lays out the general guidelines for running an§agile project with the assumption that the project team may be working§in a traditional environment (using the waterfall model, or something§similar).§§Agile Development in the Real World conveys valuable insights to multiple audiences:§§For§new-to-agile project managers, this book provides a distinctive§approach that Alan Cline has used with great success, while showing the§decision points and perspectives as the agile project moves forward from§one step to the next. This allows new agile project managers or agile§coaches to choose between the benefits of agile and the benefits of§other methods.§For the agile technical team member, this book contains§templates and sample project artifacts to assist in learning agile§techniques and to be used as exemplars for the new practitioner's own§project.§For the Project Management Office (PMO), the first§three chapters focus on portfolio management. They explain, for the§agilists' benefit, how projects are selected and approved, and why§projects have an inherent "shelf-life" that results in hard deadlines§that may seem arbitrary to traditional technical teams. §What You Will Learn:§§How and why the evolution of project management, from PM-1 (prescriptive) to PM-2 (adaptive) affects modern 21st century project management.§§How sociology (stakeholder management), psychology (team dynamics), and anthropology (organizational culture) affect the way software is developed today, and why it is far more effective§§A clear delineation of what must to be accomplished by all the roles (PM, BA, APM, Developer, and Tester), why those roles are needed, and what they must do§Step-by-step guide for a successful project based on studies and the author's own experiences.§§Specific techniques for each role on the development team, both in the pre-iteration and iteration cycles, of product development. The appendices contain templates that the team could use or modify to tailor their own agile processes specific to the team, project, and organization.§


Key Account Plans - 2826661976

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Key Account Plans ELSEVIER

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To manage key accounts profitably you need strategic planning that works. This book is the definitive guide to achieving this based on the unmatched practical and research experience of Ryals and McDonald. §Key Account Management is proven to deliver substantial benefits to the bottom line. Best practice companies know that real results from managing powerful customers are not achieved through short-term cost cutting. Instead, as the best companies understand, it depends on fostering carefully developed and profitably managed relationships with an equally carefully selected group of key accounts. This is a genuinely strategic activity that goes well beyond sales management and the simplistic use of budgets to generate targets. It is about the behaviours and practices that make predictable, profitable and sustainable Key Account Management possible. To achieve this the book is constructed to deliver-§Clear descriptions of the various techniques and the reason for their importance§A hugely powerful step by step approach to using the key techniques to build strategic skills §Templates for building real plans§Cases, examples and vignettes to show best real world practice §Based on wide application in the business world, and the world class research at Cranfield Management School this book will be an essential introduction to the principles and reality of Strategic Key Account Planning. For senior managers, key account managers at all levels as well as those on executive and MBA courses it will be an essential guide and text.§As author of the hugely successful Marketing Plans (now in it's 6th edition) McDonald has proved himself one of the world's leading business authors- working here with Professor Lynette Ryals they have produced the authoritative guide to this crucial area of business to business marketing.§Carefully constructed step by step approach allows the reader to build strategic thinking, and highly developed templates allow real world planning.§The use of key cases and examples illustrate best practice in action and allow the authors to demonstrate the power of their strategic approach to drive profitability across all industry sectors.


Creating Value in Nonprofit-business Collaborations: New Thi - 2854229190

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Creating Value in Nonprofit-business Collaborations: New Thi Jossey Bass Wiley

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Collaboration between nonprofits and businesses is a necessary component of strategy and operations. Creating Value in Nonprofit-Business Collaborations: New Thinking & Practice provides breakthrough thinking about how to conceptualize and realize collaborative value. With over a hundred case examples from around the globe and hundreds of literature references, the book reveals how collaboration between businesses and nonprofit organizations can most effectively co-create significant economic, social, and environmental value for society, organizations, and individuals. This essential resource features the ground-breaking Collaborative Value Creation framework that can be used for analyzing the sources, forms, and processes of value creation in partnerships between businesses and nonprofits. The book is a step-by-step guide for business managers and non-profit practitioners for achieving successful cross-sector partnerships. It examines the key dimensions of the Collaborative Mindset that shape each partner's collaborative efforts. It analyzes the drivers of partnership evolution along the Collaboration Continuum, and sets forth the key pathways in the Collaboration Process Value Chain. The book concludes by offering Twelve Smart Practices of Collaborative Value Creation for the design and management of cross sector partnerships. The book will empower organizations to strategically increase the potential for value creation both for the partners and society. Praise for Creating Value in Nonprofit-Business Collaborations: New Thinking & Practice! "This is a playbook for enabling business and nonprofits to co-create shared value. These new types of collaborations about creating value, rather than the tense standoffs of the past, are part of the way we will create actual solutions to society's challenges." Michael J. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School "Co-creating value is a powerful concept Jim Austin and May Seitanidi are sharing with us that will bring business and non-profit leaders to a new level of understanding and performance. This new book is the indispensable guidebook for leaders of the future." Frances Hesselbein, Founding President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, Former CEO of the Girl Scouts of America, and Holder of Presidential Medal of Freedom " I love the book! While it focuses on "cross sector" collaboration, it should be read by every executive in the "for-profit" sector. Business is about how to collaborate with stakeholders to create value. This book tells you how to do it. Bravo!" R. Edward Freeman, University Professor and Olsson Professor The Darden School University of Virginia "Finally a book that demystifies what is probably the single most indispensable strategy for advancing social change: cross sector collaboration that creates genuine, measurable value for all. The book is an original and valuable resource for both the nonprofit and business sectors, providing a promising new roadmap that shows how to go beyond fighting for one's share of the pie, to collaboration that actually makes the pie grow." Billy Shore, Founder and CEO of Share Our Strength and Chairman of Community Wealth Ventures " Professors Austin and Seitanidi provide essential guidance for managers determining how to produce benefits for their organizations and high impact for society. This is an informed, thoughtful, and practical analysis ." Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School and author of SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth and Social Good


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