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German Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Development 1930-1945 - 2826920565

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German Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Development 1930-1945 The Crowood Press Ltd

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The pioneering days of jet propulsion in Hitler's Germany led to some of the most advanced engine designs of the era, many features of which are still incorporated in current power-plants. During this period much was achieved, including the flight of the world's first turbojet-powered aircraft, pulsejet and ramjet-powered missiles and other first-time applications of the gas turbine. The latter years of World War II also saw the introduction into production and service of the first jet aircraft and missiles, despite a background of material shortages, Allied bombing and the peculiarities of the Nazi regime. This book commences with an introduction to the research and early ideas of German inventors before 1934. The main thrust of the book concerns the development work for aviation and covers turbojet, turboprop, ducted fan and hybrid types of engine. Much of the text is concerned with the design of the aircraft that were to be powered by the new engines. Also included are chapters on pure gas turbines designed to power the Panther tank and other military land vehicles, naval applications for fast patrol and torpedo boats and, finally, the industrial application of the new inventions.


Gas Turbine Theory - 2835638807

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Gas Turbine Theory PEARSON

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In recent years the gas turbine, in combination with the steam turbine, has played an ever-increasing role in power generation. Despite the rapid advances in both output and efficiency, the basic theory of the gas turbine has remained unchanged. The layout of this new edition is broadly similar to the original, but greatly expanded and updated, comprising an outline of the basic theory, aerodynamic design of individual components, and the prediction of off-design performance. The addition of a chapter devoted to the mechanical design of gas turbines greatly enhances the scope of the book.


Power Plant Life Management and Performance Improvement - 2826753789

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Power Plant Life Management and Performance Improvement Woodhead Publishing Ltd

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Coal- and gas-based power plants currently supply the largest proportion of the world's power generation capacity, and are required to operate to increasingly stringent environmental standards. Higher temperature combustion is therefore being adopted to improve plant efficiency and to maintain net power output given the energy penalty that integration of advanced emissions control systems cause. However, such operating regimes also serve to intensify degradation mechanisms within power plant systems, potentially affecting their reliability and lifespan. Power plant life management and performance improvement critically reviews the fundamental degradation mechanisms that affect conventional power plant systems and components, as well as examining the operation and maintenance approaches and advanced plant rejuvenation and retrofit options that the industry are applying to ensure overall plant performance improvement and life management. Part one initially reviews plant operation issues, including fuel flexibility, condition monitoring and performance assessment. Parts two, three and four focus on coal boiler plant, gas turbine plant, and steam boiler and turbine plant respectively, reviewing environmental degradation mechanisms affecting plant components and their mitigation via advances in materials selection and life management approaches, such as repair, refurbishment and upgrade. Finally, part five reviews issues relevant to the performance management and improvement of advanced heat exchangers and power plant welds. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Power plant life management and performance improvement is an essential reference for power plant operators, industrial engineers and metallurgists, and researchers interested in this important field. * Provides an overview of the improvements to plant efficiency in coal- and gas-based power plants* Critically reviews the fundamental degradation mechanisms that affect conventional power plant systems and components, noting mitigation routes alongside monitoring and assessment methods* Addresses plant operation issues including fuel flexibility, condition monitoring and performance assessment


Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities - 2826965299

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Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities National Academies Press

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The design, construction, operation, and retrofit of buildings is evolving in response to ever-increasing knowledge about the impact of indoor environments on people and the impact of buildings on the environment. Research has shown that the quality of indoor environments can affect the health, safety, and productivity of the people who occupy them. Buildings are also resource intensive, accounting for 40 percent of primary energy use in the United States, 12 percent of water consumption, and 60 percent of all non-industrial waste. The processes for producing electricity at power plants and delivering it for use in buildings account for 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. federal government manages approximately 429,000 buildings of many types with a total square footage of 3.34 billion worldwide, of which about 80 percent is owned space. More than 30 individual departments and agencies are responsible for managing these buildings. The characteristics of each agency's portfolio of facilities are determined by its mission and its programs. In 2010, GSA's Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings asked the National Academies to appoint an ad hoc committee of experts to conduct a public workshop and prepare a report that identified strategies and approaches for achieving a range of objectives associated with high-performance green federal buildings. Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities identifies examples of important initiatives taking place and available resources. The report explores how these examples could be used to help make sustainability the preferred choice at all levels of decision making. Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities can serve as a valuable guide federal agencies with differing missions, types of facilities, and operating procedures.


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