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Signal Detection Theory - 2827028936

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Signal Detection Theory Birkhäuser

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The problem of noise immunity is a key problem for complex signal processing systems research in science and engineering. New approaches to such problems allow the development of a better quality of signal detection in noise.§This book is devoted to a new generalized approach to signal detection theory. The main purpose is to present the basic fundamental concepts of the generalized approach to signal processing in noise and to show how it may be applied in various areas of signal processing. The generalized approach allows extension of the well-known boundaries of the potential noise immunity set up by classical and modern signal detection theories. New approaches for construction of detectors with the amplitude, frequency, and phase tracking systems based on the generalized approach are presented.§Features and Topics:§ New approaches to the statistical theory of signal detection§New features of signal detection based on experimental study§More rigorous definition of potential noise immunity§Chapter summaries and an analsys of recent observations obtained by computer modeling and experiment§Particularly useful applications for detection problems in radar, communications, wireless communications, acoustics, remote sensing, sonar, underwater signal processing, geophysical signal processing, and biomedical signal processing.§The book is an excellent resource for understanding and solving problems in modern signal detection theories. Professionals, scientists, engineers, and researchers in electrical engineering, computer science, geophysics, and applied mathematics will benefit from using the techniques presented.


Iterative Detection - 2826937344

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Iterative Detection Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Iterative Detection: Adaptivity, Complexity Reduction, and Applications is a primary resource for both researchers and teachers in the field of communication. Unlike other books in the area, it presents a general view of iterative detection that does not rely heavily on coding theory or graph theory. The features of the text include: Both theoretical background and numerous real-world applications. Over 70 detailed examples, 100 problems, 180 illustrations, tables of notation and acronyms, and an extensive bibliography and subject index. A whole chapter devoted to a case study on turbo decoder design. Receiver design guidelines, rules and suggestions. The most advanced view of iterative (turbo) detection based only on block diagrams and standard detection and estimation theory. Development of adaptive iterative detection theory. Application of adaptive iterative detection to phase and channel tracking in turbo coded systems and systems representative of digital mobile radio designs. An entire chapter dedicated to complexity reduction. Numerous recent research results. Discussion of open problems at the end of each chapter. Among the applications considered in this book are joint equalization and decoding, turbo codes, multiuser detection and decoding, broadband wireless channel equalization, and applications to two-dimensional storage and imaging systems. Audience: Iterative Detection: Adaptivity, Complexity Reduction, and Applications provides an accessible and detailed reference for researchers, practicing engineers, and students working in the field of detection and estimation. It will be of particular interest to those who would like to learn how iterative detection can be applied to equalization, interference mitigation, and general signal processing tasks. Researchers and practicing engineers interested in learning the turbo decoding algorithm should also have this book.


Application of wavelet analysis in damage detection and localization - 2619308088

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Application of wavelet analysis in damage detection and localization Politechnika Gdańska


In recent years, structural damage detection and health monitoring have been subjects of intensive investigation due to their practical importance. For important engineering structures the early detection of damage is essential since propagation of defects might lead to a catastrophic failure. A relatively recent area of research in damage identification is based on the wavelet analysis. This technique can be performed on mode shapes or static deflections of structure elements. An important feature of the wavelet transform is the ability to characterize the local irregularity introduced by damage into the displacement shape and to react to subtle changes of the structure response.  The aim of the research is to verify the applicability of the wavelet transform in damage localization in engineering structures.  The efficiency of the applied wavelets is verified by experimentally and analytically determined data. Beam, plate and shell structures are tested experimentally and compared with numerical solutions. The measurement of the beam displacements in a large number of spatially distributed points is obtained by the photogrammetric measurement technique, whereas the measurements of the beam, plate and shell mode shapes are obtained by the impulse dynamic testing.  The locations of defects indicated by a peak in the spatial variation of the transformed response are successfully determined. The application of artificial neural networks enables prediction of the crack locations even if the analyzed data are noisy and illegible.  The main advantage of the proposed damage detection technique is the effective identification of the defect position without knowledge of neither characteristics of structure nor its mathematical model. Spis treści: LIST OF SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS    1. INTRODUCTION   1.1. Damage detection in civil engineering structures  1.2. Wavelet transform application in damage detection  1.3. Aim and scope of study    2. WAVELET THEORY   2.1. Introduction to wavelet analysis  2.2. One-dimensional wavelet transform  2.2.1. Continuous wavelet transform Vanishing moments Detection of singularities  2.2.2. Discrete wavelet transform Orthogonal wavelet transform Biorthogonal wavelet transform  2.2.3. Examples of wavelets  2.3. Two-dimensional wavelet transform  2.3.1. Continuous wavelet transform  2.3.2. Discrete wavelet transform  2.3.2. l. Orthogonal wavelet transform Biorthogonal wavelet transform  2.3.3. Examples of wavelets  2.4. Summary    3. WAVELET ANALYSIS IN DAMAGE DETECTION   3.1. Input signals  3.1.1. Experimental procedure for deflection lines determination  3.1.2. Experimental procedure for mode shapes determination  3.2. Wavelet selection for damage detection  3.2.1. One-dimensional wavelets  3.2.2. Two-dimensional wavelets  3.3. Discrete and continuous wavelet transform in damage detection  3.3.1. One-dimensional wavelet transform  3.3.2. Two-dimensional wavelet transform  3.4. Boundary effects  3.4.1. One-dimensional wavelet transform  3.4.2. Two-dimensional wavelet transform  3.5. Summary and conclusions    4. DAMAGE DETECTION ON EXPERIMENTAL EXAMPLES   4.1. Beam - static deflection lines  4.1.1. Experimental investigations of beam deflection lines  4.1.2. Numerical simulations  4.1.3. Results of wavelet analysis  4.2. Beam - mode shapes  4.2.1. Experimental investigations of beam mode shapes  4.2.2. Numerical simulations  4.2.3. Results of wavelet analysis  4.3. Plate - mode shapes  4.3.1. Experimental investigations of plate mode shapes  4.3.2. Numerical simulations  4.3.3. Results of wavelet analysis  4.4. Cylindrical shell - mode shapes  4.4.1. Experimental investigations of cylindrical shell mode shapes  4.4.2. Numerical simulations  4.4.3. Results of wavelet analysis  4.5. Summary and conclusions    5. DAMAGE DETECTION SYSTEMS BASED ON NEURAL NETWORKS   5.1. Fundamentals  5.2. Damage assessment using neural networks  5.3. Backpropagation neural network  5.4. Neural network defect detection system  5.4.1. Architecture  5.4.2. Training  5.4.3. Results of testing on experimental beam deflection lines  5.4.4. Results of testing on experimental beam mode shapes  5.4.5. Results of testing on experimental plate mode shapes  5.4.6. Results of testing on experimental shell mode shapes  5.5. Summary and conclusions 6. FINAL REMARKS 6.1. General remarks 6.2. Original elements of the study ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  REFERENCES SUMMARY IN ENGLISH SUMMARY IN POLISH


The modern modelling conceptions of business systems. Practice and theory - 2619309622

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The modern modelling conceptions of business systems. Practice and theory Politechnika Gdańska


This monograph is the next study of results of scientific research work The Production Systems Engineering Department of the Gdansk University of Technology. The monograph contains modern modeling concepts of business systems, examples of applications and directions of development. The research issue picked up here is up-to-date and important both to the theory and the practice. It includes the following topics: Evolution and transformation of business and manufacturing systems; Cyclical changes of the management paradigm ; Open systems in business applications; Integration of digital factory in the ERP system; Theory of industrial clusters; Word Class Manufacturing - integrated improvement program based on Six Sigma, Lean and TPM methodologies; Mean drift detection using statistical process control(case study); Quality improvement in health care services; Principles of TQM in tourist service


Applied Graph Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - 2827041145

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Applied Graph Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents novel graph-theoretic methods for complex computer vision and pattern recognition tasks. It presents the application of graph theory to low-level processing of digital images, presents graph-theoretic learning algorithms for high-level computer vision and pattern recognition applications, and provides detailed descriptions of several applications of graph-based methods to real-world pattern recognition tasks.This book will serve as a foundation for a variety of useful applications of graph theory to computer vision, pattern recognition, and related areas. It covers a representative set of novel graph-theoretic methods for complex computer vision and pattern recognition tasks. The first part of the book presents the application of graph theory to low-level processing of digital images such as a new method for partitioning a given image into a hierarchy of homogeneous areas using graph pyramids, or a study of the relationship between graph theory and digital topology. Part II presents graph-theoretic learning algorithms for high-level computer vision and pattern recognition applications, including a survey of graph based methodologies for pattern recognition and computer vision, a presentation of a series of computationally efficient algorithms for testing graph isomorphism and related graph matching tasks in pattern recognition and a new graph distance measure to be used for solving graph matching problems. Finally, Part III provides detailed descriptions of several applications of graph-based methods to real-world pattern recognition tasks. It includes a critical review of the main graph-based and structural methods for fingerprint classification, a new method to visualize time series of graphs, and potential applications in computer network monitoring and abnormal event detection.


Singularity Theory and Gravitational Lensing - 2826832443

848,96 zł

Singularity Theory and Gravitational Lensing Birkhäuser

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This monograph, unique in the literature, is the first to develop a §mathematical theory of gravitational lensing. The theory applies to §any finite number of deflector planes and highlights the distinctions §between single and multiple plane lensing. § Introductory material in Parts I and II present historical §highlights and the astrophysical aspects of the subject. Among the §lensing topics discussed are multiple quasars, giant luminous arcs, §Einstein rings, the detection of dark matter and planets with lensing, §time delays and the age of the universe (Hubble's constant), §microlensing of stars and quasars. § The main part of the book---Part III---employs the ideas and §results of singularity theory to put gravitational lensing on a §rigorous mathematical foundation and solve certain key lensing §problems. Results are published here for the first time. § Mathematical topics discussed: Morse theory, Whitney singularity §theory, Thom catastrophe theory, Mather stability theory, Arnold §singularity theory, and the Euler characteristic via projectivized §rotation numbers. These tools are applied to the study of stable lens §systems, local and global geometry of caustics, caustic metamorphoses, §multiple lensed images, lensed image magnification, magnification §cross sections, and lensing by singular and nonsingular deflectors. § Examples, illustrations, bibliography and index make this a §suitable text for an undergraduate/graduate course, seminar, or §independent thesis project on gravitational lensing. The book is also §an excellent reference text for professional mathematicians, §mathematical physicists, astrophysicists, and physicists.


Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust - 2827038268

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Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book reviews recent progress in the theory of oligopoly and market leadership and provides new results on the theory of Stackelberg competition and Nash competition with strategic investment under endogenous entry. These theories are applied to models of competition in quantities, prices and to patent races. The results are used to propose a new approach to competition policy and issues of the abuse of dominance.Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust develops a theory of market leadership in the presence of endogenous entry of firms and applies it to models of competition in the market and for the market. On this basis, the author provides a new approach to antitrust policy which is in support of the Chicago school but founded on a solid game-theoretic framework. The analysis is applied to the study of market leadership in the New Economy and of the recent antitrust cases involving Microsoft.§Federico Etro is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Milan, Bicocca, and President of the International Think-tank on Innovation and Competition. He has publications on leading international journals as The American Economic Review, The RAND Journal of Economics, The Economic Journal and others, and is a consultant for international organizations and companies on industrial and antitrust policy. §This book explores the role of leadership in the economic theory of oligopoly, both for static oligopoly and for dynamic patent races. I thoroughly enjoyed its refreshing perspective. Simon Anderson, University of Virginia§The simple but fundamental result on aggressive pricing by leaders facing endogenous entry, which has eluded researchers on the foundations of industrial organization so far, is bound to have a significant impact on the way people think about market entry, the role of potential competition, and issues of timing, strategic commitment and incumbency. Rabah Amir, University of Arizona§In this innovative and thoughtful book, Etro provides a novel approach to competition policy in innovative industries. Building on the notion of Stackelberg equilibrium with endogenous entry, which he has himself contributed to develop, he highlights the crucial role of potential competition in determining market performance. It will be of great value to scholars and visionary practitioners, and may hopefully have a large impact on competition policy. Vincenzo Denicol


Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications - 2826697195

943,68 zł

Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A unique collection of algorithms and lab experiments for practitioners and researchers of digital image processing technology With the field of digital image processing rapidly expanding, there is a growing need for a book that would go beyond theory and techniques to address the underlying algorithms. Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications fills the gap in the field, providing scientists and engineers with a complete library of algorithms for digital image processing, coding, and analysis. Digital image transform algorithms, edge detection algorithms, and image segmentation algorithms are carefully gleaned from the literature for compatibility and a track record of acceptance in the scientific community. The author guides readers through all facets of the technology, supplementing the discussion with detailed lab exercises in EIKONA, his own digital image processing software, as well as useful PDF transparencies. He covers in depth filtering and enhancement, transforms, compression, edge detection, region segmentation, and shape analysis, explaining at every step the relevant theory, algorithm structure, and its use for problem solving in various applications. The availability of the lab exercises and the source code (all algorithms are presented in C-code) over the Internet makes the book an invaluable self-study guide. It also lets interested readers develop digital image processing applications on ordinary desktop computers as well as on Unix machines.


Performance Analysis and Modeling of Digital Transmission Systems - 2827071983

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Performance Analysis and Modeling of Digital Transmission Systems Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book describes mathematical methods for analyzing digital transmission system performance. In contrast with publications that use an idealistic model of channels with independent errors, this book shows how to evaluate performance characteristics of information transmission systems in real communication channels with bursts of noise. The book shows how to apply hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to model and analyze performance of communications systems (including error correction codes and communication protocols) in channels with memory. This edition includes a new chapter describing the theory and applications of continuous state HMMs. Methods developed in the book have broad applications in queuing theory, speech and image recognition, signature verification, control theory, artificial intelligence, biology, fraud detection, and finance. The attached CD-ROM contains numerous MATLAB


Laboratory Guide to RNA - 2826730287

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Laboratory Guide to RNA John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Here is the most complete guide available to the isolation, analysis, and synthesis of RNA. It covers everything researchers and laboratory workers need to know about the study of gene expression via RNA analysis-from the theory behind the methods, to actual problem-solving techniques. Step-by-step protocols are presented for each method. A careful presentation of the experimental formalities of these protocols enables specialists and nonspecialists alike to implement the methods easily in the laboratory. Each protocol is accompanied by the theoretical background underlying the experimental procedure and most chapters contain illustrations of typical results and troubleshooting tips. A Laboratory Guide to RNA offers a straightforward detailed account of experimental procedures, ranging from the isolation of RNA from a variety of cell and tissue types, detection analysis, and quantitation using a range of strategies, to large- and small-scale synthesis of RNA. This unique guide not only covers established procedures such as RNA blotting and nuclease protection, but also the latest protocols for quantitative PCR and differential display. Protocols addressing in situ hybridization are highlighted in an eight-page, full-color section that illustrates the power of the technique for detection of gene expression in tissues and whole organisms. Featuring contributions from leading research laboratories and the biotechnology field, A Laboratory Guide to RNA: Isolation, Analysis, and Synthesis provides all the methods required for RNA analysis. It is the ideal laboratory guide for research scientists, graduate students, and lab personnel who need a solid reference on the analysis of gene expression at the RNA level.


Dark Matter and Dark Energy - 2827001793

564,32 zł

Dark Matter and Dark Energy Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book brings together reviews from leading international authorities on the developments in the study of dark matter and dark energy, as seen from both their cosmological and particle physics side. Studying the physical and astrophysical properties of the dark components of our Universe is a crucial step towards the ultimate goal of unveiling their nature. The work developed from a doctoral school sponsored by the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation.§The book starts with a concise introduction to the standard cosmological model, as well as with a presentation of the theory of linear perturbations around a homogeneous and isotropic background. It covers the particle physics and cosmological aspects of dark matter and (dynamical) dark energy, including a discussion of how modified theories of gravity could provide a possible candidate for dark energy. A detailed presentation is also given of the possible ways of testing the theory in terms of cosmic microwave background, galaxy redshift surveys and weak gravitational lensing observations. Included is a chapter reviewing extensively the direct and indirect methods of detection of the hypothetical dark matter particles. Also included is a self-contained introduction to the techniques and most important §results of numerical (e.g. N-body) simulations in cosmology. "This volume will be useful to researchers, PhD and graduate students in Astrophysics, Cosmology Physics and Mathematics, who are interested in cosmology, dark matter and dark energy.


Britain and the EU Constitution - 2834696288

464,00 zł

Britain and the EU Constitution Scholars Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book tries to measure the extent to which the attitude of the British towards the EU Constitution was influenced by the British printed media. This is done via studying the British press coverage of the issue from 2002 to 2005. The study relies on a corpus of articles from five British national newspapers: two tabloids (Sun & Daily Mirror), two upper market (Guardian & Daily Telegraph), and one middle market (Daily Mail). The study has opted for two theories of media and communication effects: Agenda Setting and Framing in order to methodologically handle the extracted articles. Through the Agenda Setting Theory, the potential transfer of issue salience and attributes from the press to the public is quantitatively and qualitatively studied. The potential correlation between issue salience/attributes and selected opinion polls is measured. Through the Framing Theory, the types of frames in the news stories are detected based on an extended version of Semetko & Valkenburg s (2000) checklist of frame detection and the textual and rhetorical devices with which the frames have been encapsulated are deciphered. This book targets Media & Communication and public opinion researchers.


Random Signals for Engineers Using MATLAB and Mathcad, w. CD-ROM - 2826869245

640,32 zł

Random Signals for Engineers Using MATLAB and Mathcad, w. CD-ROM Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This introduction to random variables and signals provides engineering students with the analytical and computational tools for processing random signals using linear systems. It presents the underlying theory as well as examples and applications using computational aids throughout, in particular, computer-based symbolic computation programs are used for performing the analytical manipulations and the numerical calculations. The accompanying CD-ROM provides MathcadTM and MatlabTM notebooks and sheets to develop processing methods. Intended for a one-semester course for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students, the book covers such topics as: set theory and probability; random variables, distributions, and processes; deterministic signals, spectral properties, and transformations; and filtering, and detection theory. The large number of worked examples together with the programming aids make the book eminently suited for self study as well as classroom use.


New Trends in Nanotechnology and Fractional Calculus - 2212846389

565,60 zł

New Trends in Nanotechnology and Fractional Calculus Springer Verlag

Dla dzieci

In recent years fractional calculus has played an important role in various fields such as mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, economics, modeling, identification, control theory and signal processing. The scope of this book is to present the state of the art in the study of fractional systems and the application of fractional differentiation. Furthermore, the manufacture of nanowires is important for the design of nanosensors and the development of high-yield thin films is vital in procuring clean solar energy. This wide range of applications is of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians.Table of contentsPreface;New trends in nanotechnology: Novel Molecular Diodes Developed by Chemial Conjugation of Carbon Nanotubes with Peptide Nucleic Acid, by Krishna V. Singh, Miroslav Penchev, Xiaoye Jing, Alfredo A. Martinez-Morales, Cengiz S. Ozkan and Mihri Ozkan;Hybrid Single Walled Carbon Nanotube FETs for High Fidelity DNA Detection, by Xu Wang, Mihri Ozkan, Gurer Budak, Ziya B. Guvenc and Cengiz S. Ozkan;Towards integrated nanoelectronic and photonic devices, by Alexander Quandt, Maurizio Ferrari and Giancarlo C. Righini;New noninvasive methods for


The Large Scale Structures, 1 - 2827182164

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The Large Scale Structures, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dark Energy and Dark Matter are among the greatest mysteries in modern cosmology. The present work explores in depth how large cosmic structures can help us unveil the nature of these components of the Universe. One the one hand, it focuses on a signature that Dark Energy imprints on the Cosmic Microwave Background through its impact on the time-evolution of gravitational potentials: the integrated Sachs-Wolfe (iSW) effect. Another cosmological background, the Cosmic Infrared Background, is considered for the first time in the study of the iSW effect and demonstrated to be a highly efficient and promising tracer. Changing the perspective on the problem, the use of superstructures for iSW detection is then extensively reviewed: using precise solutions to Einstein s general relativity equations, the full iSW effect is computed, especially due to the cosmic voids predicted by the theory. Using measurements from the most recent data, it is subsequently shown how the iSW probes the solidity of the cosmological standard model. On the topic of Dark Matter, an original study is presented, showing that temperature measurements of the intergalactic medium shed light on the nature of Dark Matter particles, providing the tightest constraints on their decay properties.


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