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Diffraction Based High Resolution Imaging Devices - 2834695647

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Diffraction Based High Resolution Imaging Devices LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Imaging at nanoscale using visible frequency spectrum has always been a challenging aspiration for optics community. The advent of plasmonics has given a great opportunity to engineer and invent optical devices using unconventional materials and methods that can manipulate light at nanoscale dimensions. In this book, Dr. Inampudi emphasize the principles of imaging devices using plasmonic diffraction elements and numerically demonstrate the capabilities of these devices to resolve objects with nanoscale resolutions. It includes a detailed numerical methodology to compute electromagnetic properties of various Cartesian coordinates based geometries such as rectangular slits and diffraction gratings. This book is ideal for applied physicists entering into the field of computational imaging and this volume gives an overall understanding of the design of materials and devices to enhance, image, and focus light at subwavelength scale. The proposed techniques have potential applications in the fields of on-chip optical circuitry, biological sensing, security, material characterization, and optical sensors.


High-Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Microscopy - 2826709887

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High-Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Microscopy Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This thesis describes novel approaches and implementation of high-resolution microscopy in the extreme ultraviolet light regime. Using coherent ultrafast laser-generated short wavelength radiation for illuminating samples allows imaging beyond the resolution of visible-light microscopes. Michael Zürch gives a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved, starting from the laser-based frequency conversion scheme and its technical implementation as well as general considerations of diffraction-based imaging at nanoscopic spatial resolution. Experiments on digital in-line holography and coherent diffraction imaging of artificial and biologic specimens are demonstrated and discussed in this book. In the field of biologic imaging, a novel award-winning cell classification scheme and its first experimental application for identifying breast cancer cells are introduced. Finally, this book presents a newly developed technique of generating structured illumination by means of so-called optical vortex beams in the extreme ultraviolet regime and proposes its general usability for super-resolution imaging.


Innovating DICOM-based image viewer to improve radiotherapy treatment - 2843492530

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Innovating DICOM-based image viewer to improve radiotherapy treatment LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

DICOM is a standard for modeling, storing, printing and transmitting information from medical imaging devices to healthcare systems. It is pervasively used in medical imaging in combination with different image formats and communication protocols. DICOM-based Medical Imaging Viewers provide the necessary capability for the doctors to interpret and analyze medical images such as brain scans and other modalities generated by radiology devices. The technology world moved from desktop to laptops, and very recently, even from laptops to tablets and phablets. On the contrary, DICOM-based Viewers are still traditional, mostly disconnected and offer fewer options for mobility. We propose a novel DICOM based Medical Image Viewer for tablets. This will allow targeted audience to view high resolution medical scans on their handhelds and tablets. Practitioners will be able to apply different image processing techniques for enhancing the medical images leading to improved readability and better diagnosis. The Viewer also offers color coding to assist in diagnosis.


Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy for Bioimaging - 2846572836

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Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy for Bioimaging LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy is a nonlinear Raman imaging technique that has received great attention for biological and biomedical imaging due to its ability of real-time, nonperturbative chemical mapping of live unstained cells and tissue based on molecular vibrations. However, the strong nonresonant background reduces the image contrast and sensitivity of CARS imaging. Its spatial resolution is limited by light diffraction. This research has systematically studied the near-field (NF) effects of nanoparticle sizes, orientations, polarization of excitations on NF-CARS imaging using FDTD method, and has developed a radially polarized near-field tip-enhanced (TE) CARS system for high-resolution vibrational imaging and a unique annular-aperture detection scheme for suppressing the solvent background. The novel TE-CARS technique and the multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy imaging platform developed in this work have great potential to provide new insights into better understanding of morphological, biochemical and biomolecular changes associated with tissue and cell pathologic transformation at the tissue, cellular and molecular levels without labeling.


4D Electron Microscopy - 2826891066

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4D Electron Microscopy Imperial College Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The modern electron microscope, as a result of recent revolutionary developments and many evolutionary ones, now yields a wealth of quantitative knowledge pertaining to structure, dynamics, and function barely matched by any other single scientific instrument. It is also poised to contribute much new spatially-resolved and time-resolved insights of central importance in the exploration of most aspects of condensed matter, ranging from the physical to the biological sciences. Whereas in all conventional EM methods, imaging, diffraction, and chemical analyses have been conducted in a static - time-integrated - manner, now it has become possible to unite the time domain with the spatial one, thereby creating four-dimensional (4D) electron microscopy. This advance is based on the fundamental concept of timed, coherent single-electron packets, or electron pulses, which are liberated with femtosecond durations. Structural phase transitions, mechanical deformations, and the embryonic stages of melting and crystallization are examples of phenomena that can now be imaged in unprecedented structural detail with high spatial resolution, and ten orders of magnitude as fast as hitherto. No monograph in existence attempts to cover the revolutionary dimensions that EM in its various modes of operation nowadays makes possible. The authors of this book chart these developments, and also compare the merits of coherent electron waves with those of synchrotron radiation. They judge it prudent to recall some important basic procedural and theoretical aspects of imaging and diffraction so that the reader may better comprehend the significance of the new vistas and applications now afoot. This book is not a vade mecum - numerous other texts are available for the practitioner for that purpose. It is instead an in-depth expose of the paradigm concepts and the developed techniques that can now be executed to gain new knowledge in the entire domain of biological and physical science, and in the four dimensions of space and time.


Physics of Automatic Target Recognition - 2841418925

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Physics of Automatic Target Recognition Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book examines the roles of sensors, physics based attributes, classification methods, and performance evaluation in automatic target recognition. It details target classification from small mine like objects to large tactical vehicles. Also explored in the book are invariants of sensor and transmission transformations, which are crucial in the development of low latency and computationally manageable automatic target recognition systems.Physics of Automatic Target Recognition addresses the fundamental physical bases of sensing, and information extraction in the state-of-the art automatic target recognition field. It explores both passive and active multispectral sensing, polarimetric diversity, complex signature exploitation, sensor and processing adaptation, transformation of electromagnetic and acoustic waves in their interactions with targets, background clutter, transmission media, and sensing elements. The general inverse scattering, and advanced signal processing techniques and scientific evaluation methodologies being used in this multi disciplinary field will be part of this exposition. The issues of modeling of target signatures in various spectral modalities, LADAR, IR, SAR, high resolution radar, acoustic, seismic, visible, hyperspectral, in diverse geometric aspects will be addressed. The methods for signal processing and classification will cover concepts such as sensor adaptive and artificial neural networks, time reversal filter. The issue of invariants of sensor and transmission transformations (geometrical, spectral and polarimetric invariants) will be explored. These invariants are crucial in the development of low latency and computationally manageable ATR systems. §The book addresses the issue of transformations that a signal goes through in its interactions with targets and background, in its passage through a medium and its final reception by a sensor. Only through understands of these transformations one can hope in addressing the inverse problem: the identification of originating sources of a signal (target recognition).§The book presents recent advances from internationally known leaders of industry, government, and academia in the field of optical and photonic sensors, systems and devices for sensing, imaging, detection, identification, recognition, prevention, verification and authentication.


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