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Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics - 2838789151

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Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics Springer

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Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics: Transport develops basic and advanced concepts of plasma transport to the modern treatment of the Chapman-Enskog method for the solution of the Boltzmann transport equation. §The book invites the reader to consider actual problems of the transport of thermal plasmas with particular attention to the derivation of diffusion- and viscosity-type transport cross sections, stressing the role of resonant charge-exchange processes in affecting the diffusion-type collision calculation of viscosity-type collision integrals.§A wide range of topics is then discussed including (1) the effect of non-equilibrium vibrational distributions on the transport of vibrational energy, (2) the role of electronically excited states in the transport properties of thermal plasmas, (3) the dependence of transport properties on the multitude of Saha equations for multi-temperature plasmas, and (4) the effect of the magnetic field on transport properties. §Throughout the book, worked examples are provided to clarify concepts and mathematical approaches. §This book is the second of a series of three published by the Bari group on fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics. The first book, Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics: Thermodynamics, is dedicated to plasma thermodynamics; and the third, Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics: Kinetics, deals with plasma kinetics.


Tracer Technology - 2826995069

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Tracer Technology Springer

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A vessel s behavior as a heat exchanger, absorber, reactor, or other process unit is dependent upon how fluid flows through the vessel. In early engineering, the designer would assume either plug flow or mixed flow of the fluid through the vessel. However, these assumptions were oftentimes inaccurate, sometimes being off by a volume factor of 100 or more. The result of this unreliable figure produced ineffective products in multiple reaction systems. §Written by a pioneering researcher in the field of chemical engineering, the tracer method was introduced to provide more accurate flow data. First, the tracer method measured the actual flow of fluid through a vessel. Second, it developed a suitable model to represent the flow in question. Such models are used to follow the flow of fluid in chemical reactors and other process units, like in rivers and streams, or solid and porous structures. In medicine, the tracer method is used to study the flow of chemicals harmful and harmless in the bloodstreams of humans and animals.§Tracer Technology Modeling the Flow of Fluids discusses how tracers are used to follow the flow of fluids, and how a variety of models are developed to represent these flows. §Octave Levenspiel is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. His primary interest is chemical reaction engineering, focusing largely on applying chemical reaction kinetics and physics to the design of chemical reactors. His work has been recognized with awards that include the R.H. Wilhelm award (AIChE), the W.K. Lewis award (AIChE), and the P.V. Danckwerts award (IChemE). His previous books, including Chemical Reaction Engineering, The Chemical Reactor Omnibook, and Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange, are widely used in industry and teaching, and have been translated into 12 foreign languages.


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