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Digital Design Using Vhdl - 2840239434

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Digital Design Using Vhdl

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & information technology>Computer hardwareKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & informa...

Provides Students With A System-level Perspective And The Tools They Need To Analyze And Design Complete Digital Systems Using VHDL.


Fundamentals Of Digital And Computer Design With Vhdl - 2840017221

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Fundamentals Of Digital And Computer Design With Vhdl

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & information technology>Computer science>Computer architecture & logic designKsiążki Obcojęzycz...

Intended For An Introductory Digital Design Course For Students At The Freshman Level, This Title Is Also Suitable For An Introductory Computer Design Course With Assembly Language Programming For Students At The Sophomore Level.


Beginning Digital from a Vhdl Perspective - 2835031770

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Beginning Digital from a Vhdl Perspective Cengage Delmar

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Beginning Digital From A Vhdl Perspective, International Edition" is the first book of its kind in the electronics technology market to break through the schematic barrier. Students achieve a deeper understanding of fundamental digital concepts with the VHDL language that will take them from the NAND function concepts to a fully-functional embedded microcomputer design. By beginning with basic circuit analysis and continuing on to digital concepts, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic introductory principles of digital electronics and VHDL. Topics covered include Boolean algebra, K-map simplification, encoders/decoders, latches, flip-flops, and number systems, among others. An introduction to VHDL constructs and formats is integrated into chapters in the text, giving the reader the most comprehensive understanding of digital concepts. "Beginning Digital from a VHDL Perspective, International Edition", offers an in-depth introduction to digital electronics while preparing the reader for success in the electronics technology industry.


FPGA Based Evaluation System for Digital Motor Control - 2826924942

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FPGA Based Evaluation System for Digital Motor Control AV Akademikerverlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In dieser Arbeit wurde - in Kooperation mit Oregano Systems - von der FH Wiener Neustadt betreut - eine frei konfigurierbare Pulsweitenmodulation Ansteuerung in einem FPGA realisiert. Begonnen wurde mit der Ausarbeitung einer Anforderungsliste, einer Entwurfsspezifikation und einem Zeitplan. Das FPGA wurde in der Hardware-Beschreibungssprache VHDL programmiert. Das Design wurde auf mehrere Blöcke aufgeteilt, um die Übersicht zu bewahren und bei Problemen diese leichter eingrenzen zu können. Zu jedem Block wurde eine eigene Simulationseinheit erstellt. Nach Eintreffen der Hardware wurde mit der Anpassung der Paramater begonnen. Danach erfolgten Tests mit der BLDC (Brush Less DC) Maschine. Um den Strom messen zu können, wurde eine Messschaltung von ARROW Electronics, Inc. zur Verfügung gestellten EPC EVAL Board herangezogen. Die Möglichkeiten zur Verbindung von PC und FPGA wurden theoretisch besprochen und ein Vergleich durchgeführt. Es wurden zwei Versionen eines GUI (Graphical User Interface) entworfen, eine für die B6- und eine für die BLDC- Konfiguration.


Microprocessors Software and Hardware Design Using Mc68000 - 2826739047

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Microprocessors Software and Hardware Design Using Mc68000 Innovate LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents the theory that is necessary for understanding the fundamentals of microprocessors and systems design in an easily understandable approach without the use of unnecessary formalism. It provides a thorough coverage of the 68000 processor architecture, instructions, and applications as well as an introduction to many peripheral interface chips. Topics covered include interfacing, troubleshooting, development systems and developing technologies, making this one of the most complete introductions available. Plenty of examples, illustrations, exercises, and problems are provided to reinforce readers' understanding of the material. It also includes performance objectives and critical thinking questions for every chapter. This textbook is intended for an introductory course in microprocessors, taken by engineering, engineering technology, and computer science students, for self-learning, or as a good reference for engineers and professionals. A complimentary instructors' manual is available as a PDF file upon request. About the Author: Michael H. Hassan holds B.S. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Electronics Engineering; and M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from WSU, Michigan, USA. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society, and Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical Engineering Honor Society. Dr. Hassan received the IEEE 2009 Outstanding Engineering Educator Award. His teaching and research interests include digital systems theory and design, microcomputer systems, microelectronics and VLSI design, Reconfigurable computing, image processing and vision systems, communication systems and networks, and alternative energy systems. He is the author of many scientific papers and four textbooks including "Microprocessors and Systems Design" (ISBN 9780981619439), "Microprocessors Hardware and Software Design Using MC68000" (ISBN 9780981619408), "Digital Electronics with VHDL Design" (ISBN 9780981619415), and "Fundamentals of Digital Design With VHDL" (ISBN 9780981619446).


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