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Information Security and Digital Forensics - 2826795837

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Information Security and Digital Forensics ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Information security practitioners are faced with a never-ending stream of threats and attacks, and need to be aware of how these threats and attacks are continually evolving. One of the primary challenges is keeping up with the sheer volume of information around these threats and making sense of the patterns as they evolve. Information Security and Digital Forensics: Threatscape and Best Practices provides you with incisive analysis from a panel of expert authors, led by John Sammons, bestselling author of The Basics of Digital Forensics. This complete reference surveys the landscape of information security threats and provides a coherent overview of the threatscape in a broad range of topics, providing practitioners and researchers alike with a comprehensive and coherent overview of the threat landscape and what can be done to manage and prepare for it, including insights in each of five core topics: Digital Forensics, Information Assurance/Security, CyberCrime, Open Source Intelligence, and Electronic Discovery. The only book to provide comprehensive overview and analysis of the threat landscape and best practices for defending against various attack vectors.Most resources focus on specific types of threats or attacks â


Digital Forensics Trial Graphics - 2843496875

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Digital Forensics Trial Graphics Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

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Digital Forensics Trial Graphics: Teaching the Jury through Effective Use of Visuals helps digital forensic practitioners explain complex technical material to lay people (i.e., juries, judges, etc). The book includes professional quality illustrations and animations of technical systems that help anyone understand the complex concepts behind the science. Users will find invaluable information on theory and best practices, along with guidance on how to design and deliver successful explanations. A companion website, which contains a collection of very high-quality, custom graphics created by professional designers, artists, and educators to illustrate the technical concepts and processes in a step-by-step manner is also included. Each process and concept is represented by a single image, series of images, or an animation that supplements and supports a verbal explanation. Talking points and guidelines for each topic are also included, along with customized PowerPoint templates that adhere to design best practice. * Learn skills for effective presentation of digital forensics evidence via graphics in a trial setting to lay people such as juries and judges* Presents the principles of visual learning and graphic design as a foundation for developing effective visuals* Learn best practices of slide design to develop effective visuals for presentation of evidence* Includes access to 80 professional quality graphics illustrating critical computer and network systems and process for collection of digital forensic evidence - invaluable assets to effective presentation of evidence at trial


Digital Forensics Processing And Procedures - 2843685251

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Digital Forensics Processing And Procedures

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Includes International Procedures, Best Practices, Compliance, And A Companion Web Site With Downloadable Forms. Written By World-renowned Digital Forensics Experts, This Book Provides Anyone Who Handles Digital Evidence With A Guide To Proper Procedure T


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