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Outline of Industrial Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition - 2826738274

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Outline of Industrial Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition Chemical Publishing Co Inc.,U.S.

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Contents - A. The chemistry of coal and crude on and the production of chemical raw materials and intermediates - I. Technology and upgrading of coal - II. Natural gas and petroleum - (1) Composition, upgrading, purification - (a) Distillation of petroleum, conversion and refining methods - (b) Refining and upgrading, dewaxing - (c) Technical properties of motor fuels - (2) The cracking processes - (3) Reforming - Ill. Hydrogenation of coal, tar, and crude oil - (1) Hydrogenation in the semi-solid phase - (2) Hydrogenation in the gas phase - Processing of the hydrogenation gases - (3) Variations of the hydrogenation processes - (a) Low temperature hydrogenation (LTH process) - (b) High temperature processes - IV. Syntheses with carbon monoxide - (1) Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide - (a) Hydrocarbon synthesis by the Fischer-Tropsch process - (b) Methanol and isobutyl oil synthesis - (2) Various syntheses with carbon monoxide - V. Production and processing of simple paraffins and olefins - (1) Technical processing of methane - (a) Synthesis gas from methane - (b) Chlorination of methane - (c) Hydrocarbons containing fluorine - (d) Hydrocyanic acid from methane (Andrussov process) - (e) Carbon black from methane and other hydrocarbons - (2) Technical processing of ethylene - (a) Halogen derivatives of ethylene - (b) Ethylene oxide - (c) Syntheses with ethylene oxide - (d) Hydration of olefins to alcohols - (3) Propane and propylene - (a) Propanol and di-isopropyl ether - (b) Production of phenol using cumene - (c) Glycerine - (d) Direct syntheses of allyl alcohol and glycerine from propene - (4) Butane and butene - (5) Higher molecular weight olefins - (6) Chlorination of higher paraffins - (7) Oxidation of paraffins - (8) Nitroparaffins - VI. Industrial processes for the production of various aliphatic compounds - (1) Dimethyl ether - (2) Diethyl ether and di-isopropyl ether - (3) Glycerine - (4) Synthetic substitutes for glycerine - (5) Aliphatic amines - VII. Acetylene production and syntheses based on acetylene - VIII. Aromatic intermediates - B. The chemical processing of raw materials produced in agriculture and forestry - I. Wood as a chemical raw material - II. Sugar, starch and glucose - III. The fermentation industry - IV. Technology of fats, oils, fatty acids and sopas - V. Tanning and the manufacture of leather, Tannins - C. The manufacture of commodities by chemical processing of natural and synthetic raw materials - I. Synthetic fibres - II. Raw materials for lacquers, plastics, elastomers, exchange resins, silicones - lII. Textile auxiliaries and washing raw materials - IV. Pharmaceutical products - V. Protection of plants and stores (pesticides) - VI. Synthetic organic dyestuffs - VII. Explosives (gunpowder and blasting agents) - Subject - index - Full TOC and Sample available at website.


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