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All That Jazz - 2839313798

68,99 zł

All That Jazz Cherry Red


1. Jonah 2. All That Jazz 3. Monday Morning Blues 4. Hands To Heaven 5. All This I Should Have Known 6. Don't Tell Me Lies 7. Any Trick 8. Liberties Of Love 9. Won't You Come Back? 10. For Love Or Money 11. How Can I Fall? 12. Don't Tell Me Lies (1986 Uk 7 Version) 13. In All Honesty (7 Version) 14. Jonah (1987 7 Version) 15. All That Jazz (Radio Mix) 16. Any Trick (Like A Monkey Radio Mix) 17. Jonah (1988 7 Version) 18. How Can I Fall? (Single Version) 19. Don't Tell Me Lies (1989 Us 7 Version) 101. Moments 102. Take A Little Time 103. Stay 104. Life & Times 105. Make It Funky 106. Don't Tell Me Lies (Dance Mix) 107. In All Honesty (Chilled Out Mix) 108. Jonah (A Whale Of Mix) 109. All That Jazz (Remix) 110. Hands To Heaven (Extended Heaven) 111. Any Trick (Like A Monkey Club Mix) 112. How Can I Fall? (Extended Remix) 113. Don't Tell Me Lies (Extended Version) 114. In All Honesty (Us Remix)


Public Melody No 1 The Co - 2839448630

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Public Melody No 1 The Co FREMEAUX


1. Theme & I've Got A Heart Full Of Rythm 2. You Rascal You 3. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 4. After You've Gone 5. Rhythm Jazz 6. That's What I Like 7. Memories Of You 8. Chinatown My Chinatown 9. Ida 10. Darling Nelly Gray 11. The Love Bug Will Bite You 12. Lazy River 13. Washington & Lee Swing 14. I Got Rhythm 15. I Know That You Know 16. Rockin' Chair 17. Sugar Foot Stomp 18. Bugle Blues 19. Hustin' & Blustin' For Baby 20. Shoe Shine Boy 21. Will You Do A Stomp 22. Finale When It's Sleepy Time Down South 101. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 102. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 103. The Old Folks At Home 104. Public Melody Number One 105. Public Melody Number One 106. Yours & Mine 107. Red Cap 108. She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana 109. Alexander's Ragtime Band 110. Cuban Pete 111. I Ve Got A Heart Full Of Rhythm 112. Sun Showers 113. Jubilee 114. Once In A While 115. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 116. Satchel Mouth Swing 117. Jubilee 118. Struttin' With Somme Barbecue 119. The Trumpet Player Lament 120. I Double Dare You 121. True Confession 201. Let That Be A Lesson To You 202. Sweet As A Song 203. So Little Time 204. Mexican Swing 205. As Long As You Live You'll Be Dead If You Die 206. When The Saints Go Marchin' In 207. On The Sentimental Side 208. It's Wonderful 209. Something Tells Me 210. Love Walked In 211. In Flat Foot Floogie 212. The Song Is Ended 213. My Walking Stick 214. Shadrack 215. Going To Shout All Over God's Heaven 216. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 217. Jonah & The Whale 218. Naturally 219. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 220. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 221. Ain't Misbehavin 222. Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Throwing Stones 223. Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Generosity


Go Giants - 2838458948

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Go Giants Faber & Faber Poetry

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

To a Fault, Nick Laird's debut collection, won the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and the Jerwood Aldeburgh First Collection Prize; On Purpose, his follow up, won a Somerset Maugham award for travel writing and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. In Go Giants, his third and most ambitious volume, Nick Laird's poetry travels yet further afield, connecting the shores of his native Northern Ireland with those of the American east coast where he spends increasing time. The result is an almost trans-Atlantic fusion, an inventive melding of Ulster lyricism with proto-Beat rhythms and phrase. The author's gaze appears longer and more penetrative than before, casting back across the ocean to find a fresh perspective on older questions while vividly capturing the vibrancy of the new. Nick Laird writes with wit and candour, with polemic and persuasion, with no subject seemingly too large or too small: weapons of mass destruction, sectarian violence, religious faith, Jonah and the Whale, marriage, fatherhood, a daughter. A profoundly versatile collection, equally capable of public crescendo and a more personal hum, Go Giants is a daring and a thrilling endeavour by a writer described by Colm Toibin as 'an assured and brilliant voice in Irish poetry'.


Wooden Puzzles - 2826766308

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Whether you're new to scrolling or have been at the craft for quite some time, there's a puzzle project waiting for you inside this new book. Collected from the pages of "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts", you'll discover 29 of the most beloved puzzle patterns and projects. Creative, colourful and separated by difficulty level for easy selection, each design features a colour photo of the finished puzzle and a pattern, while selected projects feature step-by-step instructions for easy completion. Readers are treated to the work from a variety of talented artists, like John A. Nelson, Carl Hird-Rutter, Judy and Dave Peterson, Jim Sweet and many more. The puzzles make perfect gifts or items to sell at craft fairs. Inside you'll find: cuddly cats, Jonah and the Whale, an owl with her family, a woolly mammoth, a teacher's puzzle, The World's Most Difficult Puzzle and many more. These "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts" subscriber favourites are sure to become your most beloved puzzles too!


THE LEGENDARY SATCHMO [2 CD box] - 2834459356

27,90 zł


Muzyka / Jazz

SPIS UTWORÓW: CD 1 01. Before Long 02. Lovely Weather We´re Having 03. A Song Has Born 04. Fifty Fifty Bluse 05. Jack Armstrong Blues 06. Rockin' Chair 07. Some Day 08. I Believe 09. It Takes Time 10. I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder 11. Why Doubt My Love? 12. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 13. Endie 14. Mahogany Hall Stomp 15. Blues For Yesterday 16. Blues In The South 17. I Want A Little Girl 18. Back O´Town Blues 19. Joseph And His Brudders 20. Linger In Your Arms A Little Longer 21. Where The Blues Were Born In New Orleans 22. No Variety Blues 23. Whatta Ya Gonna Do? 24. Long Jong Journey 25. Snafu CD 2 01. Coquette 02. I Never Knew 03. You Rascal You 04. I Cover The Waterfront 05. Long, Long Ago 06. Coal Cart Blues 07. Down In Honky Tonk Town 08. Perdido Street Blues 09. 2:19 Blues 10. Cut off My Legs And Call Me "Shorty" 11. Wolverine Blues 12. Bye And Bye 13. Baby Won´t You Please Come Home 14. Our Monday Date 15. Hear Me Takin To Ya 16. Save It, Pretty Mama 17. Lazy Bones 18. Jeepers Creepers 19. What Is This Thing Called Swing? 20. Nobody Knows The Trouble I´ve Seen 21. Ain´t Misbehavin´ 22. I Can´t Give You Anything But Love 23. I´ve Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 24. Naturally 25. Jonah And The Whale


Hollerin' - 2839523615

42,99 zł

Hollerin' Rounder


1. Emanuel, Leonard - Old-timey Holler / Ditty 2. Emanuel, Leonard - Old Georgie Buck 3. Emanuel, Leonard - The Whale Swallowed Jonah 4. Oliver, H. H. - Distress Holler Song / Getting Up 5. Oliver, H. H. - Rafting Logs Down Neuse River 6. Oliver, H. H. - Hollerin' On The Way To See A Girl 7. Parker, Paul - Calling For Water / Getting Up Holl 8. Emanuel, Leonard - Blow The Horn Blow 9. Emanuel, Leonard - Freckle-faced Liza Jane / I Wis 10. Emanuel, Leonard - Hoot Owl Fight / Mocking A Fox 11. Emanuel, Leonard - Field Call & Answer / Distress 12. Emanuel, Leonard - The Great Judgement Morning / D 13. Jackson, O. B. - Shortnin' Bread / Old-timey Holle 14. Jackson, O. B. - Lonesome Valley / Distress Holler 15. Jackson, O. B. - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / . 16. Jackson, Dewey - O.b. Calls Dewey / Turpentine Woo 17. Jackson, O. B. & Dewey - I Shall Not Be Moved / Th 18. Mclamb, Dan & His 3-legged Dog Percy - Holler 19. Brown, Paula - Farm Hollers 20. Brown, Bert - Calling Dogs 21. Lee, Floyd - Old-time Hollers 22. Lee, Floyd - Lulu's My Darling / Hollering In An A 23. Lee, Floyd - Distress Holler / Stopping A Rabbit W 24. Parsons, Henry - Rolling Waters Holler / Quit That


Shared Stories, Rival Tellings - 2854364086

202,09 zł

Shared Stories, Rival Tellings Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

While existing scholarship informs us about early contact between Christians, Muslims, and Jews, the nature of that interaction, and how it developed over time, is still often misunderstood. Robert Gregg emphasizes that there was both mutual curiosity, since all three religions had ancestral traditions and a commanding God in common, and also wary competitiveness, as each group was compelled to sharpen its identity against the other two. Faced with the overlap of many scriptural stories, they were eager to defend the claim that they alone were God's preferred people. In Shared Stories, Rival Tellings, Gregg performs a comparative investigation of how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpreters-both writers and artists-developed their distinctive and exclusionary understandings of narratives common to their three Holy Books: Cain and Abel, Sara and Hagar, Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, Jonah and the Whale, and Mary the Mother of Jesus. Exposed in the process are the major issues under contention and the social-intellectual forces that contributed to spirited, creative, and sometimes combative exchanges between Muslims, Christians and Jews. In illuminating these historical moments, and their implications for contemporary relations between these three religions, Gregg argues that scripture interpreters played an often underappreciated role in each religion's individual development of thought, spirituality, and worship, and in the three religions' debates with one another-and the cultural results of those debates.


Morricone Awards - 2844416642

124,99 zł

Morricone Awards Metal Mind Productions


1. Lady Caliph 2. Maddalena 3. Ce Merveilleux November 4. Jonah Who Lived In The Whale 5. Bluebeard 6. The Mission 7. Escalation 8. Once Upon A Time In America 9. Sans Mobile Apparent 10. The Legend Of The Pianist On The Ocean 11. Les Clan Des Siciliens 12. The Tempter 13. Love Circle 14. Burn! 15. La Cage Aux Folles 16. Il Mostro 17. The Iron Prefect 18. The Meadow 19. Le Desert Des Tartares 20. Cinema Paradiso 21. The Lady Of Monza 22. Once Upon A Time In The West


Gospel 1937 - 1941 - 2839361000

129,99 zł

Gospel 1937 - 1941 FREMEAUX


1. To The Rock 2. Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground 3. Golden Gate Gospel Train 4. Gabriel Blows His Horn 5. Lead Me On And On 6. Saints Go Marching In 7. Sweet Adeline 8. John The Revelator 9. Remember Me 10. Preacher And The Bear 11. Sampson 12. Take Your Burdens To God 13. Travelin'shoes 14. Carolina In The Morning 15. Packing Up - Getting Ready To Go 16. Born Ten Thousand Years Ago 17. Go Where I Send Thee 18. Rock My Soul 101. Jonah In The Whale 102. I Looked Down The Road And Wondered 103. Every Time That I Feel The Spirit 104. Our Father 105. Timber 106. Jezebel 107. Hide Me In Thy Boson 108. My Walking Stick 109. Pick A Bale Of Cotton 110. Rock Island Line 111. Ol'man Mose 112. What's New 113. Daniel Saw The Stone 114. Noah 115. Whoa Babe 116. I'm A Pilgrim 117. Anyhow 118. Didn't It Rain


Funeral Songs. . - Digi - - 2839353330

64,99 zł

Funeral Songs. . - Digi - Documents


1. Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In 2. George Lewis - Just A Closer Walk With Thee 3. Eureka Brass Band - Sing On 4. J.c. Higginbotham - Feelin' The Spirit 5. Bunk Johnson - Low Down Blues 6. Jelly Roll Morton - Oh, Didn't He Ramble? 7. Louis Armstrong - The Lonesome Road 8. Eureka Brass Band - West Lawn Dirge 12. George Lewis - Closer Walk 13. Louis Armstron - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've S 14. Louis Armstrong - Going To Shout All Over God's 15. King Oliver - Sweet Lovin' Man 16. George Lewis - Gloryland 17. Kid Ory - Blues For Jimmie 18. Louis Armstrong - Lawd, You Made The Night Too L 19. George Lewis - Bourbon Street Parade 20. Louis Armstrong - Bey And Bye 21. Louis Armstrong - Poor Old Joe 101. Louis Armstrong - New Orleans Function 102. Jelly Roll Morton - I Thought I Heard Buddy Bold 103. Eureka Brass Band - You Tell Me Your Dream 104. Louis Armstrong - Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Gene 105. Clarence Williams - Do You Call Dat Relegion? 106. Louis Armstrong - Jonah And The Whale 107. Clarence Williams - Old Time Relegion 108. Clarence Williams - Go Down, Moses 109. Bunk Johnson - Lord, Lord, You've Been Too Good 110. Louis Armstrong - Basin Street Blues 111. Louis Armstrong - Ol' Man Moses 112. Clarence Williams - Lord Deliver Daniel 113. Clarence Williams - Heaven, Heaven 114. Clarence Williams - It's Me, O Lord 115. New Orleans Wanderers - Perdido Street Blues 116. Henry 'Red' Allen - Canal Street Blues 117. George Lewis - We Shall Walk Through The Streets 118. Louis Armstrong - Cain & Abel 119. Louis Armstrong - When It's Sleepy Time Down Sou 120. Kid Ory - South 121. Louis Armstrong - Joseph'n His Brudders 122. Louis Armstrong - As Long As You Live, You'll Be 123. Louis Armstrong - Where The Blues Were Born In N


Golden Years - 2845982857

58,99 zł


Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. When The Moon Geos Down 2. I'm A Pilgrim 3. What Did Jesus Say 4. Hold On 5. This Whole World 6. Amazing Grace 7. Have Thine Own Way 8. Heaven Is A Beautiful Place 9. Something Within Me 10. Downward Road 11. The End Of My Journey 12. I'll Fly Away 13. Give Me Two Wings 14. Lover Come Back To Me 15. Careless Love 16. What A Time 17. You Better Mind 18. Look Away Into Heaven 19. Ride Up In The Chariot 20. Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John 101. Golden Gate Quartet Story 102. The Creation, The Origins, The Church Years... 103. The First Radio Show... 104. The First Record... 105. 1938 At Carnegie Hall... 106. The Cafe Society Anecdote... 107. The Golden Gate Quartet At Cbs 108. Spirituals & Gospel Music... 109. Franklin D. Roosevelt... The Cinema Films 110. Europe..., First World Tours..., The Casino De Pa 111. The Recent Years... 112. The Award 113. Historical Recordings (Late 30's / Early 40's) 114. I Was Brave 115. I Heard Zion Moan 116. Cheer The Weary Traveler 117. Packing Up, Getting Ready To Go 118. Ol' Man Mose 119. He Said He Would Calm The Ocean 120. Jonah In The Whale 121. Rock Island Line


Hallelujah - 2839359506

87,49 zł

Hallelujah FREMEAUX


1. Shadrack 2. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 3. When The Saints Go Marchin'in 4. Dear Old Southland 5. Old Man Mose 6. Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long 7. I'll Get Mine Bye & Bye 8. As Long As You Live 9. Now You Call That A Buddy 10. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 11. Going To Shout All Over God's Heaven 12. Cain & Abel 13. Jonah & The Whale 14. Bye & Bye 15. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 16. Shadracky 17. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen


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