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Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit - 2834149910

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Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit Grace Foundation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit is an invitation to release anything in your life that is blocking your precious life force. It provides a natural path to your divine spirit. To be well and vibrant on all levels, you must learn to look deep into the root cause of suffering. Well Being in Body, Mind and Spirit is loving all aspects of your being; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields, and becoming a great caretaker of your soul. Well Being takes you on a journey through your luminious energy fields where you will learn to have vibrant and abundant health in your body, mind and spirit.



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The Fallen Angel Dinah, one of the Supreme leaders of Samael, is a legend among legends. Bestowed with godly powers and carrying within her soul the combined power of light and darkness, she is a positive power who seeks a better future for Gaia. Attack: 5 Damage: 5 Defense: 10 Armor: 0 Life Points: 15 Resistance: 12 Movement: 8/12 Action Recovery/Max: 3/5 2 - Blessing (Magic, Effect) All friendly units within Dinah's control zone gain +1 attack and defense. This ability may be channeled through Lucera. Upkeep: 1 2 - Darkness Veil (Magic, Effect) All enemy units within Dinah's control zone suffer Blind Lv 1, Effect 14. This ability may be channeled through Umbra. 2 - Energy Projection (Magic, Ranged attack) Distance (16 inches) This ability may be channeled through Lucera or Umbra, if so then its distance is halved. 3 - Devastation (Magic, attack) +4 Attack. Dinah makes a single attack on all units within 3 inches of either Lucera or Umbra. After resolving it the spirit that was used to resolve Devastation is removed from play. 4 - Reality Fold (Magic, Effect) Dinah trades positions on the board with either Lucera or Umbra. Dinah may take up to 3 friendly units in her control zone with her. These characters are placed in base to base contact with Dinah after the switch in positions. This ability can be used to remove characters in hand-to-hand combat. Limit: Once per game Second Card of abilities: Divine Being: While Dinah is in play her controller gets one extra Gnosis point per turn Umbra and Lucera: Dinah has two spirit guardians that will be deployed when she is. They are Umbra and Lucera. These are no more than extensions of Dinah's will with no attributes other than Speed. They cannot be damaged in any way (or removed from the game by other character's abilities) nor can they take any Actions other than to move. Umbra and Lucera are removed from play if Dinah leaves play. If an enemy Character wishes to occupy the same space as either Umbra or Lucera, the spirits are moved up to 1 inch (into an open area) by their controlling player to vacate the space. Umbra and Lucera move freely and independently during Dinah's activation as Intangible Units with a Speed of 12 and a Control Zone of 4 inches. Spiritual Link: Dinah can c hannel some of her magic abilities through Umbra and Lucera. When she does this Dinah is considered as being in the same position on the board as her spirit guardian. If she tries to channel an ability through a spirit guardian that is not within 16 inches of her (measures are taken after declaring the ability activation), the ability has no effect and theat spirit guardian is removed from play.


True Abundance - 2826818052

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When we find ourselves wanting more money or material wealth, what is it that our souls are really seeking? According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, what we long for is "true abundance"the overfl owing treasure of divine energy that is all around us at all times. On True Abundance, this visionary teacher brings listeners practical and accessible techniques for breaking free of our limited view of prosperity and connecting to the bounty that is always available to us. Th is two-CD program includes: ˘˘ Practicing the Law of Circulation: insights on how our concept of "ownership" undermines genuine wealth ˘˘ Meditations for dismantling the internal barriers between you and your true divine inheritance ˘˘ Skillful means for hearing the voice of Spirit that guides you toward prosperity, and more What is the actual key to wealth: hard work, ingenuity, or perhaps just luck?


Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls - 2826880164

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Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls Llewellyn Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text offers practical information on the applications and use of the quartz crystal ball and modern crystal bowl as a magical tool. The book takes the ancient processes of divination and scrying out of the realm of the supernatural and places them in the domain of natural knowledge. It reveals why crystal balls and crystal bowls are dynamic instruments for transformation, and how they can be used to divine the future, the astral project, to connect the spirits, to heal and to balance the human energy system. The book explores their many functions, and reveals the secrets of vibrational energy, as well as its application for increasing intuition and activating creativity. Step-by-step, the reader can learn techniques for crystal gazing, scrying, attuning to spirit guides, developing clairvoyance, and healing. Crystal balls and crystal bowls are two powerful tools for opening to higher states of consciousness, and this book provides information on the "hows and whys" of them and aims to show how their magic can enhance the reader's life.


Become An Earth Angel - 2839975269

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Become An Earth Angel

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Mind, Body, Spirit>Psychic powers & psychic phenomena>Spirit guides, ange...

With New Information About Concepts Such As The Fifth Dimension, The Angelic Realms, Original Consciousness And Connecting To The Divine Energy, Earth Angel Offers Comfort To Many People Who Feel Themselves Out Of Place In This World, But Have Never Under


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