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DIY Beer Brewing Rockridge Press

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A Brew-It-Yourself Guide to Crafting Beer at Home You don't like beer. You love it. That sublime pour. That first frothy sip. Now you want to experiment with brewing beer batches at home, and there are plenty of books out there for the curious and eager DIY-er. But other homebrew titles give exhaustive historical accounts and complicated technical details about the science of brewing beer. You don't need all the science. You need simple, no-fuss instructions to nailing that perfect homebrew. Enter: DIY Beer Brewing. Featuring simple, step-by-step instructions for first-time home brewers, it's never been easier to prepare tasty batches. A crash course on types of beers, from ales to pilsners, paves the way to mastering home fermentation. Brush up on beer brewing basics, by: . Learning the 10 basic steps to home brewing beer . Becoming proficient in finding the right equipment . Experimenting with original craft beer recipes . Diversifying your beer brewing exploration, by adding ingredients like coffee, chocolate, and bacon DIY Beer Brewing will give the first-time home brewer the confidence and skill to innovate and create, again and again. Cheers!


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