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Why am I Sick? - 2837115762

69,01 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Have you ever asked, 'Why am I sick?' and found that your doctor can't give you a satisfying answer? Western medicine can rarely answer this question - just look at any medical dictionary, and for 99 per cent of diseases listed, the cause is not known. The question is, how can you cure a disease - permanently - if you don't know what caused it in the first place? In Why Am I Sick? Richard Flook explains how disease really works, revealing how the body has not, in fact, made a mistake, but that there are different types of stressful experiences that can cause specific diseases to occur. He tackles the challenging questions of why cancers develop, how chronic diseases are caused, how allergies start, why our beliefs about bacteria and viruses are flawed, and how our present way of treating disease is in desperate need of updating. This ground-breaking book will challenge your present belief system about disease, and at the same time empower you by finally answering the question: 'Why am I sick?', to put you back in control of your health!


Turkish Angora Cats Owner's Manual. Turkish Angora Cats Care, Personality, Grooming, Health and Feeding. - 2842365829

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Turkish Angora Cats Owner's Manual. Turkish Angora Cats Care, Personality, Grooming, Health and Feeding. IMB Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I never had the chance to deal with animals until my little sister brought home a stray cat. I didn't know at the time but found out afterwards that it was a Turkish Angora cat. My biggest thanks goes to my sister as it was her who introduced me to the world of animals and more specifically, the world of cats. Hereby, I am sharing some insights and thoughts about my experience when taking care of cats. I have become a true cat lover and I have had over 15 cats as pets. I hope this book teaches you how to take good care of your cat - whatever breeds they are. I know, every single breed differs on behavior, characteristics, feeding, personality - but they all require attention and care. A Turkish Angora is royalty in many parts of the world. In this book, you will find some information about the history as well as the care of the Turkish Angora. Feeding patterns are important but which foods are best to give your cat, is it fish or meat? What allergies are susceptible with this cat breed? Your questions about grooming will be answered as well as any questions you might have about personality, behavior, training, travelling, daily care, etc.. This book is full of sound advice and tips to keep your cat happy.


Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible - 2826750414

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Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible BowTie Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Following in the paw- and hoof-prints of I-5's best-selling The Original Dog Bible and The Original Horse Bible comes The Original Cat Bible, the ultimate resource for cat owners and lovers from the editors of Cat Fancy magazine. This new 500-page volume promises to be the most complete and authoritative book of its kind, authored by award-winning writer Sandy Robins with special veterinary chapters by Dr. Arnold Plotnick and an extensive breed section by Sarah Hartwell and Lorraine Shelton. The Original Cat Bible delves deeply into all things feline, from the domestication of cats and the development of pure breeds to the anatomy and genetics of felines. Between its two covers, it bequeaths a wealth of information to the cat fanciers, detailing all aspects of cat care and ownership, bejeweled with fun tidbits and trivia to entertain even the most discerning of feline lovers. The book begins with a detailed history of the modern cat, including the noble big cats of the wild and the small domesticated cats adored indoors by millions around the world. In her venture into the modern-day world of cats, the author discusses the genesis of cat welfare and rescue, as well as concerns about stray and feral cats in our communities, explaining the problems and offering practical solutions. From a more universal perspective, the text explores the feline's place in world religions, the cat-laden folklore of Asia, Europe and North America, cats in religion, popular culture through the ages (literature, art, cartoons, and movies), and contemporary social media (YouTube, blogs, and Facebook). The Original Cat Bible discusses the development of cat breeds and the genetics of purebred cats. While the establishment of purebred cats is a fairly modern development, some breeds have existed in a "pure form" for many centuries. In order to explain the significance of specific breeds, the author describes the essential physical characteristics of the cat, including body types, coat types, colors, and patterns. Guest authors Hartwell and Shelton, both highly regarded experts in the purebred cat world, present seventy-five breeds of cat from the familiar Siamese and Persian to the lesser known Australian Mist and Pixie Bob, describing their origins, breed standards, personalities, all accompanied by dazzling color photography. The book features expansive coverage of every recognized cat breed in the world, plus many experimental and new breeds that have come and gone. Robins resumes the discussion of cat ownership, covering important topics such as finding a kitten, choosing between breeders and shelters, achieving the right feline match for your family, bringing the cat into a new home, cat-proofing and safety around the house, and shopping for supplies for the new cat (accessories ranging from litter boxes and beds to harnesses and cat trees). New owners will value the information about introducing the cat to family and other pets, the importance of selecting a qualified veterinarian, securing veterinary insurance, and establishing an immunization schedule with your vet. Information about kitten health concerns, including viral diseases and parasites, and complementary therapies and holistic medicine, diagnostic tests and new technologies available is thorough and detailed. A user-friendly, very readable chapter on grooming follows, offering advice on caring for the coats of kittens, adults and older cats, purchasing grooming tools, learning techniques, and establishing a regimen for brushing and bathing, nail, eye, ear and teeth care. The feeding chapter begins with a fascinating and entertaining history of pet food in America and then goes on to discuss such important topics as the nutritional requirements of cats at all life stages, the choice between commercial diets and natural foods, food allergies, and special care of obese and pregnant cats. In introducing the elaborate section on healthcare, renowned veterinarian Dr. Arnold Plotnick presents an overview of feline anatomy, including the basics of the body, skin, coat, ears, eyes, teeth, paws, and bodily systems. The chapter on external conditions, diseases and disorder covers over eighty specific feline diseases (categorized by anatomical region), followed by a chapters on infectious diseases and internal and external parasites; reproductive care, puberty, mating, and pregnancy; and serious life-threatening disorders (diabetes, cancer, and hyperthyroidism). A chapter on senior cats offers readers information on health issues with older cats (arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, vision and hearing loss), common behavior issues, as well grief counseling upon the loss of a beloved cat. A section on fun with cats includes the various activities and enrichment exercises owners can do with their cats, as well as cat agility and cat shows (covering both major American cat registries, the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association). Further topics in this expansive volume include traveling with cats, pet-care options for owners (kitty day care, pet sitters, and boarding), dealing with emergencies, first aid, and disaster planning, finding a lost cat, relocating with cats and preventing loss during a move. The Original Cat Bible offers the gospel on cat behavior and training, and preaches that cats can indeed be trained! The author offers a compendium on feline communication, including body language and vocalizations, and a training course that advocates socialization and positive-reinforcement training (remote control training, redirection, and clicker training). In addressing problem behaviors, the author puts forward solutions for dozens of commonly encountered nuisances, such as litter box messes, scratching, aggression, separation anxiety and pica. The final section of the book celebrates cats at work in the community, from therapy cats in nursing homes and rest-home facilities to cats working as greeters and library and book-store assistants. Readers will delight in the section about celebrity cats. Cats have made a splash working professionally as actors and models in the entertainment worlds of movies, television, and advertising. For readers wishing to work with cats themselves, the book discusses a variety of career paths as veterinarians, vet assistants, groomers, trainers and behaviorists, massage therapists, cat sitters, animal-control officers, and photographers. The book has an expansive resource section including websites, books, and periodicals, and is fully indexed.


CT3M Handbook - 2843910380

124,23 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book describes how the author recovered from severe adrenal hormone issues by developing an innovative and simple approach called the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M), which supports the adrenal glands as nature intended. Thyroid patients often have symptoms associated with low cortisol. These can include: severe fatigue; low blood sugar; aches/pains; dizziness; poor response to thyroid hormones; anxiety; fluctuating body temperature; digestive upsets; allergies; nausea; low blood pressure - to name but a few. Thyroid hormones will not work correctly if the adrenal glands do not produce an adequate level of cortisol. Consequently, unless there is good adrenal health, symptoms of hypothyroidism may continue to be present, even if thyroid hormone levels have been corrected. Symptoms of low cortisol appear to be at epidemic levels among thyroid patients. The author explains why partial adrenal insufficiency can often be present when a thyroid patient is taking thyroid medication. The Circadian T3 Method (CT3M) is an approach to using T3 or natural desiccated thyroid medications that mimics the natural rhythm of our thyroid hormones and helps to improve adrenal function. CT3M has been used by thousands of thyroid patients since the author first introduced it in his first book 'Recovering with T3'. CT3M is providing thyroid patients and their doctors with a simple, natural way to correct adrenal function. The CT3M Handbook book explains CT3M in depth. It provides thyroid patients, and their doctors, with the wealth of information that is needed when using CT3M to recover adrenal health. The book has a foreword by Dr. Sarah Myhill, who has this to say about the book: "It gives every thyroid patient the clues, the rules and most importantly the confidence to identify underlying impediments to recovering their health, and adjust their dosage of thyroid hormones to an individually tailored regime, in collaboration with an informed doctor. Paul's attention to detail is second to none. Furthermore, he looks outside simple hormone issues to the many other dietary and lifestyle changes, which are so important for long-term health. I would recommend this book to any patient with undiagnosed health problems or diagnosed hypothyroidism but who has failed to respond to standard mono-therapy with thyroxine." The CT3M Handbook is a must-read for all thyroid patients struggling with partial adrenal insufficiency. It is also essential reading for doctors who have patients like these in their care. It complements the author's first book (Recovering with T3).


Complete Albums Collection - 2839379416

269,99 zł

Complete Albums Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. I Am Rock 2. Leaves That Are Green 3. A Church Is Burning 4. April Come She Will 5. The Sound Of Silence 6. A Most Peculiar Man 7. He Was My Brother 8. Kathy's Song 9. The Side Of A Hill 10. A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert 11. Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall 12. Patterns 13. I Am A Rock (Alternate Version) 14. A Church Is Burning (Alternate Version) 101. Mother & Child Reunion 102. Duncan 103. Everything Pur Together Falls Apart 104. Run That Body Down 105. Armistice Day 106. Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard 107. Peace Like A River 108. Papa Hobo 109. Hobo's Blues 110. Paranoia Blues 111. Congratulations 112. Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard 113. Duncan 114. Paranoia Blues 201. Kodachrome 202. Tenderness 203. Take Me To The Mardi Gras 204. Something So Right 205. One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor 206. American Tune 207. Was A Sunny Day 208. Learn How To Fall 209. St. Judy's Comet 210. Loves Me Like A Rock 211. Let Me Live In Your City 212. Take Me To The Mardi Gras (Acoustic Demo) 213. American Tune (Unfinished Demo) 214. Loves Me Like A Rock (Acoustic Demo) 301. Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard 302. Homeward Bound 303. American Tune 304. El Condor Pasa (If I Could) 305. Duncan 306. The Boxer 307. Mother & Child Reunion 308. The Sound Of Silence 309. Jesus Is The Answer 310. Bridge Over Troubled Water 311. Loves Me Like A Rock 312. America 313. Kodachrome 314. So Something So Right 401. Still Crazy After All These Years 402. My Little Town 403. I Do It For Your Love 404. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 405. Night Game 406. Gone At Last 407. Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy 408. Have A Good Time 409. You're Kind 410. Silent Eyes 411. Slip Slidin' Away (Demo) 412. Gone At Last 501. Late In The Evening 502. That's Why God Made The Movies 503. One-trick Pony 504. How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns 505. Oh, Marion 506. Ace In The Hole 507. Nobody 508. Jonah 509. God Bless The Absentee 510. Long, Long Day 511. Soft Parachutes 512. All Because Of You 513. Spiral Highway 514. Stranded In A Limousine 601. Allergies 602. Hearts & Bones 603. When Numbers Get Serious 604. Think Too Much (B) 605. Song About The Moon 606. Think Too Much (A) 607. Train In The Distance 608. Rene & Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After T 609. Cars Are Cars 610. The Late Great Johnny Ace 611. Shelter Of Your Arms 612. Train In The Distance (Original Acoustic Demo) 613. Rene & Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After T 614. The Late Great Johnny Ace (Original Acoustic Demo) 701. The Boy In The Bubble 702. Graceland 703. I Know What I Know 704. Gumboots 705. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes 706. You Can Call Me Al 707. Under African Skies 708. Homeless 709. Crazy Love, Vol II 710. That Was Your Mother 711. All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints 712. Homeless (Demo) 713. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Alternative Ve 714. All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints ( 715. You Can Call Me Al (Demo) 716. Crazy Love (Demo) 717. The Story Of Graceland 801. The Obvious Child 802. Can't Run But 803. The Coast 804. Proof 805. Further To Fly 806. She Moves On 807. Born At The Right Time 808. The Coo, Cool River 809. Spirit Voices 810. The Rhythm Of The Saints 811. Born At The Right Time (Original Acoustic Demo) 812. Thelma (Outtake) 813. The Coast 814. Spirit Voices 901. The Obvious Child 902. The Boy In The Bubble 903. She Moves On 904. Kodachrome 905. Born At The Right Time 906. Train In The Distance 907. Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard 908. I Know What I Know 909. The Cool, Cool River 910. Bridge Over Troubled Water 911. Proof 1001. The Coast 1002. Graceland 1003. You Can Call Me 1004. Still Crazy After All These Years 1005. Loves Me Like A Rock 1006. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes 1007. Hearts & Bones 1008. Late In The Evening 1009. America 1010. The Boxer 1011. Cecilia 1012. The Sound Of Silence 1101. Adios Hermanos 1102. Born In Puerto Rico 1103. Satin Summer Nights 1104. Bernadette 1105. The Vampires 1106. Quality 1107. Can I Forgive Him 1108. Sunday Afternoon 1109. Killer Wants To Go To College 1110. Time Is An Ocean 1111. Virgil 1112. Killer Wants To Go To College II 1113. Trailways Bus 1114. Shoplifting Clothes 1115. Born In Puerto Rico (Demo) 1116. Can I Forgive Him (Original Demo) 1201. That's Where I Belong 1202. Darling Lorraine 1203. Old 1204. You're The One 1205. The Teacher 1206. Look At That 1207. Senorita With A Necklage Of Tears 1208. Love 1209. Pigs, Sheep & Wolves 1210. Hurricane Eyes 1211. Quiet 1212. That's Where I Belong 1213. Old 1214. Hurricane Eyes 1301. How Can You Live In The Northeast? 1302. Everything About It Is A Love Song 1303. Outrageous 1304. Sure Don't Feel Like Love 1305. Wartime Prayers 1306. Beautiful 1307. I Don't Believe 1308. Another Galaxy 1309. Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean 1310. That's Me 1311. Father & Daughter 1401. Getting Ready For Christmas Day 1402. The Afterlife 1403. Dazzling Blue 1404. Rewrite 1405. Love & Hard Times 1406. Love Is Eternal Sacred Light 1407. Amulet 1408. Questions For The Angels 1409. Love & Blessings 1410. So Beautiful Or So What


The Heinie Prize - 2845293301

111,22 zł

The Heinie Prize Spotlight

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Is Belzer a loser? Just because he wears T-shirts that say I need a Tutor and Ask Me About My Allergies? Just because he picks scabs off his knees and eats them? Belzer's parents think he's a loser. They want to take him out of Rotten School. Every year Mrs. Heinie awards the Heinie Prize to the Most Outstanding Fourth Grader. Bernie Bridges wants Belzer to win the Heinie. Then his parents will have to let him stay. But that spoiled rich kid Sherman Oaks wants to win the Heinie, too. Can Bernie pull off a miracle? Will Belzer be the royal Heinie? Spotlight editions are printed on high-quality paper and with reinforced library bindings specifically printed for the library market. Grades 2-5.


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