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Constitutionalism and the Enlargement of Europe - 2847571015

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Constitutionalism and the Enlargement of Europe Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

After the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the newly democratized countries of this region joined two main pan-European political and legal structures: the Council of Europe and the European Union. This book shows how the Eastward enlargement of these two structures fostered the 'constitutionalization' both of the Council of Europe and of the EU. Prompted by the enlargement of the Council of Europe and the admission of a number of countries which brought unique and often more substantial problems onto the Court's agenda, the main judicial body of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, became a quasi 'constitutional court' of Europe. This book demonstrates that this was primarily as a result of the widening of its agenda and the resulting need to make activist decisions about the compatibility of national laws with the European Convention. In terms of the EU, the book shows that the enlargement (first prospective, and then, actual) has been an important agenda-setter for the constitutionalization of the EU; in particular, for openly placing the issue of fundamental rights on the EU agenda as a legitimate and indispensable matter of concern for the EU. But the 'constitutional synergies' were a two-way street: the accession to both pan-European structures has also affected the development of democratic constitutionalism in CEE states. It has raised difficult issues regarding the relationships between national sovereignty, democracy, and human rights that CEE policy makers have grappled with; these issues and responses by CEE member states have had implications for the 'old' EU member states as well. These dynamics are explored through various case studies, providing a new perspective on the development of legal norms and institutions within European supranational bodies.


Traditions Confronted - 2834693364

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Traditions Confronted LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Migration of Muslims into Europe has become an ubiquitous topic, which penetrates lay as well as scholarly discourse with remarkable poignancy. For years it has raised attention mostly in "traditional" migration countries of Western Europe. With positive economic and political developments, however, post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe are confronted with increasing immigration of Muslims. This book analysis the only European country without a single mosque: Slovakia, and its capital Bratislava. In conservative environment marked by Catholic tradition and post-communism, Muslims form an internally diverse and dynamic community of mostly temporary migrants. Since many of them are university students and businessmen, they form a peculiar group of social elite unknown to the mainstream Slovak public. This book offers important insight into migration dynamics of the Central European region. It will serve everyone interested in migration of Muslims to Europe, who wishes to understand implications of these processes in the locality of Slovakia.


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