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Eagle Bear Meets Buffalo Man - 2850597231

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Eagle Bear Meets Buffalo Man



Faded Love 1947 - 1973 - 2844898534

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Faded Love 1947 - 1973 Bear Family Records


1. Silver Lake Blues 2. Little Cowboy Lullaby 3. Closed For Repairs 4. Dog House Blues 5. Bubbles In My Beer 6. 'Neath Hawaiian Palms 7. Papa's Jumpin' 8. Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age 9. Blackout Blues 10. Spanish Fandango 11. I Want To Be Near You 12. Sally Goodin' 13. She's Gone 14. I Had A Little Mule 15. Go Home With The Girls In The Mornin' 16. Still The Water Run The Deepest 17. Cotton Patch Blues 18. Nothin' But The Best For My Baby 19. Blues For Dixie 20. Cross My Heart I Love You 21. Keeper Of My Heart 22. I'll Have Somebody Else 23. Thron In My Heart 24. Playboy Chimes 25. Hop, Skip And Jump Over Texas 26. Texas Drummer Boy 27. I Married The Rose Of San Antone 28. Ida Red Likes The Boogie 29. The Warm Red Wine 30. I Ain't Got Noboby 101. Boot Heel Drag 102. Nothing But Trouble 103. Anything 104. Bob Wills' Square Dance, No.1 105. Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 2 106. A King Without A Queen 107. Hold Your Tears 108. Bob Wills' Square Dance, No.3 109. Bob Wills' Square Dance, No.4 110. When It's Christmas On The Range 111. Santa's On His Way 112. Mean Woman With Green Eyes 113. My Little Rock Candy Baby 114. Jolie Blond Likes The Boogie 115. Pastime Blues 116. Faded Love 117. Awake But Dreaming 118. I Betcha' My Heart I Love You 119. I Laugh When I Think How I Cried Over You 120. I'll Be Lucky Some Day 121. I Didn't Realize 122. Rock-a-bye Baby Blues 123. I'm Dotting Each 'I' With A Teardrop 124. The End Of The Line 125. 'Tater Pie 126. Little Girl, Little Girl 127. I'm Tired Of Living This Lie 128. Pliney Jane 201. Twinkle Star 202. Brown Skin Gal 203. Sittin' On Top Of The World 204. Silver Bell 205. The Last Goodbye 206. Just To Be Loved 207. Send Me A Red Rose 208. Hubbin' It 209. I Can't Stand This Loneliness 210. Yodel Mountain 211. Three Miles South Of Cash 212. Fiddlin' Man 213. Ida Red 214. Deep Water 215. Sittin' On Top Of The World 216. Blue Prelude 217. You Always Keep Me In Hot Water 218. 'Cause I'm In Love 219. Three Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas 220. I'm All Alone 221. Three Little Kittens 222. I Won't Be Back Tonight 223. Charlie Changed His Mind 224. I'm Only A Friend (Why Do You Call Me Your Sweet 225. Steamboat Stomp 226. I Want To Be Wanted 227. Snatchin' And Grabbin' 228. A Red Hot Needle (And A Burning Thread) 229. Trouble, Trouble Blues 230. Trouble, Trouble Blues 301. A Broken Heart For A Souvenir 302. (Everyone Is Calling You A) Fallen Angel 303. She's The Quartet Horse Type (Of A Gal) 304. B.b.bowman Hop 305. As I Sit Broken-hearted 306. Bottle Baby Boogie 307. I Want To Go To Mexico 308. I'm Human, Same As You 309. I Hit The Jackpot (When I Won You) 310. A Maiden's Prayer 311. (Me And My Baby) Doin' The Bunny Hop 312. St.louis Blues 313. So Long, I'll See You Later 314. Cadillac In Model 'A' 315. Waltzing In Old San Antone 316. I've Got A New Road Under My Wheels 317. Texas Blues 318. I Live For You 319. New Osage Stomp 320. Carnations For The Memory 321. Too Much Mambo 322. Echo Yodel 323. New Dreamy Eyed Waltz 324. Black And Blue Rag 325. Sincerely 326. Cornball Rag 401. Beaumont Rag 402. Don't Let The Deal Go Down 403. I'll Follow You Wherever You Go 404. Four Or Five Times 405. San Antonio Rose 406. Spanish Two-step 407. Lone Star Rag 408. The Boston Fancy 409. Hoopaw Rag 410. Don't Keep It A Secret 411. Roll Your Own 412. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 413. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do 414. Sugar Baby 415. So Let's Rock 416. The Bunny With The Powder Puff Tail 417. Texas Fiddler 418. Billy's Bounce 419. Midnight In Old Amarillo 420. Coquette 421. New Roadside Rag 422. Orange Blossom Special 423. Little Star Of Heaven 424. It's The Bottle Talkin' 425. Gotta Walk Alone 426. Lily Dale 427. New Faded Love 428. Toodleumbo 429. Bob's Breakdown 501. Betty's Waltz 502. Wills Breakdown 503. La Golondrina 504. Texas Two Step 505. Wait'll You See 506. An Old Flame 507. Oh Monah 508. I'll Always Be In Love With You 509. With Tears In My Eyes 510. Take Me Back To Tulsa 511. The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget 512. Time Changes Everything 513. Stay A Little Longer 514. You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care 515. San Antonio Rose 516. Spanish Two Step 517. Dusty Skies 518. Keeper Of My Heart 519. A Maiden's Prayer 520. Ida Red 521. Goodnight Litlle Sweetheart 522. The Image Of Me 523. Goodbye Liza Jane 524. What's The Matter With The Mill 525. Heart To Heart Talk 601. The Convict And The Rose 602. My Confession 603. Silver Bell 604. Playboy Medley 605. Right Or Wrong 606. It Makes No Difference Now 607. Trouble In Mind 608. Wabash Blues 609. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do 610. Li'l Liza Jane 611. Hang Your Head In Shame 612. Nancy Jane 613. After All 614. Cryin' Won't Make Me Stay 615. Dry Your Darlin's Eyes 616. It May Be Too Late 617. Oklahoma Gals 618. I'm Cryin' My Heart Out 619. Tomorrow I'll Cry 620. Siesta 621. Snow Deer 622. Mississippi River Blues 623. Deep Water 624. Blues For Dixie 625. Bubbles In My Beer 626. Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again 627. Good Ole Oklahoma 628. Roly Poly 629. Walkin' In The Shadow Of The Blues 630. The Jobob Rag 631. Cindy 632. She's Killin' Me 701. Maiden's Prayer 702. Boot Heel Drag 703. Don't Let The Deal Go Down 704. Blues In 'A' 705. Big Beaver 706. Yearning (Just For You) 707. My Mary 708. Rosetta 709. Sittin' On Top Of The World 710. My Confession 711. Snap Your Fingers 712. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone 713. St.louis Blues 714. South 715. Heart Strings 716. Sooner Of Later (You'll Fall) 717. Buffalo Twist 718. All Night Long 719. You Can't Break A Heart 720. If He's Movin' In 721. Let's Get It Over And Done With 801. Big Taters In The Sandy Land 802. Mayflower Waltz 803. Billy In The Low Ground 804. Beaumont Rag 805. Faded Love 806. Dian Waltz 807. Done Gone 808. Put Your Little Foot 809. Bob's First Fiddle Tune 810. Bob's Schottische 811. Gone Indian 812. No Disappointments In Heaven 813. Faded Love 814. Wills Junction 815. You'll Never Walk Out Of My Heart 816. Betty's Waltz 817. (Old) San Antonio Rose 818. She Won't Let Me Forget Her 819. I Just Can't Take It Anymore 820. She's Killin' Me 821. If No News Is Good News 822. You're The Only Star In My Blues Heaven 823. A Big Ball In Cowtown 824. Where Do I Go From Here 825. Gone Indian 826. Pinto Beans 827. Guess I'll Move On Down The Line 828. My Adobe Hacienda 829. What's Fort Worth 830. Deep In The Heart Of Texas 831. Kansas City 901. Big Beaver 902. San Antonio Rose 903. Eight'r From Decatur 904. Comanche Hit And Run 905. I Needed You 906. If You'll Come Back To Me 907. Somewhere South Of San Antone 908. Faded Love 909. Let's Be Sure We Know 910. Memphis 911. Sugarfoot Rag 912. I Wish I Felt This Way At Home 913. Looking Over My Shoulder 914. Cimarron 915. Riders In The Sky 916. Here's That Man Again 917. Canadian Sunset 918. Born To Love You 919. Lily Dale 920. Fiddle Bird 921. Carolina In The Morning 922. Rain Drops In The River 923. Way Down In Texas 924. Don't Send Him Back To Me 925. Betcha My Heart I Love You 926. Big Taters In The Sandy Land 1001. Running Bear 1002. If I Just Had A Home To Go Home To 1003. Across The Alley From The Alamo 1004. Time Changes Everything 1005. Texas Double Eagle 1006. Southwestern Waltz 1007. Cherokee Maiden 1008. There's Not A Hundred Miles Left In Me 1009. I'm Living In The Middle Of Nowhere 1010. Silver Bells (That Ring In The Night) 1011. Limehouse Blues 1012. Memory Nr.1 1013. South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) 1014. Song Of The Wanderer (Where Shall I Go?) 1015. Slow Poke 1016. Pan Handle Rag 1017. No Letter Today 1018. Shame On You 1019. Whose Heart Are Your Breaking Now 1020. My Mary 1021. It's A Good World 1022. What Kind Of Girl Are You 1023. Milk Cow Blues 1024. Talkin' Bout You 1025. Look What Trouble Left Behind 1026. Brown Skin Gal 1101. Blue Bonnet Lane 1102. What Makes Bob Holler 1103. When You Leave Amarillo 1104. Comin' Down From Denver 1105. Goin' Away Party 1106. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 1107. Silver Lake Blues 1108. La Golondrina 1109. Twinkle Little Star 1110. Big Ball's In Cowtown 1111. Bob Wills Special 1112. Miss Molly 1113. Keeper Of My Heart 1114. Bubbles In My Beer 1115. Twin Guitar Special 1116. I Can't Go On This Way 1117. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do 1118. Yearning 1119. Crippled Turkey 1120. She's Really Gone 1121. Playboy Theme 1122. Baby, That Would Sure Go Good 1123. Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer) 1124. Faded Love 1125. San Antonio Rose 1126. Milk Cow Blues 1127. That's What I Like 'Bout The South 1201. Merle Haggard's Housewarming Party: Intro 1202. Osage Stomp 1203. Talkin' 1204. Bubbles In My Beer 1205. Don't Let The Deal Go Down 1206. Deep Water 1207. South 1208. The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget 1209. Talkin' 1210. Corrine, Corrina 1211. Talkin' 1212. Sittin' On Top Of The World 1213. Talkin' 1214. Twin Guitar Special 1215. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 1216. Faded Love 1217. Talkin' 1218. Medley Of Fiddle Tunes 1219. My Mother's Eyes 1220. Steel Guitar Rag 1221. My Mary 1222. Dreamy Eyes Waltz 1223. Miss Molly 1224. Misery 1225. I Never Knew 1226. Sugar Moon 1301. Dvd : Yodel Mountain 1302. Three Miles South Of Cash 1303. Fiddlin' Man 1304. Ida Red 1305. Deep Water 1306. Sittin' On Top Of The World 1307. Blue Prelude 1401. Book: 136 Pages


Chocolate Soup For Diabet - 2839424266

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Chocolate Soup For Diabet PAST & PRESENT


1. Voice, The - The Train To Disaster 2. Nuchez's - Open Up Your Mind 3. Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner 4. One In A Million - Double Sight 5. Misunderstood, The - Children Of The Sun 6. Dantalian's Chariot - The Madman Running Through T 7. Nuchez's - B. G.'s One Eye 8. Flies, The - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone 9. One In A Million - Fredereek Hernando 10. Fire, The - Fathers's Name Is Dad 11. Tintern Abbey - Beeside 12. Fresh Windows, The - Fashion Conscious 13. Apple - The Otherside 14. Unexplained, The - A Walk Down Emily Lane 101. Mike Stuart Span - Children Of Tomorrow 102. Wimple Winch - Rumble On Mersey Square South 103. Fleur De Lys - Circles 104. Craig - I Must Be Mad 105. Apple - Buffalo Billy Can 106. Score, The - Please Please Me 107. Winston's Fumbs - Snow White 108. Him & The Others - She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies 109. Big Boy Pete - Cold Turkey 110. Hush, The - Grey 111. Tickle, The - Subway (Smokey Pokey World) 112. Syn, The - 14 Hour Technicolour Dream 113. State Of Mickey & Tommy - With Love From 1 To 5 114. Paper Blitz Tissue - Boy Meets Girl 201. Factory, The - Path Through The Forest 202. Felius Andromeda - Meditations 203. Wimple Winch - Save My Soul 204. Fleur De Lys - Mud In Your Eye 205. Australian Playboys - Sad 206. Graded Grains - Animal Magic 207. Accent, The - Red Sky At Night 208. Chapter Four - In My Life 209. Poets, The - Wooden Spoon 210. Smoke, The - Have Some More Tea 211. Game, The - Help Me, Mummy's Gone 212. Grades Grains - Lucifer Sam 301. Chords Five - Universal Vagrant 302. Anteeks, The - I Don't Want You 303. Perishers, The - How Does It Feel 304. Exceptions, The - The Eagle Flies On Friday 305. Rebel Rousers, The - As I Look 306. Alan Avon & The Toy Shop - Night To Remember 307. Dodos, The - Make Up Your Mind 308. Young, Roger - It's Been Nice 309. Answers, The - Just A Fear 310. Force Five - Don't Know Which Way To Turn 311. Darwin's Theory, The - Hosanna 312. Translantics, The - Look Before You Leap 313. Longboatmen, The - Take Her Anytime 314. Dyck, Linda Van / Boo & The Boo Boos - Stengun 315. Walker, Gary - You Don't Love Me 316. Caleb - Woman Of Distinction 317. Trend, The - Shot On Sight 318. Family, The - Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens 319. Aldo, Steve - You're Absolutely Right 320. Peasants, The - Let's Get Together 321. Original Roadrunners, The - Waterloo Man 401. Quotations, The - Cool It 402. Transatlantics, The - Don't Fight It 403. Longboatmen, The - Only In Her Hometown 404. Ways & Means, The - Breaking Up A Dream 405. Chords Five - I Am Only Dreaming 406. Moving Finger, The - Shake & Finger Pop 407. Authentics, The - Climbing Through 408. Mickey Finn, The - Garden Of My Mind 409. Force Five - Baby Let Your Hair Down 410. St. Louis Union - English Tea 411. Magic Lanterns, The - I Stumbled 412. Bad Boys, The - She's A Breakaway 413. Sons Of Fred, The - Baby What You Want Me To Do 414. Boo & The Boo Boos - Oriental Boo 415. Rabin, Mike - Head Over Heels 416. Caleb - Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad 417. Gibson, Wayne - Baby Baby Baby Pity Me 418. Petards, The - Tartarex 419. J & B, The - Wow! Wow! Wow! 420. Taylor, King-size - Thinkin' 421. Four Squares, The - Don't You Know I Love You?


High Noon - 2839413389

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High Noon Bear Family Records


1. High Noon 2. Pecos Bill 3. Dallas Darlin' 4. Tehena, Timpson, Bob And Blair 5. Rock And Rye 6. The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You 7. Boogie Woogie Cowboy 8. He's A Cowboy Auctioneer 9. Tennessee Blues 10. As Long As The River Flows On 11. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold 12. When It's Springtime In The Rockies 13. Buffalo Dream 14. The Marshall's Daughter 15. The San Antonio Story 16. Let Me Go Devil 17. The Long Black Rifle 18. Brave Man 19. Lovely Veil Of White 20. The Best Time Of All 21. Your Heart And My Heart Are One 22. Prairie Home 23. The Bandit 24. High Noon 25. High Noon 26. High Noon 101. I've Had Enough Of Your Two Timin' 102. Never Mind My Tears 103. Waitin' And Worryin' 104. I Just Called To Say Goodbye 105. Careless Hands 106. Ol' Shorty 107. Nobody's Fool 108. I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night 109. Coal Smoke, Valve Oil, And Steam 110. Boiled Crawfish (At The Maurice) 111. Stay Away From My Heart 112. Wearin' Out Your Walkin' Shoes 113. Big Blue Diamonds 114. From The World Of Love 115. Three Handed Woman 116. You're Always Brand New 117. There's No One To Cry Over Me 118. My Bucket's Been Fixed 119. If I Could Steal You From Somebody Else 120. Rock All The Babies To Sleep 121. The Letter Edged In Black 122. When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley 123. Go On, Get Out 124. Hills Of Pride 125. Everybody Likes A Lttle Lovin' 126. Love You As Big As Texas 127. My Woman Ain't Pretty 128. Turn Around, Boy 129. High On A Mountain Top 201. Deck Of Cards 202. A Beautiful Life 203. Hide Me Rock Of Ages 204. Thief On The Cross\ 205. Give The World A Smile 206. Onward Christian Soldiers 207. There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings 208. Lord, Send And Angel 209. The Touch Of The Master's Hand 210. The Pledge Of Allegiance 211. The Gettysburg Address 212. The Fiery Bear 213. Daddy's Last Letter (A Letter From Korea) 214. The Great American Eagle 215. The Red Deck Of Cards 216. Jesus Loves Me 217. I'll Be A Sunbeam 218. Two Little Hands/jesus Loves The Little Children 219. Little Feet Be Careful/away In A Manger 220. Jesus Loves Me 221. Merry Christmas Polka 222. Is There A Santa Claus 223. Old Tex Kringle 224. Skybird (Pt.1) 225. Skybird (Pt.2) 226. Skybird (Pt.3) 227. Skybird (Pt.4) 301. Coffee Pot 302. The Green Grass Grow All Around 303. Talk Gabbler Talk 304. A Whole Of A Tale 305. Animal Fair 306. Cactus Jackson Had A Ranch 307. I Was Born A Hundred Years Ago 308. Thank You 309. Egg-a-bread 310. Big Rock Candy Mountain 311. Yankee Doodle 312. She'll Becomin' Round The Mountain 313. I'll Be A Sunbeam 314. Chicken, My Chicken 315. The Picnic Song 316. The Cricket Song 317. If You Whistle 318. Blue Tail, The Red Fox 319. The Noise Song 320. Mr.buzzard 321. Carbon, The Copy Cat 322. One Misty Moisty Morning 323. Muskrat 324. Little Wendy Why Why 325. Has Anybody Seen My Kitty 326. Two Little Magic Words (Please And Thank You) 327. Pick Up After You 328. Happy Hands 329. It Doesn't Hurt A Bit To Be Polite 401. Book


Very Best Of Reginald Dixon (Uk) - 2839743694

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Very Best Of Reginald Dixon (Uk) IMPORTS


1. Is It True What They Say About Dixie?/sweetheart, Let's Grow Old Together/the Touch Of Your Lips 2. Remember Me?/the Moon Got In My Eyes/it's The Natural Thing To Do 3. I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside/blaze Away/who Were You With Last Night?/if You Were The Only Girl In The World/the Teddy Bear's Picnic/... 4. Everything's In Rhythm In My Heart/on Treasure Island/the Sunset Trail 5. How'd Ja Like To Love Me?/love Walked In/meet Me Down In Sun Valley 6. Rosalie/bei Mir Bist Du Schoen/nice Work If You Can Get It 7. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/may I?/i Never Had A Chance 8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/the Continental/tina 9. Stars Fell On Alabama/i'm So Lonesome For You Caroline/what A Little Moonlight Can Do 10. I Saw Stars/no, No A Thousand Times No/lost In A Fog 11. In The Chapel In The Moonlight/the Way You Look Tonight/ When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South 12. A Star Fell Out Of Heaven/did I Remember?/the Fleet's In Port Again 13. When I'm With You/a Fine Romance/sing, Baby, Sing 14. South American Joe/there's A Lovely Lake In London/love Is Everywhere 15. At The Cafe Continental Empty Saddles/a Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody 16. The Lambeth Walk/thanks For The Memory/somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight 17. Did You Mother Come From Ireland?/when Did You Leave Heaven?/oh My Goodness 18. Little Man You've Had A Busy Day/love Thy Neighbour/old Faithful 101. I'll See You Again/falling In Love Again/love Will Find A Way/the Desert Song/deep In My Heart, Dear/dream Lover 102. Call Me Sweetheart/when I Grow Too Old To Dream/rehearsing A Lullaby/in A Little Gypsy Tea Room/me And The Old Folks At Home/the Oregon Trail 103. All For A Shilling A Day/the Rose In Her Hair/i'm In The Mood For Love/the General's Fast Asleep/east Of The Sun/cheek To Cheek 104. Jolly Good Company/maybe I'm Wrong Again/i've Got An Invitation To A Dance/back To Those Happy Days/march Winds And April Showers/... 105. Whistle While You Work/someday My Prince Will Come/one Song/dwarf's Yodelling Song/with A Smile And A Song/heigh-ho 106. Music, Maestro, Please/little Lady Make Believe 107. Lily Of Laguna/little Dolly Daydream/my Little Octaroon/in The Shade Of The Palm/tell Me Pretty Maiden/soldiers Of The King 108. Animal Crackers In My Soup/the Simple Things In Life/curly Top 109. Says My Heart/now It Can Be Told/alexander's Ragtime Band 110. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart A-tisket, A-tasket/you're An Education/bob White/mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm/goodnight, Angel 111. After All These Years/roses In December/that Old Feeling/silvery Moon And Golden Sands/whistling Gypsy/blossoms On Broadway 112. Laughing Irish Eyes/it's A Sin To Tell A Lie/on The Beach At Bali Ball/lovely Lady/the Glory Of Love 113. The Merry Widow Waltz/the Maid Of The Mountains/my Hero/the Blue Danube 201. Entry Of The Gladiators/punjaub/sons Of The Brave/colonel Bogey/old Comrades/under The Double Eagle/sylvia/namur With Sword And Lance/... 202. Bugle Call Rag 203. Rakes Of Mallow/mother Machree/when Irish Eyes Are Smiling/gary Owen/irish Washerwoman/peggy O'neill/killarney 204. Rhapsody In Blue 205. In A Persian Market 206. Bells Across The Meadow 207. In A Monastery Garden 208. Sing As We Go/sally/love Is Everywhere/looking On The Bright Side/smile When You Say Goodbye/when I Grow Too Old To Dream/sing As We Go 209. Why Did She Fall For The Leader Of The Band?/solitude/saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang/alone/please Believe Me/old Ship O' Mine 210. Please Remember/so Many Memories/i Double Dare You/tears In My Heart/in My Little Red Book/once In A While 211. It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane/the Greatest Mistake Of My Life/wake Up And Live/you're Here, You're There, You're Everywhere/... 212. My Heaven In The Pines/the Whispering Waltz/goodnight Angel/when The Mighty Organ Played Oh Promise Me/cry, Baby, Cry 213. A-hunting We Will Go/sally In Our Alley/john Peel/oh! Dear, What Can The Matter Be?/londonderry Air/there Is A Tavern In The Town/men Of Harlech/...


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