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Early Kings of Norway - 2843500675

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Early Kings of Norway Palala Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


The Early Kings of Norway - 2849105306

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The Early Kings of Norway



Agriculture in Norway - 2848129009

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Agriculture in Norway Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 39. Chapters: Agriculture companies of Norway, Animal breeds originating in Norway, Farms in Norway, Forestry in Norway, Norwegian farmers, Norwegian Forest Cat, Norwegian farm culture, Fjord horse, Dole Gudbrandsdal, Bernt Holtsmark, Edvard Liljedahl, Yara International, Norske Gaardnavne, Hans Barlien, Lars Sponheim, Gunvald Tomstad, Jacob Liv Borch Sverdrup, Sřren Jaabćk, Otterĺ, Christian Jensen Lofthuus, Meyer Foshaug, Barbara Arbuthnott, Nils Landmark, Strip farming in Norway, Finn Blakstad, Lars T. Platou, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Norwegian Forest Owners Association, Jens Henrik Beer, Inger Alver Glřersen, Sverre Krogh, Johan Martin Jakobsen Strand, Jon Olav Alstad, Harald Saue, Jochum de Lange, Erik Qvam, Spćlsau, Ivar Ramstad, Albert Fredrik Eggen, Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union, Jehans Nordbu, Mons A. Kĺrbř, Torger Holtsmark, Jens Henrik Beer, Sr., Statskog, Karl K. Kleppe, Bent Holtsmark, Kristian Řrud, Per Olaf Lundteigen, Norwegian Red, Odd Torgeir Rusten, Erik Bartnes, Alvřen, Anders Kristian Rřrvik, Aina Bartmann, Staur Farm, Grey Troender sheep, Agricultural cooperatives in Norway, Norwegian Agrarian Association, Jostein Berntsen, Ĺsetesrett, Tun Media, Kverneland Group, Talleiv Huvestad, Christopher Borgersen Hoen, Ole-Anton Teigen, Norwegian Forestry Society, Hans Haslum, Kristofer Sjursson Hjeltnes, Anders Lysgaard, Ole Knudsen Tvedten, Norwegian Agricultural Inspection Service, Ingebrigt Haldorsen Sćter, Norges Hypotekbank, Olai Ingemar Eikeland, Kristofer Kristofersson Hjeltnes, Unn Aarrestad, Tveitetunet, Obrestad, Norwegian State Agriculture Bank, Nils S. Dvergsdal, Steffen Olai Steffensen, Asgaut Olsen Regelstad, Christian Christensen Kollerud, Hans Kristian Bromstad, Johannes P. Bře, Peder Hjermann, The Great Transformation, Peder Christian Hjorth, Vigeland, Norway, Sivert Bratberg, Brynjel Andersen Gjerager, Even Torkildsen Lande, Niels Johannesen Loftesnćs, Elling Olsson Walbře, Omund Bjřrnsen Birkeland, Ole Rasmussen Apeness, AT Skog. Excerpt: The Norwegian farm culture (Norwegian: bondekultur) was a rural movement unique in values and practices which assumed a form in Viking Age Norway, and continued with little change into the age of firearms - and in many respects even to the early 20th century. It has been described as unique in Europe and was widely celebrated in Norwegian literature during the national romanticism movement. One important strain of national feeling in Norway was Norwegian patriotism, a movement which began and was most influential in the 18th century and emphasised everyday rural-life and traditions, in contrast to the more idealistic romantic nationalism. It emphasised Norwegian farmers as bearers of Viking traditions, and as the original settlers of the land. The poets from late 18th century Norway based their style on contemporary pastoral poetry, and classic ideals, where the rural shepherd could be simultaneously depicted in typical Norwegian dress, but still have him blowing his "Arcadian clarion". At the same time, the farmer and the Norwegian mountains became symbols of national strength and pride. Areas such as Gudbrandsdalen became popular travel destinations because of their historical importance and reputation as rural heartlands, where many locals claimed ancestry from the Norse kings. The first well-known poetry written in rural dialect originated in these parts in the late 18th century. The patriotic era in Norway lasted until a...


Snorri Sturluson - Edda - 2826625135

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Snorri Sturluson - Edda Phoenix (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Over a period of twenty years, Snorri Sturluson, scholar, courtier and poet, compiled the prose EDDA as a textbook for young poets who wished to praise kings. His work surveys the content, style and metres of traditional Viking poetry and includes a poem of Snorri's own, praising the king of Norway. Ironically, Snorri was killed in his own cellar in 1241 on the instigation of the king of Norway as a result of political intrigue. The EDDA contains the most extensive account of Norse myths and legends that has survived from the Middle Ages. This is the only edition available with introduction, text summaries, indexes and chronology of early Icelandic literature.


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