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Modern Economic Development in Japan and China: Developmentalism, Capitalism, and the World Economic System - 2851827905

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Modern Economic Development in Japan and China: Developmentalism, Capitalism, and the World Economic System



Economic And Policy Lessons From Japan To Developing Countries - 2849923692

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Economic And Policy Lessons From Japan To Developing Countries

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Written By Fifteen Leading Academics From The Japan Society For International Development (JASID), This Book Undertakes A Review Of Japan's Economic Development Over The Last 150 Years, And Seeks To Clarify Japanese Priorities In Domestic And Foreign Policy For The Coming Decades.


Role of Government in East Asian Economic Development - 2842080790

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Role of Government in East Asian Economic Development Clarendon Press

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The role of government in East Asian economic development has been a contentious issue. Two competing views have shaped enquiries into the source of the rapid growth of the high-performing Asian economies and attempts to derive a general lesson for other developing economies: the market-friendly view, according to which government intervenes little in the market, and the developmental state view, in which it governs the market. What these views share in common is a conception of market and government as alternative mechanisms for resource allocation. They are distinct only in their judgement of the extent to which market failures have been, and ought to be, remedied by direct government intervention. This collection of essays suggests a breakthrough, third view: the market-enhancing view. Instead of viewing government and the market as mutually exclusive substitutes, it examines the capacity of government policy to facilitate or complement private sector co-ordination. The book starts from the premiss that private sector institutions have important comparative advantages over government, in particular in their ability to process information available on site. At the same time, it recognizes that the capabilities of the private sector are more limited in developing economies. The market-enhancing view thus stresses the mechanisms whereby government policy is directed at improving the ability of the private sector to solve co-ordination problems and overcome other market imperfections. In presenting the market-enhancing view, the book recognizes the wide diversity of the roles of government across various East Asian economiesincluding Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China and its path-dependent and developmental stage nature.


Regional Development and Economic Growth in China - 2835035794

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Regional Development and Economic Growth in China World Scientific Publishing

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China has enjoyed unprecedented high economic growth for three decades. This growth has however been unbalanced and has led to some serious consequences which Chinese policy makers are now trying to rectify. One of the consequences is the deterioration of regional disparity which is threatening the stability of the Chinese society and hence the sustainability of current high economic growth in the country. This edited volume on China's regional development and economic growth is hence timely and contains a collection of the latest research reports in this field. The authors represent a distinguished group of economists in Australia, China, Japan and Vietnam who are actively engaged in research of the Chinese economy. The topics addressed in the chapters cover important regional issues such as inequality, distribution of the creative class, FDI and industrial policies. Specifically, this volume aims to examine selected issues associated with China's regional development, economic growth and FDI, and China and its neighboring economies. The findings will contribute to current economic policy debates.


Economic Development - 2826825920

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Economic Development Cambridge University Press

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Nafziger explains the reasons for the recent fast growth of India, Poland, Brazil, China, and other Pacific Rim countries, and the slow, yet essential, growth for a turnaround of sub-Saharan Africa. The book is suitable for those with a background in economics principles. The fifth edition of the text, written by a scholar of developing countries, is replete with real-world examples and up-to-date information. Nafziger discusses poverty, income inequality, hunger, unemployment, the environment and carbon-dioxide emissions, and the widening gap between rich (including middle-income) and poor countries. Other new components include the rise and fall of models based on Russia, Japan, China/Taiwan/Korea and North America; randomized experiments to assess aid; an exploration of whether information technology and mobile phones can provide poor countries with a shortcut to prosperity; and a discussion of how worldwide financial crises, debt, and trade and capital markets affect developing countries.


Money And Capital In Economic Development - 2840004759

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Money And Capital In Economic Development

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Traces The Struggle Between US And Japanese Semiconductor Producers From Its Origins In The 1950s To The Novel Experiment With Managed Trade Embodied In The US-Japan Semiconductor Trade Arrangements Of 1986, And The Current Debate Over Continuation Of Elements Of That Agreement.


Economic Analyses Using the Overlapping Generations Model and General Equilibrium Growth Accounting for the Japanese Economy - 2853398328

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Economic Analyses Using the Overlapping Generations Model and General Equilibrium Growth Accounting for the Japanese Economy World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

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This unique book contains novel and in-depth research regarding economic development in Japan. The authors examine economic development in Japan from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Using general equilibrium growth accounting and the overlapping generations model, they analyze the relationships between population, agriculture and the economy. The research results are unprecedented and show the effects of increased adult longevity on national savings and the effects of demographic change on the industrial structure; the push-pull effects of technical change in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors and the positive effects of population on technical change and economic development.


Comparative Analysis of Japanese and German Economic Success - 2853798348

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Comparative Analysis of Japanese and German Economic Success Springer Verlag, Japan

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This volume aims to evaluate the economic development mechanism and to extract useful lessons from a comparison of the economic development of Japan and that of Germany. The analyses provide insights and guidelines for developing countries and for Eastern-European countries in transition.


Oecd Economic Surveys - 2849929150

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Oecd Economic Surveys

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OECD Economic Surveys Are The OECD's Periodic Reviews Of Member And Selected Nonmember Economies. This Title Examines Economic Developments, Policy, And Prospects Of Japan. It Includes StatLinks, URLs Linking Tables And Graphs To Excel[registered] Spreadsheets With The Underlying Data.


The underlying of health care systems in developing countries: Health policy, planning and the Impact of Social Economic Status (SES) on Health Dispar - 2852754396

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The underlying of health care systems in developing countries: Health policy, planning and the Impact of Social Economic Status (SES) on Health Dispar Anchor Academic Publishing

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The impact of health policy and planning are tremendous remedies through which the health care systems derive their primary potentials in the health promotion ventures and interventions. The programs designed in the health arena are tentatively equivocal and submissive to the implications influenced by the policy development criteria and much more open to the planning process. §Every day, healthcare organizations are faced with crucial decisions about improving their systems of care and a lack of critical information to guide them. The research they need should be designed to help them provide better care to the patients in their organization, effectively and efficiently.§Where does the Medicaid and the medical care strategies, as pursued in the United States of America, have their remedies through policy structure and together with the political culture associated to the system, or perhaps how possible is it that japan has the highest life expectancy co-efficient.§The book is more of a fact file as results were generated by the health care research from suitable sectors and comparisons derived from the well-off health care states mainly from the OECD fraternity, as these bare differences due to policy even when their economic bases differ by small percentages. This work should be helpful in directing and providing us with traceable landmarks to follow while seeking to avert the challenges that weaponize the communicable disease prevalence in the society for both the developed and the low developed states.


East Asian Development - 2834141856

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In the early 1960s, fewer than five percent of Japanese owned automobiles, China's per capita income was among the lowest in Asia, and living standards in South Korea's rural areas were on par with some of the world's poorest countries. Today, these are three of the most powerful economies on earth. Dwight Perkins""grapples with both the contemporary and historical causes and consequences of the turnaround, drawing on firsthand experience in the region to explain how Asian countries sustained such rapid economic growth in the second half of the twentieth century. "East Asian Development" offers a comprehensive view of the region, from Japan and the "Asian Tigers" (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea) to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and China--a behemoth larger than all the other economies combined. While the overall picture of Asian growth is positive, no single economic policy has been effective regionwide. Interventionist policies that worked well in some countries failed elsewhere. Perkins analyzes income distribution, to uncover why initially egalitarian societies have ended up in very different places, with Japan, for example, maintaining a modest gap between rich and poor while China has become one of Asia's most unequal economies. Today, the once-dynamic Japanese and Korean economies are sluggish, and even China shows signs of losing steam. Perkins investigates whether this is a regional phenomenon or typical of all economies at this stage of development. His inquiry reminds us that the uncharted waters of China's vast economy make predictions of its future performance speculative at best.


Strategic Japan - 2834142820

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Strategic Japan Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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Is Japan capable of grand strategy when it comes to foreign policy? Modern Japan faces challenges on every front: from a rising China and constrained economic growth at home, to an ever-present threat posed by an increasingly unstable North Korea, to an evolving and complex relationship with the West that for so long has served as the bedrock of Japanese foreign policy. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has garnered significant attention for his policies undergirding a path of "proactive pacifism" for Japan, but many questions remain unanswered with regard to what Japan's global role ought to be, what it can be, and what that role's development would mean for the greater stability of the region and the fate of broader geopolitical alliances across the world. While it is clear that both Japan and its allies would be best served by a clear, comprehensive, and forward-thinking Japanese foreign policy blueprint, but actually developing and implementing such a policy is understandably easier said than done. Fortunately, shaping this new strategy is a generation of Japanese foreign policy experts with eyes toward the future of Japanese power and diplomacy. In Strategic Japan: New Approaches to Foreign Policy and the U.S. Japan Alliance, five preeminent scholars: Yasuhiro Matsuda, Tetsuo Kotani, Hiroyasu Akutsu, Yoshikazu Kobayashi, and Nobuhiro Aizawa discuss Japan's changing role in the world and the high stakes policy issues affecting Japan, Asia, and the world today. Taken together, these experts' contributions highlight potential areas for enhanced cooperation between the United States and Japan at a time when the West desperately needs a confident and proactive Japan, and Japan needs sustained American engagement and deterrence in an Asia-Pacific region that will continue to be the sight of economic growth and expansion for years to come.


Why Has Japan 'Succeeded'? - 2853159273

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Why Has Japan 'Succeeded'? Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book, by a distinguished Japanese economist now resident in the West, offers a new interpretation of the current success of the Japanese economy. By placing the rise of Japan in the context of its historical development, Michio Morishima shows how a strongly-held national ethos has interacted with religious, social and technological ideas imported from elsewhere to produce highly distinctive cultural traits. While Professor Morishima traces the roots of modern Japan back as far as the introduction of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism from China in the sixth century, he concentrates his observations on the last 120 years during which Japan has had extensive contacts with the West. He describes the swift rise of Japan to the status of a first-rate power following the Meiji Revolution after 1867, in which Japan broke with a long history of isolationism, and which paved the way for the adoption of Western technology and the creation of a modern Western-style nation state; and a similarly meteoric rise from the devastation of the Second World War to Japan's present position. A range of factors in Japan's economic success are analysed: her characteristic dualistic social structure - corresponding to the divide between large and medium/small enterprises - the relations of government and big business, the poor reception of liberalism and individualism, and the strength of the Japanese nationalism. Throughout, Professor Morishima emphasises the importance of the role played in the creation of Japanese capitalism by ethical doctrines as transformed under Japanese conditions, especially the Japanese Confucian tradition of complete loyalty to the firm and to the state. This account, which makes clear the extent to which the economic rise of Japan is due to factors unique to its historical traditions, will be of interest to a wide general readership as well as to students of Japan and its history.


How Finance Is Shaping The Economies Of China, Japan, And Korea - 2849507066

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How Finance Is Shaping The Economies Of China, Japan, And Korea

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A Definitive Historical Record Of Financial Development For Three Countries, Highlighting The Centrality Of The Financial System In Each Country's Economic Development And Growth -- Provided By Publisher.


Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1571-1644 - 2834687985

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Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1571-1644 Amsterdam University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1571-1644'offers a new perspective on the connected histories of Spain, China, and Japan as they emerged and developed following Manila's foundation as the capital of the Spanish Philippines in 1571. Examining a wealth of multilingual primary sources, Birgit Tremml-Werner shows that crosscultural encounters not only shaped Manila's development as a "Eurasian" port city, but also had profound political, economic, and social ramifications for the three premodern states. Combining a systematic comparison with a focus on specific actors during this period, this book addresses many long-held misconceptions and offers a more balanced and multifaceted view of these nations' histories.


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