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Global Business Today With CD & OLC Premium Card - 2212824372

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Global Business Today With CD & OLC Premium Card McGraw-Hill


Charles HillĹźs Global Business Today, 4e (GBT) has become an established text in the International Business market for its excellent but concise coverage of the key global issues including the cultural context for global business, cross-border trade and investment, the global monetary system and competition in the global environment. GBTĹźs concise chapters give a general introduction to international business - emphasizing the environmental factors, with less coverage of operations. Charles Hill is renowned for his attention to research trends and that is evident in Global Business Today, 4e through a variety of real world examples and cases from small, medium, and large companies throughout the worldChapter 4 - Ethics in International Business added to address todayĹźs current issues facing businesses with regard to social responsibility, ethical decision-making, and the sources of unethical behavior.|Completely Updated- Many new opening and closing cases, examples, and up to date tables, graphs, and exhibits based on 2004 data. |"Another Cultural Perspective" boxes build on the popular existing "Another Perspective" boxes and discuss cultural differences as they relate to business interactions.|"Sustainability in Practice" at the end of each part highlight companies who succeed while making positive contributions to their communities and the environment. These have replaced the "Can You Do This?" segments, which have been moved to the web.|GlobalEdge/CIBER internet exercises allow students to solve realistic international business problems related to each chapter. By using the text and the GlobalEdge website, the exercises expose students to the types of tools and data sources international managers use to make informed decisions.|Chapter 12 - Importing, Exporting and Counter Trade: gives students more practical understanding of this important topic.|Expanded "Another Perspective" and "Another Cultural Perspective" boxes to total 4-5 per chapter: These boxes are designed to give students an idea of how the surrounding material applies to and affects them or simply more information on a nearby topic. They are sometimes narrative, but can also contain a few probing questions or even a trip to the Internet.|New research has been added. A few of the topics include: The new trade theory and strategic trade policy, The work of Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen on economic development, Samuel HuntingtonĹźs influential thesis on the "clash of civilizations," the new growth theory of economic development championed by Paul Romer and Gene Grossman, recent empirical work by Jeffery SachĹźs and others on the relationship between international trade and economic growth, Michael Porter's theory of the competitive advantage of nations, and Robert Reich's work on national competitive advantage. |Focus on Managerial Implications: the text continues to discuss the implications of various topics for the actual practice of international business, which serves the needs of the student who may be a practicing manager some day.|Expanded Global Business Plan CD-ROM: Includes Interactive Learning Modules, Flash video cases, and the Global Business Plan Project.|Commitment to presenting strong, underlying international business theories in an interesting and accessible way to students. |Country Focus and Management Focus boxes give students a better understanding of the additional considerations that are necessary in the international business sector.


Corporate Social Engagement in South Africa - 2827009592

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Corporate Social Engagement in South Africa GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Business economics - Business Ethics, Corporate Ethics, grade: 1,0, University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, course: Business English - Social Engagement, language: English, abstract: The best motivational basis for writing an insightful and useful thesis is indisputably personal interest. Therefore, I have chosen this topic, as there are several reasons why I regard this to be an interesting field of research.§Firstly, I myself have developed an interest for the country of South Africa, as I have spent my semester abroad at the DUT in Durban. This results in deeper insight into the society at hand and the people who having to deal with the social problems. As an international business student one consequently questions the way business is done in this country and the means of corporate engagement. Resulting from our Business Ethics class, in which we were given the assignment to write about an ethical issue in a foreign country, I have already acquired knowledge about the ethical landscape in South Africa. I realized that this field is especially difficult and broad regarding the Apartheid stricken country. Discussions and meetings with South African locals in Durban who have a certain insight into the governmental and/or business practices underlying the theory have then further deepened my desire to pursuit further research in this direction.§As to the scientific relevance, corporate engagement still constitutes an immensely important role and even more so in emerging economies. So companies are constantly looking for ways of improving their responsible behavior in society. Companies seldom have the desire to analyze all the concepts available in the pool of corporate social engagement approaches. This thesis is supposed to give companies a guideline on how to successfully integrate one of these concepts and thereby generate social and economic leverage in the environment of a developing economy that is South Africa.


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