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Effect Of School Culture On The Moral Development Of Children - 2857267569

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Effect Of School Culture On The Moral Development Of Children

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Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and Helicopter Parents - 2854326383

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Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and Helicopter Parents Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

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Major newspapers, news programs, and magazines across the country have recently addressed the current issues of childhood obesity, the link between exercise and improved academic focus, and the importance of diet and exercise in improving the health of our children. As many schools consider cutting recess and removing physical education from their curricula, it has become increasingly important to examine the possible effects of this decision and what it might mean for children and their physical and mental well-being. In Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and Helicopter Parents, Jessica Skolnikoff and Robert Engvall look at the important issue of play and its changing role in today's hyper-structured society. The authors conducted countless interviews combined with extensive research in order to gain a comprehensive theory on the current nature of play and how it has affected children's lives. Specific topics addressed include the impact of over-involved parents upon the play of their children, how kids are chosen for sports teams and the effect of these selections on the kids, the lack of unstructured play, and the lasting impression of society's competitive mindset on children. This book is not a criticism of parents who want to be involved in their children's lives, but addresses the structural and cultural issues around the changing role of play and the ways in which kids' sports are viewed in today's society. Intended not only for childhood development studies, education, sociology, popular culture, and sports studies, this book will be of interest to parents, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, and educators.


Bilingualism - 2854564251

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Bilingualism Nova Science Publishers Inc

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This book focuses on the cultural influences of bilingualism, as well as global perspectives, and the advantages and disadvantages of being bilingual. Chapter One discusses the Letter of Aristeas. Chapter Two discusses various aspects bridging the issues of culture implementation during a planned school course of English as a global language (EGL). Chapter Three discusses the future direction of studies related to the application of the testing effect and retrieval practice in foreign language learning. Chapter Four reports findings from a study that examined whether there would be significant differences on oral narrative retelling among kindergarten, first, and second grade Spanish-English bilingual children in U.S. schools. Chapter Five highlights some of the issues related to the concept and practice of translanguaging as proposed by Baker (2011) and Garca (2012) within the broader context of language contact. Chapter Six records the bilingual immigrant students views on their L1 development and use and their attitudes towards home language and culture; and the majority students views on the linguistic and cultural identities of their immigrant classmates. Chapter Seven ivestigates the association between levels of language proficiency and levels of bilingualism and performance on verbal and visual-spatial working memory tasks in young monolinguals and bilinguals 9-year old children in South Africa. Chapter Eight analyzes the grammar knowledge and use of second-generation Spanish/English bilinguals in South Florida. The final chapter reviews recent studies on extensive reading focusing on EFL settings such as Japan and China.


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