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Machine Drawing - 2839139801

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Machine Drawing OUP India

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Explaining all the concepts of machine drawing through illustrations and minimum theory, the book tries to give a near visual appeal to the book. The books assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and hence starts from the fundamental topics such as simple geometric constructions, orthographic and isometric projections, and moves on to the drawing of different machine elements, assembly drawing of machine parts, limits, tolerance, and fits, and surface roughness and finish. A chapter on AutoCAD commands and computer graphics has been included in the beginning of the book and in the later chapters along with hand drawings, drawings using the AutoCAD software are also explained. Packed with numerous end chapter exercises in the form of multiple choice questions, review questions, drawing exercises, and CAD exercises, the book provides ample practice to ensure students apply each and every concept learnt through the book.


Charles Biederman - 2212826376

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Charles Biederman University of Minnesota Press


Charles Biederman (b. 1906) has been active in the avant-garde for three-quarters of a century. From his early experiments with cubism and surrealism to the brightly colored aluminum sculptures he constructed through the 1990s, he has pioneered art forms, styles, and theories. This book presents a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the career of this influential artist, and features full-color illustrations of dozens of Biederman's paintings, drawings, and signature three-dimensional aluminum constructions. A native Midwesterner, Biederman participated actively in the art communities of Chicago, New York, and Paris during the 1920s and 1930s, interacting with Joan MirĂł, Wassily Kandinsky, Fernand LĂŠger, Jean Arp, and Pablo Picasso. His expressionist figures evolved into works of geometric abstraction, and beginning in the early 1940s he rejected the international art centers to focus on his primary influence, Paul CĂŠzanne, and the symbiosis of art and nature. Biederman immersed himself in the landscape of the American Midwest and developed his theory of Structurism: the abstract translation of nature into pure visual elements of color, plane, and form. Susan C. Larsen is a collector for the Archives of American Art in New England. Patricia McDonnell is chief curator of the Tacoma Art Museum. Distributed for the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum


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