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Reconsider Baby. Elvis Presley: A Listener's Guide: 2nd Edition. Revised and Expanded - 2857283631

96,80 zł

Reconsider Baby. Elvis Presley: A Listener's Guide: 2nd Edition. Revised and Expanded



Elvis Presley - 2826710784

413,09 zł

Elvis Presley Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Meant to be a field guide for further research, it pitches to the most erudite echelons of Elvis fandom without going over the heads of the masses. It is also easily the coolest, most reasonable book about the Kink yet." Booklist


Music: The Business - 2854200946

123,52 zł

Music: The Business Virgin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This essential and highly acclaimed guide, now updated and revised in its fifth edition, explains the possibilities and pitfalls of the British music industry, from the developments in new media, privacy, sponsorship and sampling to the expanding role of the internet and the dominance of digital music. Drawing on her extensive experience as a media lawyer, Ann Harrison offers a unique, expert opinion on the deals, the contracts and the business as a whole. She examines in detail the changing face of the music business and provides absorbing case studies of huge stars such as Robbie Williams, Ms Dynamite and Elvis Presley. Fascinating, practical and comprehensive, this is the bible for the music industry and indispensable reading for any musical entrepreneur.


Afterlives of the Rich and Famous - 2854287077

39,41 zł

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In AFTERLIVES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS, renowned psychic Sylvia Browne explains exactly what happens to our spirits when our bodies stop living. She describes what the Other Side is like, and how the celebrities that we have lost are coping in the world beyond. She begins with a brief biography of each celebrity, which helps lend important context to what is happening to them now in the afterlife. She then shares whatever information the celebrities care to discuss with her via her Spirit Guide Francine. Her insights include their regrets, their private thoughts, their role in the afterlife, details of who they visit on earth, and their plans for reincarnation if they have any. It is also fascinating to discover which celebrities strike up friendships and spend time together on the Other Side! Celebrities featured include: Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, Patrick Swayze, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Grace Kelly, Bob Marley and Audrey Hepburn.


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