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Wearable Electronics And Embedded Computing Systems For Biomedical Applications - 2853990282

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Wearable Electronics And Embedded Computing Systems For Biomedical Applications

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Real-Time Embedded Systems - 2854349273

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Real-Time Embedded Systems Elsevier Science & Technology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book integrates new ideas and topics from real time systems, embedded systems, and software engineering to give a complete picture of the whole process of developing software for real-time embedded applications. You will not only gain a thorough understanding of concepts related to microprocessors, interrupts, and system boot process, appreciating the importance of real-time modeling and scheduling, but you will also learn software engineering practices such as model documentation, model analysis, design patterns, and standard conformance. This book is split into four parts to help you learn the key concept of embedded systems; Part one introduces the development process, and includes two chapters on microprocessors and interrupts---fundamental topics for software engineers; Part two is dedicated to modeling techniques for real-time systems; Part three looks at the design of software architectures and Part four covers software implementations, with a focus on POSIX-compliant operating systems. With this book you will learn: * The pros and cons of different architectures for embedded systems * POSIX real-time extensions, and know how to develop POSIX-compliant real time applications * How to use real time UML to document system designs with timing constraints* The challenges and concepts related to cross-development * Multitasking design and inter-task communication techniques (shared memory objects, message queues, pipes, signals)* How to use kernel objects (e.g. Semaphores, Mutex, Condition variables) to address resource sharing issues in RTOS applications * The philosophy underpinning the notion of "resource manager" and how to implement a virtual file system using a resource manager * The key principles of real-time scheduling and several key algorithms * Coverage of the latest UML standard (UML 2.4)* Over 20 design patterns which represent the best practices for reuse in a wide range of real-time embedded systems* Example codes which have been tested in QNX---a real-time operating system widely adopted in industry


Embedded Systems Design with FPGAs - 2856484269

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Embedded Systems Design with FPGAs Springer, Berlin

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This book presents methodologies for modern applications of embedded systems design, using field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices. Coverage includes state-of-the-art research from academia and industry on a wide range of topics, including advanced electronic design automation (EDA), novel system architectures, embedded processors, arithmetic, dynamic reconfiguration and applications.§Describes a variety of methodologies for modern embedded systems design; Implements methodologies presented on FPGAs;Covers a wide variety of applications for reconfigurable embedded systems, including Bioinformatics, Communications and networking, Application acceleration, Medical solutions, Experiments for high energy physics, Astronomy, Aerospace, Biologically inspired systems and Computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Energy Powering of Battery-Free Wireless Embedded Systems - 2854520935

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Energy Powering of Battery-Free Wireless Embedded Systems ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Energy Powering of Battery-Free Wireless Embedded Systems covers the numerous new applications of embedded systems that are envisioned in the context of aeronautics, such as sensor deployment for flight tests or for structural health monitoring. However, the already too large burden of on-board cabling asks for wireless solutions. Moreover, such concerns as safety or system lifetime preclude the use of electrochemical energy storage. Ambient energy capture, storage and management are therefore key topics. This book presents these concepts and illustrates them through actual implementations in airliners. With five years of experience within this specialist field, the authors present results from actual flight tests via their partnership with Airbus. The book synthetizes the basic concepts involved, together with practical implementations in airliners, enriching the book through the very specific aspects related to embedded systems deployed in aircrafts. Features a complete study of the energy management architecture, from general concepts to specific applicationsPresents results from thorough studies on electrostatic energy storageProvides hands-on consideration of industrial implementations in airliners, specifically in harsh environmentsIncludes actual results obtained from flight tests


Analog Interfacing To Embedded Microprocessor Systems - 2839883096

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Analog Interfacing To Embedded Microprocessor Systems

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Addressing The Technologies And Methods Used In Interfacing Analog Devices To Microprocessors, This Book Provides In-depth Coverage Of Practical Control Applications And Op Amp Examples. It Talks About Measurement And Control Of Analog Quantities In Embed


Avr Microcontroller And Embedded Systems - 2846926200

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Avr Microcontroller And Embedded Systems

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Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers - 2854246302

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Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers Elsevier Science & Technology

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PIC microcontrollers are used worldwide in commercial and industrial devices. The 8-bit PIC which this book focuses on is a versatile work horse that completes many designs. An engineer working with applications that include a microcontroller will no doubt come across the PIC sooner rather than later. It is a must to have a working knowledge of this 8-bit technology. This book takes the novice from introduction of embedded systems through to advanced development techniques for utilizing and optimizing the PIC family of microcontrollers in your device. To truly understand the PIC, assembly and C programming language must be understood. The author explains both with sample code and examples, and makes the transition from the former to the latter an easy one. This is a solid building block for future PIC endeavors. The 2nd edition includes: end of chapter questions/activities moving from introductory to advanced; more worked examples; PowerPoint slides for instructors; all code snips on a companion web site for ease of use; a survey of 16/32-bit PICs; and, a project using ZigBee. It covers both assembly and C programming languages, essential for optimizing the PIC. It has an amazing breadth of coverage moving from introductory to advanced topics covering more and more complex microcontroller families. It details MPLAB and other Microchip design tools.


Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design - 2854518757

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Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design ELSEVIER SCIENCE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed is a fast-moving introduction to embedded systems design, with emphasis on applying the innovative ARM mbed and its web-based development environment. Each chapter introduces a major topic in embedded systems, and proceeds as a series of practical experiments, adopting a learning-through-doing strategy. Minimal background knowledge is needed. C/C++ programming is applied with a step-by-step approach that allows you to get coding quickly. Once the basics are covered, the book progresses to some hot embedded issues - intelligent instrumentation, networked systems, closed loop control, and digital signal processing. Written by two experts in the field, this book reflects on the experimental results, develops and matches theory to practice, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and techniques introduced, and considers applications in a wider context. New Chapters on: Bluetooth and Wifi communication; Internet communication and control with particular reference to â


Software Development for Embedded Multi-core Systems - 2212842803

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Software Development for Embedded Multi-core Systems Newnes


The multicore revolution has reached the deployment stage in embedded systems ranging from small ultramobile devices to large telecommunication servers. The transition from single to multicore processors, motivated by the need to increase performance while conserving power, has placed great responsibility on the shoulders of software engineers. In this new embedded multicore era, the toughest task is the development of code to support more sophisticated systems. This book provides embedded engineers with solid grounding in the skills required to develop software targeting multicore processors. Within the text, the author undertakes an in-depth exploration of performance analysis, and a close-up look at the tools of the trade. Both general multicore design principles and processor-specific optimization techniques are revealed. Detailed coverage of critical issues for multicore employment within embedded systems is provided, including the Threading Development Cycle, with discussions of analysis, design, development, debugging, and performance tuning of threaded applications.Software development techniques engendering optimal mobility and energy efficiency are highlighted through multiple case studies, which provide practical 'how-to' advice on implementing the latest multicore processors. Finally, future trends are discussed, including terascale, speculative multithreading, transactional memory, interconnects, and the software-specific implications of these looming architectural developments. Get up to speed on multicore design! This is the only book to explain software optimization for embedded multicore systems. It contains helpful tips, tricks and design secrets from an Intel programming expert, with detailed examples using the popular X86 architecture. It covers hot topics including ultramobile devices, low-power designs, Pthreads vs. OpenMP, and heterogeneous cores.


Embedded Systems: Design, Analysis and Verification - 2856497714

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Embedded Systems: Design, Analysis and Verification Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th IFIP TC 10 International Embedded Systems Symposium, IESS 2013, held in Paderborn, Germany, in June 2013. The 22 full revised papers presented together with 8 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 42 submissions. The papers have been organized in the following topical sections: design methodologies; non-functional aspects of embedded systems; verification; performance analysis; real-time systems; embedded system applications; and real-time aspects in distributed systems. The book also includes a special chapter dedicated to the BMBF funded ARAMIS project on Automotive, Railway and Avionics Multicore Systems.


Embedded Systems Design with FPGAs - 2856488677

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Embedded Systems Design with FPGAs Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This publication presents the most modern applications of field-programmable gate array devices (FPGAs) as deployed in the design of embedded systems. The coverage includes state-of-the-art material from both academia and industry on an wealth of topics.§


Embedded Systems - 2854352439

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Embedded Systems Morgan Kaufmann Publishers In

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The modern consumer electronics industry as we know it owes much of its success and popularity to two technologies: the ARM processor and the Linux operating system. ARM processor technology powers nearly all modern mobile devices-and most of these processors run the Linux operating system. It's no exaggeration to say that having an understanding of embedded system design and development from the context of ARM and Linux technology is an important asset in today's world. Embedded Systems: ARM Programming and Optimization combines an exploration of the ARM architecture with an examination of the facilities offered by the Linux operating system to explain how various features of program design can influence processor performance. It demonstrates methods by which a programmer can make changes to code without changing program semantics, but have a significant impact on code performance. Several applications, including image transformations, fractal generation, image convolution, and computer vision tasks, are used to describe and demonstrate these methods. From this, the reader will gain insight into computer architecture and application design, as well as gain practical knowledge in the area of embedded software design for modern embedded systems. * Covers three ARM instruction set architectures, the ARMv6 and ARMv7-A, as well as three ARM cores, the ARM11 on the Raspberry Pi, Cortex-A9 on the Xilinx Zynq 7020 on the Zedboard, and Cortex-A15 on the NVIDIA Tegra K1. * Describes how to leverage fully the facilities offered by the Linux operating system: the Linux GCC compiler toolchain and debug tools, performance monitoring support, OpenMP multicore runtime environment, video frame buffer, and video capture capabilities.* Designed to accompany and work with most of the low cost Linux/ARM embedded development boards currently available


Node.js for Embedded Systems - 2853797126

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Node.js for Embedded Systems O'REILLY

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This practical book shows you how to build web applications that connect devices to the Internet of Things, using JavaScript and the Node.js platform.


Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems - 2854186031

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Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems Elsevier Science & Technology

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Written as a workbook with a set of guided exercises that teach by example, this book gives a practical, hands-on guide to using UML to design and implement embedded and real-time systems. Features: a review of the basics of UML and the Harmony process for embedded software development: two on-going case examples to teach the concepts, a small-scale traffic light control system and a large scale unmanned air vehicle show the applications of UML to the specification, analysis and design of embedded and real-time systems in general; a building block approach: a series of progressive worked exercises with step-by-step explanations of the complete solution, clearly demonstrating how to convert concepts into actual designs; and a walk through of the phases of an incremental spiral process: posing the problems and the solutions for requirements analysis, object analysis, architectural design, mechanistic design, and detailed design.


Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems - 2854216608

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Multiplexed Networks for Embedded Systems SAE International

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Provides a comprehensive introduction to automotive multiplexed network buses, covering the technical principles, components, implementation issues, and applications of numerous systems.


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