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Linguistic and Oriental Studies from Poznań - vol. VII - 2619308434

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Linguistic and Oriental Studies from Poznań - vol. VII Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu


The special feature of this seventh volume in the general series and fourteenth in the entire set of this journal published since 1991, currently as the official journal of Adam Mickiewicz University Institute of Oriental studies in existence only since May 1, 2005, is again a compact section entitled "Research on languages of China" which contains further results of our engagement in research of China's minority languages and cooperation with specialists themselves descending from the minority groups involved and creating the new intelligentsia emerging in minority societies but for the first time included are also preliminary results of our interest in the enormous diversity of interwoven ethnolects classified as dialects or varieties of Chinese and even the variety considered the official national language of China in one of its most official manifestations, the language of law. The contents are complemented with two contributions unrelated to the said section, one contributing to our even better understanding of both the structure of the Japanese language as well as the intricate communication strategies of its native users, and the other presenting an equally intricate, and very little known outside the very narrow circle of insiders, community of Samaritans living in two groups divided by the border between Israel and the Palestinian Autonomy and their origin. With the foundation, in fact the upgrading of the former Chair of Oriental Studies to the rank of the Institute of Oriental Studies at Poznań and subsequently handing over the Linguistic and Oriental studies from Poznań to the Institute, the decision was made to call into existence a new expanded Editorial Board consisting in the first place of elected senior research workers of the Institute and to modify the process of editing the journal. We hope to be in the position to announce first names in this volume but it will necessarily take some time to work out the new formula for the journal. Needless to say, the editor did not function in a vacuum but was strongly and efficiently supported by friendly and disinterested, often timeconsuming, advice and other indispensable assistance from numerous great persons from all over the world. Herewith I do express my most sincere gratitude and my assurance of utmost obligation. With some we had to part forever and we bid farewell to them on the pages of the journal. It is my hope that with the new formula we will still be able to count on support and cooperation. Spis treści: Editor's Preface Stefan SCHORCH (Bielefeld) The Origin of the Samaritan Community Arkadiusz JABŁOŃSKI (Poznań) What is and What Should Never Be. The Recognition of Problems Concerning NP Deletion in Grammars and Textbooks of Japanese RESEARCH ON LANGUAGES OF CHINA Maria KURPASKA (Poznań) The Language Policy of the People's Republic of China and the Dialects of Chinese Alfred F. MAJEWICZ (Poznań and Stęszew) Recent Developments in Lesser-used Language Protection in European Union with Projection on China's Minority Language Situation BAI Bibo & Xu Xianming (Yuxi, China) Hani Marriage Customs (2). Love Songs - Hani Language Texts BAI Bibo & Xu Xianming (Yuxi, China) Hani Language Preservation and Literacy in Hani Under Globalization ZHu Liyong (Yuxi, China) Investigation Report on the Current Situation of Hani Language in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China Xu Xianming & BAI Bibo (Yuxi, China) Linguistic Relationship Between the Bai Nationality and the Neighboring Hani Nationality in Yuanjiang County Halina WASILEWSKA (Poznań) The Script Varieties of the Traditional Yi Writing Alfred F. MAJEWICZ (Poznań and Stęszew) Research Results on 'Newly Discovered Minority Languages' in China Wojciech JAKÓBIEC (Poznań) Die Unterscheidung zwischen Gesetzesspreche und Juristen-sprache in festlandchinesischer Rechtssprache W. Wilfried Schuhmacher (Gadstrup, Denmark) In the Wake of Vilhelm Thomsen: jotaz (jotuz ?) 'gens, domestiques' W. Wilfried Schuhmacher (Gadstrup, Denmark) On the Origin of Nias Daf3a 'foreigner' REVIEWS Werner WINTER 2005. Kleine Schriften //Selected Writings in zwei Banden. Festgabe aus Anlass des 80. Geburtstags. Ausgewahlt und herausgegeben von Olav HACKSTEIN. Bremen: Hempen Verlag. Vols. 1-2 (Alfred F. Majewicz, Poznań and Stęszew) Xu Shixuan 2001. The Bisu Language. Lincom Europa (Alfred F. Majewicz, Poznań and Stęszew) Hiroko STORM 2003. A Handbook of Japanese Grammar. LincomEuropa (Alfred F. Ma-jewicz, Poznań and Stęszew) Noriko KATSUKI-PESTEMER 2003. Japanese Postpositions. Theory and Practice. Lincom Europa (Alfred F. Majewicz, Poznań and Stęszew) Tsutomu AKAMATSU 1997. Japanese Phonetics. Theory and Practice. Lincom Europa (Alfred F. Majewicz, Poznań and Stęszew) GAO Fayuan (ed.) 2001. Manzu - Baoshan Wafang xiang Shuigouwa cun. Manchu - Shui-gouwa village, Wafang in Baoshan, investigation of minority villages in Yunnan] (Halina Wasilewska, Poznań) E. R. TENISHEV (ed.) 2002. ... [comparative-historical grammar of Turkic languages, regional reconstructions]. - Moskva: Nauka (Yuri Tambovtsev, Novosibirsk) A selection of recent publications that reached the Editors' desk


Nanotechnology - 2826746542

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Nanotechnology PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Inside the Emerging Multibillion-Dollar Nanotechnology Industry Suddenly, nanotechnology isn't science fiction or mere theory: It's becoming one of the world's fastest-growing, highest-impact industries. In Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity, the field's leading experts offer an up-to-the-minute briefing on where the industry stands now, how it will unfold over the coming decade, and how it will impact you. Edited by a key industry advisor, this book covers the latest in nanotech science, technology, and applications. You'll meet the key players, and discover nanotech at work in fields ranging from drug delivery to energy efficiency. Here are the opportunities, the challenges, and the implications: all you need to know about today's nanotech business--and tomorrow's. Coverage includes * How the convergence of nanoscale science foreshadows revolutionary societal change * Technical and business obstacles that still challenge the industry * Lessons from the early "gold rush" days of biotech: managing the hype * Nanotech as disruptive innovation: implications for investors and venture capitalists * The evolving roles of entrepreneurs, universities, and the U.S. government * Key application areas: materials, microelectronics, sensors, energy, and beyond * Bio-Nano-Information fusion: the potential to transform medicine * Relevant patent law and intellectual property issues * The ethics of nanotechnology "A fascinating look at the art and science of nanotechnology. Hold on to your hats, the world is about to change big time...A comprehensive look at nanotechnology from the perspective of science, investment, IP, and business development with a healthy dose of vision for good measure. First-rate authors with an excellent presentation of the material. Buy this book." --David Bishop, Ph.D., V.P. of Nanotechnology Research, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies "An absolute must-read for every technology sector being impacted by nanotechnology. This book presents the true value of these technologies, delivering a comprehensive prospectus on the science to commercialization of nanotechnology." --Matthew Laudon, Ph.D., Executive Director, Nano Science & Technology Institute "This is an excellent book for anyone trying to get a general grasp on the emerging science and technology of nanotechnology in particular for business executives, engineers, or entrepreneurs who are trying to decide what this technology can mean to them." --Charles H. Volk, Ph.D., V.P. & Chief Technologist, Northrop Grumman, Navigation Systems Division "Larry Gilbert and Michael Krieger's overview of the university technology transfer process is excellent and provides a realistic perspective and understanding of the commercialization process for technologies developed in the academic environment." --John Ritter, Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Princeton University "For a broad, readable introduction to nanotechnology with its attendant entrepreneurial, social, and technological implications, this book is a great start. The most interesting chapter from my perspective was Smalley's on finding abundant, cheap energy sources. Most informative and refreshing. If you have an interest as an intelligent layperson in nanotechnology and its basic motivations and methods, this book will serve as a worthy point of departure in your search." --Mark S. Petrovic, Ph.D., V.P. of Research and Development, EarthLink "Get this book if you want to explore any part or the whole field of nanotechnology. I was interested in the many sources of funding for nanotechnology and why each source was doing it. The authors have shown an awareness that nanotechnology must be nurtured by dedicated people to achieve its real potential. I recommend this book because it treats the potential of nanotechnology in depth and realistically: Riches will come, but much effort is needed in the meantime." --Bill McLellan, winner of Richard Feynman's Nanotechnology Challenge Contributors: Foreword by Senators Joseph Lieberman and George Allen 1. Lessons in Innovation and Commercialization from the Biotechnology Revolution: Gerald Gallwas, Beckman Instruments 2. Nanotechnology and Our Energy Challenge: Dr. Richard Smalley, Rice University 3. Fads & Hype in Technology: The Sargasso Sea of 'Some Day Soon': Peter Coffee, eWeek 4. Nanotechnology Commercialization: Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson 5. Investment in Nanotechnology: Dr. Daniel Leff, Harris & Harris Doug Moffat, Moffat Capital 6. Role of the U.S. Government in Nanoscale Science and Technology: Geoff Holdridge, National 7. Nanotechnology Coordination Office and WTEC, Inc. 8. Overview of US Academic Research: Dr. Julie Chen, University of Massachusetts Lowell 9. Understanding University Technology Transfer for Nanotechnology: Larry Gilbert, Caltech, Dr. Michael Krieger, UCLA 10. Intellectual Property Policy and Impact: Chinh Pham, Greenberg Traurig, Charles Berman, Greenberg Traurig 11. Entrepreneurs: Jeff Lawrence, Trillium Digital Systems, Larry Bock, Nanosys 12. Major Corporations: Technology, Business and the Culture of Opportunity: Jim Duncan, Meggitt PLC 13. Nanotechnology in Federal Laboratories: Dr. Meyya Meyyapan, NASA Ames Laboratory 14. Nanoscale Materials: Dr. Mark Reed, Yale, Dr. ZL Wang, Georgia Tech, Dr. Brent Segal, Nantero Dr. Sheryl Ehrman, Maryland, Fiona Case, Case Scientific 15. Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors: Dr. David Nagel, George Washington University, Dr. Sharon Smith, Lockheed Martin Microelectronics, Dr. Stephen Goodnick, Arizona State, Dr. George Thompson, Intel, Dr. Axel Scherer, Caltech 16. Drug Delivery: Dr. Suzie Pun, University of Washington, Dr. JJ Cheng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 17. Bio-Nano-Information Fusion: Dr. Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA, Dr. Dean Ho, UCLA, Dan Garcia, UCLA 18. Convergence and Integration: Dr. Mike Roco, National Science Foundation 19. Ethical Considerations in the advance of Nanotechnology, Dr. Bill


Twenty First Century Firm - 2212825641

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Twenty First Century Firm Princeton University Press

Inne 1

Students of management are nearly unanimous (as are managers themselves) in believing that the contemporary business corporation is in a period of dizzying change. This book represents the first time that leading experts in sociology, law, economics, and management studies have been assembled in one volume to explain the varying ways in which contemporary businesses are transforming themselves to respond to globalization, new technologies, workforce transformation, and legal change. Together their essays, whose focal point is an emerging network form of organization, bring order to the chaotic tumble of diagnoses, labels, and descriptions used to make sense of this changing world. The first three chapters report systematically on change in corporate structure, strategy, and governance in the United States and Western Europe, East Asia, and the former socialist world. They separate fact from fiction and established trend from extravagant extrapolation. This is followed by commentaries on them: Reinier Kraakman affirms the durability of the corporate form; David Bryce and Jitendra Singh assess organizational change from an evolutionary perspective; Robert Gibbons considers the logic of relational contracting in firms; and Charles Tilly probes the deeper historical context in which firms operate.


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