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Encountering The Risen Christ - 2850524207

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Encountering The Risen Christ

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Encountering the Risen Christ BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP

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Towards a New Day - 2854346006

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Towards a New Day Darton,Longman & Todd Ltd

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'The pattern today remains the same as it was at the start. You become a Christian in only one way, by somewhere, somehow encountering Jesus Christ and, at his kind invitation, falling in behind him. After all, this is the way they all became Christians: the way Saul the persecutor became Paul the apostle, and Francis the playboy became Francis the poor man.' A fascinating memoir in the classic DLT mould, this is the story of a spiritual pilgrimage of a member of the Society of the Scared Mission from 1957 to the present day. Ralph Martin has been a monk in the SSM for nearly 60 years. His story of simple prayer and community is more than just one man's tale - it becomes the story of the transformation of an entire order as the SSM is forced to adapt to fulfil its monastic mission in the 21st Century. Edited and introduced by Canon Vincent Strudwick.


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