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Himalayan Salt & Dead Sea Salt - 2834135552

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Himalayan Salt & Dead Sea Salt Dr. Joyce Starr Publishing

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Himalayan Salt & Dead Sea Salt - Salt Secrets offers a banquet of benefits and uses for Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Mineral Salt and artisan salts. Weaving fiction with fact, Salt Secrets features a "salty fellow" women will adore. Highlighting the powerful health benefits of Himalayan salt healing for home and health, as well as salt facials, salt body scrubs and salt baths, this book's practical salt tips can save the reader hundreds of dollars a year in beauty and home-care products. Himalayan Salt Lamps: Learn how Himalayan salt lamps and Himalayan salt candle holders can lift your spirits, harmonize your home and enhance positive vibrations in your personal space. Decorate, purify and Feng Shui your favorite rooms with a garden of Himalayan salt light. Benefit from inexpensive salt alternatives to costly cleansing regimes. Create your own Natural Salt Oasis. Amplify your internal salt frequency. Take the journey! Salt Healing: Discover how to reduce sore muscles and provides relief for soft-tissue injuries. Understand when and how best to use Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt to energize and restore balance in your life. Salt Secrets is the perfect wellness guide for health seekers and salt lovers worldwide. Gift a copy of Salt Secrets to loved ones, friends and to your favorite health practitioners. Dr. Joyce Starr is the author of 17 books, sought-after book coach, public speaker and wellness expert. Visit her website at


Country Almanac of Home Remedies - 2826772724

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Country Almanac of Home Remedies FAIR WINDS PRESS

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Natural Wisdom for Curing Every Ache, Pain, and Ailment As little as a few decades ago, folk remedies were a part of everyday life. More often than not, our grandparents would go to their garden or kitchen pantry before they went to a doctor to treat everyday health complaints. Today, scientific studies are proving what Grandma knew all along-natural remedies are oftentimes just as effective as modern cures, have fewer side-effects, and cost just pennies. Moreover, natural remedies have stood the test of time. Peppermint has been used as soothe upset stomachs long before Pepto-Bismal and ginger has been used for its antibiotic properties for thousands of years in Asian medicine. Learn how to quickly and naturally treat over 100 common conditions with everyday cures: -Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey to break up congestion -Black or Green Teabags will take the sting out of a bad sunburn -Drink Beet, Celery, and Cucumber juice to soothe a shingles outbreak. -Inhale oil of Geranium to calm a hot flash -Apply a Witch Hazel compress to treat varicose veins -Pumpkin Seeds improve male potency -Burnt Toast soaks up internal toxins -Epsom Salt bathes heal the lymphatic system Filled with thousands of surprising cures, each entry gives multiple remedies for each condition from herbs, to healing foods, to acupressure and yoga poses. Hundreds of step-by-step illustrations show you the right way to administer a treatment from making herbal tinctures to applying a poultice. Dosage guidelines are given for every remedy as well as safety guidelines, contraindications, and when to call a doctor.


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