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Essays on Medieval Agriculture and General Problems of the Medieval Economy - 2854298455

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Essays on Medieval Agriculture and General Problems of the Medieval Economy Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Professor Postan's work on the social and economic history of the Middle Ages has had an enormous influence upon the study of the subject. His essays represent his major contribution and are an invaluable addition to the literature. Twenty-two essays are gathered together into two volumes. Previously published elsewhere, many in obscure places, over a period from 1928 to 1972, they are still greatly used and referred to today; their appearance in this more accessible form will be warmly welcomed by a wide range of students and scholars in all branches of medieval and economic history as well as by social scientists and economists generally. This volume contains such seminal pieces as The economic foundations of medieval society, The rise of a money economy, The chronology of labour services and The charters of the villeins.


Essays On Medieval Agriculture And General Problems Of The Medieval Economy - 2839998067

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Essays On Medieval Agriculture And General Problems Of The Medieval Economy

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Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age - 2841664317

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Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age Bloomsbury Academic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Europe was formed in the Middle Ages. The merging of the traditions of Roman-Mediterranean societies with the customs of Northern Europe created new political, economic, social and religious structures and practices. Between 500 and 1300 CE, food in all its manifestations, from agriculture to symbol, became ever more complex and integral to Europe's culture and economy. The period saw the growth of culinary literature, the introduction of new spices and cuisines as a result of trade and war, the impact of the Black Death on food resources, the widening gap between what was eaten by the rich and what by the poor, as well as the influence of religion on food rituals. A Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age presents an overview of the period with essays on food production, food systems, food security, safety and crises, food and politics, eating out, professional cooking, kitchens and service work, family and domesticity, body and soul, representations of food, and developments in food production and consumption globally.


Crises in Economic and Social History - 2854495527

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Crises in Economic and Social History The Boydell Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This collection of essays brings together historians examining social and economic crises from the thirteenth century to the twenty-first. Crisis is an almost ubiquitous concept for historians, applicable across (amongst others) the histories of agriculture, disease, finance and trade. Yet there has been little attempt to compare its use as an explanatory tool between these discrete fields of research. This volume breaks down the boundaries between traditional historical time periods and sub-disciplines of history to examine the ways in which past societies have coped with crises, and the role of crisis in generating economic and social change. Should we conceptualise a medieval agrarian or financial crisis differently from their modern counterparts? Were there similarities in how contemporaries responded to famine or outbreaks of disease? How comparable are crises within households, within institutions, or across national and international networks of trade? Contributors examine how crises have shaped economic and social life in a range of studies from the Great Depression in 1930s Latin America to the outbreak of plague in seventeenth-century central Europe, and from sheep and cattle murrain in fourteenth-century England to the Northern Rock building society collapse of 2007. A. T. BROWN is an Addison Wheeler Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Durham University. ANDY BURN is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Durham University. ROB DOHERTY is a doctoral candidate in history at Durham University.


Sociology and Anthropology of Economic Life: The Moral Embedding of Economic Action OIP - 2854347462

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Sociology and Anthropology of Economic Life: The Moral Embedding of Economic Action OIP OUP India

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the first of two readers on the sociology and anthropology of economic life that together provide an account of major issues in the area of economic anthropology and sociology as they pertain to the study of Indian society and culture. This volume, Sociology and Anthropology of Economic Life 1: The Moral Embedding of Economic Action, focuses on the ways in which ethical, moral, and affective forces are constitutive of activities such as production, exchange, and consumption that we habitually characterize as 'economic'. The focus is largely on the village, considered an important site for understanding the local processes within which moral economies are embedded; these local and moral economies, however, are not isolated from global processes. In the first section, the essays examine important conceptual issues regarding the appropriate categories for understanding economic relations in rural India. At the same time, they direct attention to tensions between anthropological methods and those typically used in economics and history. The contributions in section II show the technological transformations of nature as a result of state policies relating to consolidation of land records; projects of land redistribution to the poor; and generally addressing the national project of acquiring self-sufficiency in food by increasing agricultural production. In section III, questions such as how do we evaluate our actions in moral terms; what bodily dispositions are learnt in the process of work; how existing notions of morality or social hierarchies affect the emergence of newness, are addressed. This reader will be useful for students and scholars of sociology and anthropology, economics, and development studies.


Making of Early Medieval India, Second Edition - 2854315341

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Making of Early Medieval India, Second Edition OUP India

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume explores the processes and nature of change in Indian society over a period of about six hundred years, between the seventh and the thirteenth centuries. The notion of change articulated in these essays marks a radical departure from what exists in the current historiography of the period. Change here is shown as being represented by processes of progressive transformation, and not-as in the many available visions of the period-by the breakdown of an earlier social order. The essays provide an alternative perspective of the making of early medieval society in India. This new edition comes with an extensive introduction updating the research on the subject. This book will be an important reading for undergraduate and post graduate students, teachers, and researchers of medieval Indian history.


Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200 - 2854363428

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Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200 Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bringing together essays from experts in a variety of disciplines, this collection explores two of the most important facets of life within the medieval Europe: money and the church. By focusing on the interactions between these subjects, the volume addresses four key themes. Firstly it offers new perspectives on the role of churchmen in providing conceptual frameworks, from outright condemnation, to sophisticated economic theory, for the use and purpose of money within medieval society. Secondly it discusses the dichotomy of money for the church and its officers: on one hand voices emphasise the moral difficulties in engaging with money, on the other the reality of the ubiquitous use of money in the church at all levels and in places within Christendom. Thirdly it places in dialogue inter-disciplinary perspectives and approaches, and evidence from philosophy, history, literature and material culture, to the issues of money and church. Lastly, the volume provides new perspectives on the role of the church in the process of monetization in the High Middle Ages. Concentrating on northern Europe, from the early eleventh century to the beginning of the thirteenth century, the collection is able to explore the profound changes in the use of money and the rise of a money-economy that this period and region witnessed. By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the collection challenges current understanding of how money was perceived, understood and used by medieval clergy in a range of different contexts. It furthermore provides wide-ranging contributions to the broader economic and ethical issues of the period, demonstrating how the church became a major force in the process of monetization.


Introduction to Early Medieval Western Europe, 300-900 - 2854235450

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Introduction to Early Medieval Western Europe, 300-900 ROUTLEDGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Studying European history from 300-900 AD, this textbook combines an account of the historical background of the period with discussion of the social, economic, cultural and political structures of the societies in it. It contains chapter summaries and chronologies; key topic essays discussing archaeological or documentary evidence; and more.


Long Morning of Medieval Europe - 2854502712

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Long Morning of Medieval Europe Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Recent advances in research show that the distinctive features of high medieval civilization began developing centuries earlier than previously thought. The era once dismissed as a "Dark Age" now turns out to have been the long morning of the medieval millennium: the centuries from AD 500 to 1000 witnessed the dawn of developments that were to shape Europe for centuries to come. In 2004, historians, art historians, archaeologists, and literary specialists from Europe and North America convened at Harvard University for an interdisciplinary conference exploring new directions in the study of that long morning of medieval Europe, the early Middle Ages.Invited to think about what seemed to each the most exciting new ways of investigating the early development of western European civilization, this impressive group of international scholars produced a wide-ranging discussion of innovative types of research that define tomorrow's field today. The contributors, many of whom rarely publish in English, test approaches extending from using ancient DNA to deducing cultural patterns signified by thousands of medieval manuscripts of saints' lives. They examine the archaeology of slave labor, economic systems, disease history, transformations of piety, the experience of power and property, exquisite literary sophistication, and the construction of the meaning of palace spaces or images of the divinity. The book illustrates in an approachable style the vitality of research into the early Middle Ages, and the signal contributions of that era to the future development of western civilization.The chapters cluster around new approaches to five key themes: the early medieval economy; early medieval holiness; representation and reality in early medieval literary art; practices of power in an early medieval empire; and the intellectuality of early medieval art and architecture. Michael McCormick's brief introductions open each part of the volume; synthetic essays by accomplished specialists conclude them. The editors summarize the whole in a synoptic introduction. All Latin terms and citations and other foreign-language quotations are translated, making this work accessible even to undergraduates. "The Long Morning of Medieval Europe: New Directions in Early Medieval Studies" presents innovative research across the wide spectrum of study of the early Middle Ages. It exemplifies the promising questions and methodologies at play in the field today, and the directions that beckon tomorrow.


History in the Comic Mode - 2854317749

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History in the Comic Mode Columbia University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this groundbreaking collection, twenty-one prominent medievalists discuss continuity and change in ideas of personhood and community and argue for the viability of the comic mode in the study and recovery of history. These scholars approach their sources not from a particular ideological viewpoint but with an understanding that all topics, questions, and explanations are viable. They draw on a variety of sources in Latin, Arabic, French, German, Middle English, and more, and employ a range of theories and methodologies, always keeping in mind that environments are inseparable from the making of the people who inhabit them and that these people are in part constituted by and understood in terms of their communities. Essays feature close readings of both familiar and lesser known materials, offering provocative interpretations of John of Rupescissa's alchemy; the relationship between the living and the saintly dead in Bernard of Clairvaux's sermons; the nomenclature of heresy in the early eleventh century; the apocalyptic visions of Robert of Uzes; Machiavelli's De principatibus; the role of "demotic religiosity" in economic development; and the visions of Elizabeth of Schonau. Contributors write as historians of religion, art, literature, culture, and society, approaching their subjects through the particular and the singular rather than through the thematic and the theoretical. Playing with the wild possibilities of the historical fragments at their disposal, the scholars in this collection advance a new and exciting approach to writing medieval history.


Expanding Frontiers in South Asian and World History - 2854502508

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Expanding Frontiers in South Asian and World History Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book has brought together some of the foremost scholars of South Asian and global history, who were colleagues and associates of Professor John F. Richards, to discuss themes that marked his work as a historian in an academic career of almost forty years. It encapsulates discussions under the rubric of 'frontiers' in multiple contexts. Frontier has often been conceived as a space of transformation marking new forms of economic organization, commodity trade, land settlement and state authority. The essays here underline the range of interests and approaches that marked Professor Richards' illustrious career - frontiers and state building; frontiers and environmental change; cultural frontiers; frontiers, trade and drugs; and frontiers and world history. The volume discusses issues from medieval to early modern South Asian history. It also reflects a concern for large-scale global processes and for the detailed specificities of each historical case as evident in Professor Richards' work.


Mediaeval Trade and Finance - 2854299022

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Mediaeval Trade and Finance Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Professor Postan's work on the social and economic history of the Middle Ages has had an enormous influence upon the study of medieval history and upon the development of the subject. His essays represent his major contribution and are a unique and valuable addition to the literature. Twenty-two essays are gathered together into two volumes: Essays on Medieval Agriculture and General Problems of the Medieval Economy and Medieval Trade and Finance. Previously published elsewhere, frequently in obscure places, over a period from 1928 to 1972, they are still used today by students and scholars in all branches of medieval and economic history as well as by social scientists and economists more generally.


Religious Movements in South Asia 600-1800 - 2854315297

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Religious Movements in South Asia 600-1800 OUP India

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"It provides a picture, fascinating...of some of the religious movements in Indian history." - "The Book Review." This book addresses a range of debates regarding religious movements in the medieval and early modern periods. Eleven key essays debate the linkages between the religious and worldly aims of different movements and the continuity and change in their ideologies, social bases, and organizational structures over time. They present divergent views on important issues such as the relationship between caste and the sect, the idea of renunciation, the role of the Sufis in the conversion to Islam in medieval India, and the ways in which many South Asian popular movements emerged and gathered force. In an insightful introduction by David Lorenzen, each debate is discussed in its historical and theoretical context. The influence of Dumont, Engels, and Weber on our understanding of the nature of religious movements in and beyond the South Asia is also analysed. Part of the prestigious "Debates in Indian History and Society" series, this volume will be useful for students, scholars and teachers of medieval and early modern India, as well as those interested in religious studies, comparative religion, sociology, and anthropology.


Oman & Overseas - 2826735448

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Oman & Overseas Olms

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Oman unterscheidet sich von den anderen arabischen Staaten auf der Arabischen Halbinsel und in der Golf-Region durch seine lange Geschichte als historisch-politische Einheit. Ein weiteres Charakteristikum ist sein Ruhm als Seefahrer-Nation sowie der Ibadismus, dem die Majorität der Bevölkerung angehört. Einen bislang nur unzureichend untersuchten Aspekt der Geschichte Omans zu beleuchten, war das Ziel einer Tagung, die im Mai 2011 in Tübingen stattfand und deren Ergebnisse im vorliegenden Band zusammengefasst sind. §Im Fokus der Tagung stand die komplexe Wechselbeziehung zwischen Oman und den anderen Anrainern des Indischen Ozeans, sowie deren Blick von außen auf die Kultur und die Religion Omans. Mit dieser Frage haben sich Forscher aus sehr unterschiedlichen Wissenschaftsgebieten auseinandergesetzt. Entsprechend breit gefächert sind die Ansätze und Ergebnisse der hier präsentierten Arbeiten. Sie reichen von der vorislamischen Archäologie Omans über die Sprachenvielfalt Ostafrikas bis zu den ökonomisch-kulturellen Verbindungen zwischen Südamerika und Oman. Technologische Aspekte des Schiffsbaus werden ebenso behandelt wie wissenschaftshistorische, wobei vielfach bislang wenig bekanntes Quellenmaterial vorgestellt wird. Allen Aufsätzen gemeinsam ist dabei, dass sie die Bedeutung Omans als ökonomischen und kulturellen Knotenpunkt zwischen dem östlichen und dem westlichen Indischen Ozean deutlich hervortreten lassen.§Oman differs from other Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region in having a long history as a unified state. It is also famous as a seafaring nation and for the Ibadi tradition of Islam practised by most of the population. This volume contains the proceedings of a conference held in Tübingen in May 2011 with the aim of highlighting other, previously little known or studied aspects of Oman s history.§The conference focused on the complex interrelationships between Oman and other countries bordering the Indian Ocean, and on views from outside of Oman s culture and religion. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines examined these questions and the approaches and conclusions presented here are similarly wide ranging, from the pre-Islamic archaeology of Oman and the multiple languages of East Africa to the economic and cultural ties between Latin America and Oman. The technology and history of shipbuilding are also examined, using previously little-known source material. But however varied their themes, all the essays clearly emphasise Oman s significance as an economic and cultural bridge between the eastern and western Indian Ocean.


Money, Prices and Wages - 2854350327

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Money, Prices and Wages PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Professor Nicholas Mayhew is Professor of Numismatics and Monetary History at Oxford, a former Deputy Director of the Ashmolean Museum, Director of the Winton Institute for Monetary History and Fellow of St Cross College. Over the course of his forty-year career, Mayhew has made key contributions to fields as diverse as medieval European monetary history, numismatics, financial history, price and wage history, and macroeconomic history. His recent analysis of the Price Revolution is the most influential account of one of the defining features of early modern English economic life. He has been instrumental in debunking notions of a pre-monetary, feudal past, and in the application of the Fisher Equation to historical data. Mayhew has inspired two generations of medieval historians and many colleagues in related disciplines. These essays, in his honour, demonstrate the analytical power and chronological reach of the novel interdisciplinary approach he has nurtured in himself and others.


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