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Essays On Medieval Agriculture And General Problems Of The Medieval Economy - 2839998067

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Essays On Medieval Agriculture And General Problems Of The Medieval Economy

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics>Economic history

Includes The Economic Foundations Of Medieval Society, The Rise Of A Money Economy, The Chronology Of Labour Services And The Charters Of The Villeins.


Religion, State, and Society in Medieval India - 2826906548

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Religion, State, and Society in Medieval India OUP India

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written over the span of a lifetime, this collection of S. Nurul Hasan's essays (edited and introduced by Satish Chandra) covers a wide range of topics: historiography and new sources; state, religion, and the ruling class; and urban and rural life. The various essays demonstrate Hasan's varied interests and the evolution of his ideas on medieval Indian history. Satish Chandra's introduction familiarizes the reader with his personality, achievements, and monumental contribution to Indian history-writing. The section on historiography deals with the manner in which Indian history has been distorted, both in the past, by British imperial historians, and in more current times by Indian communal historians. It also raises the problem of nationalities in medieval India, once a subject of intense debate. Part II of the volume deals with the state, religion, and ruling classes. It offers a new interpretation of Akbar's religious views, and also includes a number of articles on the crucial role of zamindars in medieval India. There is also a well-researched essay on the theory of the Nur Jahan Junta.The third section of the book examines urban and rural life in the period and includes essays on agrarian production and prices of food grain in the territory of Amber. The final section looks at some important sources of late Mughal history, and also considers the Afghan-Mughal conflict.


Rookwood and the American Indian - 2826749417

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Rookwood and the American Indian Ohio University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The nation's premier private collection of Rookwood art pottery featuring American Indian portraiture is on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum from October 2007 to January 2008. "Rookwood and the American Indian: Masterpieces of American Art Pottery from the James J. Gardner Collection" is a remarkable exhibition catalogue that will be of interest well beyond the exhibition because of its unique subject matter. Fifty-two pieces produced by the Rookwood Pottery Company are showcased, many accompanied by black-and-white photographs of the American Indians portrayed by the ceramic artist. In addition, the catalogue includes a brief biography of each artist as well as curators' comments about the Rookwood pottery and the Indian apparel seen in the portraits. The catalogue also presents two essays. The first, "Enduring Encounters: Cincinnatians and American Indians to 1900," by ethnologist and co-curator Susan Labry Meyn, describes American Indian activities in Cincinnati from the time of the first settlers to 1900 and relates these events to national policy, such as the 1830 Indian Removal Act. "Rookwood and the American Indian," by art historian Anita J. Ellis, concentrates on Rookwood's fascination with the American Indian and the economic implications of producing that line. "Rookwood and the American Indian" blends anthropology with art history to reveal the relationships between the white settlers and the Native Americans in general, between Cincinnati and the American Indian in particular, and ultimately between Rookwood artists and their Indian friends.


Turning Points in Historiography - 2826815653

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Turning Points in Historiography University of Rochester Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Until recently almost all histories of historiography have focused on national developments or at best introduced a comparative note from a limited Western perspective. Only in the last few years have there been serious attempts to transcend these borders. The present volume examines turning points in historical thought in a variety of cultures. The essays in the first half of the book deal with fundamental reorientations in historical thinking in the pre-modern period since Antiquity, specifically in ancient Greece and China and in medieval Christian Europe, the Islamic world and again China. The essays all proceed from the premise that historical thought in none of these cultures was static but underwent profound changes over time. The essays in the second part deal with historical writing beginning with the professionalization of history in the nineteenth century.National history researched and composed around a master narrative constituted a major turning point in this period. Although the new paradigm emerged in the West, it was broadly accepted by historians throughout the world in the twentieth century. Individual chapters deal with conceptions of scientific history in the West, a comparison of national histories in Japan, France, and the United States, and the invention of Chinese, African and Indian national histories; finally the critiques of the modern paradigm in postmodernist and postcolonial theory and a consideration of the shortcomings of these critiques. Georg Iggers is Professor Emeritus of History at the State University of New York at Buffalo; Q. Edward Wang is Associate Professor of History at Rowan University.


Oman and Overseas - 2826735448

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Oman and Overseas Olms

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Oman unterscheidet sich von den anderen arabischen Staaten auf der Arabischen Halbinsel und in der Golf-Region durch seine lange Geschichte als historisch-politische Einheit. Ein weiteres Charakteristikum ist sein Ruhm als Seefahrer-Nation sowie der Ibadismus, dem die Majorität der Bevölkerung angehört. Einen bislang nur unzureichend untersuchten Aspekt der Geschichte Omans zu beleuchten, war das Ziel einer Tagung, die im Mai 2011 in Tübingen stattfand und deren Ergebnisse im vorliegenden Band zusammengefasst sind. §Im Fokus der Tagung stand die komplexe Wechselbeziehung zwischen Oman und den anderen Anrainern des Indischen Ozeans, sowie deren Blick von außen auf die Kultur und die Religion Omans. Mit dieser Frage haben sich Forscher aus sehr unterschiedlichen Wissenschaftsgebieten auseinandergesetzt. Entsprechend breit gefächert sind die Ansätze und Ergebnisse der hier präsentierten Arbeiten. Sie reichen von der vorislamischen Archäologie Omans über die Sprachenvielfalt Ostafrikas bis zu den ökonomisch-kulturellen Verbindungen zwischen Südamerika und Oman. Technologische Aspekte des Schiffsbaus werden ebenso behandelt wie wissenschaftshistorische, wobei vielfach bislang wenig bekanntes Quellenmaterial vorgestellt wird. Allen Aufsätzen gemeinsam ist dabei, dass sie die Bedeutung Omans als ökonomischen und kulturellen Knotenpunkt zwischen dem östlichen und dem westlichen Indischen Ozean deutlich hervortreten lassen.§Oman differs from other Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region in having a long history as a unified state. It is also famous as a seafaring nation and for the Ibadi tradition of Islam practised by most of the population. This volume contains the proceedings of a conference held in Tübingen in May 2011 with the aim of highlighting other, previously little known or studied aspects of Oman s history.§The conference focused on the complex interrelationships between Oman and other countries bordering the Indian Ocean, and on views from outside of Oman s culture and religion. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines examined these questions and the approaches and conclusions presented here are similarly wide ranging, from the pre-Islamic archaeology of Oman and the multiple languages of East Africa to the economic and cultural ties between Latin America and Oman. The technology and history of shipbuilding are also examined, using previously little-known source material. But however varied their themes, all the essays clearly emphasise Oman s significance as an economic and cultural bridge between the eastern and western Indian Ocean.


Commercial Activity, Markets And Entrepreneurs In The Middle Ages - 2840058317

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Commercial Activity, Markets And Entrepreneurs In The Middle Ages

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>History>Earliest times to present day>Early history: c 500 to c 1450/1500>Medieval histor...

Numerous Aspects Of The Medieval Economy Are Covered In This New Collection Of Essays, From Business Fraud And Changes In Wages To The Production Of Luxury Goods.


Mediaeval Trade And Finance - 2839998069

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Mediaeval Trade And Finance

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics>Economic historyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>...

A Collection Of Professor Postan's Major Essays On Medieval Trade And Finance.


Money, Prices And Wages - 2840071467

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Money, Prices And Wages

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Credit & credit institutionsKsią...

Nick Mayhew Has Made Key Contributions To Fields As Diverse As Medieval European Monetary History, Numismatics, Financial History, Price And Wage History, And Macroeconomic History. These Essays, In His Honour, Demonstrate The Analytical Power And Chronological Reach Of The Novel Interdisciplinary Approach He Has Nurtured In Himself And Others.


Northern Neighbours - 2827133768

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A topical, comparative study of the economic, social and political development of Norway and Scotland since 1800 How did the development of two small countries at the north of Europe, whose histories were joined from about the year 795 AD - including a 300-year alliance - nevertheless diverge sharply in the modern era? This edited collection of essays covers various elements of this analysis including land ownership, politics, agriculture, industry, money and banking, local government, education, religion, access and the outdoor life, as well as several more synthetic chapters. Written as it is by historians, political scientists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists and human geographers, the book moves beyond historical narrative, and outlines elements of a theory of divergent development between Norway and Scotland over the long term, and so towards a novel history which will be of interest to a wider audience. Key Features: Focus on key periods of intensive relationships between Scotland and Norway New analysis of the differences between the two countries after the medieval period Clear information and analysis of how Norway changed after independence from Denmark Policy ideas on 'independence' issues such as natural resources and land rights Exclusive essays from established and new scholars


God's Playground - 2836773968

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God's Playground Columbia Univ Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The most comprehensive survey of Polish history available in English, God's Playground demonstrates Poland's importance in European history from medieval times to the present. Abandoning the traditional nationalist approach to Polish history, Norman Davies instead stresses the country's rich multinational heritage and places the development of the Jewish German, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian communities firmly within the Polish context.Davies emphasizes the cultural history of Poland through a presentation of extensive poetical, literary, and documentary texts in English translation. In each volume, chronological chapters of political narrative are interspersed with essays on religious, social, economic, constitutional, philosophical, and diplomatic themes. This new edition has been revised and fully updated with two new chapters to bring the story to the end of the twentieth century.


What Next, Old Knife - 2827044585

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What Next, Old Knife Lost Horse Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ranging across a diverse contemporary society of night-school courses and displaced "adult learners," from concrete apartment blocks full of exiles and poor economic migrants to the Iraq War, Germany of the 1930s, Vilna of the 1920s, and medieval Girona, What Next, Old Knife? is a sobering encounter with class, culture, and history - personal and otherwise. David Axelrod has published five collections of poems, including The Cartographer's Melancholy, and a collection of essays about the rural Northwest, Troubled Intimacies. He lives in La Grande, Oregon, where he teaches literature and creative writing at Eastern Oregon University.


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