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Essentials Of Kumar And Clark's Clinical Medicine - 2842812900

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Essentials Of Kumar And Clark's Clinical Medicine

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A Reference To Clinical Medicine That Includes A Chapter On Malignant Disease. It Gives You The Clinical Features, Investigations And Management For A Whole Variety Of Different Illnesse. It Covers Undergraduate Medicine.


Essentials of Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine - 2838460521

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Essentials of Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine Elsevier Science & Technology

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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine - 2836339185

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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine Elsevier Health Science

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2 new chapters§§Women's health§§Global health §25 new young consultant authors teamed with clinicians at the top of their career, to ensure the text is accessible for students and trainees.§§Full text re-design§§New two-page summary for clinical chapters, giving anatomy and physiology overview and summaries for history taking and clinical examination.§§Coloured headings to help distinguish sciences, procedures, etc.)§§New icons to aid text navigation§§Divided into three sections for greater ease of navigation: §§Good Medical Practice§§Clinical Sciences§§Clinical Practice §Bigger chapters unbundled into smaller chapters for ease of access.§§Clinical Pharmacy now separate from Poisoning§§STIs and HIV now separate from Infectious Disease§§Biliary Tract and Pancreatic Disease now separate from Liver§§Rheumatic Disease now separate from Bone Disease§§Lipid and Metabolic Disease now separate from Diabetes Mellitus §New! Online Editor, Adam Feather, with a team of young doctors have created in the e-book chapter summaries, key-point boxes, self-assessment, top tips, extra content (videos and images) and more...§§New co-editor for the International Advisory Board.§§11 new members of the International Advisory Board.§§9 new online international articles, including:§§Ebola§§Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever§§Visceral Leishmaniasis §Coming soon! Semantic zoom - online text summarising tool which will provide stages of the book's content in decreasing levels of detail according to your need - from the full text to the bare essentials. Keep checking your registered e-book for updates!§


Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine - 2837310461

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Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine Elsevier Saunders

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This is new edition of the book previously called Acute Clinical Medicine in the highly popular Kumar and Clark family. It includes cases in Clinical Medicine that covers in handbook form with a complete range of acute medical conditions and problems that junior doctors are likely to encounter during the first years of training. It is divided into chapters reflecting core medical specialties - including infectious diseases; STD; gastroenterology; etc. Each chapter is then subdivided into case-based problems, such as (for example) pyrexia of unknown origin (under the Infectious Disease Group), HIV/Aids (under STD) and Vomiting and Weight Loss (under Gastroenterology). Each problem follows a standard pattern or template: it begins with a case history, and is accompanied by short, succinct text divided up by headings such as 'What are the commonest causes of...'; What factors predispose to...' Where relevant there are also sections on pathology, pathophysiology and prognosis. It contains important points to note in the acute context that are picked out in boxes ('Beware', 'Remember!' and 'Information') as are vital investigations.


Kumar & Clark's Medical Management and Therapeutics - 2839139160

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Kumar & Clark's Medical Management and Therapeutics Elsevier Saunders

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Readers of "Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine" have consistently requested a handbook with the essentials for medical management and therapeutics, and this new handbook concentrates on the therapeutic side of what procedures to perform, how and - critically - why. Written by young doctors at the forefront of healthcare delivery, "Kumar & Clark's Medical Management and Therapeutics" is portable, easy to access when you need it most, and full of cutting edge information and insights. "Snappy and concise, just what the junior doctor ordered!". (Dr Lyn D Ferguson, FY1). "Prescriptive and to the point". (Catherine Drouot, 3rd year medical student, Barts). "An excellent text for both medical students and junior doctors alike." (Dr Lucy Blair, FY1).


Essen Of Clinical Medicine 5th - 2826876048

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Essen Of Clinical Medicine 5th Elsevier Saunders

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Mini Kumar & Clark goes into its fifth edition! New to this best-selling, portable, quick reference to clinical medicine: fully updated in line with the latest edition of "Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine"; new chapter on malignant disease; and, practical procedures and therapeutics taken into individual chapters as appropriate. From reviews of the previous edition: "This really is an excellent medical textbook. It easily covers undergraduate medicine." ""Pocket Essentials" is a great little book to review the night before you start on a rotation. It is small enough that you can easily read over the chapter and then appear on the ward with a good idea of what is going on." "In short this book is concise, succinct and gets straight to the point." "This book summarises everything you need to know: causes, diagnoses and treatments." "I am finding this book very helpful and more importantly very concise. It has most things you need to know about common clinical pathologies." "I turned to "Pocket Essentials of Clinical Medicine" as my clinical medicine reference guide - and what a guide! An excellent book, which gives you the clinical features, investigations and management for a whole variety of different illnesses. The book is clearly laid out, and even has normal blood chemistry values at the end. Do yourself a favour and buy this book!" "This mini paperback is a must for anyone studying medicine. It gives all the information one would need and all without the pain of carrying around a large book." "I liked this book. It was useful having a smaller reference book to carry around on wards etcetera - it's more digestible and easier to follow than big "K&C", and gives a little more background than the "Oxford Handbook" - and I know people who use it to revise for finals."


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