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Law Map In European Union Law - 2826837289

103,16 zł

Law Map In European Union Law ROUTLEDGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Presents an easy-to-use fold out map. This map provides spider-diagrams and flowcharts to provide a concise, authoritative revision accessory, giving students an at-a-glance tool for understanding how the different topics within each subject are connected. It can be pinned to walls to make the revision process easier and aid in student's research.


European Union Law - 2826702040

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European Union Law Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Edited by Catherine Barnard and Steve Peers, this new EU law textbook draws together a range of perspectives from experienced academics, teachers and practitioners from a number of jurisdictions to provide a comprehensive introduction to EU law. Each chapter has been written by an expert in the field to provide you with access to a broad range of ideas while offering a solid foundation in the institutional and substantive law of the EU. Written by experts yet designed for students, every chapter has been reviewed by both students and lecturers to ensure a balance of accessible explanation and critical detail. Case studies are included throughout the book to enable you to understand the context and implications of EU law, as well as helping to familiarise you with some of the most significant caselaw in the area. Quotes and examples from key EU legislation and academic sources are also included to help develop your understanding of EU law, while further reading suggestions for each chapter act as a springboard for further study and assessment preparation. The first edited collection for students, this new text provides a fresh and modern guide to EU law and is an ideal entry-point for students new to the subject as well as those looking to develop their understanding of EU law. Online Resources European Union Law is accompanied by a comprehensive Online Resource Centre which includes a range of resources to support your studies and revision, including an interactive timeline and map of the EU, downloadable diagrams from the book, video clips, a flashcard glossary, and a searchable table of all Treaty renumbering. The Online Resource Centre also hosts regular updates and blog posts from the editors, helping you to stay up-to-date on the latest case law and developments in the area.


European Union Law - 2826726723

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European Union Law Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written with exceptional clarity, European Union Law constitutes a classic textbook for students and practitioners of European law. Using a clear structural framework, it guides readers through all the core constitutional and substantive topics of EU law, and provides in-depth coverage of the most important internal and external policy areas of the European Union. Extracts from classic case law are complemented with extensive and critical discussion of the theoretical and practical aspects of the European Union and its law, leading students to a deep understanding of the subject. Chapters are enriched with more than 100 colour figures and tables, which clarify complex topics and illustrate relationships and processes. Suggestions for further reading direct students to significant pieces of academic literature for deeper self-study, and a companion website with full 'Lisbonised' versions of the cases cited in the text completes the learning package.


Wyatt and Dashwood's European Union Law - 2826749423

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Wyatt and Dashwood's European Union Law Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

First published 30 years ago, Wyatt and Dashwood's European Union Law was a landmark publication, designed and written for students taking degree level courses in EU law. In the intervening years new editions have appeared at regular intervals, firmly establishing the book as a reliable and authoritative text. Besides introducing generations of students to the intricacies of European law it has also been increasingly relied upon by scholars, practitioners and the courts as a valuable source of reference on this complex and ever-expanding body of law. While the book cannot cover every aspect of the subject matter, it nevertheless offers comprehensive coverage of those aspects of EU law most commonly studied at degree level. Part I introduces the history and foundations of the Union's primary law. Part II looks at the Union's institutions, decision-making procedures and competences. It also deals with the Union judiciary, focusing on direct actions before the Union courts and preliminary references from national courts. The constitutional fundamentals of direct effect and supremacy, effective judicial protection before national courts, general principles of Union law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights are dealt with in Part III. Part IV covers the internal market: free movement of goods, Union citizenship, workers, establishment and services, the services directive, mutual recognition of qualifications, corporate establishment and company law harmonisation. Part V deals with competition law: Articles 101 and 102 TFEU, the enforcement of Union competition rules and other related competition law issues. Part VI then includes a brand new chapter concerned with the EU's external relations, together with treatment of the legal effects of international agreements entered into by the EU. As with previous editions the aim is to provide an accurate, critical, pragmatic and original account of the subject, at times also offering unique insiders' insights. The book holds to its reputation as being both broad and profound, the ideal foundation for gaining a deep understanding of EU law. This edition reflects the law post-Lisbon. It has also been re-structured and re-designed, so as to facilitate ease-of-use. Its original authors, Derrick Wyatt and Alan Dashwood, continue to make a significant contribution. Michael Dougan, Eleanor Spaventa and Barry Rodger complete the team of authors working on this invaluable textbook and reference work.The 6th edition has already been cited in the Northern Ireland High Court by The Honourable Mr. Justice Bernard McCloskey [2011]a NIQBa 61.


Foundations of European Union Law - 2837509404

190,69 zł

Foundations of European Union Law Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Foundations of European Union Law provides an impressively clear and easily understood account of the constitutional and administrative law of the EU. Hartley examines the institutions, of the EU (including the workings of the European Courts), the Union legal system and the major constitutional issues before moving on to the area of administrative law and remedies. This new edition contains full coverage of the European financial crisis and the accession of Croatia to the European Union. The Foundations of European Union Law is renowned as a highly reliable and authoritative text valued by students and practitioners alike.


State and Market in European Union Law - 2826958099

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State and Market in European Union Law Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An examination of the legal framework of the EU internal market as established in the case law of the European Court of Justice, discussing in particular EC competition law, the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital and the evolution of the interpretation of the provisions. The 'State' has been retreating from direct intervention in economic life as more goods and services, the provision of which was once thought to be a 'public' responsibility, are delivered through market mechanisms. Given the need for consistent application of EC law in the internal market, a common core conception of public authority, shielded from the discipline of EC competition law, is needed. The resulting realignment of public and private functions and responsibilities is not a linear and coherent process, especially in light of the changing nature of the European legal integration project and the progressive incorporation of non-economic values in the Treaties.


European Union Law - 2826880513

224,17 zł

European Union Law SWEET & MAXWELL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Revision of the author's Constitutional law of the European Union.


A Fundamental Law of the European Union - 2826801398

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A Fundamental Law of the European Union Bertelsmann Stiftung

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The financial crash and lengthy economic recession have tested the institutions of the European Union as never before. Debate about the future of Europe has polarized: Some want no more integration; others campaign for disintegration. Those who believe in deeper unity and a stronger federal Europe have yet to make their case. A Fundamental Law does this by offering a prospectus for radical reform. It amends the Lisbon Treaty to make the government of the EU more powerful and democratic. It embraces banking and fiscal union while showing the way forward to a legitimate settlement of Europe s constitutional dilemma.§Ten years after the Convention on the Future of Europe proposed its constitutional treaty, the Spinelli Group of federalist MEPs has drafted comprehensive proposals for an ambitious new treaty. Anyone who wonders how a more united Europe should best be governed should read this. The members of the next Convention will.


European Union Law in a Nutshell - 2826914660

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European Union Law in a Nutshell West Academic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


European Union Environmental Law - 2826920864

612,88 zł

European Union Environmental Law ASHGATE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This comprehensive book provides analysis and discussion on key selected issues in EU environmental law. It attempts to provide the reader with a clear picture of some of the most important developments in this increasingly significant sphere of European business law. The issues covered include the community and environmental competence; the importance of coordination through the 'Regulatory Chain' for implementation and enforcement of environmental objectives and principles; and the protection of European habitats and species. Environmental impact assessment is also examined, as well as environmental protection and the free movement of goods. Lastly, the issues of waste management in the community and the legal response to global warming are considered. This is an accessible work for all students of the subject, both academic and professional.


Law of the European Union, 3rd Edition - 2829577134

86,67 zł

Law of the European Union, 3rd Edition MACMILLAN

Prawo / Prawo - książki dla praktyków

This of the best books of its kind on the market. It is student friendly in the best sense of the term. While in no way patronising or talking-down to its readers, it steers them thoroughly and in a helpfully structured way through the subject and anticipates the difficulties often encountered by those studying it for the first time. The achievement of these objectives is assisted by placing the law in its wider historical, political and economic contexts. Problems and complexities are treated clearly and firmly. The book systematically encourages student-centred learning by posing questions and review problems and providing suggestions for further reading and lists of key websites as well as a full general bibliography- Professor John Bridge, Journal of European Information Association


Economic and Social Law of the European Union - 2212829633

134,50 zł

Economic and Social Law of the European Union Palgrave Macmillan

Inne 1

This text describes and analyzes with great clarity these two key areas of EU law. It focuses on the internal and external dimensions of the law governing the operation of the single market, the creation and regulation of the single currency, the law governing the status of citizens and non-citizens in the context of the creation of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, and the law of the social dimension and other flanking policies such as environmental policy.


Law And Values In The European Union - 2841715269

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Law And Values In The European Union

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Law>Laws of Specific jurisdictions>Constitutional & administrative law

How Does The EU Function, And Why Does It Function In This Fashion? Why Do States In Europe Choose To Co-operate, And How Does The EU Enable This Co-operation? These Key Questions Of EU Law And More Are Examined And Answered In This Introduction To The Legal Integration Of The European Union.


Culture And European Union Law - 2840074393

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Culture And European Union Law

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>International relations>International institutionsKsiąż...

This Book Explores The Relationship Between European Union Law, Culture, And Identity. It Illustrates How Cultual Issues Permeate All Aspects Of Community Law; Shaping The Development Of Policies In Areas As Diverse As Internal And External Trade, Education, Sport, Language Use, And The Mass Media.


European Union Law Horspool Margot Humphreys Matthew - 2826051725

170,00 zł

European Union Law Horspool Margot Humphreys Matthew


European Union Law Autor: Horspool Margot, Humphreys Matthew Wydawca: Oxford University Press...


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