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Falling Through Time: A Sacred Prostitute Returns to Egypt - 2858016208

92,42 zł

Falling Through Time: A Sacred Prostitute Returns to Egypt



Falling Through Time: Mists of Fate - Book Four - 2873038365

65,01 zł

Falling Through Time: Mists of Fate - Book Four



Falling Through Glass - 2871188211

36,99 zł

Falling Through Glass

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Romance>Historical romanceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related ...

Emmi Maeda Comes Into Possession Of An Antique And Plunges Through Time-into Feudal Japan And The World Of Samurai. Los Angles, Present Day Emiko 'Emmi' Maeda Set Aside Her Studies Following The Sudden Death Of Her Father. Estranged From Her Mother And


The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture - 2869682154

133,08 zł

The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture PALGRAVE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this book, William Irwin Thompson explores the nature of myth. Acknowledging the persuasive power of myth to create and inform culture, he weaves the human ability to create life with and communicate through symbols with myths based on male and female forms of power.


Lesbian Lovers Through Time Collection - 2871250031

77,49 zł

Lesbian Lovers Through Time Collection

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>RomanceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & cont...

Enjoy Four Stand-alone Novellas In This 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist Collection About Women Falling In Love With Each Other Throughout Time. Prairie Women In Love It Is Hard Being A Woman In The 1870s And Even Harder If You Happen To Have


Marlborough & Around Through Time - 2874297311

77,50 zł

Marlborough & Around Through Time Amberley Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Situated on the River Kennet in Wiltshire, Marlborough is a bustling market town with a fascinating past. Occupied in 1067 by William the Conqueror, the first written record of Marlborough appears in the Domesday book in 1087. A castle was established around 1100, and later became a royal residence before falling into disrepair in the fourteenth century. Marlborough celebrated 800 years of its town charter in 2004, and is today a vibrant town with much to offer both residents and visitors. Well known for its annual jazz festival and mop fair, the town is home to many historic buildings, including the Merchant's House on the High Street. In Marlborough & Around Through Time, authors Stanley C. Jenkins and Angela Long offer a fascinating insight into the past, using over 180 unique old and modern images.


Falling Freely, as If in A Dream - 2845101622

54,07 zł

Falling Freely, as If in A Dream BLACK SWAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the grand master of Scandinavian crime fiction - and one of the best crime writers of our time-a new critically acclaimed novel centered around the unsolved murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. It's August 2007, and Lars Martin Johansson, chief of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Sweden has opened the files on the unsolved murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme. With his retirement quickly closing in, Johansson forms a new group comprised of a few trustworthy detectives who doggedly wade through mountains of paperwork and pursue new leads in a case that has all but gone cold despite the open wound the assassination has left on the consciousness of Swedish society. Yet the closer the group gets to the truth, the more Johansson compromises the greater good for personal gain, becoming a pawn for the private vendetta of a shady political spin doctor. Sharply detailed and boldly plotted, Persson's work lifts the veil on one of history's greatest unsolved crimes in a novel that goes toe-to-toe with the best of true crime books.


Falling Angels - 2869548630

86,54 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Time" magazine crowned "Girl with a Pearl Earring" "a portrait of radiance . . . a jewel."" In her "New York Times" bestselling follow-up, Chevalier once again paints a distant age with a rich and provocative palette of characters. Told through a variety of shifting perspectives "Falling Angels" follows the fortunes of two families in the emerging years of the 20th century.


Falling For Alice - 2871217906

61,99 zł

Falling For Alice

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Huma...

?New Alice. New Wonderland. New Stories ?to Love. From ?the Modern Alice Dumped In The Aquarian ?Age Of The Late Sixties, To The ?present Day Alice, Tormented By Body Image And Emotional Issues, To The Alice Of The Future, Launched Forward Through Time An


Shadows Falling - 2873912623

63,27 zł

Shadows Falling Red Team Ink (DBA) of Zealot Solution's Idaho

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sonnet has all but given up on her now. Unlike others of the Lost, Rose has the ability to manipulate her powers and can travel through time at will, deciding which eras she wants to travel to. Unfortunately, the traveling has taken a toll on her mind and body. For a perfectly sane girl, power of this nature could be a gift. For Rose however, it's not only a danger to her, but also to anyone who's had the misfortune of meeting her. Lizzie is an orphaned nurse resigned to a life of changing bedpans and fluffing pillows at Bedlam, the world's most notorious insane asylum. Finding an old diary proves a welcome distraction from a medical world that doesn't take nurses all that seriously. As Lizzie falls into the world of the diary's author, Rose Gray, she finds herself swept into an ever deepening mystery. Although the diary in Bedlam Hospital may be old, Rose is not, and it appears as though she never really left. Will Lizzie's curiosity lead to her becoming yet another of Rose's victims?


Falling Short - 2869452912

110,98 zł

Falling Short Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The United States faces a serious retirement challenge. Many of today's workers will lack the resources to retire at traditional ages and maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. It can be difficult for workers to make informed decisions about their retirements now based on the abundance of confusing and sometimes misleading information put forth by the media and other individuals. For this reason, Charles D. Ellis, Alicia H. Munnell, and Andrew D. Eschtruth have written this highly-accessible guide for individuals wondering what to expect when they reach retirement age and what they can be doing now to best prepare for their future. Falling Short is grounded in academic research yet written in an accessible style for anyone concerned about their future retirement. The authors provide both a vivid picture of the retirement risks facing all Americans and a short list of practical solutions that build on our existing retirement system. The book offers the necessary context for understanding the nature and size of the retirement income shortfall, which is caused by both increasing income needs--due to longer lifespans and rising health costs--and decreasing support from Social Security and employer-sponsored pension plans. The authors give specific advice for what Americans must do now to avoid crisis in retirement; namely, people must work longer and save more. Individuals should plan to stay in the labor force until age 70 and keep their skills up-to-date, and the government should emphasize that retiring at 70 provides the largest monthly Social Security check. Social Security's long-term finances must be shored up so that it remains the foundation of the retirement system. All employers with a 401(k) plan should be required to automatically enroll their workers, increase worker contribution rates over time, and use low-cost index funds as a default investment option. A separate solution is needed for the half of the workforce that lacks even 401(k) coverage; all uncovered workers need an easy and automatic retirement saving option. Finally, individuals should not ignore what is often their largest asset--their house--as a potential source of support for retirement; home equity can be tapped through downsizing or a reverse mortgage. Acting on these solutions now will greatly improve the prospects of a secure retirement for today's workers.


Mortiswood Kaelia Falling - 2869541353

52,23 zł

Mortiswood Kaelia Falling Authors Reach

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With the promise of power comes the threat of the ultimate sacrifice... Losing those she loves and learning she's The Chosen One catapulted Kaelia's life into the fast lane. Having battled Dybbuk demons, discovered an unexpected ally in the form of a Vallesm, and ventured through Niflheim, her adventure is far from over. Determined to fulfil her destiny as the one who will destroy The Salloki, Kaelia still has many obstacles to overcome. As secrets rise to the surface and Kaelia's powers continue to evolve, she is not the only one fighting a battle... Can Calix find a Rosealrium bloom in time to stop Cadence's transformation? What exactly is the truth behind Bran's connection to the goddess Hel? And will Kaelia finally uncover what happened to her mother? One thing is certain, Kaelia is not the only one who is evolving...


Through The Years - 2870249540

299,99 zł

Through The Years EMARR


1. This Can't Be Love 2. Don't Explain 3. I Must Have That Man 4. Little Niles 5. Let Up 6. Come Sunday 7. Triptych : Prayer / Protest / Peace 8. Left Alone 9. Lonesome Lover 10. Africa 11. Throw It Away 12. The Maestro 13. The River 101. The World Is Falling Down 102. You Must Believe In Spring & Love 103. First Song 104. Bird Alone 105. I'm In Love 106. A Time For Love 107. Jungle Queen 108. A Child Is Born 109. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis 110. I Should Care 111. Through The Years 112. When I'm Called Home 201. Avec Le Temps 202. Mr. Tambourine Man 203. Love Has Gone Away 204. And It's Supposed To Be Love 205. Should've Been 206. Nature Boy 207. Windmills Of Your Mind 208. Skylark 209. It's Me, O' Lord (Standin' In The Need Of Prayer) 210. Blue Monk 211. The Music Is The Magic 212. Down Here Below


Time Between Us - 2868371865

36,99 zł

Time Between Us Random House Children`s Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet. Why would they? Anna's a sixteen-year-old in 1995, fiercely determined to secure a running scholarship so she can leave her quiet, dull town and finally travel the world. Bennett's a seventeen-year-old in 2012, living in San Francisco and trying to control his ability to travel through time - an incredible gift, but also an unpredictable curse, which constantly threatens to separate him from the people he loves. When a minor lapse in judgment puts his sister Brooke in danger, Bennett finds himself two thousand miles and seventeen years away - in Anna's world. As he searches for Brooke, Bennett is strangely and inescapably drawn to Anna, who feels sure she's seen him somewhere before. Through the gorgeous, mysterious newcomer, able to travel anywhere in a split second, Anna visits deserted tropical beaches and stunning mediterranean coastlines for the first time, and they can't help falling for one another. But they both know, deep down, that it can never last. For no matter how desperate Bennett is to stay with Anna, his uncontrollable condition will inevitably knock him right back to where he belongs - and Anna will be left to pick up the pieces.


Doin' My Time - 2870141540

539,99 zł

Doin' My Time Bear Family Records


1. On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks 2. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello 3. Doin' My Time 4. Dad Too Is Lonely 5. Will You Be Satisfied That Way 6. There Won't Be Much More Time 7. Tennessee Border 8. Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler 9. I'm Afraid To Love You Anymore 10. If There Were No You 11. On The Wrong Side Of The Track 12. You've Been A Little Careless 13. There Won't Be Much More Time 14. Will You Be Satisfied That Way 15. You're Going To Be On The Receiving End 16. Capital Letters (Wrote Your Name...) 17. Memories & A Heart So Sick & Blue 18. Lula Lee 19. Here's My Good-bye To You 20. The Rambler's Call 21. Doin' My Time 22. I'm Gonna Put You In My Pocket 23. Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today 24. You're My Big Baby Now 25. Blue Banjo Rag (Instr.) 26. I Believe I'm Entitled To You 27. You Don' T Know My Mind 28. Muddy Water Blues 101. Jimmie's Yodel Blues 102. You Locked The Door Of My Heart 103. You're Just A Rolling Stone 104. There's No Love In My Heart For You Now 105. I'd Gamble My Heart 106. There's Nothin' About You Special 107. I'm Giving You No Reason To Forget 108. Who Do You Think You're Fooling 109. I'm A Regular Daddy 110. It's My World 111. It's Bargain Day (In Broken Hearts) 112. The Hem Of His Garment 113. Dad, Too Is Lonely 114. Running Out Of Time 115. Station Door Blues 116. Falling Rain Blues 117. It's All The Same To Me 118. Journey's End 119. I Can't Tell My Heart That 120. Tell Them 121. Kentucky & You 122. Dreaming My Weary Life Away 123. 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered 124. (Send Me) A Penny Postcard 125. Women Beware (Of The Ramblin' Kind) 126. (I Can't Believe) It's Our Goodbye 127. When The Book Of Life Is Read 128. Holy Life Insurance 201. I Ain't Got Time 202. Help Me Find My Broken Heart 203. Your Flyin' Days Are Through 204. I Saw Your Face In The Crowd 205. Singing Teacher In Heaven 206. Ready To Go Home 207. I've Got A Lot Of Love, Baby 208. By Degrees 209. I'm Allergic To Your Kisses 210. Baby I Could Change My Ways 211. What A Pleasure 212. Don't Give My Heart To A Rambler 213. My Broken Heart's Startin' To Show 214. Too Hot To Handle 215. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 216. John Henry & The Waterboy 217. Blame The Right One 218. I Don't Need A Doctor 219. Beautiful 220. Jesus Loves Us All 221. (My Heart's) On A Budget 222. Steppin' Out On You 223. Want You To Be My Baby 224. Dime A Dozen (That's What You Are) 225. How Low Can You Feel 226. I Need A Little Lovin' 227. Another Saturday Night 228. Just Ramblin' On 229. No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes 230. Hafta Do Somethin' 'Bout That 231. No Fault Of Mine 232. Born To Be Wild 301. We've Got Things In Common (& Connie Hall) 302. Where Do We Go From Here (& Connie Hall) 303. What Makes A Man Wander 304. Where My Sweet Baby Goes 305. I Found My Girl In The U.s.a. 306. I'm The Girl In The U.s.a. 307. Doin' My Time 308. On The Wrong Side Of The Track 309. You Don't Know My Mind 310. Dark Hollow 311. Lonesome At Your Table (& Connie Hall) 312. Walkin' My Blues Away 313. When Temptation Smiles 314. John Wesley Hardin 315. Misery Loves Company 316. Married To A Friend (& Connie Hall) 317. Riverboat Gambler 318. Two Squares Away 319. Reasons To Live 320. I'm A Lot More Lonesome Now 321. Lonesome Road Blues 322. The Hem Of This Garment 323. Careless Love 324. God's Mansion In The Sky 325. I'll Weaken & Call 326. Big City 327. Please Don't Send Cecil Away 328. Four Walls, A Floor & A Ceiling 329. Don't Let Love Get You Down 330. Big City 331. Fallen Leaves 332. Short Life Of Trouble 333. Kentucky Mountain Chimes (Inst) 401. Hobo Bill's Last Ride 402. My Rough & Rowdy Ways 403. Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea 404. Jimmie The Kid 405. The Soldier's Sweetheart 406. My Blue Eyed Jane 407. Moonlight & Skies 408. I Miss The Mississippi & You 409. Never No Mo' Blues 410. Tuck Away My Blues 411. Somewhere Down Below The Mason Dixon Line 412. Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel 413. Proof Heartaches 414. Wooden Angels 415. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) 416. One Dead Man Ago 417. Rambler's Call 418. Our Worlds Are Far Apart 419. Restless Heart 420. You Sure Don't Know My Mind 421. Jimmie's Theme (Mammy's Lullaby)(with Yodel) 422. Down The Road To Love(& Joe Cannonball Lewis) 423. Lost Lover Blues (& Joe Cannonball Lewis) 424. Don't Say That It's Too Late (& Lewis) 425. Ramblin' Boy Blues 426. Way Down In Dixieland 427. John Henry 428. Headin' South 429. Six Month Blues 430. Down Home Blues 431. Doin' My Time 432. Someone To Love Me Always 501. Hamilton, Ohio: 502. A Damn Good Night For The Bums 503. Hard Times In Indianapolis 504. Carla Demuir 505. Muscles, Little Rabbit & Snow-covered Corpse 506. Writing 'Doin' My Time' 507. Auditioning For Gennett, Rca Victor & Decca 508. Good Old Al 509. Knoxville


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