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More Takeaway Secrets ELLIOT RIGHT WAY BOOKS

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Readers loved the simple and quick recipes in Kenny McGovern's original "The Takeaway Secret", helping them to create their favourite takeaway dishes at home. Now Kenny reveals more secret recipes for burgers, kebabs and pizzas, as well as popular dishes from Chinese, Indian and Mexican takeaways, not forgetting the local deli and chip shop! Along with such classics as King Rib, Salt and Pepper Chilli Chicken and Tandoori King Prawn, you can also enjoy a bacon, cheese and folded-egg omelette bagel for breakfast, BLT salad for lunch and even a mid-afternoon chocolate brownie or Ice Cream Frenzy. This title includes: unique new recipes, as requested by readers; the secret sauces, ingredients and tastes which make takeaway food such a treat; and, more takeaway favourites, including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dessert. Save money and eat more healthily! Reader praise for "The Takeaway Secret": "A little gem"; "Fantastic, authentic recipes"; "A must for fast-food fans"; "Amazing"; "Easy step-by-step instructions"; and, "Great for students".


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