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Lights Out / Dore Records. . - 2839828554

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Lights Out / Dore Records. . ONE DAY MUSIC


1. Lights Out - Johnny Day 2. To Know Him Is To Love Him - The Teddy Bears 3. Boogie Woogie Feeling - Tony Casanova 4. Every Once And A While - The Debonaires 5. Stompin' Sh-boom - The Dories 6. Look For A Star - Deane Hawley 7. Baby Talk - Jan & Dean 8. Be Mine Or Be A Fool - Chuck Miles & The Style 9. As I Live From Day To Day - The Brentwoods 10. I'll Never Be A Fool Again - Deane Hawley 11. Goofin' Around - Glen Glenn 12. A Casual Look - Chris Darlin 13. Hideout - John & Judy 14. Tear Down The Wall - Billy Saint 15. She Goes Oonka Chicka - The Premiers 16. Rockin' Round The Mountain - The Capers 17. Eddie Can I Park In Your Lot - Sharon Mason 18. Percolator Twist - Billy Joe & The Checkmates 19. We Go Together - Jan & Dean 20. Crazy Dance - Von Gayles 101. There's A Girl - Jan & Dean 102. Hold Back The Dawn - The Debonaires 103. Hey There - Deane Hawley 104. Fifteen Only Fifteen - Donna Lee-anne 105. I've Thought About Living - Frankie Lee 106. Wonderful Lovable You - The Teddy Bears 107. After School Rock - The Baritones 108. Why This Feeling - John & Judy 109. Midnight Star - The Brentwoods 110. Ring A Ding Ding - The Tides 111. Maybe - The Raindrops 112. Young Lovers - Bobby Mell 113. The Twirl - Von Gayles 114. Too Far To Turn Around - The Creators 115. Little Love Of Mine - Claudia & The Crystals 116. The Blob - The Zanies 117. White Tennis Sneakers - Jan & Dean 118. The Rumour - Julian Rose 119. Showdown - Tony Casanova 120. Where Is My Angel - Deane Hawley 201. Bossman - Deane Hawley 202. Someday - Cam Morris 203. Clementine - Jan & Dean 204. Love Is Like A Mountain - The Raindrops 205. Yes Master - The Whips 206. I Loved Him So - The Dories 207. An Invitation To A Party - Dimples 208. There Is Something On Your Mind - Little Ray 209. Come Softly To Me - Ronnie Height 210. Summer's End - Billy Cliff 211. Pretty Little Mary - Deane Hawley 212. This Is Your Life - Claudia & The Crystals 213. I Could Just Die - Bee Gee Kay 214. Chicken Spaceman - The Tides 215. Cindy - Jan & Dean 216. How Much - The T Shirts 217. Doin' Time - Ronnie Cook With Julian And The Di 218. Don't You Worry My Little Pet - The Teddy Bears 219. Dedication Time - Bobby Mell


Melissa Unger - Gag - 2826862315

62,67 zł

Melissa Unger - Gag Roundfire Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One rainy afternoon in a Brooklyn diner, Peter Howland punctures an egg with his fork. Undercooked, the egg oozes a thick, snot-like goo; repulsed, Peter pushes the plate away and never eats again. Fifteen years later, feeling as fit as the first foodless day over a decade ago, he heads to Paris, arguably the gastronomic center of the universe, to have another go at food. Enter, Dallas Foster, a mysterious individual who leaves a dramatic and unshakable impact on Peter's life. An offbeat, incisive observation of the ways in which we thrash into and cling onto each other; bursting with vivid dialogue, intricately painted characters and a breathtaking plot, Gag is a fantastically written portrait of two strangers entangled in the most curious of relationships. This inventive novel wanders down unexpected avenues and uncovers the darkest corners of both its characters and the serpentine city in which they converge.


Just a Little - 2843289265

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Just a Little BK & DM Edmunds

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Who are we that have big comfortable houses, new motor cars, televisions, modern schools with computers, money in our pockets, and plenty of food? Who are we? We are the prodigy of our forefathers and mothers who paved the way for us to be able to live as we do today. We do not know the feeling of having to leave families behind, as they had to, knowing that they would probably never see them again. Not long after the end of the great-war, it was decided that Australia should be settled more, and the south west of Western Australia appealed as a good area for farming, and needed populating. So in conjunction with the Western Australian Government, and in particular, Premier James Mitchell, a new immigrant idea was formed. This idea was named the ''Land Settlement Scheme.'' As a result, in the year nineteen twenty four, some three hundred and fifteen families left the mother country and were shipped to a tiny town named Northcliffe. The journey took about seven weeks, with a stop at the Canary Islands, where vendors boated fresh fruit and vegetables to the eager passengers. The ships also stopped at Cape Town for two days, and the passengers were allowed to disembark to explore this famous landmark.


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