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Figures of Earth; A Comedy of Appearances - 2840571363

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Figures of Earth; A Comedy of Appearances



Figures of Earth: A Comedy of Appearances - 2843089710

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Figures of Earth: A Comedy of Appearances



Middle Earth Quest - 2827859249

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Middle Earth Quest Fantasy Flight Games

Gry planszowe > Przygodowe

It is a time of growing darkness and despair. Sauron the Great, the Dark Lord of Mordor, has returned to his ancient fastness of Barad-d


Middle-earth Quest - 1422411564

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Middle-earth Quest


It is a time of growing darkness and despair. Sauron the Great, the Dark Lord of Mordor, has returned to his ancient fastness of Barad-d


GOAT - A Tribute to Muhammad All [edycja limitowana] - 2822174898

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GOAT - A Tribute to Muhammad All [edycja limitowana] TASCHEN


ISBN: 9783822816271 Autor: Praca zbiorowa     Rok wydania: 2004-06-25 Ilość stron: 780 Oprawa: twarda Format: 327 x 315 mm Muhammad Ali is one of the most remarkable personalities of our time and the greatest sportsman ever to walk the earth. To honor this living legend, TASCHEN has created a work that is epic in scale and as unique and vibrant as the man himself. A worthy tribute to his life should reflect the scale of his achievements, and GOAT - GREATEST OF ALL TIME is fully up to that task. Four years in the making, and the most comprehensive study of Ali to date, GOAT tips the scales at 34 kgs (75 lbs) and is 50 cm x 50 cm (20" x 20") in size. Nearly 800 pages of archival and original photographs, graphic artwork, articles and essays - many of them previously unpublished - chronicle six decades of his life in stunning detail. To cap it all, the project takes place with the participation of Ali himself and those members of his inner circle who have been closest to him over the years: from managers and key cornermen to friends, family and children; from spiritual and other advisers to broadcasters, essayists and journalists. Motivating this endeavor is the conviction that Ali is not just a figure from the past, but one whose influence even today pervades everyday popular culture. The merest glance at the world of sports and music, for example, reveals his psychic DNA on everything from the lyrics and style of rap music to the way sports figures represent themselves. More significantly, his actions outside of the boxing ring still speak even louder than the verbal outrageousness of his pre-fight spectacles. He is a man who stood by his convictions, and took a highly unpopular stance at the peak of his career in a country not yet ready for radical change. He risked everything - his title, his livelihood, and his status - and in the process emerged as a man of principle and indeed, a hero for all time. No stone has been left unturned in telling this remarkable story: the book features written contributions from hundreds of writers and photographers, as well as over 3,000 photographs of Ali's dazzling life. Plus Ali's own insights, writings and drawings, and reproductions of fight posters and classic memorabilia. After the enormous success of Helmut Newton's megabook, SUMO, publisher Benedikt Taschen felt that his next challenge lay not only in creating a work that had multiple sources and extraordinary photography, but one where the emphasis on the written word, narrative and research would be on par with that of the most comprehensive literary biographies. In short, matching meticulously crafted prose with incredible color and black-and-white photography. In addition, new work - commissioned from artist Jeff Koons - gives the Ali mythology a 21st-century edge and an entirely contemporary context.


Becoming Holyfield - 2826853882

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Becoming Holyfield Simon Spotlight Entertainment

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

History's only four-time world heavyweight boxing champion and one of America's most admired and beloved athletes reveals the dramatic story of his rise from poverty to the very pinnacle of the toughest sport on earth. Barely able to make it into the heavyweight division and almost always the smaller fighter in the ring, Holyfield spent his professional career proving the naysayers wrong. Along the way he provided some of the twentieth century's most thrilling sports moments, not all of them on purpose. In Becoming Holyfield, he gives us the exciting inside story of defeating Mike Tyson, the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man on Earth," and then getting a piece of his ear bitten off in the rematch. We learn how it felt to become the undisputed champion of the world by knocking out the man who knocked out Tyson, and we find out what it was really like to be in the middle of a title fight and see a motorized parachute fly right into the ring. There is heartbreak to go along with triumph, beginning with Holyfield's loss of an Olympic gold medal because of a highly controversial disqualification and continuing through his short-lived retirement following a misdiagnosed heart condition. Along the way we're treated to glimpses of such colorful figures as Don King and Howard Cosell and we come to understand the extra-ordinary power of love in shaping a young boy's life, and the love he tried to return. Holyfield made more money in the ring than any other fighter in history, and gave away millions to support the dreams of underprivileged kids looking for the same kinds of breaks that allowed him to become a champion. Holyfield's immense popularity cannot be overstated, and it cuts across all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes. The top three highest-grossing sporting events in Las Vegas history were all Holyfield fights, and his highly rated appearances on Dancing with the Stars helped to ensure that show's success. Other fighters may have been bigger, stronger, or more flamboyant, but few could match Evander Holyfield's poise, grace under pressure, or commitment to serve as an inspiration to others.


Chales Bargue - 2834690595

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Chales Bargue ACR Edition

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Bargue-Gerome Drawing Course is a complete reprint of a famous, late nineteenth century drawing course. It contains a set of almost two hundred masterful lithographs of subjects for copying by drawing students before they attempt drawing from life or nature. Consequently it is a book that will interest artists, art students, art historians and lovers and collectors of drawings. It also introduces us to the work and life of a hitherto neglected master: Charles Bargue. The Drawing Course consists of three sections. The first consists of plates drawn after casts, usually of antique examples. Different parts of the body are studied in order of difficulty, until full figures are presented. The second section pays homage to the western school of painting with lithographs after exemplary drawings by Renaissance and modern masters. The third part contains almost sixty academies or drawings after nude male models, all original inventions by Bargue, the lithographer. With great care, the student is introduced to continually more difficult problems in the close observing and recording of nature. Practiced professional artists will see at once the problems of representation that are approached by Bargue, and they will delight in his solutions. Figure painters will copy the plates to keep in tune; so to speak, much as pianists practice the exercises of Czerny before performing Beethoven. Art students will find it a practical and progressive introduction to realistic figure drawing. Art historians can learn by studying these drawings just what was prized in late ninetheenth century figure painting. They will recognize the reliance upon tradition by the use of antique sculptures as models in the first part: Antiquity is here used, not to impose a classical style, but as an aid in seeing the structure of the human body with clarity and intelligence. The result is a convergence of Classicism and Realism. There are no numerical proportional charts, perspective boxes or geometrical schemata to memorize. All the techniques and schemata are developed out of and for the object or person in view. The drawings are splendid; beautiful; not simply products of assiduity, but of careful observation and the wish to transcribe and communicate the beauty of nature and light, as well as the manifold appearances of the human body. These are objectives that will touch and move any careful reader of drawings, and the figurative arts. Charles Bargue started his career as a lithographer of drawings by hack artists for a popular market in comic, sentimental and soft-porn subjects. By working with Gerome, and in preparing the plates for the course, Bargue was transformed into a spectacular painter of single figures and intimate scenes; a master of precious details that always remain observation and never became self-conscious virtuosity, of color schemes that unified his composition in exquisite tonal harmonies. The last part of the book is a biography of Bargue, along with a preliminary catalogue of his paintings, accompanied by reproductions of all that have been found and of many of those lost.


The Mystery of the Origin of the Universe - 2826985035

198,08 zł

The Mystery of the Origin of the Universe Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book solves the apparently unsolvable problem of the creation and the origin of universe , so that it will remain no more questions open. Life-near examples and an easy text make this book also for the most people comprehensive . Through the DPNS Theory of the author you make the acquaintance of fascinating novelties.Not only my DPNS Theory is represented here extensively, but the book is a real treasure trove of many fascinating representations and appearances.Why rotates the earth and orbit the sun ? Why rotate the galaxies ? Why is the life limited? If you have looked for these and similar questions in other books and not found the answers , you would find them also in this book . You will find in this book not only the newest stand of knowledge , but also a lot of creative accents and many absolutely interesting and fascinating novelties , whitch you can found nowhere else .


Krampus - 2826839396

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Krampus Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The author and artist of The Child Thief returns with a modern fabulist tale of Krampus, the Lord of Yule and the dark enemy of Santa Claus§One Christmas Eve in a small hollow in Boone County, West Virginia, struggling songwriter Jesse Walker witnesses a strange spectacle: seven devilish figures chasing a man in a red suit toward a sleigh and eight reindeer. When the reindeer leap skyward, taking the sleigh, devil men, and Santa into the clouds, screams follow. Moments later, a large sack plummets back to earth, a magical sack that thrusts the down-on-his-luck singer into the clutches of the terrifying Yule Lord, Krampus. But the lines between good and evil become blurred as Jesse's new master reveals many dark secrets about the cherry-cheeked Santa Claus, including how half a millennium ago the jolly old saint imprisoned Krampus and usurped his magic.§Now Santa's time is running short, for the Yule Lord is determined to have his retribution and reclaim Yuletide. If Jesse can survive this ancient feud, he might have the chance to redeem himself in his family's eyes, to save his own broken dreams, . . . and to help bring the magic of Yule to the impoverished folk of Boone County.


The Pocket Book Of Weather - 2843686880

56,99 zł

The Pocket Book Of Weather

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

A Concise But Comprehensive Guide To The World's Weather, Featuring 3000 Remarkable Facts And Figures That Show How The Weather Shapes The Planet And Affects All Of Our Lives.


UFO conspiracy theorists - 2826785615

76,31 zł

UFO conspiracy theorists Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 34. Chapters: Donald Keyhoe, Alex Jones, David Icke, Travis Walton, Milton William Cooper, Daniel Lorenz Johnson, Alfred Webre, Paul Hellyer, Bob Lazar, Agent Steel, Bruce Barrymore Halpenny, Morris K. Jessup, Bill Moore, Paul Bennewitz, Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Carlisle H. Humelsine, David Wilcock. Excerpt: David Vaughan Icke (born April 29, 1952) is an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world." Describing himself as the most controversial speaker in the world, he has written 18 books explaining his position, and has attracted a substantial following across the political spectrum. His 533-page The Biggest Secret (1999) has been called the conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone. Icke was a well-known BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, when in 1990 he had an encounter with a psychic who told him he was a healer placed on Earth for a purpose. In April 1991 he said on the BBC's Terry Wogan show that he was a son of the godhead though he said later he had been misinterpreted and predicted that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes. He said the show changed his life, turning him from a respected household name into someone who was laughed at whenever he appeared in public. He continued nevertheless to develop his ideas, and in four books published over seven years The Robots' Rebellion (1994), And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), The Biggest Secret (1999), and Children of the Matrix (2001) set out a moral and political worldview that combined New-Age spiritualism with a passionate denunciation of totalitarian trends in the modern world. At the heart of his theories lies the idea that the world is becoming a global fascist state, that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie. Michael Barkun has described Icke's position as "New Age conspiracism," writing that he is the most fluent of the conspiracist genre. Richard Kahn and Tyson Lewis argue that the reptilian hypothesis may simply be Swiftian satire, a way of giving ordinary people a narrative with which to


Centauri Dreams - 2834696105

127,24 zł

Centauri Dreams Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why, today, would anyone undertake a plan to launch a spacecraft some 30 years in the future, and on a journey that would take some 40 years to complete? Paul Gilster investigates the science, and the spirit, of the NASA and JPL researchers who are actually at work on just such a project.§From the reviews:§"Gilster introduces the challenges of imagining and planning interstellar exploration by leading readers through the difficulties of reaching and exploring the nearest bright star, Alpha Centauri. Seeded by ideas and concepts of the late Robert Forward, the narrative is framed as a learning process undertaken simultaneously by writer and reader. Although Alpha Centauri is astronomically nearby, a postulated trip by robot spacecraft, followed by manned exploration, would take 50 to 1,000 years, depending on the type of spacecraft propulsion used. Various methods for interstellar travel are introduced and discussed, including solar sails that use the power of starlight, nuclear fusion, antimatter hybrid systems, and beamed laser propulsion. One challenge is to get there in a reasonable time so that funding support, public interest, and events on Earth will not divert attention from the mission. Another challenge is timing the mission relative to available technology, because with better technology it might be possible to send a later robot on the same mission in less time. The book has no figures, tables, or illustrations but does include 30 pages of notes and an adequate 14-page index. Though the concepts presented are often fanciful, this book will appeal to readers who wonder about the future of exploration beyond the solar system. Summing Up: Highly recommended. General readers; professionals." (W. E. Howard III, CHOICE, March 2005)


Mike Tyson - 2826665980

93,90 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beast. Monster. Savage. Psycho. The glowering menace of Mike Tyson has spooked us for almost two decades. And still we remain fascinated. Why? Ellis Cashmorea s answer is disturbing: white society has created Tyson as vengeance for the loss of privilege produced by civil rights. Cashmorea s eviscerating analysis of Tysona s life and the culture in which he grew up, rose to prominence and descended into disgrace provokes the reader into re--thinking the role of one of the most controversial and infamous figures of recent history. Told as an odyssey--style homeward journey to Tysona s multi--pathological origins in the racially--explosive ghettos of the 1960s, Tysona s story is part biography, part tragedy and part exposition. His associations with people like Al Sharpton, Don King and Tupac Shakur shaped his life; and events, such as the O J Simpson trial and the Rodney King riots, formed a turbulent background for the Tyson psychodrama. Over the course of an epic boxing career, Tyson was transformed from the most celebrated athlete on earth to a primal, malevolent hate--figure. Yet, even after being condemned as a brute, Tyson retained a power -- a power to captivate. Cashmore reveals that the sources of that power lie as much in us as in Tyson himself.


Polish Journal for American Studies vol. 5 / 2001 - 2825762271

28,70 zł

Polish Journal for American Studies vol. 5 / 2001 UAM

Historia literatury zagranicznejHistoria AmerykiCzasopisma

Julia FiedorczukThe Problems of Environmental Criticism: An Interview with Lawrence Buell Andrea 0'Reilly HerreraTransnational Diasporic Formations: A Poetics of Movement and Indeterminacy Eliud MartinezA Writer's Perspective on Multiple Ancestries: An Essay on Race and Ethnicity Irmina WawrzyczekAmerican Historiography in the Making: Three Eighteenth-Century Narratives ofColonial Virginia Justyna FruzińskaEmerson's Far Eastern Fascinations Małgorzata GrzegorzewskaThe Confession of an Uncontrived Sinner: Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" Tadeusz Pióro"The death of literaturę as we know it": Reading Frank O'Hara Agnieszka KotwasińskaThe Road to the Losers' Club: Hunter S. Thompson and the Canon of American Literaturę Aneta DybskaGentrification and Lesbian Subcultures in Sarah Schulman's Girls, Yisions and Everything Kacper BartczakTechnology and the Bodily in Don DeLillo's The Body Artist and Cosmopolis Marek ParyżPhilip Roth's The Plot Against America: Transgressive Historical Fiction Nina Czarnecka-PałkaMentioning the Unmentionable: Sex and the City and the Taboos about Female Sexuality David A. Jones and Joanna WalukPolish and American Diplomatic Relations sińce 1939 as Reflected in Bilateral Ambassadorial PoliciesREVIEWSGreil Marcus and Wemer Sollors, eds., A New Literary History ofAmerica (Marta Kmiecik) Zbigniew Mazur, The Power ofPlay: Leisure, Recreation and Cultural Hegemony in Colonial Virginia (Michał Jan Rozbicki) Marta Skwara, "Polski Whitman": o funkcjonowaniu poety obcego w kulturze narodowej ["The Polish Whitman": The Functioning of a Foreign Poet in National Culture] (Krystyna Mazur) Marek Paryż, Figures of Dependence, Figur es ofExpansion: Representations ofthe Postcolonial and Imperiał Experience in the Discourse of American Transcendentalism (Jennifer Ryan) Karsten Fitz, The American Revolution Remembered, 1830s to 1850s. Competing Images and Conflicting Narratives (Marek Paryż) Eva Boesenberg, Money and Gender in the American Novel, 1850-2000 (Justyna Włodarczyk) Janet Floyd, Alison Easton, R.J. Ellis, Lindsey Traub, eds., Becoming Yisible. Women 's Presence in Late Nineteenth-Century America (Justyna Włodarczyk) Astrid Frankę, Pursue the Illusion: Problems ofPublic Poetry in America (Grzegorz Kość) Andrew S. Gross and Susanne Rohr, Comedy?Avant-Garde?Scandal: Remember-ing the Holocaust after the End of History;Sophia Komór and Susanne Rohr, eds., The Holocaust, Ari and Taboo: Transatlantic Exchanges on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Representation (Holli Levitsky) Joanna Durczak, Rozmowy z ziemią: tradycja przyrodopisarska w literaturze amerykańskiej [Conversations with the Earth: The Tradition of Naturę Writing in American Literaturę] (Julia Fiedorczuk)Sascha Pohlmann. Pynchon 's Postnational Imagination (Zofia Kolbuszewska) Dominika Ferens, Ways ofKnowing Smali Places. Intersections ofAmerican Literaturę and Ethnography sińce the 1960s (Agata Preis-Smith) Aneta Dybska, Black Masculinities in American Social Science and Self-Narratives ofthe 1960s and 1970s (Anna Pochmara) Christopher Garbowski, Pursuits ofHappiness: The American Dream, Civil Society, Religion, and Popular Culture (Jacek Romaniuk)


Newton: Philosophical Writings - 2826971400

129,06 zł

Newton: Philosophical Writings Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sir Isaac Newton (1642


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