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Financialisation And Financial Crisis In South-eastern European Countries - 2846085907

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Financialisation And Financial Crisis In South-eastern European Countries

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The Book Discusses Various Cases Of Financialisation And Financial Crisis In South-Eastern Europe. It Represents Not Only The Ex Post Analysis Of How Financial Instability Was Created In A Period Of Economic Growth And How It Could Have Been Prevented, Bu


Administrative reforms in South Eastern European states - 2826941025

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Administrative reforms in South Eastern European states GRIN Verlag

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Wissenschaftliche Studie aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Politik - Internationale Politik - Region: Südosteuropa, Balkan, einseitig bedruckt, Note: -, University of Bucharest (Faculty of Public Administration, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The accession to the EU and enlargement of the European integration process have determinedprofound reforms in the European countries area, reforms gravitating around the objectivenucleus represented by observing the fundamental principles of democracy, separation of powersand respect for the rule of law.Reform is considered as a fundamental part of a national effort to improve efficiency as diverseas Greece (Michalopoulos, 2003), increasing the competence and effectiveness of publicadministration, increasing the expertise, professionalism, knowledge and transparency (Slovenia,Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia).The year 1990 represented the start of founding the decentralised system, marked by legislative,institutional, political, economic reforms. The states analysed have represented the arena of thereforms in the administrative and judicial systems, some states have been interested to continuetheir preoccupations in view to implement the Community legislation into their domesticlegislation, as well as to review and adapt to the specific European developments andrequirements, while other states have been interested in the progress process in view of accession(Croatia) or in adopting a collection of laws, strategies and action plans for becoming EU andNATO members. The public administrations in the South-Eastern Europe area are subjected to a reform processaccording to the requirements of the integration process in the EU structures (Andrei, Matei, Rosca, 2008). The process is defined as an ensemble of reform measures at the level of civilservice, local government and achievement of decentralization.Moreover, on the South Eastern European states, as well as on other countries, the economic andfinancial crisis exerts pressures influencing the mechanisms of the relationship between the twopolitical and administrative levels, in all cases with implications related to financial constraintsand effects on public service.The reforms of state administration started some time before countries accession to the EU(Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia).The accession criteria of Copenhagen (1993), Madrid (1995) and Luxembourg impose to thecandidate states conditionalities on guaranteeing democracy, rule of law, human rights,protection of minorities, economic conditionalities functional market economy, politicalconditionalities adherence to the objectives of the political, economic, monetary Union of theEU, resulted from the membership obligations.[...]


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