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First Impressions: Shopfront Design Ideas - 2826956636

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First Impressions: Shopfront Design Ideas DESIGN MEDIA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book shows you how to design great shopfronts, from planning to design principles according to type of store, location, the product, and architectural elements. This delightful book features latest shopfronts from over 140 different shops in the city, revealing changing trends and distinct characters of different brands. Each shopfront not only shows the unique face, but contains a host of interesting details about the designs, materials and construction methods. Loaded with numerous photos and drawings, it has eight major parts, including introduction, parts of a shopfront, planning for shopfront design, renovation of traditional shopfront, new shopfront design principles,designapproach of architectural elements, security, and works.A must-read for architects, shopfront designers, sign designers, concerned citizens, and anyone who cares about the first impressions of shops, this illustrated book is equally appealing to shop owners.


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