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Controlling-profitability Analysis (CO-PA) with SAP - 2844567424

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Controlling-profitability Analysis (CO-PA) with SAP SAP Press

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Find step-by-step configuration and implementation highlights for the CO-PA component Integrate CO-PA with SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC), and more Uncover new trends for in-memory computing and the SAP HANA platform If you re looking for a book that will help get you started with configuring Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in SAP, look no further! Revised and updated, this best-seller will get you up to speed with the basic tools, methods, and key functionalities you need for a CO-PA implementation. Find what you need to make CO-PA work best for your business, and benefit from new information on integration topics, SAP BusinessObjects, and more. Business and Technical Knowledge Decide whether costing- or account-based CO-PA is best for your business requirements, and understand how to configure the software for a successful implementation. Step-by-Step Instructions Follow process-oriented steps, learn how to configure master data so it can be transferred to CO-PA from other SAP components, create reports, and define your planning environments. Supplement CO-PA Learn about tools and technologies that can supplement your CO-PA practices such as SAP BPC, SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver BW, and SAP BusinessObjects Analytics. Introduction to SAP HANA Understand what new in-memory trends mean for your ability to process and analyze business data with CO-PA. Updated and Expanded Benefit from expanded content on topics like top-down distribution, work in process, reporting with CO-PA in the SAP NetWeaver BW environment, and much more.


Configuring Controlling in SAP ERP - 2841424183

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Configuring Controlling in SAP ERP Rheinwerk Verlag

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Configure SAP ERP Controlling to reflect each organization's unique processes! First learn how to create organizational objects like company codes and cost centers and assign them to each other, and then dig into the critical CO modules. Following step-by-step instructions, manage master data, planning, reporting, and actual postings for Cost Element Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Profitability Analysis, and more. Take control of CO with this comprehensive guide to configuration!§§Highlights:§§Organizational elements and basic settings§Master data§Actual postings§Period-end closing§Reporting§Cost Element Accounting§Cost Center Accounting§Internal Orders§Product Costing§Cost Object Controlling§Profitability Analysis§SAP HANA§Preparation for cut-over§§Galileo Press heißt jetzt Rheinwerk Verlag.§


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