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First World War: 1916 - 2854220216

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First World War: 1916 BBC Physical Audio

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book includes a unique collection of historic recordings covering the events of 1916, from the final evacuation of Gallipoli to the aftermath of the Somme. The fascinating exclusive collection includes first hand accounts of the humiliating retreat by Allied troops from Gallipoli, starvation during the Siege of Kut-al-Amara in Mesopotamia, and the costly battles of Jutland and the Somme. Survivors of Jutland are haunted by memories of their drowning comrades, but the carnage of the Somme arouses the bitterest feelings. Soldiers speak harshly of 'needless sacrifice' as men were cut down 'like sickled grain'. With a final toll of over 600,000 Allied casualties, and no decisive breakthrough, the battle marked the point when hope faded, giving way to disillusion and doubt. There are recollections of the Easter Rising from both sides of the Irish divide, conscientious objectors defending their beliefs, and a Royal Scots fusilier describing the arrival on the Western front of their new battalion commander, Lt Col Winston Churchill. Finally David Lloyd George, looking back on 1916, remembers a 'dark and desperate' time for the country.


1916 The First World War at Sea in Photographs: The Year of Jutland - 2837329066

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1916 The First World War at Sea in Photographs: The Year of Jutland

Książki i Komiksy / Książki naukowe i popularnonaukowe / Militaria, broń, wojskowość / Marynarka Wojenna

1916 The First World War at Sea in Photographs: The Year of Jutland Phil Carradice Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Amberley Publishing (15 Oct. 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1445622424 ISBN-13: 9781445622422...


First World War: 1916 - 2850530006

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First World War: 1916

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>History>Earliest times to present day>20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000Książki Obcojęz...



Edward Albert Corbett (1881-1916) World War I Centennial: By His Distant First Cousin - 2855237221

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Edward Albert Corbett (1881-1916) World War I Centennial: By His Distant First Cousin



Verdun 1916 The Deadliest Battle of the First World War - 2851492577

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Verdun 1916 The Deadliest Battle of the First World War



I.R.A. at War 1916-1923 - 2854258913

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I.R.A. at War 1916-1923 Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Between 1916 and 1923, Ireland experienced rebellion and mass mobilization, guerrilla and civil war, partition and ethnic conflict, and the transfer of power from British to Irish governments. The essays in "The I.R.A. at War" propose a new history of this Irish revolution: one that encompasses the whole of the island as well as Britain, all of the violence and its consequences, and the entire period from the Easter Rising to the end of the Civil War. When did the revolution start and when did it end? Why was it so violent and why were some areas so much worse than others? Why did the I.R.A. mount a terror campaign in England and Scotland but refuse to assassinate British politicians? Where did it get its guns? Was it democratic? What kind of people became guerrillas? What kind of people did they kill? Were Protestants ethnically cleansed from southern Ireland? Did a pogrom take place against Belfast Catholics? These and other questions are addressed using extensive new data on those involved and their actions, including the first complete figures for victims of the revolution. These events have never been numbered among the world's great revolutions, but in fact Irish republicans were global pioneers. Long before Mao or Tito, Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army were the first to use a popular political front to build a parallel underground state coupled with sophisticated guerrilla and international propaganda and fund-raising campaigns. Ireland's is also perhaps the best documented revolution in modern history, so that almost any question can be answered, from who joined the I.R.A. to who ordered the assassination of Sir Henry Wilson. The intimacy and precision with which we are able to reconstruct and analyse what happened make this a key site for understanding not just Irish, but world history.



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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A fascinating examination of the First World War beyond the Western Front, told through the significant global events of 1916, events that dramatically altered the fate of many nations


My War in the Air 1916 - 2854374429

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My War in the Air 1916 PEN & SWORD BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A rare and insightful look at First World War Aviation through the eyes of a Flying Officer and his actions in the Great War until 1916.


My War In The Air 1916 - 2841704951

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My War In The Air 1916

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Warfare & defence>Air forces & warfareKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Huma...



First World War Tanks - 2826800173

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although tanks have become a symbol of military power, the first tanks were created as a temporary solution to the deadlock created by trench warfare. The early designs were unsophisticated and had little success when they were first used by the British Army on the Somme in 1916. The battle of Cambrai, however, proved that tanks were effective, and they were used extensively in the final year of the war. By 1918 over 2,700 tanks had been built in Britain, while France, Germany, the United States, Italy and Russia had all produced tanks of their own. This book covers the design and development of tanks during the First World War, describing the types that were used in action and the most important battles in which they fought. It is illustrated with photographs from the archives of the Tank Museum, at Bovington in Dorset.


Telegraph Book of the First World War - 2854313645

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Telegraph Book of the First World War AURUM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Telegraph Book of the First World War is an anthology of the Telegraph's coverage of the First World War arranged thematically from outbreak to armistice. Including an introductory essay for each chapter that puts the Telegraph's coverage and the import of the events in their full context. Lavishly produced for the Christmas 2014 market, The Telegraph Book of the First World War is both an important historical documentation of the country's leading quality broadsheets coverage of the First World War, but also a beautifully packaged gift for Telegraph readers. Chapters include: * Europe goes to war * The Western front 1914-5 * The war on the Eastern front 1914-6 * The war at sea * Britain at war * The war around the Mediterranean * Western front 1916-7 * The war goes global * The war in the air * War Curiosities/miscellaneous * Eastern front and Russian revolution 1917-8 * The war comes to an end


First World War Plays - 2854308153

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First World War Plays METHUEN DRAMA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The First World War (1914-1918) marked a turning point in modern history and culture and its literary legacy is vast: poetry, fiction and memoirs abound. But the drama of the period is rarely recognised, with only a handful of plays commonly associated with the war. First World War Plays draws together canonical and lesser-known plays from the First World War to the end of the twentieth century, tracing the ways in which dramatists have engaged with and resisted World War I in their works. Spanning almost a century of conflict, this anthology explores the changing cultural attitudes to warfare, including the significance of the war over time, interwar pacifism, and historical revisionism. The collection includes writing by combatants, as well as playwrights addressing historical events and national memory, by both men and women, and by writers from Great Britain and the United States. Plays from the period, like Night Watches by Allan Monkhouse (1916), Mine Eyes Have Seen by Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1918) and Tunnel Trench by Hubert Griffith (1924), are joined with reflections on the war in Post Mortem by No l Coward (1930, performed 1944) and Oh What A Lovely War by Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop (1963) as well as later works The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan (1982) and Sea and Land and Sky by Abigail Docherty (2010). Accompanied by a general introduction by editor, Dr Mark Rawlinson.


Media, Memory, and the First World War - 2854332513

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Media, Memory, and the First World War McGill-Queen's University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why does the Great War seem part of modern memory when its rituals of mourning and remembrance were traditional, romantic, even classical? In this highly original history of memory, David Williams shows how classic Great War literature, including work by Remarque, Owen, Sassoon, and Harrison, was symptomatic of a cultural crisis brought on by the advent of cinema. He argues that images from Geoffrey Malins' hugely popular war film "The Battle of the Somme" (1916) collapsed social, temporal, and spatial boundaries, giving film a new cultural legitimacy, while the appearance of writings based on cinematic forms of remembering marked a crucial transition from a verbal to a visual culture. By contrast, today's digital media are laying the ground for a return to Homeric memory, whether in History Television, the digital Memory Project, or the interactive war museum. Of interest to historians, classicists, media and digital theorists, literary scholars, museologists, and archivists, "Media, Memory, and the First World War" is a comparative study that shows how the dominant mode of communication in a popular culture - from oral traditions to digital media - shapes the structure of memory within that culture.


Conscientious Objectors of the First World War - 2854374599

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Conscientious Objectors of the First World War PEN & SWORD BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Covers the beginning of 'concientious objection' which started with the introduction of conscription in 1916. Looks at who these objectors were, why they took a stand and how they were treated.


Detailed History of RAF Manston 1916-1930 - 2854294452

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Detailed History of RAF Manston 1916-1930 Fonthill Media Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Detailed History of RAF Manston 1916-1930: The Men Who Made Manston covers the development of aviation in Thanet up to and including the period of the First World War. Manston had its origins in the Royal Naval Seaplane Station at Westgate that was later expanded for landplane operations. The fact that the landing ground at Westgate was both dangerous and unsuitable lead to the development at Manston. Lieutenant Spenser Grey was the first airman to land in Thanet and he began a popular trend with various aviators being attracted to the area. In August 1913, The Daily Mail organised the Round Britain Aeroplane Race that both began and ended at Ramsgate giving a great boost to the town. The first unit to be based at Manston was 3 Wing RNAS that moved from Detling in April 1916 and the first CO was appointed in May. During the war, aeroplanes based at Manston and particularly its 'War Flight' played an important role in defending the Thames and Medway estuaries. Together with RNAS Eastchurch, Manston's War Flight of Triplanes, Camels and Pups patrolled the coast and amongst its most famous moments was when on 22 August 1917, a German Gotha bomber was shot down near Vincent's Farm. The authors give a detailed history of the units that were based at Manston during this period, their operations and the commanding officers. Manston was unique in many ways, but particularly as it was the only airfield to have built an underground hangar for the protection of its aeroplanes. After the First World War, Manston expanded and it took on the role of a training station. This first book in a three-book series will finish approximately at the end of the war period and continue with the growth of the station during the inter-war years.


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